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Problems for New Haven_ Connecti


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									     Steve Schappert
“The Real Estate & Green Building Expert”

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             “BIOS is Life”
The Goal: An employee owned organization that
combines business and non profit entities as a social
business .
BIOS will lead the world in to an age of healthy living and clean
renewable energy, an age that spawns new technology and industry
creating an economic boom on a global basis.

The BIOS concept is a model of social responsibility.
                 “BIOS is Life”
BIOS is a Brand and a Philosophy

You can help people, save the planet and boost the economy… in
short, You Can Do Well By Doing Good!

Our main product lines:
•Alternative Energy Systems
•Green, workforce housing and congregate care facilities
•Advanced Building Technologies
•Holistic Health Care

Our main service:

Secondary product lines are nearly endless but will
Focus on healthy living and the environment
              “BIOS is Life”
               BIOS is dedicated to creating a better world
      and leaving a legacy that will inspire the next 100 generations.

Our Philosophy: “You can do well by doing good”, is unique in that it teaches
people that they can be successful and prosperous while doing the right

Most importantly, you can inspire others to do the same!

As the needs of others become as important as the needs of the individual,
the world gains the ability to change like never before. One simple question
will guide this organization in all matters. If Gandhi and Carnegie founded
this organization, what would they do?

             The answer is simple, and powerful.
               We will do well, by doing good.
              “BIOS is Life”
The BIOS brand will grow into a vertically integrated

   •   Manufacturing Plants   •   Railroads
   •   Alternative Energy     •   Shipping
   •   Managed Forests        •   Real Estate
   •   Silicone Mines         •   Construction
   •   Holistic Health Care   •   Finance
   •   Family Services        •   Insurance
   •   Museums                •   Recycling
   •   Universities
            “BIOS is Life”
Environmentally friendly healthcare properties

Combining health care and affordable green construction
to create environmentally friendly healthcare properties…
the one exception in today’s real estate market!
             “BIOS is Life”
•Building a 15,500 sf sales office, that serves as Global icon of
healthy living valued at $3,500,000. http://thebioscenter.com
•Office will be world headquarters for The BIOS Corp.
• Develop BIOS Network of Contractors (remodeling, maintenance,
• Develop Health Professional alliance.
•Recruit sales team of 500 within 8 months during construction, to
sell green, energy efficient homes and ship them all over the world.
•Ship the first 2000 homes. Use existing panelized manufacturing
plants for order fulfillment.
              “BIOS is Life”
•Expand sales into modular manufacturing, using the same
priceline.com model to shop manufacturers for best pricing.
•Establish relations with alternative energy companies and provide
consulting and sales for our customers.
•Open the first BIOS manufacturing plant, utilize rail line and port in
New Haven to ship homes over seas.
•Open energy museum
•College campus
•Environmental Art gallery
•Conference center

Solidifying our BIOS brand as the world leader in
healthy living.
             “BIOS is Life”
•Become active in Forest BioProducts group, incorporate in to our
research and development.
•Begin manufacturing with recycled plastic. State of the art
recycling equipment would turn train loads of garbage into clean
products for resale and for use in manufacturing our own "BIOS"
line of composite building materials.
•Building materials could be created by the (PIM) Powder Injection
Molding process.
•The PIM process can chemically bond plastic and metal to create a
composite material that is 4 times stronger than steel and 1/10 th.
the weight at a fraction of the cost
               “BIOS is Life”
Open 1 00 real estate, finance and construction offices in 5 years.
Offices will be roughly 5 00 s.f. or less in some cases, independently owned
through a licensing agreement. Growth will continue through out the life of
the company, eventually leading to the purchase of Cartus. Growth will be
based on opening of Regional “BIOS Centers,” that are surrounded by smaller
satellite offices, usually marketed under the name. “(town name) Real estate
and Construction”. i.e. Brookfield Connecticut Real Estate or Brookfield
Connecticut Real Estate and Construction.
             “BIOS is Life”
•Mortgage brokerage will be developed.
•Focus on Building and Managing Green Affordable Housing To
Increase Value Of Company.
•Increase net worth of company by building and managing our own
•Purchase Railroad to control shipping costs.
•Begin acquiring other manufacturing plants, and upgrade
machinery to level of BIOS Plant, Market under the BIOS name.
•Purchase Stiles Machinery, provide training and equipment
consulting for our plants.
•Friendly leveraged buy out or merger with Blue Linx, utilize their
distribution network to expand alternative energy systems.
•Purchase additional railroads to control distribution costs.
              “BIOS is Life”
•Partner/ merge with other affordable housing development
•Merge with shipping services company, control costs, gain
experience before purchasing ships.
•Acquire Trammel Crow, increasing assets by $50 billion and project
management experience.
•Begin acquiring large amounts of HomeDepot stock, control
distribution to homeowners and remodeling companies. Increase
distribution of alternative energy systems direct to consumer.
Panelized construction will account for a much higher percentage
of new construction, HomeDepot share will drop dramatically.
               “BIOS is Life”
•Acquire Forest management companies, and our competition puts
profits in our pockets.
•Acquire Maersk Shipping, spin off oil tankers.
•Acquire controlling interest in Sharp Solar or other
•Acquire Shin Etsu and control silicone supply
•Purchase solar, wind and Hydro companies
•Acquire Controlling share of General Electric

