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					                                                                                             Moscow office:
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                                                                                         Fax: (499) 972 40 32

Special Offer - 5* and 4* Hotels and 6 days Program for 1350 euro only!

We are excited to present you our new offer for Incentive Groups of 30 pax
You have a unique opportunity to visit 2 main cities of Russia – Moscow and St.Petersburg, experience different
activities - from cultural like visiting World’s biggest Museum Hermitage (in St.Petersburg) to KGB Training and
meeting a Cosmonaut in Star City (in Moscow). Come here and bring back home the memories of your life!

Below you will find the 6 days Package for Incentive groups of 30 pax
Accommodation in a 4*/5* Hotels
Any Friday - Wednesday (2 nights in Moscow and 3 nights in St.Petersburg)
January – September 2010

with the price of EURO 1350 only!
This rate includes 5 nights accommodation in 4* Hotels in the very center of Moscow and St.Petersburg, a full
incentive program, meals and all transport costs including speed train tickets from Moscow to St.Petersburg .

Your choice of 5* Hotel:                                    Your choice of 4* Hotel:
2 nights in Moscow in Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel 5*            2 nights in Moscow in Park Inn Sadu 4* and 3
and 3 nights in St.Petersburg in Sokos Palace Bridge        nights in St.Petersburg in Ambassador Hotel 4*
January – February 2010                                     January – April, 15th 2010
EURO 1500 per person (accommodation in a double             EURO 1350 per person (accommodation in a double
room)                                                       room)
EURO 1755 per person (accommodation in a single             EURO 1510 per person (accommodation in a single
room)                                                       room)

March – May, 16th and July, 1 - September, 30th 2010        April, March – May, 14th 2010
EURO 1535 per person (accommodation in a double             EURO 1370 per person (accommodation in a double
room)                                                       room)
EURO 1825 per person (accommodation in a single             EURO 1578 per person (accommodation in a single
room)                                                       room)

May,17th – June, 30th 2010 (“White Nights” period in        May,15th – June,30th 2010 (“White Nights” period in
St Petersburg)                                              St Petersburg)
EURO 1630 per person (accommodation in a double             EURO 1467 per person (accommodation in a double
room)                                                       room)
EURO 2020 per person (accommodation in a single             EURO 1750 per person (accommodation in a single
room)                                                       room)
                                                            July, 1st – September, 30th 2010
                                                            EURO 1400 per person (accommodation in a double
                                                            EURO 1630 per person (accommodation in a single
The above rates include:
5 nights’ accommodation with breakfast, full program, all transportation, train tickets from Moscow to
St.Petersburg, all meals as listed and all taxes.
   ·   The accommodation in the hotels are TBC upon availability

Sample itinerary                                                                  Moscow - Saint Petersburg
                                                                                  6 days/5 nights 30 pax 2010

                                 ITINERARY IN BRIEF

Day 1/

Afternoon                    Arrival into Moscow international Airport
                             Transfer to the hotel with a police escort,
                             Arrival at the hotel with a short tour en route
Welcome Dinner               “Café Pushkin” restaurant – one of the most popular and trendy
                              Restaurants in Moscow

Day 2/

AM                           Special early opening of the Kremlin with a visit
                             to the Armoury Museum and 2 cathedrals
PM                            Drive to Cosmonaut Training Center
Lunch                        Cosmonaut City Restaurant
                             Cosmonaut Training Center visit and meeting with the Cosmonaut
Dinner                       “Vesria 1.0” restaurant-club, optional dancing

Day 3/

AM                           “KGB training” in the centre of the city
Lunch                         “Turandot” restaurant – the most exquisite restaurant in Moscow
18:30 pm                      Speed train to St.Petersburg
11 pm                         arrival in St.Petersburg

Day 4/

AM                            Drive to Pushkin (Tzar Village),
                              Fast Track to Catherine Palace
Lunch                         “Podvorye” restaurant - unlimited vodka/wine with folklore performance
PM                             at leisure
Dinner                        “Sadko” restaurant

                                             St.Petersburg operating office
                                       Gastello 14 (office 5), 196135 St.Petersburg
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Day 5/

AM                           Treasure Hunt with Culinary walk along Nevsky prospect
Lunch                        “Tinkoff” brewery-restaurant with beer tasting
PM                            at leisure
Gala Dinner                   Aquarel restaurant with a great view of the city

Day 6

AM                           early Opening of the Hermitage
PM                           Continue for the international airport

                             Departure transfer

                                             St.Petersburg operating office
                                       Gastello 14 (office 5), 196135 St.Petersburg
                         Tel: (812) 371 7205 Fax: (812) 371 9915 E-mail:
                                           DETAILED ITINERARY


On arrival a private vehicle with a guide and police escort will take the guests to the city centre with a
brief stop en-route. After check in and some time to rest, guests will be taken to Café Pushkin
restaurant where cocktails and dinner will be served.

