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The glossary below is meant as a guide only and is not definitive. Any suggestions or additions should be made to the Professional Standards Directorate (Jennifer).

Abbreviation    Meaning                   Brief Description                                           Website Link                  Further info from        Key Personality
AAC             Advisory Appointments     The statutory function of the College to nominate AAC Administrator
                Committee                 assessors to sit on Advisory Appointments Committees     p?PageID=52
                                          (AACs), is regarded as an important part of the
                                          maintenance and improvement of standards of practice in
                                          anaesthesia. The College nominates assessors to attend
                                          AACs for the appointment of consultant and non-
                                          consultant posts in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

AAGBI           Association of            The Association represents the interests of a very                                   President, AAGBI
                Anaesthetists of Great    considerable majority of anaesthetists in the United
                Britain and Ireland       Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and, through its
                                          overseas membership, has close contact with many other
                                          countries. It publishes guidelines on a range of issues of
                                          concern to anaesthetists and related specialties.

ABC             Airway, breathing,
ACCEA           Advisory Committee on     Clinical Excellence awards recognise and reward the Executive Assistant to
                Clinical Excellence       exceptional contribution of NHS consultants, over and    A/index.htm                  the President
                Awards                    above that normally expected in a job, to the values and
                                          goals of the NHS and to patient care. ACCEA operates the
                                          arrangements which replaced discretionary points and
                                          distinction awards with a single, more graduated scheme
                                          comprising both local and national elements known as the
                                          Clinical Excellence Awards Scheme.

ACCS            Acute Care Common         ACCS is a 2 year training course forms an element of the     Training Administrator
                Stem                      curricula for the CCT programmes in General (Internal)
                                          Medicine (Acute) [GIM(Acute)], Anaesthesia, Emergency
                                          Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) training.

ACTA            Association of                                                              

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AME          Academy of Medical          Professional organisation for all involved in the education http://www.medicaleducators.o Education Director
             Educators                   and training of medical students and doctors. Established rg/
                                         in 2006, the Academy exists to provide leadership,
                                         promote standards and support all those involved in the
                                         academic discipline of medical education

AoMRC        Academy of Medical          Body representing all 16 Royal Colleges and Faculties. It        Director of Training & Chairman, RCPEd
             Royal Colleges              has a leading role in the areas of Doctors’ revalidation,                                   Examinations
                                         training and education and aims to speak with a clear and
                                         sure voice on generic health care issues for the benefit of
                                         patients and healthcare professionals

Anaes CEX    Anaesthesia Clinical        See WPBA                                             Training Manager
             Exercise                                                                                  X.pdf
APAGBI       Association of Paediatric   The Association exists to further the clinical and research
             Anaesthetists of Great      aspects of the specialty. Previously affiliated to RCoA but
             Britain and Ireland         has moved to AAGBI

ARCP         Annual Review of       Replaced the RITA for CT1-ST7. There are 9 outcomes                J:\Training\_shared\ARCP\Expla Senior Training
             Competence Progression (see hyperlink) . The ARCP process is conducted at the             nation of the ARCP             Administrator
                                    end of a training year for each trainee and consists of a          outcomes.doc
                                    panel and external adviser

ART          Anaesthesia Review          The Anaesthesia Review Team (ART) is a service offered to ART Administrator       Director of
             Teams                       Trusts who feel they could benefit from an external point p?PageID=1380                                          Professional
                                         of view in order to improve the anaesthesia services they                                                        Standards
                                         offer. This can be in light of concerns regarding the whole
                                         department or a specific individual, a working relationship
                                         or facilities, or any other issue which has the potential to
                                         cause concern.

ASTC         Academy Specialty           Specialist Committee of AoMRC focussing on training                          Medical Secretary
             Training Committee          issues. Representative from all Royal College, COPMeD,        mittees.aspx
                                         PMETB and DH attend
ATLS         Advanced Trauma Life
BJA (LTFT)   Bernard Johnson Adviser Consultant fellow of the College who is responsible for  Senior Training      (BJA(LTFT))
             (Less Than Full Time)   advice concerning LTFT trainees                                   p?PageID=704                   Administrator

BJA (O)      Bernard Johnson Adviser Consultant fellow of the College who is responsible for  Senior Training      (BJA(O))
             (Overseas)              ODTS and international training advice                            p?PageID=4                     Administrator