Conservative Projected value of company in 20 years: $250 Billion US
Reference http://panelizedbuildingsystems.com/expansion.htm
                  Vertical Integration
• Microeconomics Definition: a style of ownership and control. The
  degree to which a firm owns its upstream suppliers and its downstream
  buyers determines how vertically integrated it is. The company expands its
  business into areas that are at different points of the same production
• United through a hierarchy and share a common owner.
  Usually each member of the hierarchy produces a different product or
  service, and the products combine to satisfy a common need.
• Vertical integration is one method of avoiding the hold-up
     Example of Vertical integration
• One of the earliest, largest and most famous
  examples of vertical integration was the Carnegie
  Steel company.

• The company controlled the mills, the iron and
  coal mines, the ships and the railroads.

• Carnegie even established an institute of higher
  learning to teach the steel processes to the next
for New Haven, Connecticut, The US and the World

       Health Care
   Affordable Housing
    The Environment
                              The Solution

Solar                                                                  Reduce
Fuel cell                                                              Recycle
Hydro                                                                  Reuse

                         The BIOS Center
2,000,000 sf of energy independent residential, commercial and Industrial space in New Haven , CT
        Dedicated to helping people, saving the environment and boosting the economy.
A Campus Environment in New Haven CT.
     Serving As A Global Icon Of Green, Healthy , Sustainable Living

 •    Education Center
 •    Alternative Energy Museum
 •    Environmental Art Gallery
 •    ArtWorks
 •    Hotel Conference Center
 •    Preventative and Holistic Health Center
 •    Manufacturing and Distribution
 •    Think Tank / Business Incubator
 •    Employee Housing
 •    Daycare
   Center for Sustainability and Holistic Health Care

• Sustainable Operations Certificate Programs
  will be offered in the fields of alternative transportation,
  building performance, digital printing, drinking and clean
  water operations, and photovoltaic (pv) solar energy
• Holistic Health Care
  A world class holistic and preventative medicine curriculum
  will be created to teach future generations the best of eastern
  and western medicines.
        Alternative Energy Museum
                                    Educate and inspire
                                    acceptance and

                                    Clean, renewable, and
                                    responsible energy
                                    production and
Children’s Space
Gift Store
The Organic Café
Theater and a school group/classroom facility
           Environmental Art Gallery
"To translate knowledge and information into experience: that is
the function of literature and art." - Joseph Campbell

                         Focusing on art that promotes the environmental
                          movement : there will be permanent site work exhibits both
                          indoor and outdoor.

                          Original works of art for sale and appreciation
                          Original prints of conceptual drawings, video displays
                          occasional live feeds of projects in the works, as well as
                          recycled art, art featuring nature,
                          If it combines art and nature y ou will find it here.

Studios where artist can create their original works
and speak with visitors.

