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					                                        Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
                                  Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Detroit

                           The Shepherd’s Staff
T     oday, He who hung
      the earth upon the
waters is hung upon the
                           Volume II, Issue 2                                                                   Easter 2010

Cross. He who is King of
                                                      Christ is Risen! Χριστός Ἀνέστη!
the angels is arrayed in                                  Metropolitan Nicholas’ Message
a crown of thorns. He
who wraps the heavens        Beloved Family in Christ,         in the Gospel narrative re-        mountainside (I Cor 15:6).
in clouds is wrapped in
                                                               garding the Resurrection of        And these recorded instances
the purple of mockery.
                             Christ is Risen!                  Christ, the early Christian        are but a few of the encoun-
He who         in Jordan     Χριστός Ἀνέστη!                   community did not base its         ters with the Resurrected
                                                               faith in the Resurrected Lord      Lord.
s e t              Adam
f r e e
                   r e -
                             I    t is with this ancient
                                  proclamation of faith
                           that I greet you in the joy of
                                                               on that piece of the story. It
                                                               was not the empty tomb
                                                               which proved to them that
                                                                                                     It is the Resurrected Christ
                                                                                                  Who is the cornerstone and
                                                                                                  foundation of our faith. At
upon              H i s
                           the Resurrected Lord.               Jesus was resurrected from         this sacred Pascha, it is my
face. The Bridegroom of
                              My brothers and sisters, it is   the dead.                          prayer that each of us will
the Church is trans-
                           this one phrase — that Jesus           No, quite the opposite.         encounter the Resurrected
fixed with nails. The
                           the Messiah was resurrected         While the empty tomb gave a        Lord, and that seeing Him we
Son of the Virgin is
                           from the dead — which gave a        first hint as to the wonder that   will truly receive our calling
pierced with a spear. We
                           unique character to the wit-        was to come, even the disci-       as sons and daughters of the
venerate Your Passion,
                           ness of the early Christian         ples were not certain what the     Most High God. May He
O Christ. Show us also                                         empty tomb meant. Peter had        dwell in our hearts and our
                           community. Beginning with
Your glorious Resur-                                           run to the empty tomb, and         homes, just as He is found in
                           the eye witnesses in Jerusalem
rection.                   of the Resurrected Christ and       Luke records that Peter “left      our Churches, in deeds of
                           going out to all parts of the       the empty tomb wondering to        loving kindness, in almsgiving,
                           world, it is this certainty         himself what had hap-              in aid and love to the poor and
Inside this issue:         which is at the heart of the        pened.” (Lk 24;12)                 needy, and in comfort to the
                           Christian message.                     The truth of the Resurrec-      sick and suffering.
                              Surely there are some mod-       tion was sealed into the heart        As were the first followers
Bishop’s Schedule;         ernists who would like to           of the early Church because        of Jesus, I pray that we, too,
MEFGOX Article             deny the truth of the Resur-        the first Christians saw the       shall be eyewitnesses of the
                           rection of Christ. Why should       Resurrected Lord.                  Resurrected Savior, and that
Youth News         3       people be any different than at        Mary saw the Resurrected        we shall likewise proclaim His
Philoptochos News; 4       the time of Jesus? How can         Lord and thought He was the        message to the ends of the
Christian Trivia           we forget that even the Gospel      gardener (Jn 20:15; see Mt         earth, for
                           narratives indicate that some       28:8); He appeared to the
The Hope of the      5     people tried to explain away        disciples on the road to Em-         Christ is Risen!
Resurrection               the Resurrection? The Gospel        maus (Lk 24:13); the Resur-          Truly He is Risen!
                           tells us that some tried to say     rected Lord appeared to the
Friends of the       6     that the tomb was empty be-         disciples in the locked room         With all paternal love and
Metropolis                 cause the disciples stole the       (Jn 20:19. Lk 24:36); and          prayers in the Risen Christ,
                           body. (Mt 28:11-15)                 again the Lord appeared to the
News & Events        7
                              But even though the empty        Disciples at their boats (Jn           +Metropolitan Nicholas
                           tomb plays an important part        21); and to hundreds on the
 Page 2                                                                                        The Shepherd's Staff