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BJA      British Journal of        Founded in 1923, one year after the first anaesthetic
         Anaesthesia               journal was published by the International Anaesthesia
                                   Research Society, the British Journal of Anaesthesia
                                   remains the oldest and largest independent journal of
                                   anaesthesia. It became the journal of The College of
                                   Anaesthetists in 1990. The College was granted a Royal
                                   Charter in 1992. Although there are educational links
                                   between the BJA and the College, the journal retains
                                   editorial independence
BLTC     Basic Level Training      Certificate required by all trainees transitioning from CT2- Senior Training
         Certificate               ST3. The move to intermediate training from basic must         p?PageID=963&SearchStr=inter Administrator
                                   include successful completion of Primary FRCA                  mediate+level+training+certifica
BMA      British Medical           The BMA is the doctors’ professional organisation    
         Association               established to look after the professional and personal
                                   needs of its members. The BMA represents doctors in all
                                   branches of medicine all over the UK.
CARCSI   College of Anaesthetists: RCoA is closely affiliated to CARCSI for a number of 
         Royal College of          reasons, including political sensitivities. FCARCSI is         default.asp?secid=home
         Surgeons in Ireland       equivalent to FRCA

CEACCP   Continuing Education in BJA/RCoA - Joint CPD journal, provides CPD articles and          http://ceaccp.oxfordjournals.or HR and e-Learning
         Anaesthesia, Critical Care MCQs in anaesthesia, critical care medicine and pain          g                               Administrator
         and Pain                   management.

CBD      Case Based Discussion     See WPBA                                              Training Manager
CCF      Common Competency         Route in which AoMRC in conjunction with DH is looking
         Framework                 to bases elements of medical curricula. RCoA prefers an
                                   approach in which common competencies are embedded
                                   within the curriculum
CCSC     Central Consultants and                                                        
         Specialists Committee                                                                    entation/branch_committees/c

CCT      Certificate of Completion Of a PMETB approved training programme. A CCT in    Senior Training          Medical Secretary
         of Training               anaesthesia is a competency based programme normally x.php?id=cct                         Administrator
                                   7 years. Completion of which will result in a doctor being
                                   put on the SR and therefore eligible for consultant posts in
                                   the UK

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CD         Clinical Director         Trust appointee responsible for management of medical
                                     services there is usually one for a number of specialties

CESR       Certificate of Eligibility  Non-CCT route onto the Specialist Register. The process Equivalence        Chairman of the
           for Specialist Registration involves application from Drs via PMETB in accordance         x.php?id=317                 administrator      Equivalence
                                       with Article 14, recommendation are made by the College                                                       Committee
                                       Equivalence Committee to PMETB
CESR(CP)   Certificate of Eligibility  An accelerated version of the CESR for trainees who have Senior Training    Medical Secretary
           for Specialist Registration completed part but not all of the CCT programme               x.php?id=2967                Administrator
           (Combined Programme)

CMT        Core medical Training     Core medical training (CMT) is the first stage of training to
                                     follow a career in a medical specialty. This core training is   .uk/
                                     the entry point for all medical specialties as stated by
                                     MMC. However CMT is a recognised training programme
                                     for RCP (see web link)
CNST       Clinical Negligence       The Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts handles all 
           Scheme for Trusts         clinical negligence claims against member NHS bodies            chemes/CNST/
                                     where the incident in question took place on or after 1
                                     April 1995 (or when the body joined the scheme, if that is
                                     later). Although membership of the scheme is voluntary,
                                     all NHS Trusts (including Foundation Trusts) and Primary
                                     Care Trusts (PCTs) in England currently belong to the
COPMeD     Conference of             COPMeD provides a forum in which members can meet to         Lead Dean for
           Postgraduate Medical      discuss current issues, share best practice and agree a                                         Anaesthesia
           Deans                     consistent and equitable approach to training in all
                                     deaneries. It acts as a focal point for contact between the
                                     Postgraduate Medical Deans and other organisations, e.g.
                                     Medical Royal Colleges, GMC, BMA, MRC, AoMRC and the
                                     Department of Health

Council                              There are 24 elected members of Council including the                       President, RCoA
                                     President and two Vice-Presidents. They occupy 20          p?PageID=24
                                     Consultant seats, two Staff and Associate Specialist seats
                                     and two Trainee seats. Council members are elected from
                                     the Fellowship and Membership of the College. Those
                                     who wish to be nominated to stand for election to Council
                                     are invited to apply in September each year following the
                                     announcement on the College website detailing which
                                     seats will become vacant in the following March.

