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					                                                     Annexure ‘A’

                                                  CSR OBE 2006-07
Sl.N                                  Thrust Area                       Details of activity                     Budget     Total
 o.                                                                                                             2006-07   Exp.(in
       Location                                                                                                           Rs. Lac)

              DIBIYAPUR-             Drinking         Construction of Storm Water Drain -1 Km., from              10.00    10.00
           PETROCHEMICAL             water          / Canal(near Com. Dibiyapur) to Samadhan Ka Purwa
           COMPLEX,District          sanitation
  1     Auraiya,PATA(U.P)-206241.
               DIBIYAPUR             Infrastrcutu    Constn. of approach road at Deo Rai ka Purwa Village         12.00    10.20
  2                                  re
                  DIBIYAPUR          Community       Construction of Barat Ghar( including bath room and          15.00    15.00
  3                                  Dev.            toilet) at Buddha Ki Madaiya
        PATA-PETROCHEMICAL           Helthcare /     Mobile Health Van for the nearby villages for providing      12.00    11.71
           COMPLEX,District          Medical         of medicines and check up thro GIDF
  4     Auraiya,PATA(U.P)-206241.
                  PATA            Infrastructu Providing of brick kharanja work (2 km) from Canal                 15.00    14.99
                                  re           bridge to village Purva Nahariyan in Gram Panchyat
  5                                            Khanno.
                  PATA            Educational Sharing of expenses with NTPC for education of                      17.00    17.00
  6                               Aid          children of nearby villages at Kendriya Vidyalaya
                  PATA            Infrastructu Constn. of CC road from Khanpur PATA Main road to                  18.00    18.00
                                  re           Mamrejpur Al. (500 mtrs 3.5 m width) and boundary
  7                                            wall for Kabarsthan
                  PATA            Infrastructu Providing of approach road (concrete road) from CISF               25.00    25.00
                                  re           Main Gate to village Khanpur and constn. of drains

         LAKWA -LPG, Recovery       Literacy         *(1) Yuva Samridhi Project (Financial Assistance to the      10.00    10.00
       Plant,Lakwa,Sivasagar,Assam- Enhancemen       extent of 30% of project cost to Self Help Groups in the
                 785688.            t         /      area of Fisheries, Diary, Poltery and Animal Hasbandary
                                    Empowerme        through GAIL CSR, balance 30% of project cost is to be
                                    nt               brone by Stake holders 30% from
                   LAKWA                             (2) Bitumin carpating of about 800 mts. road to              10.00    10.00
                                                     Challapathar and CISF Colony from Rajgarh Raod.


        DELHI -GAIL BHAWAN,16 Infrastructu Contribution for upgradation of schools and hospitals in               10.00    10.00
       Bhikaji Cama Place,New Delhi- re           villages inhabited by by families of war martyrs in
                  110066.                         Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh in association
11                                                with The Indian Express
                  DELHI              Healthcare / Contribution to The Leprosy Mission Trust India for re-         15.30    12.65
                                     Medical      constructive surgeries of 350 Leprosy patients
     DELHI   Environmen Contributiion to a school in Greater NOIDA for                15.00   13.00
             t Protection landscaping & tree plantation (Re-appropriated)

     DELHI   Educational Sponsor 100 meritorious dip. in engg. and ITI students in    15.00   14.00
             aid         upper Assam & Kerala for financing part expenditure on
                         technical education for pursuing diploma in engg. and
                         ITI / certificate courses which will generate employment
                         opportunities for them.
     DELHI   Educational Set up of Girls' Inter-college at Jais, Raebareli Project    41.00   17.11
15           aid
     DELHI   Environmen Rain Water harvesting at NOIDA / Greater NOIDA as a           50.00   22.74
             t Protection pilot project in consultation with concerned departments,
                          associating an NGO (Re-appropriated)
     DELHI   Educational Partnership with Azim Premji Foundation for mobile           25.00   25.00
             Aid         computer aided learning centre (re-appropriated with
                         GIDF,programme implementation at Pata)
                                             Annexure ‘A’

