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									Environmental Impact Assessment of Dredging and
Reclamation Projects and other EIA projects executed
by DHI Water & Environment
DHI Water and Environment has extensive world wide experience in accomplishing
and reporting environmental impact assessment (EIA). DHI Water & Environment
offers a broad range of consultancy services and front-end technologies, software
tools, chemical/ecotoxicological/biological laboratories and physical model test
facilities as well as field surveys and monitoring programs. The Institute has a staff of
approximately 450, the majority of whom are professional engineers and scientists
with post-graduate qualifications and several years of consultancy and R&D
experience. Projects have been conducted in more than 140 countries. The Institute
has two offices in Denmark. Branch offices and representations are held in countries
in Europe, North and South America, Africa, East Asia and Australia. For more
information about DHI please visit our web site at www.dhi.dk

Environmental Modelling
The environmental regulations of the site in question most often require a complete
documentation of the sediment deposition and environmental impact. The costs of this
documentation can be reduced by the use of numerical modelling of the spreading and
deposition of sediment in combination with spot control measurements in the field.
Dredging spoil modelling is in most cases also applied to predict the biological-
chemical impact of various dredging operation scenarios. DHI services within the
field of environmental planning and management includes advanced mathematical
modelling of:

       •      Hydraulics in 1, 2 and 3 D (currents, waves, temp. etc.)
       •      Eutrophication problems and oxygen depletion
       •      Hygienic water quality,
       •      Establishment of environmental criteria,
       •      Sand and cohesive sediment
       •      Transport and fate of contaminants

Effects and Control

The general concept applied in dredging and reclamation projects is based on a
combination of:

       •      Baseline investigations
       •      Field monitoring campaigns during dredging
       •      Biological, Ecotoxicological and chemical analysis
       •      Environmental information and decision support system.
       •      Reporting
DHI has developed a concept on Feedback/Adaptive Management System based on
these components. In areas where protection of sea grass, coral reefs, fishery etc. are
of major concern in the assessment of possible negative environmental impacts from
dredging and reclamation projects, this system provides a unique and cost effective
tool for control and management.

EIA and Environmental Licence
DHI has been responsible for the full execution of EIA's for many projects around the
world. It has also especially on Danish projects included a preparation of an
Application for Environmental Licence for the projects. DHI has often been involved
in the whole EIA process including negotiations with the authorities and different
DHI Project References related to EIA
Short Descriptions. September 20, 2005

EIA/RIAM Course in Dubai, 2003, 2004 and 2005, United Arab Emirates and Cuba
The 5-days course is designed to provide a background on EIA with particular reference to
the importance of the steps in the EIA implementation process. The course will also
introduce the RIAM method for EIA that has been developed in Denmark by DHI Water &
Environment. These parts of the course are very inter-active with a large degree of group
practice during the course. Environmental Audit is covered through a lecture. Participants
will be provided with a course manual providing handouts on each course element. In
addition they will receive a book on RIAM, and a diskette (for PC only) with the RIAM
REPORTER software.
DHI has executed more than forty courses in Vietnam, Malaysia, and at DHI as a single
course and as part of the three-months Integrated Environment and Water Management

Course in Shoreline and Environmental Management in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Course in Shoreline Management Guidelines involving the concept of Shoreline
Management in the context of ICZM, understanding of coastal morphology and coastal
classification, causes of coastal erosion and shoreline evolution, shore protection methods,
concepts for artificial beaches and morphological impact assessment.
Client: Arabian HydroInformatix (52561).

