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					History of PC timeline

    Tae-young Jang
    Alexander Colby
            Personal Computers
• Personal Computer (PC) is a machine
  enabled people to work calculations
  or instructions quickly. PCs are also
  able to interface with worldwide
  communication networks, such as the
  Internet and the graphics-based
  information database known as the
  World Wide Web, to find and send
  information on any subject. They are
  now essential device which is
  commonly used in everyday life.
Evolution of PC!
             Altair 8800
• The MITS Altair was the first 8080
  based kit microcomputer. It was first
  introduced in the January,
  1975. Although it was not the first
  available microcomputer to use, it was
  the start of the industry.
 The SOL- First 8080 Desktop
• In 1977, Processor Technology
  company designed and sold a full line
  of boards for the S-100 computers. The
  SOL became a very popular computer
  that influenced the design of future
               Apple II
• The Apple II was the first personal
  computer with color graphics.It was
  cheap and easy to use. Development
  of the VisiCalc spreadsheet program
  made Apple II as an important tool for
        TRS-80 (Trash 80)
• Radio Shack's TRS-80 selling for about
  $500 complete with video monitor and
  BASIC took the personal computer
  market by storm. It became the most
  popular personal computer in schools
  and homes so they were rivals of Apple
Brief history of computers

                                        1977 APPLE
500.B.C        1946 ENIAC(first
                                        II(first PC)
               electronic computer)
ing board)

               1991 World Wide Web is
• 1.When was the MITS Altair 8800 first introduced to the public?
• 2.What company designed and sold the first 8080 desktop
• 3.What was it called?
• 4.What was the first PC capable of colour graphics?
• 5.What computer became a rivalling opponent for Apple II?
• 6.What machine won the colour graphics race?
• 7.What machine was one of the first computers designed as a
  complete desktop machine, including monitor, floppy disks and
• 8.How long ago does the abacus(counting board) date back?
• 9.What is ENIAC?
• 10.In what was the World Wide Web launched?
                   Answer keys
• 1. It was first introduced in an issue of popular electronics
  magazine as a construction project.
• 2. It was Processor Technology company3.
• 3. It was called the SOL.
• 4. The APPLE II
• 5. Radio Shack’s TRS 80.
• 6. The Atari-800.
• 7. Heath, and was later bought by Zenith.
• 8. About 500 BC.
• 9. The first electronic computer.
• 10. In 1991.

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