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									                                                          Industry Attendees at The Hydrogen Economy (20th Jan 2010)

          Attendee                                  Background                                                     Hydrogen     Storage &    Use of    Infrastructure
                                                                                                                   Generation   Transport   hydrogen

          AMEC, Project Director                    AMEC is a focused supplier of high-value consultancy,
                                                    engineering and project management services to the
                                                    world’s natural resources, nuclear, clean energy, water
                                                    and environmental sectors
          BOC Group Plc, UK Hydrogen Solutions      BOC’s initiatives in the hydrogen market include
          Manager                                   investments in Chrysalix and QuestAir, participation in
                                                    bus trials in London and Sydney, alliances with fuel cell
                                                    system companies and engagement with influential
                                                    industry groups. It participates in collaborative
                                                    development         programmes     and     internal   R&D
                                                    programmes for innovative catalytic partial oxidation
                                                    technology, new storage systems, safety standards and
                                                    novel approaches to small-scale hydrogen production.
          Buro Happold Engineers, Sustainable &     Buro Happold aims to produce high quality engineering
          Alternative Technologies                  design in concept, in detail and in execution, on time, to
                                                    programme and delivering excellent value for money.
                                                    Our engineering approach is holistic, combining different
                                                    disciplines in one, integrated team. Our reputation for
                                                    excellence has grown from the basis that engineering is
                                                    always viewed as one important component of a
                                                    project’s overall design solution. We constantly strive for
                                                    innovation. Our appreciation of a client’s social, political
                                                    and economic issues and of architectural and aesthetic
                                                    qualities makes Buro Happold an ideal partner, helping
                                                    our range of clients to shape great solutions.
          Hgen Ltd., CEO                            The mission of the company is to support a smooth
                                                    transition of the global industry from fossil fuels to
                                                    hydrogen, by development of low-cost, carbon-free
                                                    production technologies, upstream delivery of hydrogen
                                                    and building industry partnerships to bring about a sea-
                                                    change      in     the    use   of   renewable      energy.
          Hydroventuri Ltd., Executive Chairman     HydroVenturi is a renewable energy company with a
                                                    patented technology which produces low cost energy in
                                                    an environmental friendly way with significantly wide
                                                    applicability.It is currently focusing on ultra low head
          Ilika Technologies Ltd., Business
          Development Director                      Ilika specialises in the development and application of
                                                    high throughput, combinatorial R&D techniques for the
                                                    discovery of new materials. To customers interested in
                                                    the accelerated creation, screening and characterization
                                                    of new and novel materials, they offer: research
                                                    collaborations and material licenses.
          INEGI, Composite Materials & Structures   INEGI is an interface Institution between University and
                                                    Industry, oriented to the activities of Research and
                                                    Development, Innovation and Technology Transfer. Its
                                                    mission is to contribute to the increase of the
                                                    competitiveness of the national industry, through
                                                    Research and Development, Technology Transfer and
                                                    Training, in the fields of engineering design, materials,
                                                    production technology, energy and environment and
                                                    industrial management.
          Johnson Matthey Technology Centre,        The Johnson Matthey Technology Centre (JMTC) is the
          Low Carbon Group                          group’s central resource for longer term research and
                                                    employs over 180 world class scientists. It supports the
                                                    research and development of new products and
                                                    technology across all of Johnson Matthey’s businesses
                                                    and has expertise in catalysis, precious metals, materials
                                                    science and many other fields in which Johnson Matthey

                                                    Collaboration is important and JMTC works closely with
                                                    the group’s global network of business specific
                                                    technology centres and development groups. It also
                                                    participates in external collaborative R&D programmes

                                                    Four examples of projects udertaken are: Next
                                                    Generation Emission Control Catalysts, Reducing
                                                    Spoilage of Fresh Produce, Cleaner use of Coal and
                                                    Fuel Cell Catalysts
          Joju Ltd., Director                       Joju’s mission is to help individuals and businesses to
                                                    save energy and reduce their climate impact through the
                                                    use of solar energy. They supply, design and install
                                                    photovoltaic systems into new and existing buildings.

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                                                  Industry Attendees at The Hydrogen Economy (20th Jan 2010)

          Attendee                          Background                                                      Hydrogen     Storage &    Use of    Infrastructure
                                                                                                            Generation   Transport   hydrogen

          Ortus Energy, CEO
                                            Work in partnership with leading universities and
                                            industry to develop and commercialise breakthrough
                                            intellectual property in molecular science. A deep
                                            understanding of the physics, chemistry, biology and
                                            engineering of molecular-level systems is fundamental to
                                            major advances in renewable energy and environmental
                                            remediation. They believe strongly in an open innovation
                                            approach and are always keen to talk with potential
                                            collaborators. They are particularly interested in industrial
                                            and academic partners with interests in biological energy
                                            sources. They are ambitious to create new energy
                                            technologies and make a substantial contribution to
                                            carbon dioxide reduction.
          Shell, Head of Downstream         Shell are working with other energy companies to reduce
          Communications                    the costs of manufacturing and retailing hydrogen. They
                                            have alliances with many of the world’s leading auto
                                            manufacturers to advance fuel cell technology and align
                                            the commercial roll-out of vehicles with the fuelling

                                            In 1999, Shell was a founding partner of Icelandic New
                                            Energy Ltd., a pioneering project that aims to transform
                                            Iceland into a hydrogen economy in the coming decades,
                                            with all its cars, buses and fishing fleets powered by
                                            hydrogen fuel cells.

                                            They fund hydrogen research at leading universities
                                            around the world, and are also supporting the
                                            development of fuel cell technology through venture
                                            capital funds in the USA and Europe.

                                            They are a member of the EU Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell
                                            Technology Platform, the Californian Fuel Cell
                                            Partnership and the Japan Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
                                            Demonstration Project.
          Technology Partnership Plc, CEO   TTP is a technology and product development company.
                                            They work in partnership with their clients to bring new
                                            products to market, creating new business from
                                            advances in technology. They                develop and
                                            commercialise diverse technologies and products across
                                            a       broad      range      of       market       sectors.
          Vega Systems, Director            Recognising challenges due to natural disasters and
                                            disasters perpetrated by humans, Vega Systems
                                            employs science and technology to support their clients
                                            in optimising opportunities and facing and surviving
                                            adversities whatever their cause and origin.
          Veolia Water UK Plc, Director     Veolia Water, the water division of Veolia
                                            Environnement, has more than 150 years' experience in
                                            the water industry. The company operates in 60
                                            countries, delivering high-quality, essential services to
                                            ensure the provision of safe, clean drinking water for
                                            more than 78 million people, and wastewater services
                                            for more than 54 million people.

10th Dec 2009                                      This event is by invitation only. Please contact Emma Graham                           2 of 2

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