                                                  Bishop’s Schedule
   1             Holy Thursday Morning              St. Spyridon Chapel - Metropolis Center, Troy, MI
                 Holy Thursday Evening              St. George Church- Southgate, MI
   2             Holy Friday Morning                Visitation of local parishes to see the Epitaphio
                 Holy Friday Evening                Annunciation Cathedral - Detroit, MI
   3             Holy Saturday Morning              St. Nicholas Church - Troy, MI
   4             +Holy Pascha                       Assumption Church- Flint, MI
                 Pascha Agape Vespers               Sts. Constantine and Helen Church- Westland, MI
   19 - 22       Archdiocesan Synod                 Archdiocesan Center - New York, NY
   25 - May 3 Patriarchal Synod Meeting             Ecumenical Patriarchate - Turkey
   6-8           Archdiocesan Council Meeting       Atlanta, GA
   12 - 14       ABS Board of Trustees Meeting      New York, NY
   15            Metropolis Oratorical Festival     Holy Trinity/St. Nicholas Church - Cincinnati, OH
   15 - 16       Centennial Banquet & Liturgy       Annunciation Cathedral - Detroit, MI
   18            Clergy Meeting                     St. George Church - Southgate, MI
   20 - 21       Patron Feast Vespers & Liturgy     Sts. Constantine and Helen Church - Westland, MI
   25 - 28       Episcopal Assembly                 New York, NY

                                                  What is MEFGOX?
By Barbara Minton                stewardship contribution.     presenting training pro-        awarded annually to young
                                 This stewardship covers all   grams, providing resources,     people who are active

W        hat is MEFGOX? the church musicians in the
         Although MEFGOX parish: choir directors, sing-
has been around for over ers, organists, chanters,
                                                               offering assistance, and of-
                                                               fering scholarships. The
                                                               business of the Federation is
                                                                                               church musicians in their
                                                                                               parishes and wish to con-
                                                                                               tinue their music studies.
sixty years, there is still con-                                                               Scholarships are also avail-
fusion about what it is. Per-                                                                  able to adults, who want to
haps I can clarify this.                                                                       improve their directing,
MEFGOX is the acronym                                                                          vocal, or accompanying
for the Mid-Eastern Federa-                                                                    skills in order to serve our
tion of Greek Orthodox                                                                         Holy Orthodox Church. For
C h u r c h M u s i c i a n s . clergy, and Church School      conducted by the Federation     more information about the
(Originally the X stood for music coordinators. (Thus          Council which meets once        Federation or for scholar-
the Greek chorodia.) All the the change in name to             during the year and at the      ship/stewardship forms,
parishes of the Metropolis church musicians.) The pur-         annual convention. Ideally,     please visit our website:
are able to be members of pose of the Federation is to         each parish should send rep-    http://
the Mid-Eastern Federation, assist parishes develop their      resentatives to these meet-
simply by making an annual church music programs – by          ings. Scholarships are
Volume II, Issue 2                                                           Easter 2010                      Page 3

                                           Youth News by Eva Kokinos
                              ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM ORATORICAL FESTIVAL

                          I   ntroduced in 1983, the St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival provides Greek Or-
                              thodox teenagers the opportunity to write and talk about their faith. The Oratorical
                          Festival Program is divided into two divisions; the Junior Division for students in the 7th
                          to 9th grades and the Senior Division for teenagers in the 10th to 12th grades.
                          The top speakers in each division advance to the district level and if selected become one
                          of two finalists in their division to represent their district at their Metropolis Oratorical
                          Festival. The top speaker in each division is then selected to participate in the Archdio-
                          cese Finals, which is hosted by a different Metropolis each year.
The Metropolis of Detroit offers $500 to the top Junior and Senior Division finalists of the Metropolis Finals who
move on to participate in the National Finals.
At the National Finals, the Oratorical Festival Scholarship Foundation provides college scholarships in the amount
of $2000, $1500, and $1000 to the top three speakers in each division. In addition, those finalists who receive a
rank of Honorable Mention are awarded a $500 United States Savings Bond.
Please support your parish, District, and Metropolis Oratorical Festivals. See the calendar below for the festival
near you!
                           SUMMER CAMPS ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER

T    he Metropolis of Detroit is blessed to have three summer camps for the youth of the Metropolis. Don’t forget to plan
     for summer camp this year. All of our camps need fantastic campers AND enthusiastic camp staff! Contact the camp of
your area for more details or contact for more information.

                          MDSC (Rose City, MI)
            or call 248.909.MDSC
                       2010 Season begins June 27, 2010
            ST. NICHOLAS SUMMER CAMP (Pleasantville, TN)
          or 248.823.2411
                       2010 Dates: June 27-July 2, 2010
              ST. TIMOTHY SUMMER CAMP (Croghan, NY)
          or 315.446.5222
                       2010 Dates: August 7-13, 2010

                                          YOUTH OFFICE CALENDAR

April 17, 2010                              St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival: Michigan District Finals
                                                           St. Nicholas Church—Ann Arbor, MI
April 18, 2010                              St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival: Southern District Finals
                                                           Holy Trinity Church—Nashville, TN
April 18, 2010                              St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival: New York District Finals
                                                           St. Sophia Church—Syracuse, NY
April 25, 2010                              St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival: Central District Finals
                                                           Annunciation Church—Dayton, OH
May 15, 2010                                St. John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival: Metropolis Finals
                                                           Holy Trinity/St. Nicholas Church—Cincinnati, OH

