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          DATE:               Tuesday, October 20, 2009
          TIME:               10:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.*
                              (*Ending Time for this meeting is an approximation only and is intended
                              solely for the purpose of travel planning.)

          PLACE:              State Council Headquarters’ Office
                              1507 21st Street, Suite 210
                              Sacramento, CA 95811

          CONTACT: Council Phone (916) 322-8481; Council Fax (916) 443-4957

          Pursuant to Government Code Sections 11123.1 and 11125(f), individuals with disabilities
          who require accessible alternative formats of the agenda and related meeting materials
          and/or auxiliary aids/services to participate in the meeting, should contact Michael Brett at
          the Council Office by Phone: 916-322-8481 TTY: 916-324-8420 or Email:
          council@scdd.ca.gov .
          Items may be taken out of order to ensure appropriate flow of the meeting.

          1. CALL TO ORDER                                                                        (J. Aguilar)

          2. ESTABLISHMENT OF A QUORUM                                                            (J. Aguilar)
             (Six member requirement for quorum)

          3. MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR                                                               (J. Aguilar)

          4. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR UPDATE                                                            (A. Kerzin)


          6. PUBLIC COMMENTS
               Public Comments: [This section is for members of the public only; and is to provide the
               public an opportunity to comment and/or present information to the Committee on any
               matter that is not on the agenda. Each public member will be afforded up to three
               minutes to speak. Written requests, if any, will be considered first under this section.
               Additionally, the Committee will provide a public comment period not to exceed 5 minutes
               total for all public comments prior to Committee action on each agenda item.]

                                   1507 21 STREET, SUITE 210, SACRAMENTO, CA 95811
                 (916) 322-8481 (VOICE) (916) 324-8420 (TDD) (916) 443-4957 (FAX) council@scdd.ca.gov www.scdd.ca.gov
Legislative & Public Policy Committee Agenda - October 20, 2009                       Page 2


              A. Approval of May 2009 Minutes                        (J. Aguilar)     GRAY

              B. California Legislation                              (J. Aguilar)     YELLOW

                 a.    AB 140 (Beall)                         k.   AB 1124 (Yamada)
                 b.    AB 214 (Chesbro)                       l.   AB 1517 (Berryhill)
                 c.    AB 287 (Beall)                         m.   AB 1538 (Ma)
                 d.    AB 302 (Beall)                         n.   SB 110 (Liu)
                 e.    AB 378 (Cook)                          o.   SB 142 (Maldonado)
                 f.    AB 416 (Block)                         p.   SB 383 (Liu)
                 g.    AB 438 (Beall)                         q.   SB 621 (Florez)
                 h.    AB 452 (Yamada)                        r.   SB 682 (Padilla)
                 i.    AB 661 (Torlakson)                     s.   SB 755 (Negrete-McLeod)
                 j.    AB 682 (B. Lowenthal)                  t.   SB 812

       8. PRESENTATION:                                      (M. Rosenberg)
          Executive Director of Area Board 3, will be giving an overview of ongoing
          Special Education issues/appeals process issues (Handout)


       9. PRESENTATION:                                              (A. Kerzin/ L. Cooley)
          Employment First Policy AB287


                 a. Policy Primary Workgroup “Restart”
                    1. Employment – Lisa Cooley & Leroy Shipp
                    2. Housing – Jennifer Allen & David Mulvaney
                    3. Special Education – Jorge Aguilar, Marilyn Barraza, &
                        Max Duley
                 b. Area Board involvement in Public Policy Process
                 c. 2010 Meeting Calendar

       11.    PREVIOUS BUSINESS ACTION ITEMS                          (J. Aguilar)

                 a. Memo from Rick Martin on Autism from ABA (Handout)

       12. ADJOURNMENT                                               (J. Aguilar)

       Next meeting TBA
                                                             Agenda Item: 7.A
                                                       Date: October 20, 2009
                                 Meeting: Legislative Public Policy Committee

             Legislative Public Policy Committee Minutes

     DATE:            Tuesday, May 26, 2009
     TIME:            10:00 am – 3:00 pm
     PLACE:           State Council Headquarter Office
                      1507 21st Street, Suite 210
                      Sacramento, CA 95811