                                CSR OBE 2005-06
sl. S        Location        Thurst               Details of            Budget    Total
no. L                      Area/Head       Activity/Programme          Estimate Expendiu
     .                     of Activity                                   (In Rs.   tre
     N                                                                      Lac)
   1 PATA- PETROCHEMICAL Infrastruture Providing of Kharanja road 01       10.00      9.98
     COMPLEX,District                  Km. each at PATA &
     Auraiya,PATA(U.P)-                Shahnagra Bankapurwa and
     206241.                           300 m at Mamrejpur Al
   2 Pata                Environment conservation of environment           10.00     10.00
                         Protection    through tree plantation with
                                       tree guard along with the
                                       boudary of villages PATa,
                                       Mamrejpur ALL, Munshipur &
                                       Kanpur and oth4r identified
   3 Pata                Infrastruture Construction of concrete road       12.00     11.64
                                       from    Khanpur      Gate    to
                                       Panchayatghar, Khanpur -
                                       800 metre (4 mtr. wide /1:2:4)

  4 Pata                     Infrastruture   Providing of 1 Km. Kharanja       15.00   14.39
                                             road at village Kanho &
                                             construction of Community
  5 Pata                     Healthcare/Me Image Intensifier (01 no.) to       15.00   15.00
                             dical           Ramkrishna     Mission    Seva
  6 Pata                     Drinking        Installation of 70 No.India       15.00   15.00
                             water/Sanitatio Mark Hand Pumps at PATA,
                             n               Khanpur, Phaphund, Kanho,
                                             Mamrejpur All, Sukund Ka
                                             Purwa Vasundhara, Sehud,
                                             Lahokar & other locations on
                                             need          basis          on
                                             recommendation       of    Dist
                                             Admn. Including reboring of 10
                                             (8+2) hand pumps at village
                                             Vasundhara         &      Pata
  7 Pata                     Medical/        Introduction of Mobile Health     17.50   16.36
                             Health Care     Van service for the nearby thro
 8 Nasirabad-      Intermediate    Literacy      Empowment        program   /     10.00   10.00
   Pumping          Station,Near   Enhancement   sponsor vocational training
   village Dilwari, Nasirabad-     /             (ITI, Nursing, literacy &
   Kishengarh      Road,NH-79,     Empowermnet   cutting, tailoring, weaving,
   NISIRABAD-                                    etc.) for war widows.

 9 Nasirabad                    Drinking       Supply of portable drinking        10.00   10.00
                                Water/Sanitati water through tankers in 200
                                on             villages where GAIL has
                                               installed water tanks (5000 lt.
10   Nasirabad                  Infrastructure In the current year GAIL has       15.00   15.00
                                               taken over various Garden
                                               Circles and Chowpatti. GAIL
                                               has developed them to a
                                               remarkable stage. To further
                                               improve,      we       propose
                                               maintenance thereof at least
                                               for a further period of 12
                                               months. Thus we propose for
                                               an amount of Rs. 15 Lacs
                                               under this head.
11   Nasirabad                  Drinking       Insallation of 144 nos. of         40.00   40.00
                                Water/Sanitati water tanks. The area is facing
                                on             5th consecutive year of
                                               draught and condition of
                                               drinking water is very serious.
                                               Only these tanks can be a
                                               great rehabilitation to the
12   Lakwa-LPG,        Recovery Infrastructure Repairing of Road, light,          10.00   10.00
     Plant,Lakwa,Sivasagar,Ass                 footpath around the historical
     am-785688.                                Sivasagar Tank.
13   Lakwa                      Literacy       E-governance project               10.00   10.00