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CPD         Continuing professional   All anaesthetists (excluding trainees) are encouraged to Director of Education
            development               maintain an awareness of developments in anaesthesia, p?PageID=604
                                      and the College recommends that all anaesthetists should
                                      obtain at least 50 Continuing Professional Development
                                      (CPD) points per year. Independent organisers of national
                                      and international events are required to apply to the
                                      department for CPD approval. An anaesthetist's CPD
                                      programme will form part of their personal portfolio for
                                      revalidation, which will be used in annual appraisal
                                      arrangements and CPD will therefore be the focus of even
                                      greater attention than has previously been the case
C-Section   Communciations Section College department resoponsible for all communciation                                          Comms Section        Editor of the Bulletin
                                   output and enquiries including the Bulletin, website,
                                   patient inforation leaflets etc

CT          College Tutor            College Tutors are the College's representatives for                                         RA and CT            Training Manager
                                     Anaesthetic Departments throughout the UK. They are                                          Administrator
                                     there to provide support and help for trainees CTs report
                                     to their local RA
CQC         Care Quality Commission The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator          Patient Safety
                                     of health and social care in England                                                         Administrator
DAS         Difficult Airway Society This medical Society was formed in 1995 and aims to
                                     improve management of the patient's airway by                h?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=1G1GG
Deanery                              DH funded organisations responsible for training delivery    LQ_ENUK286&q=difficult+airwa
                                                                                         Lead Dean for
                                     across all specialties. There are 21 Deaneries across the    tacts/                        Anaesthesia
                                     UK each has a Postgraduate Dean. The Deaneries
                                     coordinate the delivery and funding of postgraduate
                                     medical, training and dental education in their geographic
DH          Department of Health     Refers to both DH England and DH representing all 4
                                     nations                                                      .htm

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DMS      Defence Medical Services Tri-Service organisation (Royal Navy, Army, RAF). The
                                  Defence Medical Services (DMS) is comprised of the             ernet/MicroSite/DMS/WhatWe
                                  Surgeon General's Department (SGD), Joint Medical              Do
                                  Command (JMC), Defence Dental Services (DDS) and the
                                  three single Service medical organisations. It is headed by
                                  The Surgeon General (SG) and The Deputy Chief of
                                  Defence Staff (Health).
DRA      Deputy Regional Adviser Deputy Regional Advisers are a Senior College                                                   RA and CT             Training Manager
                                  Appointment and their job is to support the Regional                                           Administrator
                                  Adviser and provide help and support for local College
                                  Tutors and Trainees
DOPS     Direct Observation of    See WPBA                                             
         Procedural Skills                                                                       PS.pdf
Ed Sup   Educational Supervisor Responsible for mentoring of trainee. Usually looks after
                                  no more than 5 trainees and appointed through the
                                  Deanery in conjunction with the Trust/hospital

E-LA     E-Learning Anaesthesia      A web-based educational resource produced by the Royal http://www.e-                         Education Director
                                     College of Anaesthetists in partnership with e-Learning for
                                     Healthcare (e-LfH). Available for free to all UK            ml
                                     anaesthetists practising in the NHS, e-LA delivers the
                                     knowledge and key concepts that underpin the
                                     anaesthetic curriculum and will help trainees prepare for
                                     the FRCA examination
ENT      Ear nose and throat
EPR      Electronic patient record

EWTD     European Working Time Legislation restricting working hours to 48 hrs per week, Director of Training &
         Directive             which can be derogated to 52 hrs. All doctors must         p?PageID=1008                 Examinations
                               adhere to the rest periods and time restrictions. Trainees
                               can opt out to New Deal hrs of 56 hrs per week

FANZCA   Fellowship of the           Antipodean sister organisation to RCoA            
/ANZCA   Australian and New
         Zealand College of

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FPM          Faculty of Pain Medicine Faculty affiliated to RCoA focusing on Pain Medicine      Senior FPM         Dean of the FPM
                                                                                                         p?PageID=853                   Adminstrator

FRCA         Fellow of the Royal      Achieved through successfully passing the FRCA                                                     Exams Manager
             College of Anaesthetists examination. The Primary FRCA is taken in years CT1-2
                                      and consists of an MCQ and OSCE/SOE. The final is taken
                                      during Intermediate training (years 3-4) and consists of a
                                      written exam (MCQ and SAQ) and an SOE

FTSTA        Fixed Term Specialty        Posts offer formal, approved specialty training, usually but                                    Senior Training
             Training Appointment        not exclusively in the early years of a specialty curriculum.                                   Administrator
                                         FTSTAs are up to one year fixed-term appointments.
                                         Appointments to FTSTAs will usually be by the same UK
                                         recruitment process as for run-through training and will
                                         be managed by Postgraduate Deaneries

