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                          AT JAYDEV VIHAR, BHUBANESWAR, ORISSA

1.Broad scope of work of proposed selected agency (SA) for Deposit work of SIDBI .

       The selected agency has to complete the Deposit works at the quoted fees including
taxes, service tax, etc.,. No extra payment whatsoever shall be admissible on any ground. All the
latest directives of Chief Technical Examiner (CTE), Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) of
Govt. of India has to be followed while executing the entrusted work departmentally or out
sourced to approved associates. The Agency/approved associates shall be fully responsible for
Redressing and complying with the observations / remarks of CTE/CVC, auditors, labour
department, statutory authorities, local/ Govt. authorities etc. in respect of the proposed work/
project. The broad scope of work shall be as under:

       a)     To provide all the required Architectural services for various streams of works
       related to the subject work from Greenfield level (Commissioning) to obtaining
       occupation certificate/ completion certificate including preparation of drawings/details at
       various stages so as to complete the project within a time frame agreed after obtaining
       approval from local authorities. Time will be essence of the contract.

       b)     To prepare concept/ Preliminary drawings with estimate of the proposed
       construction with alternatives and submit to SIDBI for their approval. On finalising the
       scheme/ concept, the final drawing may be prepared & necessary approval from local
       authority to be taken.

       c)     To prepare and submit to SIDBI overall Project schedule highlighting all major
       milestones of the Project. This shall be approved by SIDBI and shall form the basis of
       monitoring the schedules.

       d)     To carry out subsoil investigation and         obtain expert advice on structural
       arrangement including foundation / subsoil structure and broad arrangement of services
       that are required to be incorporated in the building for maximum utilization.
                                                  Construction of office building/training centre for SIDBI
                                                  at Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa - scope of work

    e)      To Set up appropriate site office & liaisoning with local bodies /authorities for
    temporary water, power connection, labour camps etc. including necessary payments.
    This may also be arranged through contractor/s, if required by specifying necessary
    conditions in tender.

    f)     To draft suitable/latest specifications for the building and the services as per
    concept & requirements of SIDBI with particular reference to CTE/CVC guidelines.
    Specification to be followed for the construction works shall generally be in line with
    CPWD Specification/latest BIS Specifications. For all other works/installations relevant
    BIS Specification and Codes shall be followed. The specifications and requirements
    shall be subject to approval of SIDBI.

    g)     To asses the optimum requirements, designing civil and plumbing work, interior
    works, air conditioning plant and machinery, electrical details and substation, DG sets,
    lifts, wet riser, sprinkler system, fire alarm and security system, STP, Public Address,
    Water and sewerage treatment system, landscaping and any other building systems/
    services, as applicable & needed for a modern building. Preparation of preliminary
    estimates of the costs based on Architectural preliminary drawings and forwarding the
    same to SIDBI for administrative approval and deposition of fund.

    h)     To prepare detailed estimates, abstract of quantities, analysis of rates based on
    CPWD schedule of rates and market rate analysis and send to SIDBI for concurrence.

    i)     To arrange for Proof checking of all structural details and services designed from
    the experts in the field carrying out such work professionally.

    j)     To prepare daft tender documents based on Architectural drawings and designs,
    incorporating specifications of work & provisions as envisaged, incorporation of general
    and special conditions etc. as may be required for such project.

    k)     To fix     pre-qualification criteria in respect of parties such as experience,
    magnitude of similar works executed in the recent past, time taken, clients report and

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                                                   Construction of office building/training centre for SIDBI
                                                   at Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa - scope of work

    financial capability etc in consultation with SIDBI for the purpose and in accordance with
    CVC/CTE guidelines.

    l)       To publish advertisement and receipt of applications for pre qualification of parties
    for various trades of work. The advt. is to be released as per guidelines of CVC for wider

    m)       To Shortlist agencies after receipt and evaluation of details submitted by the
    parties, site visits etc. and verification of information as may be required.

    n)       To invite tenders from shortlisted pre qualified parties for various trades of work
    following CTE/CVC guidelines and best tendering practices.

    o)       To receive, open and evaluate the tenders as per CVC guidelines/ in consultation
    of SIDBI and select the agencies / contractors. After selection but before awarding
    contract/ work, SIDBI shall be informed of all details.
    p)       To enter into contract agreement with the agencies / contractors for various works
    awarded on behalf of SIDBI while protecting the interest of SIDBI.

    q)       To get the works executed including day to day supervision, quality control,
    project management, maintenance of all project records at site or otherwise,
    correspondence ensuring timely completion of work and coordination among various
    agencies including local/statutory authorities and obtaining their approval, if any from
    time to time.

