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                               TEACHER EMPLOYMENT PROCEDURE

                                                  July, 2009

1.     Goal: The goal of this procedure is to employ and assign qualified individuals to fill vacancies in
       Silver Falls School District 4J.

2.     Job Opening Notifications: As a teaching vacancy develops or is anticipated, it is advertised to
       probationary and permanent district staff and, as necessary, publicly.

3.     Application Procedure: Applications will be accepted by the District Office from any individual
       who is eligible for a valid Oregon teaching license. Applicants to core content positions must also
       meet highly qualified federal requirements.

       In order to be given full consideration for employment, a complete current application must be on file
       which would contain the following:
        -     Completed online EdZapp application. The Educator’s Resource for Employment website:
        -     Completed Silver Falls School District Teacher Application mailed to address above with
              following application materials:
               -       Employee Background Information Form,
               -       Current resumé,
               -       Current recommendation letter from most recent supervisor,
               -       Two additional letters of reference,
               -       Unofficial transcripts (unless hired, then official transcripts),
               -       Copy of current (not expired) Oregon teaching license with appropriate endorsements
                       for position applied.

4.     Qualifications and Eligibility
       4.1    License to Teach in Oregon: Having a valid Oregon teaching license, appropriate to the
       assignment, is required to hold a teaching position in the Silver Falls School District. An offer of
       employment will be made only to an individual who possesses a valid Oregon teaching license
       appropriate for the assignment.

       Any applicant who does not hold a current, valid Oregon teaching license, should contact the License
4.   Qualifications and Eligibility – cont.

     Section, Teacher Standards and Practices Commission, State of Oregon, 465 Commercial St. NE,
     Salem, Oregon 97301 (telephone 503 - 378-3586),, to determine eligibility for a
     teaching license in Oregon.

     Each applicant is requested to notify the District Office in writing of any change in status or address.

     4.2      Special Qualifications: Having coaching experience, a background with special student
     activities, or being bilingual may become an added qualification to some teaching positions.

     4.3     Employment Eligibility Verification: The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
     requires all employers in the United States to hire only American citizens and aliens who are
     authorized to work in the United States. If you are employed by Silver Falls School District, you will
     be required to complete an Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9), and to provide a current
     document or documents that establish your identity and employment eligibility before you report to
     work. These documents are listed on the back of the I-9 form and establish both identity and
     employment eligibility. These documents appear in List A below. Other documents establish
     identity alone (List B) or employment eligibility alone (List C). If you cannot provide a document
     from List A, then you must produce one from List B and one from List C.

     List A
     1.       United States Passport
     2.       Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
     3.       Certificate of Naturalization
     4.       Unexpired foreign passport with attached Employment Authorization
     5.       Alien Registration Card with photo

     List B                                     List C
     1.     A state-issued driver's license or         1.          Original Social Security Number
            photo, or information including                        Card (other than a card stating
            name, sex, date of birth, height,                      it is not valid for employment
            weight, and color of eyes. (Specify        2.          A birth certificate issued by a
            state _____________________________                    state, county, or municipal
     2.     U.S. Military Card                                     authority bearing a seal or
     3.     Other (specify document and issuing                    other certification
            authority)                                 3.          Unexpired INS Employment

5.   Screening, Interviews, and Selection: An applicant who has a complete application file will have
     his/her file reviewed by the school Principal and/or designee(s). Screened finalists are normally
     interviewed by a team of teachers and the building principal and/or designee. After appropriate
     interviews, reference, and background checks the name of the individual recommended for
     employment will be forwarded to the district office. This selection must be approved by the school

6.   Criminal History Verification: All applicants are to fill out the district Employee Background
     Information form as part of the application procedures. This information will be used for district
     background checking purposes for all applicants considered for employment.
                                           Silver Falls School District 4J
                                      Employee Background Information Form
You must respond to each question with accurate and honest information. Failure to provide information or
providing inaccurate information will result in the denial of your application. If you are already employed
and it is determined that you have provided incomplete or inaccurate information, this determination will
result in your termination as an employee.