FTTA         Fixed Term Training         As above, prior to August 2007                                                                  Senior Training
             Appointment                                                                                                                 Administrator

GMC          General Medical Council Responsible for regulation of doctors and ensuring good   
             (of the UK)             medical practice. Due to subsume PMETB in Apr 2010

GMP          Good Medical Practice       Divided into 4 Domains: 1. Knowledge, Skills and                http://www.gmc-
                                         Performance 2. Safety and Quality 3. Communication,   
                                         Partnership and Teamwork 4. Maintaining Trust.                  practice/index.asp
                                         Originally this was 6 domains which may still be referred

Gold Guide   A Reference Guide for       A Guide to Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK (the Training Manager            Medical Secretary
             Postgraduate Specialty      “Gold Guide”) sets out the arrangements for the            old%20Guide%202008%20-
             Training in the UK (the     introduction of competence based specialty training in the %20FINAL.pdf
             “Gold Guide, 2 nd Edition   UK. It primarily deals with operational issues to help
             2008”)                      support the transition from specialist training which has
                                         been in place since 1996 to specialty training

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GPAS     Guidelines for the       A series of guidelines beginning with the general   Project Officer       Project lead and PSC
         Provision of Anaesthetic principles on the delivery of all anaesthetic                p?PageID=477                                         Chairman
         Services                 services, followed by those dealing with specialist areas of
                                  anaesthetic care. Crrently published online, a complete
                                  set to be printed around Feb 2010

HCC      Healthcare Commission     replaced by the Care Quality Commission CQC                Patient Safety
HDU      High Dependency Unit
HIEC     Health Innovation         The Department of Health is investing £10 million in the Director of Training & Medical Secretary
         Education Clusters        introduction of Health Innovation and Education Clusters     cationsandstatistics/publication Examinations
                                   (HIECs) across England. HIECs will be partnerships           s/publicationspolicyandguidanc
                                   between NHS, higher education, industry and other public     e/DH_098887
                                   and private sector organisations. They will support the
                                   spread and adoption of innovation locally and strengthen
                                   professional education and training.

HoS      Head of School            There are 29 Schools of Anaesthesia that loosely affiliate
                                   to the Deaneries. HoS can also be double hatted as RAs

IAC      Initial Assessment of     Also known as the initial test of competence. Trainees Senior Training
         Competence                must complete the IAC before being permitted on-call.        p?PageID=64&NewsID=688         Administrator
                                   The IAC is achieved between 3-6 months.

IBTICM   Intercollegiate Board for Training in Intensive Care Medicine (ICM) in the UK is IBTICM Senior           Chairman of the Board
         Training in Intensive Care supervised by the Intercollegiate Board for Training in                                 Administrator
         Medicine                   Intensive Care Medicine (IBTICM), which includes
                                    representatives of the Royal Colleges of Anaesthetists,
                                    Physicians, Surgeons and Emergency Medicine. The
                                    training programme is intended to be taken within a main
                                    specialty training programme (anaesthesia, medicine,
                                    surgery, emergency medicine) but might require an
                                    extension to the overall programme of training. There are
                                    plans for the Board to become a Faculty shortly
ICM      Intensive Care Medicine Sub-specialty which overlaps Anaesthesia, EM, GIM.
                                 Trainees can only get a joint/dual CCT in ICM

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ICS      Intensive Care Society   The Intensive Care Society is the representative body in
                                  the UK for intensive care professionals and patients. The
                                  Society is dedicated to the delivery of the highest quality
                                  of critical care to patients in the UK. Performs many
                                  functions for the intensive care community in the UK such
                                  as the production of guidelines and standards, stage
                                  national meetings, training courses and focus groups.
                                  Represents Intensive Care in wide ranging organisations
                                  from the Royal Colleges to the Department of Health and
                                  other organisations and societies with a stake or interest
                                  in intensive care. Represented on the Intercollegiate
                                  Board for Training in Intensive Care
ICU      Intensive Care Unit      An intensive care unit (ICU), critical care unit (CCU),
                                  intensive therapy unit or intensive treatment unit (ITU) is
                                  a specialised department that provides intensive care
                                  medicine. Many hospitals also have designated intensive
                                  care areas for certain specialties of medicine, as dictated
                                  by the needs and available resources of each hospital.

