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Simply Kneaded Notes Forget not


									 Simply Kneaded Notes
  April 2009

Clearing the Clutter
The Psychology of Place Inside and Out
Shirley Vanderbilt

                                                                                            Forget not that
What's cluttering your life? Is it the stuff      bring balance between the inner and
in the corner of the bedroom, or the              outer sanctums by clarifying our core,
stuff in the corner of your mind? What            or essential self, and allowing our
are you tolerating that keeps you from            environment to reflect and support our
expressing your true self? Authors Bruce
and Lou Stewart say that clutter--both
in our environment and our mind--is
                                                  core values.

                                                  Making the Connection
                                                                                            the earth
stagnating, blocking the free-flow of
energy, or chi, in our homes and lives.
Whether we're detouring around a box
                                                  When the Stewarts first blended their
                                                  feng shui and NLP skills together in
                                                  workshop presentations, they noticed it
                                                                                            delights to feel
                                                                                            your bare feet
in the living room or repeating a                 was easier for people to clear their
negative pattern in our head, it's time to        environment when they were connected
clear the path.                                   to their core.
In their new book, "Your Way
Home--The Psychology of Place Inside
and Out," the Stewarts present a unique
                                                  "It really is a cycle," Lou says. "The
                                                  environment and our core are
                                                                                            and the winds
                                                                                            long to play
                                                  reflections of one another. When we
approach    to    clutter-clearing   by           know our core, it's much easier to
combining Lou's expertise in feng shui

                                                                                            with your hair
                                                                                            -Kahlil Gibran
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Clearing space--inside and out--can help us get in touch with our core selves.
                                                                                            In this Issue

with Bruce's mastery of neurolinguistic           understand our environment." But it's a   Clearing the Clutter
programming (NLP). While feng shui                chicken and egg thing, actually. Either   A Walking Workout
has to do with external placement and             one can work as a start.                  Long Live Cells with Vitamin E
structure, NLP is a psychological
approach that addresses our internal              Also a bodyworker, Lou says, "What feng
structure of mind, body, emotion, and             shui and NLP do for the body's
spirit. With feng shui, we can free               environment is so similar to what a
energy flow by rearranging the room;              massage will do for the body, flushing
with NLP tools, we can do the same
thing with our mind. The goal is to               Continued on page 2
Continued from page 1                         consider how it fits with your core, your        "As we focus our intentions, then our
the system of blockages. When I go            essential self. Does it support who you          conscious and subconscious mind can
through a person's home or office, what       are at this moment, or is it a reflection        connect, and when they connect with
I'm doing is very similar to when I first     of something in the past you're ready to         our body and our emotions and our
put my hands on a client." In the             release? Is the item pleasing to your            spiritual core, then the intention is
process of combing through to find            senses? What fits with your individual           strengthened significantly." Think of it
blockages in the environment, she will        way of experiencing the world?                   as a vinyl record with no grooves.
ask the client about particular objects.                                                       "There's no music," she adds. "What
"Nine out of 10 times it is incongruent       "If you're particularly visual and like arts     our intentions do is they create that
with who they want to be right now.           and crafts, you feel more comfortable            pathway on the record. So then we have
They've gotten numb to it, and it sticks      with that around," Bruce says.                   the choice: Are we going to make it a
out just like a knot in a muscle. The         "Someone who is very kinesthetic may             smooth groove or a bumpy groove?
energy is different."                         not care how it looks but will want the          Intention is our tool."
                                              chair to be comfortable."
NLP recognizes that each of us has                                                             Bodywork is the perfect complement for
developed our own individual style of         Once the path is cleared, you can use the        this process, helping to center, ground,
communicating           and     processing    principles of feng shui to further               and clear the body and mind. Clearing
information which results in the              enhance harmony and positive flow in             the clutter helps you excavate your true
patterning in our brain and the ways in       your life. But the process involves more         self and the person you want to become.
which we express ourselves through            than hanging a mirror or installing a
language       and     body    movement.      water fountain. As with NLP, it has to           For more information on clearing the
Sometimes our set patterns do not             do with our core self and our intention.         clutter, contact Lou and Bruce Stewart
support who we are at our essential core,     "Where attention goes, the energy flows.         at or visit their
but we can change that. Through the           That's what it boils down to," Lou says.         website at
core work of NLP exercises, Bruce says,
you can discover what you truly identify
with and have a better understanding of
yourself. At that point, you may find
that your goals for your life have
changed. It's this clarity of sense of self
that is essential to creating an
environment        that    supports    and
nourishes who you are and what you
value in life.

