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									Philips Pronto™ Home Control Panels
TSU9200, TSU9400 and TSU9600 Fact Sheet

Philips’ Pronto home control system collection provides demanding consumers the finest integrated
control solutions for conventional home theater, multimedia content and lighting. The Pronto
family offers advanced technology in combination with uncompromising aesthetics.

The Pronto TSU9200, winner of a 2008 CEA Innovations award, offers the best of both worlds: a
classic remote feel combined with innovative, personalized control possibilities, such as two-way
real-time PC-based music content interaction. A dedicated wizard-driven editor, integrated into
ProntoEdit Professional, guides programmers step-by-step through the installation process.
Normally standard IR-operated, the Pronto TSU9200 can be adapted to full non-line-of-site control
via digital RF when integrated with a corresponding RFX9200 extender.

The vertically aligned Pronto TSU9400, winner of a 2008 CEA Innovations award, is a hybrid of full
functionality. This ultra-thin remote features a stunning 3.5-inch QVGA color touchscreen and can
blend into practically any modern interior with its designer looks and geometric aluminum and black
gloss finishing. Sensational design and a breathtaking color display give the Pronto TSU9600 instant
appeal. The landscape control panel features a razor-sharp top-of-the-line 3.7 inch touch-screen
display with full VGA. To support total home control and multi-room wireless and wired remote
control installations, the RFX9600 serial extender and the RFX9400 wireless extender seamlessly
integrate with both the TSU9400 and TSU9600.

In order to truly customize the Pronto control solution for the TSU9600 and TSU9400 to the end-
user’s wishes, installers and programmers can integrate 2-way feedback and create a dynamic user
interface using pioneering ProntoScript.

    Large, high-resolution color touchscreen with superb contrast (TSU9600, TSU9400)
    Cutting-edge design with flush-mounted display
    Ergonomic design for one or two-handed control
    Built-in stylus for accuracy (TSU9600, TSU9400)

Personalized convenience
    Completely customizable user interface for your personal tastes and preferences
    Control multiple devices with a single touch
    Control hidden equipment and devices in other rooms
    System feedback via dynamic two-way user interface (TSU9600, TSU9400)
Philips Pronto
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Music, mood and ambiance
   Music server control with intuitive rotary cursor (TSU9200)
   Pre-configured lighting control (Lutron RadioRa ®) (TSU9600, TSU9400)
   Access digital files from any Windows ® MCE PC

Advanced, multi-room control
    ProntoScript allows two-way, multi-room control in touch-panel units (TSU9400, TSU9600)
    Preconfigured modules allow custom installers to easily configure system feedback and
      dynamic user interfaces for lighting, HVAC, A/V servers and multi-system control

Available – Currently available

Manufacturers suggested retail price – TSU9200: $499
                                                           TSU9400: $899
                                                           TSU9600: $1,299

For further information please contact:
Philips Electronics                                                        Manning Selvage & Lee
Katie Bromley                                                              Erin Hill
770-821-3629                                                               404-870-6833                                        

Pronto is a trademark of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.
RadioRA is a registered trademark of Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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