    r) To attend to inspection, if any, by the Government agencies such as CVC, CAG of
    Government of India, comply with their statutory requirements and effectively arrange for
    replying their observations and settling the same to their satisfaction. The SA has to
    make necessary provision for this in the tenders .

    s) (i)       To ensure compliance of all labour laws which are applicable to workmen and
         also    ensure compliance and          suitable provision in the Works Contracts
         commitments by the Contractors and/or Sub-Contractors to whom any part of the

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                                                    Construction of office building/training centre for SIDBI
                                                    at Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa - scope of work

         this project is entrusted, in respect of their workmen. The agency shall be responsible
         for all statutory obligations/ compliances in this regard.

         (ii)      To ensure compliance of all safety rules as required under various statutes in
         India. The Agency shall incorporate third party risk clause in all work contracts
         awarded by it so as to ensure that SIDBI is held harmless and indemnified against
         any damage or injury to third party on account of any act or omission to act by the
         workmen, employees, representatives thereof engaged for the execution of the work.

    t) To indemnify SIDBI for:-
         (i) any consequence as a result of non compliance of any statutory provisions such as
         labour laws, work contract laws by the Contractors and other Agency engaged by the
         selected Agency, non adherence to security and safety measures required as per
         relevant code or practice or other related activities during construction/installation till
         completion of the project.

         (ii)    for any loss resulting from and as a result of errors, omissions, commission
         arising out of negligence on the part of the Agency or on the part of their employees
         and shall take necessary action to remedy the loss arising from such negligence.

         (iii) any claims that may be preferred against SIDBI by                labour, workers, staff
         engaged by the Agency or contractor and/or other agency appointed by the Agency.

    u)          To ensure management of contracts for timely completion as per specifications
    and terms of contracts. Preparing Project schedule and providing progress report in the
    form of CPM / bar chart to SIDBI at fixed intervals for review of the progress of work and
    also to prepare cash flow and material procurement chart. To take necessary action after
    taking into account SIDBI’s observations, if any in respect of quality and progress of the
    work during the site review meetings among the selected Agency, its Architects, SIDBI
    and respective vendors. To record proceedings of the meeting and forward its copy to

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                                                 Construction of office building/training centre for SIDBI
                                                 at Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa - scope of work

    v)    Certification and payment of bills to the parties engaged through the selected
    agency, within the financial sanction already accorded by SIDBI.

    w)      To render audited accounts to SIDBI and to make the accounts/records available
    as and when required to the SIDBI or its nominees.

    x)      To prepare As Built drawings (3 sets) and submitting the same to SIDBI within
    one month of completion of work.

    y)      To redress and comply fully with the remarks of CTE/CVC, auditors, labour
    department, statutory authorities etc. as the case may be .

    z)    i) The Agency shall be fully responsible to defend on behalf of SIDBI any suits or
          arbitration cases arising out of the project, between Agency and its contractor, sub-
          contractor, associate agency, other agency, supplier engaged/entrusted the work
          by the Agency under the project.

          ii) To take prior approval of SIDBI in case of cost overrun, if any over and above the
          already approved amount. The selected Agency would intimate to SIDBI well in
          advance with reasons and justifications thereof for necessary approvals before
          committing the expenditure.

    aa)     To obtain approval of samples of various materials, finishes, fixtures, fittings,
    furnishing items in consultation with the Architects of selected Agency and SIDBI well in
    advance to avoid any ambiguity and delay during execution of the project.

    bb)     The selected agency shall take single point responsibility of the project and will
    provide the required exclusive competent staff on the project as per the requirements
    from time to time. On the advise of SIDBI, necessary changes shall be carried out in
    staffing if found inadequate, incompetent/ non-responsive.

    cc)     To obtain completion and occupation certificate from local authorities including
    various permanent connections/ NOC’s for water, sewerage, electricity, fire, etc. Getting

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                                                     Construction of office building/training centre for SIDBI
                                                     at Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa - scope of work

       the Clearing and handing over the site as advised by SIDBI. Statutory Deposits ,if any
       shall be paid by SIDBI.

       dd)     To get the necessary defects       attended during defect liability period through
       contractor/s or by any other means as per contract. Technically competent officers of the
       selected agency shall visit the building at regular intervals to assess the defects and
       necessary action thereof.

       ee)     The selected agency shall release the retention money deposit of                     various
       contractors only after clearance by SIDBI.