Please type your full and complete name including middle name:

Date of Birth:              Social Security Number:          Driver’s License Number:

Place of Birth (City & State):

For Volunteers - Volunteering at which school/schools:

List any other names you have used including maiden name if one:

Name:            Name:             Name:          Name:             Name:

Your home address:

Home Phone:                 Other Ph. #:

List any other States you have lived in other than Oregon and the times in which you lived there: (If
additional space is needed, use the Comments section on next page)

State:           Year(s):

State:           Year(s):

State:           Year(s):

State:           Year(s):

Have you ever been arrested for or charged with a crime?      Yes      No
 *Note* Actions taken by you or by others on your behalf, to Expunge, Set-Aside or clear records of arrest
or prosecution Does Not remove your obligation to respond honestly to this question. (If additional space is
needed, use the Comments section on next page).

Crime:            Year:           Location (City & State):

Crime:            Year:           Location (City & State):

Have you ever been under Court Order prohibiting your contact with a person or place, such as a Restraining
Order, Stalking Order or a “No Contact” Order?               Yes      No

 If Yes, what was the nature of the action and where and when did this take place?

Nature (such as Restraining or Stalking Order):              Location (City & State):   Year:

Nature (such as Restraining or Stalking Order):              Location (City & State):   Year:
Have you ever had your driving privileges revoked or suspended in this or any other state?       Yes      No

Reason why Suspended or Revoked:      Location (City & State):          Year:

Reason why Suspended or Revoked:      Location (City & State):          Year:

Comments - is there any information that you wish the Background Investigator or the District to consider
regarding any of your responses on this document or about any information that will be discovered during
the investigation?

(Type your name on first line and sign and date at the bottom of this authorization for release of information)

I       , state that all the information on this form is accurate and complete and is provided in good faith.
Through my signature below I authorize the Silver Falls School District, Willamette Education Service
District and their representatives to investigate this information. Further, with my signature I give
irrevocable consent to all governmental agencies, public or private companies and individuals to release
information regarding me to the Willamette Education Service District and to their representative, Protective
Research, Inc.

_______________________________________                          _______________________
Signature                                                        Date

School District, Attn: Personnel Office, 802 Schlador Street, Silverton, OR 97381
                                                     TEACHER APPLICATION

 SILVER FALLS SCHOOL DISTRICT 4J                                                                            Administration Office
Phone: (503) 873-5303                                                                                       802 Schlador Street
FAX: (503) 873-2936                                                                                         Silverton, Oregon 97381
Internet Address:
Reasonable accommodations will be made when needed by applicant to complete this application. Silver Falls School District complies with
provisions of the various civil rights laws, such as the Fair Employment Practices Act, Title IX Regulations, Americans with Disabilities Act, and
Section 504 of PL 93.112 in employment and educational programs and activities.

Name:                E-Mail Address:

Address: Street:             City:         State:         Zip:

Home Phone:                   Work Phone:

Teaching Area(s): (e.g., elementary, special education, etc.)

Oregon Teaching License: Endorsement(s):
                                        Authorization Levels:
University Undergraduate GPA:                           University Graduate GPA (if applicable):
                                                        Application Instructions
In order for your application to be complete, you must complete the online EdZapp application, employee background
information form, and this application. Please provide current resume, recommendation letter from most recent
supervisor, two additional letters of reference and copy of transcripts. Also provide a copy of current (not expired)
Oregon Teaching License with appropriate endorsement and authorization level for position applied.

NOTE: This application will not be considered if this application and the above required documents are incomplete.
Please refer to teacher employment procedure (inside) for application details. SIGNATURE LINES MUST BE

Applications remain active for one year. They are kept on file for three years and then destroyed. You may reactivate
a file within that three year period by phoning the District Office or by sending updated information.
I understand that criminal history checks are required by law and board policy. Any fees associated with criminal
history records checks and fingerprinting, not to exceed actual costs, shall be the responsibility of the individual.

I authorize Silver Falls School District to check my references and to investigate any information provided in my
application for employment. I further authorize my past employers or anyone with information about my work history,
education or qualifications to provide such information to Silver Falls School District in response to their inquiry. I
agree to hold harmless from any liability (suit, claim or other action) anyone supplying such information to Silver Falls
School District.
The facts set forth on this application for employment are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand
that if employed, false statements on this application shall be considered sufficient cause of immediate termination.