You don't have to be trained in feng
shui or have a personal consultant to
implement the concepts of this ancient
art, nor is an NLP practitioner required
to help you find your core. Throughout
their book, the Stewarts offer practical
exercises for applying the principles of
NLP and feng shui to begin the clearing
process. "In feng shui, when the chi of
an environment is balanced, it allows the
movement of the occupant to be well
supported, just like when circulation is
pumping well and is unclogged," Lou
says. "With NLP, it's the same thing --
running through patterns in the mind,
flushing out old phobias and patterns
that are either negative or destructive."

Ready to Start?
If you're ready to start clearing out the
clutter, there are some simple ways to
begin. The Stewarts define clutter as
"anything you no longer use, love, or
need." So if you don't use it, but still
love it, keep it. Keep your target areas
small, and limit the time you spend at
the task to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
And as you examine your "stuff,"
                                              Using feng shui in your home can facilitate a tranquil environment and a calm mind.
A Walking Workout
Have Fun While Burning More Calories

Imagine the lone hiker, backpack laden       country skiing--is a great way to get a
with sleeping bag and bedroll, wielding a    whole body workout, increase oxygen
well-worn walking stick as she climbs the    consumption, and burn more calories
side of a snow-covered mountain. For         than regular walking or even speed
centuries, trekkers have used walking        walking. This total body workout burns
sticks, partly as a defense against          40 percent more calories and consumes
attacking wildlife, partly to aid in         25 percent more oxygen. Poles can be
balance, and partly as support on long,      purchased at most outdoor sporting
arduous climbs. But in recent years,         stores, along with rubber tips for use on
many hikers have replaced the single         paved paths.
wooden walking stick with hiking poles.
Held in both hands and used to               Adjust your poles to approximately 70
distribute weight more evenly through        percent of your height and loosely
the four limbs, wilderness hikers have       secure the straps around your wrists.
found poles invaluable for safety,           Hold the poles at an angle behind you so
efficiency, and comfort on long hikes.       they propel you forward with a slight
What wilderness hikers have known for        bend at the elbow. Use an opposite
some time now is that walking poles are a    hand-and-heel      motion       as   you     Add walking poles, and burn more calories.
great way to relieve pressure on knees,      walk--right heel strikes as left pole tip
ankles, and the back. They encourage         contacts the ground. And you're on
better posture and provide a total body      your way! Don't be shy with your poles.
workout by engaging the upper body.          Remember: You're burning 40 percent
                                             more calories.
Now, hiking poles are showing up in
urban areas as fitness walkers discover      For    more      information,        visit
the benefits they provide. Nordic  
walking--similar in technique to cross-      nordicwalking/index.htm.

Long Live Cells with Vitamin E
Antiaging Inside and Out
A good skin care regimen is comprised        further intensified when combined with       synthetic, designated as "dl." Mixed
of an antioxidant-rich diet and              vitamin C. Vitamin E also helps in the       tocopherols--meaning a combination of
vitamin/mineral supplementation that         formation of red blood cells, protecting     alpha, beta, gamma, and delta--are
includes vitamin E -- an essential key to    them from destructive toxins and cell        easily absorbed and a good choice,
a healthy complexion. Vitamin E is           damage, which also helps prevent skin        especially in skin care products.
unique in that it's not one vitamin, but a   cancer.
family of eight fat-soluble antioxidants,                                                 Topical creams and oils containing
including four types of tocopherols and      Vitamin E-rich foods include wheat           vitamin E promote healing, protect cells
four types of tocotrienols -- alpha, beta,   germ; almonds, peanuts, and walnuts;         from free-radical damage, and reduce
gamma, and delta. Alpha-tocopherol is        safflower, corn, and soybean oils; and       itchiness--very helpful in treating
the most common and most potent form         green      leafy     vegetables.    For      conditions such as sunburn and eczema.
of vitamin E.                                supplementation, the recommended
                                             daily intake of vitamin E is 400 IU. Be      In addition to contributing to healthy
This important nutrient works to             aware that high doses of vitamin E           skin, vitamin E has many other
prevent aging by prolonging the useful       (1,200 IU daily or more) can be toxic        beneficial properties, including slowing
life of cells in the body. By protecting     and cause oxidative damage.                  the progression of Alzheimer's disease,
and strengthening the cell membrane,                                                      decreasing oxidative stress associated
vitamin E wards off free radical attacks     It is imperative that when taking the        with asthma, alleviating arthritic
caused by sun exposure and also helps        supplement orally, it is in the natural      conditions, decreasing PMS symptoms,
combat disease. This protection is           form, designated with a "d," and not         and reducing the risk of heart disease.
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