 “Café Pushkin” restaurant, situated in a marvellous mansion. Under the roof of a gorgeous building
there is an antique library where books, telescopes and globes dispose to philosophic meditation. The
atmosphere of “Café Pushkin” is amazing not only due to the interior specificity, but also to the unique
cuisine including Russian meals cooked according to old recipes as well as French culinary chef

After the dinner the bus takes the guests to the hotel

                                               St.Petersburg operating office
                                         Gastello 14 (office 5), 196135 St.Petersburg
                           Tel: (812) 371 7205 Fax: (812) 371 9915 E-mail:

In the morning after breakfast, guests will have an opportunity to visit the Kremlin prior to the official
opening time.

Special early opening of Kremlin (including early entrance to the Armoury museum and a tour of
the Kremlin grounds/cathedrals.)

                                              You might be surprised how many ancient and magnificent
                                              structures one can see within the walls of the Kremlin: 15th
                                              century cathedrals (the coronation, wedding and burial place
                                              of early Russian rulers), the bell-tower, the Patriarch’s
                                              Palace, the Grand Kremlin Palace and of course the richest
                                              museum – the Armoury. The
                                              Armoury has a fascinating
                                              collection of Imperial insignia
                                              including precious clothes (some
                                              of which are currently on show at
the Victoria and Albert museum in London), ceremonial harness and a unique
collection of carriages. You can see the 17th century throne of Alexei Romanov
covered with a mosaic of turquoises and 900 diamonds, a phelonion of
Metropolitan Platon decorated with 150,000 pearls (it took the embroiderer 2
years to complete) and of course the famous Fabergé eggs. You will also visit two of the 15th century

Afterwards, drive to Cosmonaut City with a lunch in the local restaurant

                                            After breakfast you will check out from the hotel and visit the
                                            Cosmonaut Training Center named after the first cosmonaut Yuri

                                      This center is located a one hour drive from the city centre and is
                                      where cosmonauts from Russia and all over the world are trained
                                      for manned space flights. As it is a
                                      highly classified and secure area , only
                                      the museum is usually open to the public
and only then by special permit. However special groups are allowed access for
tours and programs and it is well worth the visit. There are various options for
visiting groups, and these depend on the size of the group, budget and their

You will have a tour of the whole centre, see real, life-sized models of the
spaceships Mir and Soyuz and all visitors will have a unique opportunity to see
inside (they are surprisingly small); a tour of these will be preceded by a detailed
explanation from one of the centre’s experts. Our guests can try on a cosmonaut
space suit, visit the Planetarium and even undergo some training in the
centrifuge machine in which astronauts experience the effect of centrifugal
Guests also have a, opportunity to meet a real Cosmonaut and talk with him.
                                               St.Petersburg operating office
                                         Gastello 14 (office 5), 196135 St.Petersburg
                           Tel: (812) 371 7205 Fax: (812) 371 9915 E-mail:
In the evening the dinner will be served in Versia 1.0 Restaurant/ Night Club.
                         The newly opened restaurant Versia 1.0 is located right in the heart of Moscow, a
                         few minutes walk from Red Square. The restaurant has quickly gained popularity
                         among both Muscovites and
                         foreigners and consists of several
                         separate dining rooms, a bar zone, a
                         dance floor and, believe it or not, a
                         virtual room.
                         From Thursday thru Sunday a disco
                         is held in one of the rooms while
                         the bar is considered to be the
                         longest in Moscow.


Option 1
“KGB training” in Moscow.

Russia has always been notoriously infamous for its KGB and today
                     guests will have a chance to participate in
                     "KGB Training" and become real spies. After
                     the dinner on Friday, each participant will find a
                     letter in their room detailing the first mission.
                     In the morning, the group will meet in the lobby
                     to be divided into teams. The KGB agent
                     appears and has a short talk with each team,
                     hands over a folder of instructions and some useful information that should help
                     completion of the mission. (Moscow map, stamps,
                     magnifying glass, Russian money, etc).
                     Each team has to complete its mission by identifying an
agent waiting for them at different points and by passing over certain
information without arousing the suspicions of the ever watchful secret police.
You must be very careful, not to be caught.

Good Luck!!!