     Present:               SCDD Staff:
     Randi Knott, Chair     Alan Kerzin, Executive Director
     Jorge Aguliar          Michael Januse
     Ray Ceragioli          September Hargrove
     Lisa Cooley
     Ted Martens
     Leroy Shipp
     Marcia Good
Chair Randi Knott called the meeting to order at 1:02 PM and a quorum
was established.
Information unavailable.
Information unavailable.
Information Unavailable.
There were no public comments.
The Committee took the positions on the following legislation:
        1. AB 661 (Torlakson) – Behavioral Intervention Plans. WATCH.
        2. AB 682 (Lowenthal) – IHSS Fraud. WATCH. (Staff requested to
           send out grand jury report on IHSS Fraud to committee.)
        3. AB 1517 (Berryhill) – Alternative Dispute Resolution.

                                                                   Page 1 of 2
        4. SB 142 (Maldonado) – IHSS Authorized Task. OPPOSE. (Staff
           requested to work with committee members (Tho Vinh,
           Jennifer, Lisa) to address negative impacts of legislation to
           include in letter to legislature)
        5. SB 621 (Florez) – Career Tech EDU: Individuals with
           Exceptional Needs. SUPPORT. (Staff requested to address
           within letter the need for improved high school graduation
        6. SB 682 (Padilla) – Autism Career Education. SUPPORT.
        7. SB 755 (Negrete-McLeod) – State Contracts Persons with DD
           Business Enterprises. WATCH.
        8. SB 812 (Ashburn) – HOUSING. SUPPORT if Amended. (Staff
           requested to share draft of letter with suggested amendments
           with Dr. Vismara prior to submitting.)
           Suggested amendment - To include housing plans for all
           persons with developmental disabilities, not limited to persons
           with ASD.)
     The Committee decided at a future meeting to revisit high school
     graduation legislation from the 2007-2008 legislative session to the
     implementation of those bills signed into law.
     Staff requested to distribute to the Committee a memo from Rick
     Martin on Autism ABA.
     Following the presentation from Dr. Lou Vismara on the Senate
     Select Committee on Autism, the Committee was asked to brainstorm
     some ideas for that Committee.
The minutes of the April meeting were approved with corrections.

Meeting adjourned at 3:33pm.

                                                                   Page 2 of 2
                                                                             Agenda Item: 7.B.
                                                                       Date: October 20, 2009
                                             Meeting: Legislative and Public Policy Committee

                                                           Detail Sheet for:
                                                         California Legislation

       What is this agenda item about?
           The LPP Committee regularly reviews the status of bills it has been
           following on the Council’s behalf.

       What has the Council done about this so far?
           This committee has taken positions on a slate of bills and monitors the
           progress throughout the legislative process.

       What needs to be decided at this meeting?
           At this time, no action is required.

       What is the committee or staff recommendation?
           The staff recommendation is to continue to monitor the Council’s slate
           of bills and take action, when necessary, with letters of support or
           explanation to the Legislature or Governor regarding the Council’s

       Are there attachments?
            Yes, a chart updating the current status of the Council’s slate of bills

This detail sheet was prepared by Michael J. Januse II. If there is anything about this detail sheet
that you do not understand, please call 916-322-1284 or email michael.januse@scdd.ca.gov
                                  STATE COUNCIL ON DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITES
                                          2009 Legislation and Status of Bills
                                                 (October 6, 2009)

State Council-Sponsored Legislation
AB 287(Beall) –Employment First Policy

                                             Legislation Index by Subject

Abuse Prevention                                              SB 621 (Florez) – Career Tech Edu – Exceptional Needs
AB 416 (Block) – Consumer Abuse Registry                      SB 682 (Padilla) – Autism Career Education
AB 1538 (Ma) - Restraint and Seclusion Inactive File          SB 755 (Negrete-McLeod) – State Contracts Persons
SB 110 (Liu) - Disabled Crime Victims Act                     with DD Business Enterprises

Autism                                                        Health
SB 383 (Liu) - Autism Screening                               AB 214 (Chesbro) – Durable Medical Equipment

Criminal Justice                                              Housing
AB 438 (Beall) - Criminal Diversion                           SB 812 (Ashburn) – Housing
AB 682 (B. Lowenthal) – IHSS Fraud
                                                              In Home Supportive Services
Education                                                     AB 378 (Cook) – IHSS Provider Training Inactive File
AB 661 (Torlaskson) - Behavioral Intervention Plans           AB 452 (Yamada) – California Independence Act of 2009
AB 1124 (Yamada) - Due Process Hearings                       SB 142 (Maldonado) – IHSS Authorized Task
AB 1517 (Berryhill) – Alternative Dispute Resolution          Amended
Employment                                                    Regional Center
AB 287 (Beall) – Employment First Policy Governor’s           AB 140 (Beall) – Dispute Resolutions
Desk                                                          AB 302 (Beall) – Purchase of Service Data