14 Lakwa                           Environment   Repairing / Renovation of        10.00   10.00
                                   protection    park at Joysagar.
15 Vijaipur-GAIL                   Environment   Renovation of Water Storage      10.00   10.00
   COMPLEX,VIJAIPUR-               Protection    Structures for storage of rain
   473112,Dist.GUNA(MP)                          water
16 Vijaipur                        Environment   Rain Water harvesting in         10.00   10.00
                                   protection    Belka, Badarpur and GAIL
17 Vijaipur                 Healthcare/Me Free       consultation      and    12.40   12.40
                            dical         distribution of medicines to the
                                          villagers       residing       in
                                          Ahmedapur,             Ahirkhedi,
                                          Bhaisana, Ikodia, Dongar,
                                          Vijaipur, Belka,       Badarpur,
                                          Bhumlakhedi and Chainpura
                                          through Mobile Healthcare Van
                                          in association with Aurobindo
                                          Chaudhary Memorial Great
                                          Indian Dream Foundation
18 Vijaipur                 Healthcare/Me For drainage, sanitation and        15.00   15.00
                            dical         maintenance        of    District
                                          Hospital, Guna
19 Delhi-GAIL BHAWAN,16     Educational   Contribution to DSWAB for           13.50   13.01
   Bhikaji Cama Place,New   aid           Muskan Unit (A day-care
   Delhi-110066.                          centre for children aged upto
                                          05 years)- Re-appropriated
20 Delhi                    Healthcare/Me Sponsor surgeries for artifical     15.00   15.00
                            dical         limbs etc. for leosory patients
                                          through the Lepsory Mission
                                          Trust, India
21 Delhi                    Literacy      Contribution      to    Western     15.00   15.00
                            Enhancement Command, Navy for part
                            /             funding of education of wards
                            Empowerment of war widows

22 Delhi                    Infrastructure Financial support to Action        15.41   15.10
                                           for Autism for "Open Door
                                           Education Programme"

23 Delhi                    Drinking       Installation of deep bore well     15.30   15.30
                            water/sanitati along with overhead tank and
                            on             distribution network in Lalganj
                                           Tehsil, Rae Bareilly
24 Delhi                    Healthcare/Me Anti-proliferation     campaign     20.00   20.00
                            dical          and prevention of HIV/AIDS at
                                           NCR of Delhi/Mumbai (Re-
                                           appropriated      for   APRDC,
25 Delhi                    Healthcare/Me Setting up of telemedicine          40.80   39.86
                            dical          centre in the District Hospital,
                                           Rae Bereilly and one leading
                                           hospital in Mumbai and Delhi
                                           for on-line consultancy with
26 Delhi                    Healthcare/Me (i) Set up APRD diagnostic          80.00   80.00
                            dical          centres in 04 places i.e.,
                                           Chennai, Gwalior, Indore and
                                           Ujjain      @      Rs.20     lac
                                           (approx.)per centre.
Query from one of the bidder during pre-bid and GAIL's clarification.


1. Section-2 on Scope of Work (Sub Section 2.0)
sets out the Work Centres to covered for the study
for the years 2005-2006 (Group A) and 2006-2007
(Group B). Further, Annexure ‘A’ sets out the
location and details of programmes/projects for
both the years’ viz. 41 programmes/projects for
2005-2006 and 31 programmes for 2006-2007.

Query :

a. Please clarify – Group ‘A’ & ‘B’ mentions 5
locations whereas Annexure ‘A’ includes locations
other than those mentioned in Group ‘A’ & ‘B’.

Query :

b. Please quantify the number of locations to be
covered during the audit/study.

Query :
c. Please mention the District and State in case of
each location as it would enable to plan the
logistics, calculate man-days and quote a suitable
Query :

d. Clarification on abbreviations used for
locations mentioned in Annexure ‘A’ like KZO,
MZO, LZO, AZO, etc.

Query :
2. Section–2 on Scope of Work (Sub Section 7.0)
on Team Members

a.   Please clarify MBA (Social Work).

Query :
b. Do we need to submit attested/self-attested
documents pertaining to qualifications of key team
members? Please clarify.

Query :
3. Section–2 on Scope of Work (Sub Section 8.0)
on Time Schedule/Completion Period

a. Does the 60 days deadline for completion of
the study include weekends (Saturdays/Sundays) or
implies working days? Please clarify.