                                              St.Petersburg operating office
                                        Gastello 14 (office 5), 196135 St.Petersburg
                          Tel: (812) 371 7205 Fax: (812) 371 9915 E-mail:
The last point of the mission will be lunch in luxurious “Turandot” restaurant
Moscow can now compete with the best restaurants in Europe, (they are certainly the most expensive)
and therefore keeping track of them all becomes very difficult. However one which should be on every
one’s list is Turandot. Built from scratch in baroque style by the famous Andrei Dellos, Turandot is
                                                                      probably the most luxurious place
                                                                      in the Russian restaurant industry.
                                                                      Turandot took more than six years
                                                                      to build, cost around $50 million,
                                                                      seats more than 500 and has 600
                                                                      on the staff.
                                                                      It serves the most delicious fusion
                                                                      of Asian and European food.

Speed Train will take the guests to St.Petersburg

You will be transferred by private vehicle to the railway station called Leningradsky – 10 minute drive
from the city centre- for a day train to Moscow.
The train leaves at 18:30 at 11 pm to St Petersburg
Enjoy the countryside from the train – optional meal will be provided in
carriage-restaurant (3 course meal, mineral water, tea/coffee). .
The train arrives to St Petersburg on Moskovsky railway station
which is 10 minute drive from major 5* hotels and is located close
to the city centre.
On arrival you will be met “Travel Russia” guide. There are 2
opportunities for luggage transportation. The guests either take them on
board the train and place near the seats or on the shelves OR we can
transport the luggage separately by bus – the luggage is loaded on the
bus form the morning when the guest check out.

                                             St.Petersburg operating office
                                       Gastello 14 (office 5), 196135 St.Petersburg
                         Tel: (812) 371 7205 Fax: (812) 371 9915 E-mail:

In the morning drive to visit the sumptuous Tsar Village (Pushkin) – summer residence of Russian
Emperors. It is located not far from the city – 27 km In the direction of international airport). Situated in
the suburbs of Saint Petersburg The Tsar Village is a unique ensemble comprising several pavilions,
beautiful lakes and gardens and a wonderful Catherine Palace.

                                    The summer palace was originally given by Peter the Great to
                                    his wife Catherine, and was rebuilt by Italian architect Rastrelli
                                    in 1756. The palace is a huge, elegant building with white and
                                    hold Baroque mouldings set against a blue background, set in a
                                    beautiful park with elaborate gardens, canals and pavilions.
                                    Catherine the Great loved living here. Some of the more
                                    beautiful rooms include the Great Hall, the State Dining Room,
                                    the Amber Room, the Blue Drawing Room, the bedroom of
                                    Alexander I’s wife Elisabeth and the Palace Church. And the
famous Amber Room (mysteriously disappeared during the WWII) and restored in 2003.

                                         Continue for Lunch to “Podvorie” restaurant, located nearby.
                                         Have lunch in the restaurant “Podvorye” with traditional wooden
                                         Russian décor and national cuisine. The restaurant is known to have
                                         been visited by top level officials – Vladimir Putin, Jaques Chirac,
                                         etc. It is a very cosy restaurant, the interior resembles traditional
                                         Russian terem (wooden palace), a lot of woodcarving. Meal is
                                         accompanied by folklore group singing.
                                         Russian vodka, wine – no limit

In the afternoon there is some time at leisure

In the evening dinner will be arranged in “Sadko” Restaurant
The decoration of this restaurant can be called as a designers’
creativity. They combine things which can hardly be combined
– for example the huge chandeliers of red Venetian glass and
typically Russian decoration of the walls.
In general the style can be called the minimalist style, which is
very popular in Russia nowadays. The cuisine is Russian.

After delicious dinner the bus will take the guests back to the hotel

                                               St.Petersburg operating office
                                         Gastello 14 (office 5), 196135 St.Petersburg
                           Tel: (812) 371 7205 Fax: (812) 371 9915 E-mail:

Culinary Walk along Nevsky Prospect.

                                   Guests enjoy the walk along Nevsky
                                   Prospect. On the way the groups visit
                                   some famous sights, have vodka and
                                   caviar tasting, learn interesting
                                   historical facts and listen to some
                                   fascinating stories connected with
                                   St.Petersburg. Our guests will cover the
                                   following stations

   -   Spilled on blood Church
   -   Traditional Russian Bakery (with cakes (pies) tasting)
   -   Duke Stroganoff wine cellar (Costumed Actor is meets the guests,
       entertains them with funny jokes and treats with Vodka and
       caviar) – 3 different kinds of vodka and canapé
Finally the guests come to Tinkoff Restaurant (it has its own brewery), where they enjoy lunch and have
beer tasting.

The Tinkoff Restaurant is conveniently located in the centre of the
city a few minutes’ walk from Nevsky Prospect. It is very popular
both among locals and foreigners and is the city's first brewery-
restaurant, serving eight varieties of freshly-brewed filtered and
unfiltered beer. The stylish interior combines high-tech and industrial
styles with seating for 300 guests.