Art/Works of New Haven—a unique highly regarded,
   multi-level, forum of mid-career and established design
   professionals, artists, independent store owners and
   specialty merchants collectively interacting,
   networking and conducting business. Each level is
   unique and specifically designed to successfully
   accommodate the increasing demands for affordable:
• Professional state-of-the-art office space
• Large work-only studio space
• Retail and specialty merchant space.
• On-site store owners and specialty merchants
• Monthly gallery events and upscale facility functions
• Art/Works of New Haven’s virtual storefront/website
• Quarterly direct mail catalogs and special offers
• Local print advertising and promotion campaigns
• Affiliation with TV shopping networks (to be developed)
• Franchised shopping
  galleries nationwide
  (to be developed)
       Hotel Conference Center

• Facility will draw hundreds if not thousands of
  people to the area each week.
• Conferences and seminars targeting home
  owners, builders, developers, investors,
  patients, doctors, artists, educators,
  environmentalists, energy suppliers,
• Home shows, health fairs, the list of topics is
  virtually endless.
  Preventative and Holistic Health

  • Worlds first insurance company
    dedicated to preventative and
              holistic care

• Holistic Hospital
• Occupational Training
• Seminars and Conferences
            Energy Efficient Affordable housing

• Panelized Home Manufacturer
• Global Sales Force: Building Material Sales,
  Real Estate, Finance, Construction,
• Railroad, Shipping, Trucking

 Dedicated to producing panelized ZERO
ENERGY homes, churches and commercial
buildings and shipping them worldwide in
The BIOS Wall
          1.)Fir or Spruce siding
          2.) 3.) battening siding
                   4.) OSB
               5.) insulation
                  6.) frame
              7.) Tyvek + OSB

                   1.) lath
               2.) insulation
              3.) not needed
                4.) Drywall
                   Panelized Construction

Panelized Building Systems LLC. is an
independent distributor of panelized
homes, churches and commercial
buildings, with plans to expand into

PBS supplies the basic building
materials such as framing, roofing,
siding, windows, doors, trim, and
    Site plan
   of 75 acre
  Brown field
•Connecticut Energy Museum

•Hotel Conference Center

•Art Gallery & Retail Business

•Organic Café

•BIOS Home Center

• Regional Recycling & Public

•BIOS Manufacturing and
Distribution Facility
Geothermal - Solar - Fuel Cell - Hydro and Wind Power Equipment

                                                 Alternative Energy Systems

                                                 Advanced Building

                                                 Alternative Transportation

                                                 Building Performance

                                                 Digital Printing

                                                 Drinking and Clean Water
      building products and equipment

                      “BIOS Homes” TM is our trademarked
                      product line of ZERO energy homes.

                      BIOS BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES will be
                      developed into a distributor specializing in :

                      Green building products

                      Alternative energy equipment

                 Products to be distributed
                   •   Alternative Energy   •   Remote Control
                   •   Geothermal           •   Lighting Control
                   •   Solar                •   Light Switch
                   •   Fuel Cells           •   Wireless
                   •   Photovoltaic         •   Motion Detector
                   •   Electric             •   Security
• Panelized
  Construction     •   Home Power           •   Computer Interface
• Modular          •   Solar Panel          •   Temperature Control
• Steel Frame      •   Battery              •   Pet Care
• Masonry          •   Wind Power           •   Phone System
• Stone            •   Renewable Energy     •   Video Surveillance
• Brick            •   Hydro Power          •   Speakers
                   •   Smart House          •   Audio
                   •   Home Automation      •   Telecommunications
BIOS MEANS LIFE!   •   Home Theater         •   Cable/DSL, Broad
                   •   Home Office              Band/Satellite

The most efficient method of heating and cooling
period, according to the EPA.
Lower Operating Cost
• Operates more efficiently delivering five units of energy for every one unit of electrical
   energy used.
• Combines stored earth energy with safe electric power
• Geothermal system owners realize savings up to 70%

Enhanced Comfort
• Provide precise distribution of comfortable air all year long
• Eliminates hot spots and cold spots.
• Experience warm air without the hot blasts
• Geothermal units deliver cool, dehumidified air.

• no noisy outdoor unit.
• Designed and constructed for "whisper quiet" operation

• Installed indoors (like your refrigerator) not subject to wear and tear
• Proven to be very reliable and require less maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly
• According to the Department of Energy and the EPA, geothermal systems are the most
    environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home.
• No carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gasses
Solar Energy
              Solar is Profitable

1. If you have zero shade on property
2. Face panels in a southern direction
3. Qualify for 50% rebate

     •Your profit can out weigh your mortgage expense
   Home Networks:

       •   Security
       •   Home office communications
       •   Entertainment
       •   Automation

Each home network can be customized to fit the
homeowner's exact needs.