 Visit us on              or join our e-Newsletter!!! Email at for details!!!
  Page 4                                                                                                    The Shepherd's Staff

                                                  Philoptochos News
                                   philanthropic arm will con- Holy Cross. We hope to                       you would like to contrib-
  “Together Everyone               tinue to reach those in see many Philoptochos                            ute to this philanthropic
                                   need.                                   women support this event.        program or know of some-
     Achieves More”                    The St. Nicholas Philop-                Each month Philopto-         one who is in need please
                                   tochos of Troy, MI hosted a chos chapters designate                      contact your local Philopto-
                                   Lenten retreat on March philanthropic charities to                       chos chapter or the Me-
 By Eleni Zaferes                  13th which brought to- support. They expand their                        tropolis Board through the
                                   gether women from the projects to include the en-                        Metropolis Center for in-
                                   greater Metro Detroit area. tire parish. In this way,                    formation.

        The Spring Luncheon
 “Festival of Flowers” hosted
                                   Father Irenaeus Cox of St. everyone becomes a part of
                                   Demetrios in Saginaw, MI the Philoptochos mission.
                                   spoke and inspired every- Please assist the Philopto-
                                                                                                                Nationally, the Me-
                                                                                                            tropolis of Detroit chapters
                                                                                                            support the ministries
 by the Metropolis Philopto-       one on how we are the chos women in your parish                          through the National com-
 chos Board on April 10th in       “Salt of the Earth” and to assist those less fortunate                   mitments that are approved
 Ann Arbor, MI was a won-          about the                                                 e i t h e r    by the delegates at the Na-
 derful day of fellowship.         balance                                                   within the     tional Conventions. In the
 The beautiful floral ar-          that       is                                             parish or      year 2009 close to $2 Mil-
 rangements provided by            needed in                                                 for     out-   lion was distributed by the
 the Table Hostesses adorn-        our lives.                                                reach phi-     National Board to these
 ing the tables brought            We thank                                                  lanthropy.     commitments and other
 Spring into everyone’s            the Philop-                                               Thank you      philanthropies. Another
 hearts. Student musicians         tochos of                                                 for the sup-   $125,000 was distributed
                                                   Metropolis Philoptochos Meeting, March 12
 Andreas Xenopoulos and            St. Nicholas                                              port to the    over the past 2 months.
 Mariangela Chatzistamatiou        for hosting this day of spiri- “Partners in Philanthropy”                    We invite all Orthodox
 enlightened us with classi-       tual reflection.                        program. Through your            women in every parish to
 cal and folk music selec-             On May 15th the generosity this program is                           join the mission of Philop-
 tions. It is truly rewarding      Philoptochos chapter of able to assist those within
                                                                                                            tochos by working together
 to witness the talents of our     Holy Cross, Farmington our local parishes with
 young adults. Thank you to        Hills, MI will sponsor their short term needs. This pro-                 as a TEAM to assist those
 those attendees and to the        annual Salad Luncheon and gram will continue as the                      less fortunate. “Together
 supporters that made this         Fashion Show. For more economic difficulties that                        Everyone Achieves
 event a huge success.             information please contact plague many of our families                   More.”
 Through this event our            the Philoptochos chapter of and friends grow greater. If

                                                     Christian Trivia
    Did you know that...        ing from the first half of             The five largest Orthodox     roots in ancient polytheis-
                                the 4th century, now held                Churches in the world are:    tic religions.
 Christianity is the world’s  in the Vatican library.               Russian (70 to 100 million)    The word Bible comes
   most widespread religion.  Orthodox Christians num-              Romanian (15 million)            from the Greek word for
 The oldest almost-           ber about 215 million                 Greek (13 million)               “papyrus plant” (biblos),
   complete manuscript of       worldwide, with about                 Serbian (8 million)              since the leaves of that
   the Bible still existing is  5.6 million in the United             Bulgarian (8 million)            plant were used for paper.
   the Codex Vaticanus, dat-    States.                                The name “Easter” has its

 Volume II, Issue 2                                                    Easter 2010                     Page 5

