Logistic questionnaire by abstraks

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									       Logistics questionnaire for the expedition(s)
                  Oden Southern Ocean
Fill in one complete logistics questionnaire for each season (2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12)
Use the space you need to explain; you may also attach drawings, maps, etc.

Expedition season (2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12):

Principal Investigator:

Project leader onboard Oden (if other than P.I.):

Project name:

Participants onboard:

Briefly describe sampling methods and equipment

Sampling sites/areas when ship in motion

Sampling from stationary ship
Sampling site

Sampling away from the ship, on ice
Sampling site                                                                    No. of persons

Deployment/retrieval of equipment
Which are the most prioritized sampling areas/methods?
Site/area                                                                       Method/type of

The following equipment needs to be installed onboard
(describe in detail, also needed connections to electricity, water, gas etc):

Lab space                                                                        Wet lab
Meters of bench space
Power needs (V and A) 220/380 V 50Hz *
Cold water (yes/no)
Hot water (yes/no)
Sewage (yes/no)
Compressed air (yes/no)
Gas (yes/no, what type)
Fume hood (yes/no)
Sea water intake (yes/no)
Other (specify)
 * Note that Oden supplies 220/380V, 50Hz, with floating ground and no neutral. Verify that your equipment can handle b

Special lab areas needed:
Clean air room
Other (specify)

Storage of equipment and samples (includes empty crates and packaging):
                                                                                needed (liters)
Cold +2°C
Freezer -20°C
Other (specify)

The following chemicals, gases or other hazardous substances will be used, including radioisotopes or other substances
Substance                                                                       Weight/vol.
Hazardous waste:
Substance                                                    Weight/vol.

Disturbance to, or sampling of organisms:
1. Species (scientific and English name)
2. Handling/sampling method
3. Storage or handling onboard
4. Possible risks to health or environment
5. Consideration required from the ship/other researchers

Cargo to be taken onboard the ship:
Type, handling/storage                                       Weight (kg)

Cargo and samples to be taken off the ship:
Type, handling/storage                                       Weight (kg)

Other support needed onboard Oden:

Transport of equipment or samples by flight from McMurdo*:
Type, handling/storage                                       Weight (kg)
* Only absolutely necessary transports will be considered
10, 2010/11, 2011/12)

                        Type of sampling Weight/Vol. of   Time per
                                         samples          station

                        Type of sampling Weight/Vol. of   Time per
                                         samples          station

                        Type of sampling Weight/Vol. of   Time per
                                         samples          station

                        Type of sampling Weight/Vol. of   Time per
                                         samples          station
                      Other info

                      Dry lab            Other / specify

tral. Verify that your equipment can handle both the voltage and, most important, the frequency.

including radioisotopes or other substances which may constitute a threat of contamination for sensitive analyses:
                      To be used for:

Volume (liters)

Volume (liters)

Volume (liters)   Final destination Motivation*
      Application for participation in the research expedition
                SWEDARP Oden Southern Ocean

Application form

Expedition season (2008/09, 2009/10, 2010/11, 2011/12):

1. Applicant (Principal Investigator):
Phone numbers:
Participating project leader (if other than P.I.):

 2. Other participants: Name, affiliation and role in the project (indicate tentative
cruise participants)

3. Project description
    a) Project title in English:

      Project title in Swedish (if applicable):

   b) Popular science abstract in English:

      Popular science abstract in Swedish (if applicable):

     Project web site:

       c) Scientific description with necessary references, in English (1-2 pages):

       d) Brief CV and publication list of applicant and main partners. Indicate the 5
       most relevant publications for this project by * (attached pdf or Word files are

   4. Main methods for data/sample acquisition (provide details in the Logistics
5. IPY relevance, cooperation with other research groups, international
cooperation, outreach, etc:

6. Financial situation (financing body, decision date), terms for participation, any
other information pertinent to the assessment of the project:

7. Pending applications (financing body, expected decision date):

8. Include the Logistics questionnaire!

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