Query :
b. Is report writing time included in the 60 days?

Query :
c. Please clarify if the travel time is included in
the 60 days?

Query :
4. Section-7 (Forms & Formats)
a. F-3B on Financial Situation of the bidder
mentions the year 2003-2004. Please clarify if we
have to furnish information for the financial year
2003-2004 or 2006-2007?

1. After going through the tender and respecting
the spirit behind the audit/study we are concerned
that the 60 days deadline for the completion of the
project may not be adequate.
a. If all the programmes and locations as per
Annexure ‘A’ have to be visited and audited there
are 72 programmes to be covered

b. Travel time to each location and then to the
programme site have to be taken into account

c. Closure of offices during the audit/study period
on account of local holidays, strikes/bandhs, any
other reason, etc have to be considered

2. Further, as the audit/study would include
interacting with significant stakeholders and
reviewing the records/documents as mentioned in
the ‘Special Conditions of Contract’ we express
our concern regarding the availability of these
stakeholders and records/documents at the time of
our visit as each Work Centre can only be visited
once (Sub Section – 10)

1. Given that a number of programmes are located
at same locations the travel time can be reduced
through prudent planning. However, going by a
very conservative estimate and our previous
experience on similar engagements we feel that two
working days for each programme including field
visits, stakeholder interactions, document reviews
and report writing is a realistic timeline

2. We would suggest that prior to our visit to each
location GAIL should ensure that
records/documents and stakeholders are available
so that the audit team does not spend time waiting

3. Taking everything into consideration we would
suggest that the timeline should be extended to 150
days (72 X 2 + 6 days buffer for any exigencies,
unforeseen happenings, etc.) excluding travel time,
local holidays, weekends and delays on account of
non availability of records/documents, stakeholders,
and GAIL's clarification.


             The five locations as mentioned in Group ‘A’ &
             ‘B’ in the Scope of Work is only to be covered
             for the Audit purposes. The fresh list of the
             programmes for both the years (2005-06 &
             2006-07) are attached herewith for reference to

             The number of locations to be covered during
             the Audit is five locations as mentioned in scope
             of work clause-2.0.


             The detailed address of the locations is given as

             i)       Pata/Dibyapur.-PETROCHEMICAL
             COMPLEX,District Auraiya,PATA(U.P)-206241.
             ii)      Vijaipur-GAIL COMPLEX,VIJAIPUR-
             iii)     Lakwa-LPG, Recovery
             vi)      Nasirabad-Intermediate Pumping
             Station,Near village Dilwari, Nasirabad-
             Kishengarh Road,NH-79, NISIRABAD-
v)     Delhi-GAIL BHAWAN,16 Bhikaji Cama
Place,New Delhi-110066.

 It has already been covered under clarification
against your query mentioned at 1.a and
expanded form of abbreviations have been
mentioned (along with the address ) in amended
list attached.
KZO(Kolkotta Zonal Office)
MZO(Mumbai Zonal Office)
LZO(Lucknow Zonal Office)
AZO(Ahmadabad Zonal Office)


 The desired Qualification of the Project In-charge /
Sr.Professor should be qualified as an MSW
Degree or Post Graduate Diploma in Social Work
or MA in Social Work or MBA (Social Work) or

 Yes attested/self-attested documents pertaining to
qualifications of key team members is to be
submitted .


Completion period shall be 60 days as
mentioned in tender document including all 2nd
Saturday, Sunday and Gazetted holidays etc.

 Yes report writing time is included in the 60 days
time period.


Yes, travel time is included in 60 days.


 The financial information for the year 2006-2007
is to be submitted.

Response: There are only 43 programmes to be
covered in the five locations for Audit (26 progs.
in 2005-06 and 17 progs. in 2006-07).

Response: Audit is inclusive of 60 days.

Response: Clarified as above in 3.(a) above.

Response: Your visit schedule will be informed
to the site and documents arranged.
Response: 43 programmes to be covered in 60

Response: Support shall be extended.

Response: Clarified as above in 3.(a) above.

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