ILTC     Intermediate Level       Certificate required by all trainees transitioning from ST4- Senior Training
         Training Certificate     ST5. The move to higher training from intermediate           aining_Prog-web.pdf           Administrator
                                  requires successful completion of Final FRCA

JACTAG   Joint AoMRC and                                                                                                                          Medical Secretary
         COPMeD Training
         Advisory Group
LAA      London Academy of        Organisation set up by Dr Rob Ginsburg to coordinate the Director of Training &
         Anaesthesia              activities of the 5 London Schools of Anaesthesia        es/public/602e3c6ab7d076a176 Examinations

LAS      Locum appointment for    Doctor appointed by hospital or trust to cover for gaps in
         service                  staffing
LAT      Locum appointment for    A LAT is a Locum Appointment for Training and will be                                     Training Team
         training                 used to fill gaps in a training programme. All LATs must
                                  be competitively appointed. PMETB does not have limits
                                  on LATs except that they can only count towards a CCT if
                                  the doctor subsequently enters an approved run-through
                                  training programme

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MCQ      Multiple Choice           Method of Assessment for both Primary and Final FRCA Exams Manager        MCQ Core Group
         Questions                                                                            p?PageID=1150                                       Chair

MMC      Modernising Medical    Support doctors in applying for specialty training posts in                                MMC representatives
         Careers (DH department the NHS, and to provide information on changes to the                                                             at the Department of
         soon to be renamed)    recruitment and training process.                                                                                 Health

MSF      Multi Source Feedback     See WPBA, 360 degree reporting                   
MTC      Maximum Training          The allocated number of training post available to a                                      Quality Administrator Training Manager
         Capacity                  Deanery. Must be agreed with PMETB and RCoA

MTI      Medical Training          Joint Home Office and DH scheme for recruitment of Senior Training         BJA(O)
         Initiative                foreign doctors to attend training in UK. Limited to 2     agingyourorganisation/Humanr Administrator
                                   years and is applied for via the tier system               esourcesandtraining/Morestaff/

NACT     National Association of   NACT UK is a membership association for those involved
         Clinical Tutors           in organising postgraduate training for doctors. Its aim is
                                   to support members in their daily role as leaders in
                                   medical education with national advice and training. Not
                                   directly aligned with College Tutor

NAP      National Audit Project    Series of National clinical audits focusing on specific Professional
                                   topics                                                     p?PageID=1089                  Standards

NCAS     National Clinical         Works with health organisations and individual   
         Assessment Service        practitioners where there is concern about the
                                   performance of a doctor, dentist (or pharmacist from
                                   April 2009).
NCEPOD   National Confidential     Conducts critical examination, by senior and appropriately
         Enquiry into Patient      chosen specialists, into what has actually happened to the
         Outcome and Deaths        patients. Recommendations have covered everything
                                   from individual clinical practice to national healthcare
                                   organisation, always with the aim of improving patient
                                   care and safety

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NHS                                   NHS foundation trusts (often referred to as foundation
Foundation                            hospitals) are at the cutting edge of the Government's      hcare/Secondarycare/NHSfound
NHSLA                                 The NHSLA handles decentralisation of public services
             NHS Litigation Authority commitment to the negligence claims and works to and        ationtrust/index.htm
                                      improve risk management practices in the NHS                s/
NIAA         National Institute of    Improve patient care by promoting the translation of          NIAA Administrator   Chairman NIAA
             Academic Anaesthesia     research findings into clinical practice, develop and
                                      maximise its academic profile within the healthcare
                                      profession, NHS, Universities and major research bodies,
NICE         National Institute for   An independent organisation responsible for providing
             Health and Clinical      national guidance on promoting good health and
             Excellence               preventing and treating ill health.
NPSA         National Patient Safety The National Patient Safety Agency leads and contributes          Director of
             Agency                   to improved, safe patient care by informing, supporting                                      Professional
                                      and influencing the health sector.                                                           Standards

NTN          National Training         Allocated to all trainees from ST3 onwards. Not given to
             Number                    CT1&2.
OAA          Obstetric Anaesthetists                                                              http://www.oaa-