                                                                                                          Page 1 of 13
                             Most Current Changes as of 10/6/09 are in Last Column

 Bill No.                      Bill No. (Author)                           State Council   State Council     Status as of
                           Description and Updates                           Position       Policy Area     August 28, 2009
AB 140      AB 140 (Beall) Regional Center Dispute Resolutions            SUPPORT                          Chaptered by
                                                                                                           Secretary of
            Would establish procedures for the resolution of disputes                                      State - Chapter
            between a regional center and a generic agency, as                                             84, Statutes of
            defined, over provision of, or payment for, services that                                      2009.
            are contained in an individualized family service plan or                                      (09/23/09)
            individual program plan for any child under 6 years of

            (This bill is a reintroduction of AB 1825 (Beall, 2008)
            which was vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger)

AB 214      AB 214 (Chesbro) Durable Medical Equipment                    SUPPORT                          Passed out of
                                                                                                           Asm. Health 12-4.
            Would require a health care service plan and a health
            insurer to provide coverage for durable medical
            equipment, as defined, as part of their plan contracts or
            health insurance policies. This bill contains other related
            provisions and other existing laws.

            (This bill is a reintroduction of SB 1198 (Kuehl, 2008)
            which was vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger)

            Amended 4/23/09 – Section 10123.24 (d) will not apply
            to specialized health insurance, Medicare supplement,
            short term limited duration health insurance, CHAMPUS
            supplement insurance, TRICARE supplement, or to
            hospital indemnity, accident only, or specified disease

                                                                                                            Page 2 of 13
AB 287   AB 287 (Beall) Employment First Policy                      Co-sponsors   Employment   Enrolled and to
                                                                                                the Governor at
         Would establish an Employment First Policy intended to                                 1 p.m.
         promote integrated employment opportunities for people                                 (09/28/09)
         with developmental disabilities.

         Amended 6/10/09- Removes the mandate for IPP teams
         to discuss school-to-work opportunities for consumers 14
         years of age or older, but now instead states that within
         the Employment First Policy the Legislature intends for
         planning teams to discuss school-to-work opportunities
         beginning when a consumer is 14 years of age.

         Amended 5/21/09 – Adds an organized labor
         organization representing service coordination staff to
         the Employment First Committee.

         Amended 4/13/09 - The bill will now require, beginning
         when the consumer is14 years of age, that the planning
         team discuss school-to-work opportunities during
         individual program plan meetings. Also, the bill will
         require the State Council on Developmental Disabilities
         to form a standing Employment First Committee to
         implement a Employment First Policy no later than July
         1, 2011.

         (This bill is a reintroduction of AB 2424 (Beall, 2008)
         which was held in the Senate Approp. Committee)

AB 302   AB 302 (Beall) Regional Center Purchase of Services         SUPPORT                    Senate Human
         Would require the department to use existing data to

                                                                                                 Page 3 of 13
         determine specified information, for the state as a whole                             Passed out of
         and by regional center, relevant to the use of purchase                               Asm. Human
         of services funds by regional centers for linguistically and                          Services 5-2,
         ethnically diverse consumers.                                                         Asm. Approps.
                                                                                               12-5, Asm. Floor
         Amended 6/1 – The bill now requires that the                                          48-29
         department shall use existing data from the client master
         file, the client development evaluation report file, and the
         purchase-of-service file.

AB 378   AB 378 (Cook) IHSS Provider Training                           SUPPORT                To inactive file
                                                                                               on motion of
         Would require each public authority or nonprofit                                      Senator
         consortium, in consultation with its advisory committee                               Romero.
         and stakeholders, to develop training standards and core                              (09/11/09)
         topics, to be used in training it provides.

