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					    Environmental Impact
An Environmental Tool to Achieve
    Sustainable development
               Presented by:
     Mr. Russell Nari, Deputy Director
    Miss. Catherine. Malosu, EIA Officer
  Global Challenges for Vanuatu

• Small island nation with limited natural
• Small economy scale-subsistence orientated
• Isolated-high transportation costs
• Challenges of Globalization and liberisation
National Challenges for Vanuatu- Pre
      and Post Independence
• Clear understanding and control of the
  global challenges
• State of confusion, from national
  government to community policies and
• Interpretation of development from a Ni-
  Vanuatu perspective.
  Establishment of the Environmental
Management and Conservation Act No. 12
               of 2002
• Process of establishing the Environmental
  Management and Conservation Act No. 12 of
  2002 (EMC Act) took 7 years, since 1995
• Consultation with relevant stakeholders from
  National Government, Non-government
  Organizations and Private Sector
• Passed through parliament in December 2002 and
  received anonymous vote.
• Gazzetted in March 10 2003.
      Purpose of the EMC Act
• The Environmental Management and
  Conservation Act No. 12 of 2002 (EMC Act) are
  laws designed to protect, conserve, develop and
  manage the environment of Vanuatu for all
• Provides a framework consisting of guidelines
  and procedures to assess and manage potential
• Mandates the development of stand alone
  regulations to enforce the protection and
  conservation of the environment
      Scope of the EMC Act
• Environment Impact Assessment
• Bioprospecting
• Community Conservation Areas
               Environmental Impact Assessment Process
                                    Refer to EIA
    An application for any          Legislation
     project, proposal or
   development activity not
  exempted by section 13, is                                         Inform VEU of
          received              EIA is not required                     decision
                                due to exemption                     within 10 days

                                      NOT REQUIRED
Preliminary Environment              no conditions apply              Development
      Assessment                                                       Proceeds

                                       NOT REQUIRED
                                       conditions apply               Monitoring of

           EIA                        VEU Director can
            IS                     Directly requests a PEA
        REQUIRED                                                       Completion
 Refer application to VEU
                                  If more than one government
                               agency, VEU will decide lead agency
                                         to conduct PEA
                         Environmental Assessment Process
    VEU registers the
particulars of the project
  in the Environmental                       VEU consults with stakeholders
         Registry                            Custom landowners, chiefs and
                                                other interested parties

  VEU establishes                               Consultation with project                 2. Refers the
 Terms of Reference                           proponent to establishes TOR              application back
       (TOR)                                                                           to VEU for further
                                              Proponent publishes public                  unless it is a
                                             notice of development inviting               government
                                               written submissions-still a                   project
 VEU refers TOR to                                  proposed thought
 project proponent
    30 days to respond to                                            1. Application
written comments by project                                         Accepted with or
                                                                     without terms

                              VEU conducts review of
        EIA                      EIA and makes a                 Minister considers        3. Application
     conducted                recommendation on the              recommendations              rejected
                               project to the Minister          and makes a decision
     EIA Applications to Date
• General Tourism Developments, particularly along
  the coastline- 8
• Forestry operations- 1
• Mine Prospecting- 2
• Hydropower - 2
• Industry-Wharf, roads, airstrip- 11
• Residential subdivision-Applying Strata Title - 8
• Fresh Water Fisheries - 1

….this is still increasing!…
Sarakata HydroPower Project
Reclamation- Le Lagoon
Introduced Freshwater Fisheries
The Grand Hotel
Emua Jetty
Kakula Island Resort
Residential Foreshore Development
       along No. 2 Lagoon
    Issues and challenges of the
  enforcement of EIA Legislation
• General understanding for the importance of
  EIA process- What? Why?
• Developments that have commenced prior
  to the gazzetting of the EMC Act
• Money Vs Time
• Monitoring
• Human resource capacity for full and
  effective enforcement
• Claim of land owners and custom owners
  rights to develop on the land
Lessons Learnt from EIA process
• Perceived as a response to a need to resolve
  and control the rate of development (EMC
• Education, awareness and establishing
• Gain of appreciation from developers to be
  environmental conscious-both in design and
  planning of their respective developments,
  proposals or projects
   Using EIA as a tool to achieve
     Sustainable Development
• Monitoring and controlling the rate of
  natural resource utilisation for development.
• Consultative and transparent process to
  allow informed decision making on whether
  or not a development or investment should
• Full appreciation of preservation of natural
  heritage being the attractant to investment
  within and abroad.
  Using EIA as a tool to achieve
Sustainable Development [Cont’d]
• EIA process and procedures integrated
  into respective government sector
  policies to give full effect of the EMC
  Act and influence decision-making
  within the EIA process for ANY
  development projects.