ODTS         Overseas Doctors          RCoA scheme involving training overseas doctors. The Training Administrator (BJA(O))
             Training Scheme           overseas/international policy is currently being           p?PageID=4
                                       considered by a short term working party chaired by the
                                       Bernard Johnson Adviser (Overseas) (BJA(O)
OOPC         Out of Programme                                                                Senior Training      Training Manager
             Career Break                                                                         OPTform.pdf                      Administrator
OOPE         Out of Programme                                                                Senior Training      Training Manager
             Experience                                                                           OPTform.pdf                      Administrator
OOPR         Out of Programme                                                                Senior Training      Training Manager
             Research                                                                             OPTform.pdf                      Administrator
OOPT         Out of Programme                                                                Senior Training      Training Manager
             Training                                                                             OPTform.pdf                      Administrator
OSCE         Objective Structured      Method of Assessment for Primary FRCA comprising of a   OSCE Administrator   Chair of Primary FRCA
             Clinical Examination      number of stations, usually 18 through which candidates    p?PageID=1152
                                       rotate at 5 minute intervals

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PA(A)    Physicians' Assistant    Non-medically trained assistant. An Physicians' Assistant Professional             Chairman of PA (A)
         (Anaesthesia)            (Anaesthesia) [PA(A)] is a new member of the anaesthetic p?PageID=761                    Standards Manager        Committee
                                  team. They are trained both in the underlying scientific
                                  and medical knowledge pertinent to anaesthesia, and in
                                  the skills of administering anaesthesia. They will work in a
                                  team with anaesthetists enabling one medically qualified
                                  anaesthetist to simultaneously conduct anaesthesia in
                                  two places. These must be adjacent or very close together
                                  within a single operating suite.

PAS      Patient administration
PCA      Patient controlled       Any method of allowing a person in pain to administer
         analgesia                their own pain relief. In a hospital setting, a PCA refers to
                                  an electronically controlled infusion pump that delivers a
                                  prescribed amount of intravenous analgesic to the patient
                                  when he or she activates a button. Opioids are the
                                  medication most often administered through PCAs

PCT      Primary Care Trust       Primary care is the care provided by people you normally
                                  see when you first have a health problem. It might be a         /aboutnhs/Pages/Authoritiesan
                                  visit to a doctor or a dentist, an optician for an eye test, or dtrusts.aspx
                                  just a trip to a pharmacist to buy cough mixture. NHS walk-
                                  in centres and the NHS Direct phone line service are also
                                  part of primary care. All of these services are managed for
                                  you by your local primary care trust (PCT). There are
                                  currently 152 PCTs in England. PCTs are now at the centre
                                  of the NHS and control 80% of the NHS budget.

PD/TPD   Programme Director       Also known as Training Programme Director (TPD). Not a                                          RA and CT         Training Manager
                                  College appointment but key to training process                                                 Administrator

PICU     Paediatric Intensive Care
PLG      Patient Liaison Group     Group of non medically qualified people who represent Secretary to PLG   Chair of PLG
                                   the lay perspective. PLG representative sit on most            p?PageID=805                   Committee
                                   committees. The Chair of the PLG sits is a co=opted
                                   member of Council

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PMETB       Postgraduate Medical       PMET Regulator. Established in 2007 through legislation - Training Manager        Chairman of PMETB
            Education and Training     the Order. Due to move into GMC in Apr 2010 and           x.php?id=10
            Board                      become the Postgraduate Board of the GMC

QF          Quality Framework          Framework in which PMETB regulates standards of       Training Manager   Director of Quality at
                                       training. Include Quality Assurance (QA) - PMETB role,         x.php?id=quality                                PMETB
                                       Quality Management (QM) - the role of Royal Colleges
                                       and Deaneries, Quality Control - the role of those
                                       delivering training

RA          Regional Adviser           Regional Advisers (RA's) are a Senior College appointment.                                 RA and CT           Training Manager
                                       There is an RA representing every Anaesthetic School                                       Administrator
                                       within the UK. They have a mulitude of tasks one being
                                       advising and supporting the College Tutors in their areas

RCoA        The Royal College of       Anaesthesia is the largest single hospital specialty in the
            Anaesthetists              NHS. The College is the professional body responsible for
                                       the specialty of anaesthesia throughout the UK, and
                                       ensures the quality of patient care through the
                                       maintenance of standards in anaesthesia, critical care and
                                       pain management.
RCoA/RCOG   The Royal College of       Joint committee of the Royal Colleges and Obstetric                                        Patient Safety      Chairman
JSC         Anaesthetists and Royal    Anaesthetists Association                                                                  Administrator
            College of Obstetricians
            and Gyanecologists Joint
            Standing Committee

RA          Regional Adviser           College Representative for maintaining standards of                                        RA Administrator
                                       training across all 4 nations. A total of 16 which cover all
                                       the Regions.

