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					Vladislav Shimanskiy, Ph.D.

Mobile Phone:         1 (408) 505-5412 (GMT -8)
E-mail at work:
E-mail, personal:
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  - Strong academic background and practical experience in mathematical modeling, electronics
    and software design (Matlab, C++, DSP tools).
  - Knowledge of advanced techniques for digital signal processing, especially the Audio DSP.
  - Extensive experience in technical writing and scientific reporting (papers, patents).
  - Group leadership and international work experience.

- Platforms: Windows, Windows Mobile, GNU/Linux, Embedded Linux, fixed/floating point DSP
  processors (ADSP21xx, SHARC, SigmaDSP, TMS320C4x, TMS320C67x, TMS320DA610/710,
  StarCoreDSP), multimedia SoC (by SigmaDesigns, Genesis microchip etc.), Xilinx & Altera FPGAs,
  Microcontrollers (ARM, NEC, MIPS etc.).
- Programming languages: C/C++ (11 years), C#, extensive experience in DSP algorithm
  development using C/Asm (8 years), Verilog HDL (3 years).
- Software development tools: MS/GNU C++, C# .NET, ADI Visual DSP++, TI CCS, etc.
- Version control: Subversion, ClearCase
- Internet: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Python, CGI application development (5 years).
- Mathematical modeling: Matlab/Simulink, Pspice, EWB, Modelsim.
- EDA tools: Altera MAX+, Quartus, Xilinx ISE, Cadence OrCAD, Zuken CR5000.
- Hardware: analog and digital circuits design, PCB design, ADC/DDC/DDS/DSP based system
  design experience. Ability to operate a lab test equipment (Oscilloscope, Spectrum analyzer,
  Logic analyzer, AudioPrecision, etc.), read and understand schematics.
- Documenting & Presentation: LaTeX, MS Office tools.
- Teaching background: 5 years of student training experience in Yaroslavl State University (base
  courses: C++, Digital Signal Processors). Supervision of diploma students (3 years).
- Competence in languages: English (fluent), Russian (native), Korean (basic).


2008/05 – PRESENT
System Software Engineer, Silicon Image, Inc. – Sunnyvale, California, U.S.A.

2004/03 – 2008/04
Sr. Engineer, Acoustic Technology Center / Digital Media R&D Center/ Samsung
Electronics – Suwon city, Republic of Korea.
- “Audio Upscale” post processing IP for the brand new home theater systems (HT-X810, HT-
  X715) invention and implementation [Cirrus Logic DSP Asm, C, Simulink].
- Innovative HDTV A/V player GUI, Flash video (H.263) software decoder for the platform
  [Embedded Linux, C++].
- Completely digital PWM amplifier. [Concept and Simulink model, natural sampling technique
  investigation, power stage analysis and PSPICE simulation (MOSFET and filtering stage), Verilog
  RTL code development for Xilinx FPGA prototyping. I2S, I2C interfaces, noise shaping, natural
  sampling, PWM modulation, DPLL, top-level design. Research of the chaotic phase control of
  PWM modulation to improve EMI.]
- HD Video processing subsystem for an A/V receiver (AV-R3000). [Genesis Faroudja Video Scaler
  s/w development. GUI graphics device engine development. Image/Font database. Flash
  memory access s/w, flash update utility (PC).]
- TI based 4xDSP audio module for the A/V Receiver. [System architecture and design. Schematic
  design and verification. DSP board bringing-up. Software framework adaptation for the board. PC
  Communication and configuration tool development (MS VC++).]
- TV Digital Audio SOC IP. [Audio post-processing software development for ADI Sigma DSP
  platform (Asm). Specification writing and prototype testing].
- NICAM digital TV audio SIF receiver. [Matlab/Simulink modeling of Costas PLL, Gardner PLL, bit-
  level decoding (C++). Verilog HDL design of the software radio, filters and drivers.]
All completed projects had been finished in time and highly rated.

2000/02 – 2004/03
Sr. Research Assistant / NPF YAR ( – Yaroslavl, Russia.
- Design of high-speed coherent GMSK demodulator for satellite communication system (customer
  State Research Institute of Precision Instruments). [C++ for Windows, Visual DSP++, Matlab,
- Research and Development of super resolution Radio Direction Finder (customers: Radio-
  frequency assignment service in Russia). [ C++ for Windows, Assembler, Matlab]
- Development of DSP service unit for Radio Signals Simulator (customer: State Research Institute
  of Aviation Systems). [Assembler for TMS320C44, MatCAD, Matlab, OrCAD]
- Preparation of technical documentation, reports and presentations. [LaTeX, MS Word, PDF,
All projects had been finished in time.
1999/02 – 2004/02
"C++ programming language" class instructor at Physics Department of Yaroslavl State University.
1999/09 – 2004/02
"Digital Signal Processors" class instructor at Radiophysics chair of Yaroslavl State University.

1998/04 – 2000/02
Research Assistant / DSPLab – Yaroslavl State University, Yaroslavl, Russia.
- Design, development and maintenance of RF-signal synthesizer for simulation of the radio-
  frequency circumstances. [C++ for Windows, Altera MAX+Plus, Matlab, OrCAD]
- Designs of Web sites using xHTML, java scripts, see e.g. <>. [C on UNIX,
  Perl, JavaScript]

1995/09 – 2002/03
Studentship & Ph.D. - Yaroslavl State University, Yaroslavl, Russia.
- Investigation of nonlinear digital filters (regular and chaotic behavior, synchronization) during
  M.Sc. studentship in Radio physics department.
- Nonlinear dynamics of digital oscillators research, investigation of secure chaotic communication
  systems with audio-band signals using DSP on the Ph.D. studies. Development of the scientific
  software. Supervision of undergraduates.


Ph.D. degree, Mathematical Modeling
Yaroslavl State University, Yaroslavl, March 2002
Ph.D. thesis: “Chaotic synchronization in systems of digital oscillators”.

M.Sc. degree, Radiophysics and Electronics
Yaroslavl State University, Yaroslavl, June 1998
Finished obtaining a distinction (GPA 5.0/5.0).


-   Digital signal processing in audio and video
-   Difference and differential equations
-   Deterministic chaos, chaotic synchronization and fractal theory
-   Information theory and programming
-   System design with DSP and FPGA technology
-   Internet and other telecommunication technologies, development for web


President of Russian Federation grant 2003.
Russian Ministry of Education and Science grant 2002-2003.
Russian Foundation for Fundamental Investigations: 5 grants in 1997-2002 (joint participation).
G. Soros Open Society Foundation: Soros Student grant in 1998.
ROSTELECOM Company (Moscow): Diploma and first premium in 1998.
President of Russian Federation: President's stipend in 1997.


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4. Shimanskiy V. Method and apparatus for converting a sampled digital signal to a naturally sampled
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Available upon request