Inland Waterway Transport for Serbia, Serbia (2004-2006)
Master plan and feasibility study for improvement of inland waterways transportation on the
Danube, Sava and Tisa Rivers within Serbia. DHI task was to carry out hydraulic modelling
and EIA of the feasibility studies.
Client: Witteven en Bos Consulting Engineers for European Agency for Reconstruction

Esbjerg Harbour EIA and environmental license of A CONFINED DISPOSAL SITE
The harbour of Esbjerg is situated in the Danish Wadden Sea of the North Sea that is
characterised by high tidal variations with a high load of suspended sediments. This causes
siltation of Esbjerg Harbour requiring yearly maintenance dredging of approximately
460,000 m3 of which 40,000 m3 is too contaminated to be dumped into the Wadden Sea.
The harbour has proposed that a confined disposal site with an area of 26 hectare and a
volume of 520,000 m3 should be constructed at the shallow part of the Wadden Sea in the
harbour area. This site will have a capacity for about 20 years of disposal. The surplus water
will be discharged to the sea. DHI is preparing an EIA and an application for the
environmental license for the project. A mathematical model has been set-up concerning
discharge of contaminants (heavy metals, antifouling agents and organic pollutants like
PAH) from the disposal site. It includes a physical model describing the dispersal of
pollutants from all pollution sources in the area so that the impact on the environment from
all sources can be assessed. Based on the model an ecotoxicological assessment of the
impact from the present situation and with the impacts from the discharge from the confined
disposal site has been carried out.
The local county has required that an alternative option with a continuation of the present
drying fields expanded with 50% and with disposal of the dried sediment in a landfill 5
kilometres south of Esbjerg. A full EIA and environmental licence have been prepared for
this option with similar, new studies as for the confined disposal site. All reports will be
published and will be available for the public hearings as a part of the Danish procedure for
approval of EIA.
Client: The Danish Coastal Authority for Esbjerg Harbour (52663).

Køge Community wishes to expand and improve the facilities of Køge Harbour and
adjacent coastal recreational areas. There are problems with disposal of slightly
contaminated soil in the Copenhagen area, so Køge Community has suggested that they
could establish a deposit for contaminated soil in the northern part of Køge Harbour. The
establishment of the deposit would finance the expansion of the harbour and at the same
time improve the recreational areas at Køge Marina north of the harbour and the present
beach south of the harbour.
The proposed project includes the establishment of a deposit for the slightly contami nated
soil and construction of new breakwaters around the expanded harbour. The extension of the
marina includes development of a new harbour promenade by reclamation with dredged
harbour sediment south of the marina. A new breakwater will be established north of the
marina combined with new improved beach facilities. The beach south of Køge Harbour
will be improved by reclamation with sand creating much better bathing conditions. The
new beaches will be established with minimum impacts on the existing nature.
DHI has been responsible for the establishment of the master plan for the project,
preparation of the EIA and environmental license for the soil deposit. In addition, DHI has
been responsible for the contact and negotiations with the responsible authorities. The DHI
tasks has included the development of the project ideas, description of the regulatory
conditions, preparation of the EIA with technical background documents and the
environmental licence for the deposit. In addition, DHI has been preparing different
documents to be used in the public hearings, has acted as secretariat for the established
group of authorities and has established of a homepage for the project. The technical
documentation has been prepared in cooperation with Niras Consulting Group and Hasløv
& Kjærsgaard Architects A/S, with DHI undertaking coastal morphology, hydrography,
hydrology, ecology and environmental issues.
Client: Køge Community

Amager Beach Park, Master Plan and Detailed Design, Denmark (2003-2005)
Municipalities in Greater Copenhagen have decided to create a new beach park at the East
Coast of the island of Amager, which is located very close to the centre of Copenhagen in a
densely populated area. The present study is the detailed design phase, which also includes
preparation of tender documents and construction supervision. DHI is subconsultant to
NIRAS on hydraulic matters.
Client: Greater Copenhagen Council for Amager Beach Park I/S (Amager Beach Park
Partnership) (52560).

Red Sea Course in EIA and Shoreline Management, Egypt (2002-2003)
The assistance consisted in preparation of six guidelines and giving a course in Environ-
mental Management and Shoreline Management as part of the "Regional and Integrated
Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines of the Red Sea Tourism Development Centre
Projects, Lagoons and Beaches".
Client: Egypt Tourism Development Authority (TDA) for TDA (52046).