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Revalidation                                 Revalidation is the process by which doctors will have to Revalidation Project
                                             demonstrate to the GMC, normally every five years, that p?PageID=1183                    Manager
                                             they are up to date and fit to practise and complying with
                                             the relevant professional standards. The GMC have
                                             developed a revised Framework for Appraisal and
                                             Revalidation that sets out the Domains, Attributes and
                                             Standards for revalidation based Good Medical Practice.
                                             This revised Framework has been used by all medical
                                             specialties to provide guidance to doctors on the
                                             specialist standards and supporting information that may
                                             be brought to appraisal to demonstrate that they are
                                             practising to a high professional standard for revalidation.

RITA           Record of in-training    RITA A – Core information on the trainee, RITA B -                                        Senior Training
               Assessment (replaced for Changes to core info, RITA C - Record of satisfactory                                     Administrator
               non-RTT trainees by the  progress, RITA D - recommendation for targeted training,
                                        RITA E - Recommendation for intensified
               ARCP but still in for SpRs)
                                        supervision/repeated experience, RITA F - Record of
                                        OOPE, RITA G - Final record of satisfactory progress
SALG           Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group comprising a core group from the College, NPSA Patient Safety             Chairman
               Group                    and AAGBI and advisory members from a wider group of p?PageID=1221                        Administrator
                                        sub-specialists. Dedicated to ensuring patitent safety and
                                        the development of critical incident reporting

SBA            Single Best Answer            Question format to be introduced in Sep 2010 to the MCQ Exams Manager             Chairman of the Final
                                             paper                                                   A-Questions.pdf                                         FRCA Board
SASG           Staff and Associate           Middle Grade and Staff Grade doctors also known as
               Specialist Grade (also        doctors not in training
               known as Specialty
               Doctor SD)
SAQ            Short Answer Question         Method of assessment in the FRCA Final Exam. Part of the Exams Manager           Chairman of the Final
                                             Final Written Exam along with the MCQ                    p?PageID=1154                                          FRCA
SCATA          Society for Computing
               and Technology in

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SEA (UK)   Society for Education in   SEA (UK) is a non-profit educational organisation for           Education Director   Chairman
           Anaesthesia                anaesthesia educators who desire to improve their skills
                                      in anaesthesia education

SD         Specialty Doctor           Relatively new term for SAS Grade doctor
SHA        Strategic Health           Created by the government in 2002 to manage the local
           Authority                  NHS on behalf of the secretary of state, there were            /aboutnhs/Pages/Authoritiesan
                                      originally 28 strategic health authorities (SHAs), reduced     dtrusts.aspx
                                      to 10 in 2006. Strategic health authorities are responsible
                                      for; developing plans for improving health services in their
SOE        Structured Oral            Method of Assessment for both Primary and Final FRCA. Exams Manager         Chairman of
           Examination                Also referred to as a Viva                                     p?PageID=1154                                        Examinations

SPA        Supporting Professional    An allocated session of time given to consultants to cover                                     Director of
           Activity                   additional clinical activities, such as their role as an                                       Professional
                                      examiner , College Tutor or Regional Adviser by their                                          Standards
                                      Trust. RCoA recommends that at least 2.5 SPAs are
                                      written into a consultant's contract

WPBA       Work Place Based           Recognised method of assessment which consist of DOPs, Training Manager              Vice President
           Assessment                 Anaes CEX, CBD, MSF. Trainees must complete a specified p?PageID=982
                                      minimum of each WPBA which is recorded in their
                                      portfolio and is presented at the ARCP

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List of Royal Colleges, Colleges & Faculties
Abbreviation   Name of College                          Role                                                Website
CEM            College of Emergency Medicine            The College of Emergency Medicine became a
                                                        College by Royal Charter on 29th February 2008.
                                                        The College is established to advance education
                                                        and research in Emergency Medicine. The
                                                        College is responsible for setting standards of
                                                        training and administering examinations in
                                                        Emergency Medicine for the award of
                                                        Fellowship and Membership of the College as
                                                        well as recommending trainees for CCT in
                                                        Emergency Medicine. The College works to
                                                        ensure high quality care by setting and
                                                        monitoring standards of care, and providing
                                                        expert guidance and advice on policy to relevant
                                                        bodies on matters relating to Emergency
RCGP           Royal College of General Practitioners   The Royal College of General Practitioners is the
                                                        professional membership body for family
                                                        doctors in the UK and abroad. We are
                                                        committed to improving patient care, clinical
                                                        standards and GP training
RCoA           Royal College of Anaesthetists           Anaesthesia is the largest single hospital
                                                        specialty in the NHS. The College is the
                                                        professional body responsible for the specialty
                                                        of anaesthesia throughout the UK, and ensures
                                                        the quality of patient care through the
                                                        amintenance of standards in anaesthesia,
                                                        critical care and pain management
RCOG            Royal College of Obstetricians and    encourages the study and advancement of the
                Gynaecologists                        science and practice of obstetrics and
                                                      gynaecology. We do this through postgraduate
                                                      medical education and training development,
                                                      and the publication of clinical guidelines and
                                                      reports on aspects of the specialty and service
                                                      provision. The RCOG International Office works
                                                      with other international organisations to help
                                                      lower maternal morbidity and mortality in
                                                      under-resourced countries

