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Hum                At the heart of MPI’s ministy is our desire to meet the needs of the cold, hungry,

                   suffering and lost people in the former Soviet Union. We also desire to make it
                   possible for Canadian donors reach around to world with what they have to offer.
                   Our Humanitarian Aid ministry is one way we accomplish both of those these goals.

Our Canadian donors spend hundreds of hours knitting and crocheting winter wear, making warm
quilts, sewing clothing, and even hunting down bargains on brand-new clothing or footwear items. All
these items are lovingingly donated from a giving Canadian heart to a needy heart overseas. We are
privileged to be the conduit through which that love flows.

Each year, MPI ships one or two containers filled with new and handmade items to meet practical
needs overseas. Sometimes we ship individual boxes, especially when we need to send something for
a certain purpose, or when we something to arrive by a certain date. We also send suitcases full of aid
with staff or team members who are travelling overseas.                                                   Last month we had the privilege of gathering with about 150 Ukrainian pastors for a four day ministry
                                                                                                          conference. Our purpose was to teach and encourage as many of these pastors feel isolated in small
In 2009, we are once again preparing to send a container overseas. However, even though all the           communities and starved for fellowship. Instead, these pastors inspiried us with their dedication and
paperwork has been completed here in Canada, we are struggling to gain approval from the Ukrainian        unwavering commitment to their church and the Kingdom of God.
government. We are currently waiting for this approval before we can load and ship the container.
Please pray that we would obtain this approval soon.                                                      During the conference, we personally met with the pastors that are being sponsored through our new
                                                                                                          “Sponsor-a-Pastor” program. We were able to receive an update on each of them and their families as
Did you know?                                                                                             well as give them sponsorship funds from our Canadian donors enroled in the program.

             MPI receives only new items (clothing, shoes, bedding, toys). Government regulations         These Pastors are deeply committed to the ministry, and thankful that God has saved them from
             overseas make it impossible to ship used items.                                              lifestyles filled with addictions, criminal activity and hopelessness. We had wonderful meetings
             It costs MPI about $1.50 per kilogram to ship Humanitarian Aid overseas. An entire           with Pastor Nikolai who was saved from a life of alcoholism, Pastor Michael who was imprisoned for
             container costs aproximately $8000.00, just for shipping.                                    criminal activity, and Pastor Alexander who was saved from drug addiction.
             MPI relies on volunteers to help sort and pack the aid that is donated and stored            Several sponsored Pastors had postitions of importance before meeting Jesus as Saviour and gave their
             here in our warehouse prior to shipping.                                                     positions up to answer the call of God. Pastor Vitaly was an officer in the Northern fleet of the Russian
                                                                                                          Navy, Pastor Vladimir renounced a position in the communist party after receiving a revelation from
               To participate in our humanitarian aid ministry or for more information,
                                                                                                          God in a dream, and Pastor Valery had a high position in the communist government as a scientist.
                   please call 1-877-551-5525, or e-mail
                                                                                                          At the end of last year, 36 pastors signed up for the sponsorship program. Praise God, all 36 were

                                                                                                          sponsored by May of this year. During the conference we met many more pastors who are in need of

        Join us in Prayer                                                                                 sponsorship. Most live in small villages where outside employment is impossible and have churches
                                                                                                          that are unable to fully support them. Despite their commitment to their congregations, they still have
                                                                                                          wives and children who depend on them for food, shelter and clothing. These pastors are desperately
                                                                                                          in need of the extra financial support that you can give by signing up for our “Sponsor-a-Pastor”
    The pastors who participated in the MPI Pastors Conference that they would be able to use their       program. $30 a month will provide for a pastor and $100 a month will help meet the needs of his
    new training to the glory of God and the for the benefit of their churches and communities.           whole family.