Remediation of the wastewater canal in Pancevo industrial complex, Serbia (2002-
2004) (French)
The overall objective of the project is improved environmental and health conditions in the
Pancevo area as well as of the Danube River by reducing or eliminating the hazardous
substances present in the Pancevo wastewater canal.
Client: UNEP - United Nations Office for Project Services (51928).

New Mersey River Crossing, United Kingdom (2002-2003)
Review of field data and model studies concerning the effect of currents on sands and silts
in the Mersey estuary for the preparation of EIAs and permitting for a new crossing.
Client: Gifford Services Ltd. for Halton Borough Council (51849).

Jamuna - Meghna River Erosion Mitigation Study, Bangladesh (2001-2002)
Feasibility study of investment project to mitigate the effects of river bank erosion
threatening the Meghna- Dhonagoda Irrigation project and the Pabna Rural Development
Project flood protection embankments in Bangladesh. Identifying and designing feasible
low cost structural measures for erosion control, implementation of river bank management
system. DHI as subcontractor to Halcrow for this ADB PPTA was responsible for River
Morphology Analyses and Assessment, and for the preparation of an EIA, Category A.
Client: Halcrow for Bangladesh Water Development Board (51589).

Hydrographic EIA for offshore wind power plant at Nissum Bredning, Denmark
An offshore wind power plant of 14 MW is planned to be located west of Rønland. DHI has
made a hydrographic study of the area in question, the effect on the hydrography and
sediment transport of placing 7 turbines in the shallow area just west of Rønland
Client: Vindenergi APS/Bonus Energi A/S (51510).

Environmental Impact Assessment of a Marine Aqua-Culture Facility in the Great
Belt, Denmark (2001)
51423 - Environmental Impact Assessment of a Marine Aqua-Culture Facility in the Great
Client: Musholm Lax A/S (51423).

Maputo Port Privatisation & Rehabilitation Project, Environmental Impact
Assessment, Mozambique (2000) (German)
Maputo Port is going to be upgraded through the following activities: (i) Capital dredging of
the main navigation channel in the port and the Maputo Bay area, (ii) refurbishme nt and
replacement of port equipment and (iii) improvement and rebuilding of quays, warehouses,
roads, etc.
An Environmental Impact Assessment on the upgrading activities was carried out in
accordance with the guidelines from the World Bank.
The EIA focused on the dredging of the navigation channel. The study included a baseline
description of the environmental condition in the area including sedimentology, marine
biology and heavy metals.
The heavy metal content of the sediment was measured in a field investigation and the
potential pollution from the sediment handling was assessed.
Model calculations estimated the extent of the spreading and sedimentation of dredging
spoils. The potential environmental impacts on the marine life and the fisheries were
assessed and a disposal site for the dredged material was proposed.
An environmental action plan and a monitoring plan for the port operation were proposed.
DHI – Water and Environment carried out the assessments concerning sediment and heavy
metals as a subconsultant to NIRAS-Portconsult.
Client: NIRAS Portconsult A/S (Consultant for Maputo Port Development Consortium
Skanska International Civil Engineering) (50935).

Horns Rev Wind Power Plant Preliminary EIA of Copper Pollution, Denmark (2000)
A preliminary assessment of the impact of the copper from the wearing of the brushes in the
wind turbines according to the guidelines given by the Ministry of the Environment. It was
concluded that the copper discharge from the windmills is unlikely to have a critical effect
on the surrounding environment.
Client: ELSAM A/S (50635).

Hydrographical and Sedimentological EIA at Horns Rev, Denmark (1999-2000)
DHI has made an environmental impact assessment on hydrography, water quality and
sediment transport when placing 81 turbine wind power plant on Horns Rev. Dredging
scenarios have further been performed. The results of the investigation showed that the
impact from the wind power plant was small.
Client: ELSAMPROJEKT (50396).