In the evening we would like to invite the guests to Aquarrel Restaurant for final Gala Dinner.

                                                  The Aquarel Restaurant is one of the few restaurants of St.
                                                  Petersburg which is based on water close to the Birzhevoy
                                                  Bridge not far from the Peter and Paul Fortress and the Spit
                                                  of the Vasilievsky Island.
                                                  In the design of the restaurant consists of the combination of
                                                  glass and metal reigns. The Aquarel Restaurant has three
                                                  floors: the ground houses the hall, the first boasts the
                                                  restaurant itself with the set-in columns and the floor of
                                                  palm-tree, and there’s a grill-bar and the dessert-hall in the
                                                  second floor. The interior is completed with the marvelous
                                                  view of the Neva River and the Palaces of St. Petersburg.

                                              St.Petersburg operating office
                                        Gastello 14 (office 5), 196135 St.Petersburg
                          Tel: (812) 371 7205 Fax: (812) 371 9915 E-mail:

In the morning the guests check out of the hotel and then have a unique opportunity to visit famous
Hermitage before opening hours.
                       Hermitage is undoubtedly the largest museum of the world, possessing over 3
                       million exhibits within its four
                       buildings and attracting around 3
                       million visitors a year. The
                       exhibitions are diverse with works by
                       Da Vinchy, Raphael, Rembrandt, an
                       impressive          collection     of
                       impressionists and largest collection
                       of Titians in existence.


Continue for the international airport.

                                           End of program in Russia

                                               St.Petersburg operating office
                                         Gastello 14 (office 5), 196135 St.Petersburg
                           Tel: (812) 371 7205 Fax: (812) 371 9915 E-mail:


Ararat Park Hyatt ( 5*
The luxurious hotel is located within walking distance of the
Bolshoi theatre and Red Square. The hotel has 219 spacious and
luxurious bedrooms including 16 suites. Café Ararat, The Gallery
restaurant and Enoki restaurant offer Armenian, European and
Japanese food. Latest technology conference rooms – over 500
square metres of meeting and banqueting space. Fitness centre
and spa with Jacuzzi, Roman, Steam and Russian baths.

Park Inn SADU ( 4*
                                        Located in the historic heart of
                                        Moscow, just a short walk from
                                        the Kremlin and the Red Square,
                                        the Park Inn Sadu, Moscow
                                        Hotel is the perfect base for guests
                                        looking to explore the vibrant
                                        capital of Russia. The hotel 117
                                        modern guest rooms which offer
                                        stunning views of Christ the Savior
                                        Cathedral, the Moskva River and
                                        other top attractions. Polyanka
                                        metro station is an easy two minute
                                        walk while the Tretyakov Gallery
                                        is a 5 minute walk from the hotel.
Perfectly located within walking distance of the Kremlin, the Red Square, Christ the Savior Cathedral and other top
attractions. WiFi and dial up Internet connection is available. Café Sadu offers European, Italian and Oriental
cuisine. Hotel bar serves an international drinks menu .


Holiday Club Hotel (              5*

                                      The newly built hotel is located on Vasilyevsky island.Holiday
                                     Club St Petersburg offers something entirely new to the city’s
                                     diverse selection of hotels. The spa being built in connection with
                                     the hotel and Day Spa offer peacefulness and pampering to those
                                     who value holistic well-being. Guests will find 271 comfortably
                                     luxurious hotel rooms housed inside the walls of the old, esteemed
                                     building. What’s special about them is their size: 28-square-metre
                                     space is intrinsically divided into living and sleeping quarters. la
                                     Carte Restaurant features top quality, flavourful food, The Sports
Lounge is also an excellent lookout spot and the Ladies’ Wine Bar is St Petersburg’s first meeting place
designed for women.

                                                St.Petersburg operating office
                                          Gastello 14 (office 5), 196135 St.Petersburg
                            Tel: (812) 371 7205 Fax: (812) 371 9915 E-mail:
Ambassador ( 4*

                  The newly opened hotel is conveniently located in the
                  city centre 15 minute walk from Mariinsky theatre.
                  The hotel combines the architectural monument of the
                  19th century and a modern building. All 255 rooms
                  are designed in classic style. The hotel has got 255
                  rooms equipped with conditioner, Internet access,
                  satellite TV, mini-bar, safe. The hotel has got
                  “ambassador” and “Le Vernissage” restaurants –
                  the latter with panoramic view over the city centre
                  and “Babylon” and Lobby bar.

                                             St.Petersburg operating office
                                       Gastello 14 (office 5), 196135 St.Petersburg
                         Tel: (812) 371 7205 Fax: (812) 371 9915 E-mail:

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