________________________________________________________                          _____________________________________
Signature                                                                              Date
Candidate’s Statements: The following questions are designed to help the Silver Falls School District
know you as a person and as a professional. Your concise and candid responses are very important to us.

   1. What makes you a strong candidate for this position?

   2. What do you consider to be your major strengths as a teacher and what areas do you need additional

   3. Please provide examples of methods or approaches to establish and maintain the following
      instructional components:

       Rigor –

       Relevance –

       Respectful Relationships –

   4. How do you differentiate instruction to address the varied needs of all learners (including Special
      Education, TAG, ESL)?

   5. Describe intervention methods you would use when students are not learning.

   6. What is the value you place on professional collaboration? Please describe examples that you have

Have you ever had a professional certificate, credential or license (of any kind) revoked or suspended or
have you been placed on probationary basis for any alleged misconduct or alleged violation of professional
standards of conduct?                                                                    Yes        No

Have you ever been investigated by Teacher Standards & Practices Commission?                Yes         No

__________________________________________________________                    _____________________
Signature                                                                     Date

  The Silver Falls School District is 240 square miles in
  size and located in Marion and Clackamas Counties at
  the east edge of the rich and beautiful Willamette Valley.
  Much of the district is nestled in the western foothills of
  the Cascade Mountains. In the center of the district lies
  the community of Silverton, 14 miles from the Silver
  Falls State Park, 42 miles south of Portland, and 14 miles
  east of Salem, Oregon’s capital. Silverton is noted for
  many estate style homes on tree shaded streets and Silver
  Creek running through its downtown core. Silverton has
  police and fire departments, a library, a nationally
  recognized hospital, and many businesses serving the
  entire Silver Falls District area.

  North and east of Silverton lie the communities of
  Monitor, Marquam (Butte Creek School), and Scotts
  Mills. Monitor includes a rural fire station, general store,
  and several businesses including the Monitor Telephone
  Company. Marquam includes the MarKum Inn and
  Marquam Methodist Church.             Scotts Mills is an
  incorporated city that includes a rural fire station, general
  store, post office, and several businesses.

  South and west of Silverton are the communities of Drakes Crossing (Silver Crest School), Victor Point,
  Evergreen, Pratum, Central Howell, and Bethany. Drakes Crossing, Pratum and Victor Point include rural fire

  Each of the District’s rural communities has a K-8 elementary school. Within the city of Silverton are three larger
  schools: Eugene Field Elementary (K-3), Robert Frost (4-6), and Mark Twain Middle (7-8). Each of the rural
  schools and Mark Twain Middle School feed into Silverton High School. It is also located in the city of Silverton
  and offers a solid breadth of curriculum highlighted by programs in agricultural sciences, business education, fine
  and performing arts, and technology. The school also hosts a variety of extra-curricular activities including clubs,
  sports and student government. The old high school was replaced with a new high school in 2009.

  The economy within the School District is diversified. Agriculture is the largest local industry and includes
  production of Christmas trees, grass seed, sod, berries, vegetables, nursery plants, forest and a variety of livestock.
  There are some small industries as well as retail stores and restaurants in and adjacent to Silverton. Many
  residents are employed in Salem or the Portland metropolitan area. Higher education opportunities are also
  available in nearly communities. Numerous two-year public colleges and four-year public and private universities
  are within easy driving distance of Silverton.

  Recreation is a feature point of the area. Silverton has a city park, municipal swimming pool, tennis courts, movie
  theater, bowling center, and an organized summer youth recreation program. Also close by is the Evergreen Golf
  Course, Silver Falls State Park (Oregon’s largest state park), and the Oregon Garden (a botanical garden that
  showcases Oregon’s nursery industry). The Moonstone Resort is located within the Oregon Garden, and it
  includes lodging, conference rooms and a restaurant. An hour’s winter drive in one direction brings you to snow
  and skiing in the Cascade Mountains. In the summer, hiking, fishing and camping are available. An hour-and-a-
  half drive in the opposite direction brings you to the Oregon beaches.