•From simple four channel surround sound to THX®
certified theater rooms
•Defined "zones" to play music throughout the house.
•In wall or freestanding speakers and distribution
          Wireless Mobility:

• Verify that your children have arrived
  home from school
• Check and adjust the temperature at
  home from your office PC
• Turn appliances on and off
• Just “Point & Click”
Energy Management:

     • Controls temperature based on
       mode (Day, Night, and Away), room
       occupancy, or outdoor

     • Temperature controls nighttime
       setback and adjustments for
       morning temperatures.

     • Ultimate comfort and saves you
       both time and money.
          Scene Capability:

With the push of a button you can transform
the look of your home creating dramatic or
relaxing effects to enhance your lifestyle.
           System Controls
    Appliance Control:
• Turn off the iron or coffeepot.
• Set your hot tub to be warm and ready when you
  arrive home
• Schedule your water heater to turn off during the
  day when no one is home.

Telephone Access:
•   Outdoor temperature
•   Arm or disarm the security system
•   Adjust lights and temperature
•   All from your home telephone.
            Fire Protection:

• Air conditioner and electrical appliances
  are turned off
• Optimal interior lighting for safe exit
• Outside lights flash
           A/V (Audio/Visual):

•   Touch screens
•   Voice recognition
•   Home theater controls
•   Command DVD player, stereo, and lights
    for the ultimate home theater
        Enhanced Security:

•   Intrusion
•   Fire
•   Carbon Monoxide
•   Freezing conditions
•   Water pipe breaks
•   Away Levels of lighting/audio
•   Alert by phone, pager, messaging

• Lights on when a door is opened or car
  enters driveway
• Lighting sequences for "good night," "good
  morning," or entertainment" modes
• Turn off all lights at bedtime with one
  button or time of day
    Think Tank / Business Incubator
                            defined by Wikipedia

• A think tank is an organization, institute, corporation, or group that
  conducts research and engages in advocacy in areas such as social
  policy, political strategy, economy, science or technology issues,
  industrial or business policies. Many think tanks are non-profit
  organizations, which some countries such as the US and Canada
  provide with tax exempt status. While many think tanks are funded
  by governments, interest groups, or businesses, some think tanks
  also derive income from consulting or research work related to
  their mandate.[2]

• Business incubators are programs designed to accelerate the
  successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an
  array of business support resources and services, developed and
  orchestrated by incubator management and offered both in the
  incubator and through its network of contacts.
             Summary of Benefits
The BIOS Center provides quantifiable solutions for the
  following problems.
•   Unemployment
•   Health Care
•   Affordable Housing
•   Energy
•   The Environment
    New Haven becomes synonymous with Healthy Living.
         Solving Unemployment
            With Job Creation
• Thousands of new jobs will be created during
  construction and thousands more will be
  created upon completion.

• Blue Collar, White Collar and Green Collar jobs

• New Haven will attract and retain the best and
  the brightest from all over the world.
                Health Care

• Preventative health insurance will change the
  way medicine is practiced.
• Holistic hospital will attract patients from
  around the world.
• Traditional insurance premiums will drop
  because it is cheaper to prevent than to treat
  and cure.
              Affordable Housing

•   Affordable Green Housing is our niche.
•   A product that never goes out of style.
•   Elderly
•   Congregate
•   Health care properties

• 2,000,000 sf facility operated off the grid…
  Wind, solar, fuel cells, hydro
• Manufacturing of energy efficient panelized
  homes lowers energy demand
• Alternative energy systems to fuel
  transportation and buildings lowers our
              The Environment
               Top Environmental issues

1. Climate Change
2. Energy
3. Waste
4. Water
5. Food
6. Consumption
7. Land Management
8. Ecosystems and Endangered Species
9. The Science of Public Health Issues
             “The City of Life”

Hartford is the insurance capital of the world
Danbury was known for hats
Waterbury for brass

As the birth place of the BIOS Concept
New Haven will become known simply as
“The City of Life”
Market Evaluation
           Market Focus
• Environmental Consciousness
• Aging Population
• Affordable Designs