RCOphth         The Royal College of Opthamologists   Champions excellence in the practice of
                                                      ophthalmology for the benefit of patients and
                                                      the public. This extends to the practice of high
                                                      quality ophthalmic care, not only in the UK, but
                                                      worldwide. We set standards for postgraduate
                                                      education and professional practice and
                                                      promote ground-breaking research

RCP Edinburgh   The Royal College of Physicians of    The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
                Edinburgh                             (RCPE) is a professional membership
                                                      organisation. Our principal concern is to develop
                                                      and oversee an ongoing programme of medical
                                                      examinations, education and training for
                                                      qualified doctors who wish to undertake
                                                      postgraduate education and training in order to
                                                      pursue a career in specialist (internal) medicine

RCP London      The Royal College of Physicians of    We are a professional body, representing over
                London                                20,000 physicians, that aims to improve the
                                                      quality of patient care by continually raising
                                                      medical standards
RCPCH          The Royal College of Paediatrics and   The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child
               Child Health                           Health is one of the Medical Royal Colleges - the
                                                      oldest of which was founded in 1505. Like the
                                                      other colleges, we have a major role in
                                                      postgraduate medical education and
                                                      professional standards: setting syllabuses for
                                                      postgraduate training in paediatrics, overseeing
                                                      the training, running examinations, organising
                                                      courses and conferences, issuing guidance and
                                                      conducting research
RCPath         The Royal College of Pathologists      Pathology is the hidden science at the heart of
                                                      modern medicine, vital for the diagnosis and
                                                      clinical management of disease. The College is a
                                                      professional membership organisation
                                                      committed to setting and maintaining
                                                      professional standards and to promoting
                                                      excellence in the practice of pathology. It is a
                                                      registered charity and is not a trades union. Our
                                                      8785 members work in hospital laboratories,
                                                      universities and industry worldwide. The
                                                      College aims to advance the science and
                                                      practice of pathology, to provide public
                                                      education, to promote research in pathology
                                                      and to disseminate the results

RCPS Glasgow   the Royal College of Physicians and    RCPCS' mission is to promote best levels of
               Surgeons of Glasgow                    health and high standards of healthcare for      aspx
                                                      people throughout the world by offering
                                                      postgraduate medical education, examinations
                                                      and assessments as well as, continuing
                                                      professional development of it's Fellows and
                                                      Members are equipped to deliver the best
                                                      possible care and medical practice that Scotland
                                                      has to offer. As a multidisciplinary body with
                                                      8,500 members across all five continents, it's
                                                      footprint for improving health is considerable
RCPsych         The Royal College of Psychiatrists   The Royal College of Psychiatrists is committed
                                                     to improving the understanding of psychiatry      x
                                                     and mental health. We want there to be a
                                                     greater understanding of the interaction
                                                     between mental and physical health and the
                                                     social and cultural context in which people live.
                                                     We are at the forefront in setting and achieving
                                                     the highest standards through education,
                                                     training and research. We lead the way in
                                                     developing excellence and promoting best
                                                     practice in mental health services. We promote
                                                     research and publish the results in our world-
                                                     class psychiatric journals

RCR             The Royal College of Radiologists                                         

RCS Edinburgh   The Royal College of Surgeons of     the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has
                Edinburgh                            been dedicated to the maintenance and
                                                     promotion of the highest standards of surgical
                                                     practice, through its keen interest in education,
                                                     training and rigorous examination and through
                                                     its liaison with external medical bodies

RCS England     The Royal College of Surgeons of     The Royal College of Surgeons of England is
                England                              committed to enabling surgeons to achieve and
                                                     maintain the highest standards of surgical
                                                     practice and patient care

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