         Amended 5/4 – Technical amendments.
AB 416   AB 416 (Block) Consumer Abuse Registry                         SUPPORT   Abuse        Held Assembly
                                                                                  Prevention   Appropriations
         Would require a provider, as defined, to report a                                     Suspense File
         substantiated case of abuse of a consumer by a direct
         service worker to the appropriate investigating agencies,                             Passed out of
         as defined. The bill would also require investigating                                 Asm. Human
         agencies to report abuse of a consumer by a direct                                    Services 4-1;
         service worker to the State Department of                                             Asm. Health 16-0
         Developmental Services. The bill would require the
         department to establish a registry of direct service
         workers or others against whom one or more
         substantiated reports of abuse of a consumer have been
         reported, and to make the registry available, pursuant to
         a release protocol established by the department in
         consultation with program stakeholders, to specified

                                                                                                Page 4 of 13
         persons. The bill would require providers to access the
         registry before hiring a direct service worker and would
         prohibit providers from hiring or contracting with a direct
         service worker who is included in the registry. The bill
         would also require the department to coordinate with the
         State Department of Public Health and the State
         Department of Social Services to share information
         about direct service workers, and would require the
         department to adopt regulations to implement the bill's
         provisions by July 1, 2010.

         (This bill is a reintroduction of AB 1983 (Evans, 2008)
         which was held in the Asm. Approps Committee)

AB 438   AB 438 (Beall) People with Developmental Disabilities in      SUPPORT   In committee:
         the Criminal Justice System                                             Held under
         Takes several steps to ensure more appropriate services                 (09/11/09)
         and supports for people with developmental disabilities
         who become involved with the criminal justice and court
         system. AB 438 will expand eligibility for diversion for
         persons with developmental disabilities charged with a
         non-violent felonies, and will repeal the requirement that
         the individual have been a regional center client prior to
         the time of the charges; will require DDS to convene a
         task force to indentify strategies and best practices, for
         local interagency coordination and cooperation in
         addressing the needs of adults and juveniles with
         developmental disabilities.

         Amended 4/21/09 – Deleted Section 7578.5 which
         requires DDS and DCR to enter into an interagency
         agreement and Section 4418.7, the requirement for

                                                                                  Page 5 of 13
           Regional Centers to notify those specified, of a
           consumer who is a state developmental center resident,
           whose placement is based on incompetence to stand
           trial is due to end, and who is at risk of being placed in,
           or is at risk of continued placement in a state
           developmental center.

AB 452     AB 452 (Yamada) California Independence Act of 2009           WATCH               Assembly Human
            Would establish the California Independence Program,
           a voluntary program for the provision of in-home                                  (Two year bill)
           supportive services to certain aged, blind, and disabled
           individuals who are otherwise ineligible for IHSS
           services. The bill would make recipients and providers of
           services under the California Independence Program
           subject to specified requirements.

AB 661     AB 661 (Torlakson) Behavioral Intervention Plans              WATCH   Special     Held in Assembly
                                                                                 Education   Appropriations
   AB 661 would implement the mandate claim settlement regarding                             Committee on
   Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIPs) that has been reached                                Suspense
   between the State and the test claimants. This bill will provide
   increased funding to all local education agencies to comply with                          Passed out of
   the BIP mandate.                                                                          Asm. Education
                                                                                             10-0; Asm. Public
                                                                                             Safety 5-2.

AB 682     AB 682 (B. Lowenthal) IHSS Fraud                              WATCH               Senate
           AB 682 requires the Department of Social Services
           (DSS) in consultation with the Department of Health Care
           Services (DHC), counties, the district attorney in the                            Passed out of
           county with the largest caseload, and stakeholders to                             Asm. Human

                                                                                               Page 6 of 13
          produce and deliver a report to the Legislature by                                  From
          December 31, 2010, that identifies the magnitude of                                 committee
          fraud in the In Home Supportive Services (IHSS)                                     chair, with
          program, with respect to convictions occurring between                              author's
          January 1, 2005 and January 1, 2010.                                                amendments:
                                                                                              Amend, and re-
          Amended 6/30- Specifies that DSS will be required to                                refer to
          dedicate up to 2 positions to implement the provisions of
          the bill.
                                                                                              Read second
          Amended 6/1 - This bill shall become operative                                      time, amended,
          only if funds are made available for its implementation                             and re-referred
          from the Governor’s proposed funding increase for in-                               to Com. on
          home supportive services quality assurance in the 2009–                             APPR.
          10 budget for the State Department of Social Services, if                           (09/11/09)
          that proposed funding increase is adopted.