    CHC ministry complex in Kiev as the church continues renovatations this summer, making                To participate in this vital program to help pastors and their families, fill out the form provided with
    efficient use of donated funds and a coming American work team.                                       this newsletter or call 1-877-551-5525. MPI will provide you with information about the pastor you
                                                                                                          will be helping. Your gifts will make such a difference in the lives of these dedicated men of God!
    The kids from Children’s Hope in Kiev and the kids in Belarus that will be attending
    summer camp that they will enjoy their experience and will draw closer to God.
    Andrei Shander Jr. who continues to suffer from respiratory health issues that God would
    restore him to full health.
                Feeding                                                                             MPI is ....                                          Caring for
                               Children                                                                                                     Seniors
                                             Since 1996, MPI has been on a mission to help needy
                                                                                                             For 11 years, Mission Partners has been supporting a
                                             children. Since that date, MPI has helped hundreds
                                                                                                             group of workers affectionately dubbed “the Mercy
                                             of orphaned, abandoned and poverty stricken
                                                                                                             Workers.” With MPI’s help, the Mercy Workers have
                                             children with food, clothing and other needs, as well
                                                                                                             saved hundreds of seniors from starvation and a life
                                             supporting many who work hard to provide for these
                                                                                                             without hope, providing much needed home care,
                                                                                                             food and companionship.

                                                                               Partner                            Partner
                 Children’s Hope Rescue Centre ~ Kiev, Ukraine
                                                                               Ministries:                     Ministries: Christian Hope Centre Mercy Ministry ~ Kiev, Ukraine
   Faith, Hope & Love Foster Homes ~ Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
                                                                               Children                           Seniors
                            Together Camping ~ Minsk, Belarus

 In 2009, MPI continues to help provide a loving and stable environment for approximately 90
                                                                                                                In 2009, MPI continues to assist the Mercy Ministry in Kiev, helping to provide a monthly
 children. Mission Partners regularly provides food for the children at a rescue centre in Kiev, as
                                                                                                                nutritious food packet distributed by the the mercy workers. MPI also supplies special gifts like
 well as special gifts at Christmas and occasional big ticket items. MPI also provides extra food for
                                                                                                                blankets and clothing donated by Canadians through our humanitarian aid program. To the mercy
 a group of Christian foster homes in Dnepropetrovsk. For kids in Belarus, MPI continues to help
                                                                                                                workers, MPI gives financial assistance, allowing them to focus their time and energy on the
 many enjoy a positive camping experience.
                                                                                                                seniors in their care. The mercy ministry currently serves approximately 40 seniors within the city

        Supporting & thier                                                                                      of Kiev.

        Pastors Families
                                                     Whether providing such tools as communion               For many years, MPI has been partnering with
                                                     sets, literature or sound equipment or whether          ministries rescuing and freeing both men and women
                                                     providing financial support, MPI has always been        in bondage to addictions. Since 1999 when we met
                                                     committed to working with and through the               director Sergei Matevosian of New Life Centre in St
                                                     national church and its pastors. In 2009, MPI has       Petersburg, MPI has helped to renovate buildings,
                                                     started a new program called Sponsor-a-Pastor.          provided much needed farming tools and given many
                                                     This program allows a donor to connect directly         items to help with the daily activities of the centre.
                                                     to a specific pastor and his family, giving them
                                                     the extra help they need to reach the needy in
                                                     their community and show Christ’s love.
                                                                                                                  Partner Christian Hope Centre Mens Drug Rehab ~ Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev; Bogdanovka; Mazanka; Borispol; Minkivtsy; Gogolev; Korzhe;                                               Ministries: Christian Hope Centre Womens Drug Rehab ~ Kiev, Ukraine
       Mariupol; Tarascha; Pereyaslov-Khmelnitsy; Giyshin; Teterev;                 Sponsored                      Rehab New Life Centre ~ St Petersburg, Russia
Lutugino, Michalki; Erkovtsy; Ivankov; Ludinovka; Zhmiivka; Krivoy-                     Pastor
    Rog; Kivachevka; Belaya Krinitsa; Gadyach; Zhitomer; Obyhov;                     Locations
             Furse; Mirgorod; Belaya Tserkov; Bucha; Izmir, Turkey                                          In 2009, MPI continues to support various drug rehab ministries. In the city of Kiev, we
                                                                                                            provide financial assistance to the both a mens and a womens rehab program operated by
                                                                                                            Christian Hope Centre. MPI also sponsors several pastors around Ukraine who operate a
                                                                                                            rehab program in their church. MPI is continuing its longstanding relationship with New Life
To Sponsor-a-Pastor right now ... please call 1-877-551-5525                                                Centre in St Petersburg, helping them with occasional large projects and tangible gifts of
                                                                                                            humanitarian aid.

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