2.     Payment of fees to selected agency
       The selected agencies shall be paid at the quoted rates (inclusive of all applicable
taxes including service tax ) on pro-rata basis on the basis of certification of work based on
agreed stages of work executed except the final installments. The final installment @ 10%
of total fees shall be released in two stages :
       (i)     5% of fees- on project completion and after obtaining completion and
       occupation certificate.

       (ii)    5% of fees- after attending to defect liability period satisfactorily.

3.     Project Funding and Bank guarantee against advance
3.1    SIDBI will deposit the cost of project in 4/5 suitable instalments depending on the actual
       progress. First such instalment will be paid as an advance on award of each contract
       which will be 25% of accepted contract value. The balance deposit will be released
       based on progress of work and payment released to the contractors.

3.2    The selected agency (SA) shall submit a Bank guarantee of nationalized bank for the
       initial advance fund deposited. The bank guarantee will be valid for the period of 3
       months beyond completion period. It shall be subjected to renewal in case of delay in
       Project. SIDBI reserve the right to waive the condition of providing the Bank

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                                                  Construction of office building/training centre for SIDBI
                                                  at Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa - scope of work

3.3   Details of bank account for the Project
      The agency will open, maintain and operate a separate bank account for the project. All
      advance deposit/ payment by SIDBI will be credited to this account and all payments to
      various parties/ suppliers will be made by the agency. The agency shall keep and
      maintain proper records of expenditure and shall inform SIDBI before raising further
      demand for additional deposit. The amount left in the said account shall be refunded to
      SIDBI at the time of closing account and after all accounts are certified by the agencies
      account’s dept..

4.    Basis of the cost of the Project
      4.1      The final cost of the Project shall comprise expenditure incurred such as
      gross amount paid to Contractors/ suppliers, including amount paid / payable
      towards contractors' claims, which are entertained and found acceptable and
      reasonable in terms of the Contracts by the Agency and found within the pre-
      estimate submitted by the Agency to SIDBI; (for any deviation/ extra items in
      contract for acceptance of payment , agency has to take prior approval from SIDBI);
      as also for any award by the Arbitrator or Court of Law including cost of defending.
      However ,the payment made on account of matters settled by Arbitrator / Court of
      Law due to Gross negligence of the Agency (SA) shall be excluded from the cost of
      the project.

               All receipts like cash/cheque/ DD/ BGs received from contractor are to be
      kept in a separate account which will not be released without concurrence from

      4.2      Other elements towards cost of the Project shall include testing charges,
      other charges levied by local bodies, advertisement charges.

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                                                  Construction of office building/training centre for SIDBI
                                                  at Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa - scope of work

       4.3    Any escalation of cost on account of change of scope of work/specifications
       needed after award of Contract shall be governed by relevant CPWD norms / rules.
       If these changes are approved by SIDBI, the cost of the same will be included in
       cost of project.

       4.4    The project cost shall exclude payments by the Agency in discharge of its
       obligation such as payments to personnel/employees, payment to consultants
       engaged by the Agency for the Project, travel, conveyance, living, boarding, salary,
       perks, postage, communication, telephone charges and all office expenses of the
       Agency for the Project, cost of preparation & Printing of documents, printing of
       Tender, electricity & water consumption charges of Agency office etc. as these
       expenses are supposed to be covered under the remuneration payable to the
       agency. Payment / deposits made to Government / statutory authorities for getting
       various approval / connections etc. shall not be included in project cost.

5.     Miscellaneous
       Time shall be essence of the contract to be entered into between the SIDBI and
selected agency and agency shall ensure to contain similar provision in the contracts to be
executed with contractor/ parties/ suppliers for various works. Agency shall ensure timely
completion of work, supplies and handing over the completed project.

       The agency shall be liable for levy of liquidated damages @ 0.25% of its fees per
week delay, subject to max. 5 % of its fees for total project, if it delays the preparation /
submission of drawings, estimates, invitation, evaluation and finalization of tenders beyond
stipulated period as may be specified including awarding the work and delay on the part of
contractors, suppliers which can be directly attributed to the agency.


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                                                  Construction of office building/training centre for SIDBI
                                                  at Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, Orissa - scope of work

    1.     The Scope of work as indicated above is purely indicative. Any other services
required to be rendered in connection with the execution of the project shall be provided by
the agency in the quoted fees.
    2.     The agency shall enter into suitable agreement/MoU with SIDBI after award of
work based on the scope of work and other terms as given above. Other terms, if any, shall
be drafted as mutually agreed upon.
    3. Disputes, if any, shall be dealt as per Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 and only
courts in Bhubaneswar shall have jurisdiction for the same.

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