AB 1124   AB 1124 (Yamada) Due Process Hearings                         SUPPORT   Special     Held in Assembly
                                                                                  Education   Appropriations
          Would require local educational agencies, during the                                Committee on
          pendency of a hearing involving an application of a pupil                           Suspense
          for initial services under a preschool program serving
          individuals with exceptional needs between 3 to 5 years                             Passed out of
          of age, inclusive, who is no longer eligible for early                              Asm. Education
          intervention services under the California Early                                    9-0
          Intervention Services Act because he or she has
          reached 3 years of age, to continue to provide the same
          services that were provided under the California Early
          Intervention Services Act. This bill contains other related
          provisions and other existing laws.

          Amended 4/22/09 – Specifies that the use of federal
          funding received by the State appropriated to this bill be

                                                                                               Page 7 of 13
          specific to the purpose of the bill.

          Amended 4/13/09 – The implementation of the bill is
          subjects to funds made available by the federal
          government from the American Recovery and
          Reinvestment Act of 2009 or other federal legislation that
          would provide higher levels of special education funding.

          (This bill is a reintroduction of AB 1768 (Evans, 2008)
          which was held in Asm. Approps Committee)

AB 1517   AB 1517 (Berryhill) Alternative Dispute Resolution           SUPPORT   Special      Held in Assembly
                                                                                 Education    Appropriations
          AB 1517 requires the State Department of Education                                  Committee on
          (SDE), subject to an appropriation in the annual Budget                             Suspense
          Act, to administer a statewide program of grant funding
          to expand alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs                             Passed out of
          for special education.                                                              Asm. Edu 10-0.

AB 1538   AB 1538 (Ma) Restraint and Seclusion                         SUPPORT   Abuse        Two Year Bill
          AB 1538, as amended, focuses on the use of physical                                 To inactive file
          restraints. The bill, as amended: 1) prohibits the use of                           on motion of
          dangerous restraint practices; 2) prohibits the use of                              Assembly
          chemical and mechanical restraints and 3) limits the use                            Member Ma.
          of other physical restraints to immediate emergency                                 (09/10/09)
          situations or when a pupil’s behavioral intervention plan
          allows for the use of restraints. Any physical restraint
          may only be used by properly trained staff.

          Amended 5/13/09 – Amends the legislative declaration in
          Section 1 and indicated that an educational provider may
          use physical restraint in an emergency situation if all of

                                                                                               Page 8 of 13
         the following conditions are met, unless otherwise stated
         in a pupil’s individualized education program and
         approved behavioral intervention plan; that educational
         providers shall ensure that professional personnel and
         support personnel are adequately trained in behavioral
         or emergency interventions and procedures.

         Amended 4/29/09 – Deletes amendments to Section
         32282 of the Education Code which modified the
         comprehensive school safety plan and removes
         provisions in the bill that limited the use of seclusion.

         Amended 4/15/09 – Changes the implementation of this
         bill until January 1, 2013.

         (This bill is a reintroduction of SB 1515 (Kuelh, 2008)
         which was vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger)

SB 110   SB 110 (Liu) Disabled Crime Victims Act                       SUPPORT   Abuse        Held in Senate
                                                                                 Prevention   Appropriations on
         As amended would require the Department of Justice to                                Suspense
         send a bulletin to law enforcement agencies and district
         attorneys describing that intent, as well as the laws
         relating to the protection of persons with disabilities, as                          Passed out of
         specified.; includes that information related to deaths of                           Sen. Pub Safe 6-
         children and persons with developmental disabilities to                              0.
         be included in Child Death Reviews and Domestic
         Violence Death Reviews; Requires every law
         enforcement agency that participates in POST to provide
         training to its peace officers on crime victims with
         developmental disabilities.

         Amended 5/5/09 – Amends Section 4689.25 (b)(4) to

                                                                                               Page 9 of 13
         read “A person may be employed or retained despite
         being convicted of one of the offenses listed in
         paragraph (3) or being required to register pursuant to
         Section 290 if the nonlicensed service provider
         determines from the evidence presented that the person
         has been rehabilitated for at least five years following
         any probation or incarceration, or has received a
         certificate of rehabilitation and pardon pursuant to
         Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 4852.01) of Title
         6 of Part 3 of the Penal Code, or if the accusation or
         information against the person has been dismissed and
         he or she has been released from all disabilities and
         penalties resulting from the offense pursuant to Section
         1203.4 of the Penal Code.”