Læsø Offshore Wind Farm, Denmark (1999-2000)
DHI has carried out an environmental assessment for TECHWISE in connection with their
plan of constructing a wind power plant 15 km south of Læsø. DHI assessed the
hydrography and sediment spill south of Læsø using MIKE 21 HD and PA.
Client: Techwise (50396.2).

MIKE 21 MT in the Northeast Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan (2003)
AGIP KCO is planning to make a landfall for a pipeline coming from the offshore oil field
Kashagan East in the NE Caspian Sea. DHI has assisted with the assessment of sediment
spoils during the pipeline construction phase using MIKE 21 MT as well as giving input to
the Environmental Impact Assessment to be prepared by KAPE.
Client: AGIP KCO for KAPE (52213).

Environmental Impact Assessment, 2D Hydrodynamics and Eutrophication
Modelling, Denmark (2002-2003)
Copenhagen Harbour is changing from an industrial harbour to a harbour with large
recreational areas and new estates. As a part of this development Copenhagen Port A/S is
planning a new estate in the central part of the harbour. This estate will consist of 7 small
islands with narrow channels constructed for small boats. However, the authorities have
asked for documentation that the water quality in these channels and the harbour basin
behind the new estate will not cause any problems as e.g. bad odour, less transparency, etc.
To this end DHI has applied an existing 2D hydrodynamic model and has run the model for
half a year for evaluation of the exchange of water in the channels. Furthermore, the
conclusions made on the background of the hydrodynamic model results were supported
with an eutrophication model describing the effects on dissolved oxygen, transparency,
primary production and sediment oxygen demand.
Client: Copenhagen Port (52266).

Qatar-Bahrain Causeway, Qatar (2001-2002)
Marine Environmental Impact Assessment of a 45 km long fixed link between Qatar and
Client: COWI for Minister of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture (51590.1).

Environmental Impact and Exposure Assessment, Fornebu, Norway (2001-2003)
Environmental economic evaluation of reuse of old runaways as road material at the former
Fornebu airport in Oslo, Norway. Re-evaluation of risk assessment model.
Client: Statsbyg (51682).

Lillgrund Offshore Wind Farm, Sweden (2001)
DHI has carried out an environmental impact assessment concerning hydrography, sediment
spill and the zero solution on a planned offshore wind farm in Øresund. The blocking effect
was found to be negligible. The spill from dredging operations will primarily be
concentrated within the construction area.
Client: EUROWIND (51388).

Storebælt 2000, Ad hoc project management, Denmark (2000)
The annual project management of the environmental impact assessment of the construction
of the fixed link across the Great Belt was assigned to co-ordinate surveys, investigations,
design of monitoring systems and interpretation of results from various projects, delivering
data to the project management. The project management continued annually from 1993-
2001 with DHI as the responsible partner for biological monitoring. In joint-venture with
Client: A/S Storebæltsforbindelsen (Great Belt Link) (50911).

Risk Assessment, Fornebu, Norway (2000-2003)
Fornebu, the former airport of Oslo, is to be converted into an attractive and environmental
sustainable area for housing and commerce. 39 contaminated sites related to the airport will
be cleaned up during the next four years. DHI is in charge of the environmental impact
assessment and clean-up design. Soil treated biologically on site will be reused in the
conversion of the flat airport area to hilly landscape with spectacular views of the Oslo
Fjord area. The clean-up is made for Statsbygg in cooperation with NCC Norway and RGS
Client: NCC Norway for Statsbygg (50772).

Environmental consequences of the construction of the City Tunnel, Malmö, Sweden
Environmental impact assessment of the construction of an underground train tunnel.
Client: VBB VIAK for City Tunnel Contractors (50365).

Offshore Wind Power Plant, Lillgrund, Sweden (1998-2000)
DHI has carried out an environmental impact assessment concerning hydrography, sediment
spill and the zero solution on a planned offshore wind farm in Øresund. The blocking effect
was found to be negligible. The spill from dredging operations will primarily be
concentrated within the construction area.
Client: Eurowind AB (50097).

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