              Smart Green Growth
         Fact as of May 2007
• 17,000 contractors in Connecticut
  –39 have earned Energy Star
    • 3 have contacted DOE about Energy
      Independent Construction
      –1 has broken ground on a solar powered,
       commercial building
               Health Care Properties

“In general, investors should be steering clear of REITs altogether...
with one exception. REITs that focus exclusively on medical
property, which I call "health care trusts," are the best place to
look for retirement income today.” By Rob Fannon, editor, Phase 1
Investor January 9, 2009

Health Care REITs, are an equity real estate investment trust. The firm engages in
investment, development, and management of properties. It primarily invests in
health care properties. The firm invests across the full spectrum of senior
housing and health care real estate, including independent living/continuing care
retirement communities, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities,
hospitals, long-term acute care hospitals, and medical office buildings.
               Looking Back
• Easiest & most lucrative construction was
• Big opulent houses wasteful in:
  – energy efficiency
  – resources
  – dollars
  – living space
• Connecticut has started losing it’s workforce.

• The average working person cannot afford to
  live in the state

• Workers are forced to live in distant towns



               Real Estate
         BIOS Development
   Affordable Work Force Housing
– 151 municipalities mandated
– 10% housing-stock must be affordable
– Only 5 municipalities in accord
  • New London, New Haven, Waterbury,
    Bridgeport, Danbury
– 141 municipalities have average of 2%
– State will intervene & overrule
 We represent the hottest of “Hot Buttons”
                  Home Buyers
  • Elderly
     – Want to downsize
     – Existing homes valued same as upscale elderly
  • Work Force
     – Our economy needs skilled labor to grow
     – Skilled labor needs affordable housing
     – Impact of forced commuting

BIOS Provides Smart Green Growth
            Attracting Investors
• Enormous Potential of Affordable
  Green Housing & Development
• Local, National, International
• We offer Towns & Municipalities an
    What town board can politically afford to say “No” to
  affordable, environmentally responsible, elderly housing?
                Win : Win
• Connecticut Towns get the housing they
• State’s workforce will have the affordable
  housing they need
• Our planet will be treated more kindly
• Investors will reap social & financial
Sales Strategy
            Mission Statement

Connecticut Real Estate and Construction, LLC. is a
full service real estate and development company
licensed as brokerage and new home builder and
  developer in Connecticut, providing residential
   and commercial services via environmentally
                friendly construction.
              BIOS Contractor Network
60 – 100 different service companies all run independently at first with
BIOS logos on their trucks, with an average of 3 trucks per company is
180 local vehicles promoting the brand in each service area.

Each time a new company joins the group we send out another press

Everyone's individual advertising promotes the BIOS brand and
website. You appear stronger as a piece of the whole, and the
customers confidence increases. (Member BIOS Service Network)

As we grow our company we create our own property management
company, increasing your ability to compete on larger jobs.

Each time we sell a panelized BIOS home our “member”
contractors are used to build them.
Relocation Services

     •2143 prescreened buyer agents
     •Agents recruiting agents
     •211 builders across the country
     •Commissions paid for referrals &
     •Better overall customer experience

    BIOS currently has 15
    sales representatives
    on 4 continents. That
    figure will expand to
    500 within one year.

              Real Estate Sales

• Offices
  – Corporate
  – Regional
     • State of art technology, conference room, minimal
       storage, bathroom, kitchenette
  – Emphasis on independence, high commissions &
    minimal travel time
  – Named after each town
     • Brookfield = Brookfield Real Estate & Construction
     • ConnecticutRealEstateandConstruction.com
                Marketing Efforts
•   Web
•   Internet Leads/Referrals
•   Sales Agents
•   Homebuyers
•   Real Estate Agents
•   Land Owners
•   Builders
•   Attractive Compensation
•   Public Relations…abundant free publicity
             The Bios Center

  Showroom and conference
 center for Green Building and
   Zero energy products and
services. Technology center will
   function as regional sales
   offices around the world.
  Offering real estate, finance,   New Hav en Real Estate

construction and holistic health
              Time to take action

        “Reality is created from your imagination,
             start with a dream, believe in it,
          attract people smarter than yourself,
               and the world will follow.”

             Be the change you want to see!
Please contact us today and let us know how you can help.
             Steve Schappert 203-994-3950

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