         Amended 4/21/09 - Deletes Sections 13823.7, 13823.9,
         13823.13, 368.1, 368.5.

         Amended 3/25/09 – Amended Section 4689.25 to allow
         nonlicensed service providers who have a vendor
         relationship with a regional center to obtain criminal
         record background checks on current and prospective
         employees and volunteers, as specified, and would
         require the providers to discharge or not hire those
         persons if they are convicted of specified offenses.

         (This bill is a reintroduction of AB 2038 (Lieber, 2008)
         which was held in the Senate Approps. Committee)

SB 142   SB 142 (Maldonado) IHSS Authorized Task                    OPPOSE   Assembly
         SB 142 requires the Department of Social Services
         (DSS), on or before December 31, 2011, to develop and

                                                                             Page 10 of 13
         implement procedures to ensure that an IHSS provider                                   Passed out of
         receives a list of approved tasks before working for an                                Senate Human
         IHSS consumer. This bill also requires DSS to work with                                Services 5-0;
         appropriate stakeholders in devising this method.                                      Senate Floor 32-
                                                                                                1; Assembly
         Amended 7/6/09- Designates that DSS must also provide                                  Human Services
         IHSS providers be given a complete list of supportive                                  6-0.
         services task available under the IHSS program.

         Amended 5/19/09 – Non-substantial technical

SB 383   SB 383 (Liu) Autism Screening                                   SUPPORT                Held in Senate
                                                                                                Appropriations on
         This bill would require the State Department of                                        Suspense
         Developmental Services to partner with at least one
         regional center to implement a 2-year Autism Spectrum                                  Passed out of
         Disorders Early Screening, Intervention, and Treatment                                 Sen. Human
         Pilot Program in at least 3 key geographic areas. The                                  Services 3-1
         pilot program would establish best practices for early
         screening, diagnosis, referral, and treatment for children
         with ASD. This bill contains other related provisions and
         other existing laws.

         Amended 4/16/09 – Extends the implementation of this
         bill until July 1, 2012 and deletes the specifications of the
         report to the Legislature.

         Amended 3/31/09 – Gut and Amended to add the
         language from SB 527 (Steinberg, 2008) which was
         vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger.
SB 621   SB 621 (Florez) Career Tech Education: Individuals with         SUPPORT   Employment   Held in Senate
         Exceptional Needs                                                                      Appropriations on

                                                                                                Page 11 of 13
          SB 621 requires the Superintendent, in coordinating the
         development of the next revision of this curriculum                                Passed out
         framework that is submitted to the State Board of                                  Senate Education
         Education for approval, to include guidance for adapting                           8-1.
         work-based learning for individuals with exceptional

SB 682   SB 682 (Padilla) Autism Career Education                    SUPPORT   Employment   Set, second
                                                                                            hearing. Held in
         SB 682, contingent upon the availability of federal funds                          committee and
         for this purpose, would establish a pilot program for the                          under
         purposes of providing combined academic and                                        submission.
         occupational training to secondary school pupils with                              (08/31/09)
         autism spectrum disorders and other special needs. The
         bill would state the Legislature’s intent that this pilot
         program model existing career technical education

SB 755   SB 755 (Negrete-McLeod)                                     WATCH     Employment   Held in Senate
         SB 755 establishes a new participation goal program for                            Committee on
         persons with developmental disabilities business                                   Suspense
         enterprises (PDDBEs), as defined, to assist and
         encourage participation of developmentally disabled in                             Passed out of
         state contracting opportunities.                                                   Sen. GO 12-0;
                                                                                            Sen. JUD 5-0.
         SB 755 is a reintroduction bill of SB 1687 (Negrete-
         McLeod), which the State Council took a position of
         Oppose unless Amended in the last legislative session.
         SB 1687 was held in Assembly Appropriations
         Committee on suspense.

                                                                                            Page 12 of 13
SB 812                                                                SUPPORT if   Housing   Held in Senate
    SB 812 requires cities and counties to assess and address in      Amended                Appropriations
    their housing elements the housing needs of persons with autism                          Committee on
    spectrum disorders and requires the Department of Housing and                            Suspense
    Community Development (HCD) to prepare a statewide report on
    the housing needs of this population.                                                    Passed out of
                                                                                             Sen. T&H 10-0.

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