                                  The Hope of The Resurrection

                             three women had al- ceive His forgiveness,              the brokenhearted and
                             lowed their fear of the restoration and hope for        saves those who are crushed
                             giant stone to stop them our lives. We allow the        in spirit.” Psalm 34:18
                             from going to Christ, ‘stones of this life,’ de-               Therefore, as we
                             they would not have spair, sin, broken mar-             celebrate this glorious
                             heard nor experienced riages, sickness, being           season of Pascha, let us
                             the Resurrection of the at odds with others,            re-examine ourselves
                             Lord.                        hatred, financial wor-     and explore what
                                   To be sure, we are ries, death, depression,       ‘stones in our lives’
                             living in pressing times, wars and pride, to sepa-      need moving. May we
                             unemployment is at an rate us from the love of          avail ourselves to the
                             unprecedented high, God.                                Sacrament of Confes-
By Fr. Aristotle Damascos    and we hear of more              Thankfully, my         sion, as that perfect lev-
                             and more home fore- brothers and sisters, we            erage to push away
 “Who will roll away the     closures. A feeling of are blessed with the             those oppressive boul-
stone from the door of the   uncertainty permeates message of the Resur-             ders that life and the
tomb for us?” Mark 16:3      our lives.                   rection, which brings to   ‘evil one’ hurls at us.
                                   Unfortunately, fear us hope and renewal. It            Finally, and most

T     his was the ques-
      tion of the Myrrh-
Bearing women as they
                             on      any
                             level has
                             the capa-
                                                                    is the reality
                                                                    that      the
                                                                    Risen Christ
                                                                                     importantly, let us pre-
                                                                                     pare and partake of
                                                                                     Holy Communion
                                              let us re-examine
went in anticipation to      bility to        ourselves and ex-
                                                                    is the only      throughout this Holy
the tomb on early Sun-       cripple                                one who is       Season and allow the
                                              plore what ‘stones
day morning, to anoint       and pre-                               willing and      love and healing power
                                              in our lives’ need
the body of Jesus. This      vent      us                           able to roll     of the Risen Jesus
they did to fulfill the      from liv-                              away those       Christ to fill our very
requirement of the           ing     our                            ‘stones     in   presence, so we may
Jewish law and also as a     lives     to                           our lives’,      become victorious and
sign of love for their       their fullest, because which prevent us from            bold in our faith and
Master. Yet, to their        there is that persistent living full and produc-        encourage one another
amazement when they          anxiety of the ‘other tive spiritual lives. We,         that our God is a great
arrived at the grave site,   shoe falling,’ making however, must ap-                 and marvelous God
the stone that they          our already taxed lives, proach Him in prayer,          who works wonders in
feared, had been rolled      even more challenged. with sincerity, humil-            our lives
away, and a young man        What becomes even ity, patience, love, and              
clothed in white gave        more onerous is that we with the anticipation           Fr. Aristotle Damascos
them the glad tidings        allow our fears and ap- that Christ is real and         serves the Holy Trinity Ca-
and said, “He is not         prehensions to block us He wants to bring heal-         thedral in Toledo, OH, and
                             from going to Jesus ing to our lives. After             is president of the Metropo-
here. He is Risen!”                                                                  lis Clergy Syndesoms.
    Imagine if these         Christ in order to re- all, “The LORD is close to
 Page 6                                                                                  The Shepherd's Staff

                     Friends of the Metropolis (as of March 31, 2010)
+His Eminence                Turner, Christian             Dreleozis, George             Sexton, Katherine L.
Metropolitan Nicholas                                      Encelewski, Christine D.
                             Grand Rapids, MI              Hoopes, Kenneth and Maria     Saginaw, MI
Ann Arbor, MI                Holy Trinity                  Karis, Othon and Kristi       St. Demetrios
St. Nicholas                  Nicholas, Jim and Georgia    Lutz, Helen Innis             Cox, Fr. Irenaeus and Pres-
St. Nicholas Parish                                        McNutt, Angela C.             bytera Alexandra
St. Nicholas Philoptochos    Indianapolis, IN              Micheil, Rich and Teresa      Ahejew, Petro and Samdra
Kotsis, Fr. Nicolaos and     Holy Apostles Mission         Nace, Doru                    Caldwell, Larry and Peggy
 Presbytera Sandra           Gus Karozos                   Oravitan, Ionut
Paul, Presbytera Eva                                       Pallas, Tom                   Southgate, MI
Bekiares, Penelope A.        Ithaca, NY - St. Catherine Peliotes, Gust and Ethel         St. George
Fry, Jack D.                  Bezirganian, John            Riekse, Max and Nelly         Kontos, John and Marika
Grias-Radwanskim Sophia                                    Roldan, Martha                Minton, Barbara
Kales, Anthony and Joyce     Lansing, MI                   Soimar, Michael and Corina    Minton, Charles
Vlahadamis, Kosta            Holy Trinity                  Stathas, Nick and Rita        Nanos, Vasiliki
                              Joseph, Yvonne
Bloomfield Hills, MI          Sweeney, Evie Zois           Nashville, TN                 Syracuse, NY
St. George                                                 Holy Trinity                  St. Sophia
St. George Parish            Lexington, KY                 Hohnholt, Fr. Gregory and      Smith, Fr. David and Presby-
                             Panagia Pantovasilissa         Presbytera Sofia             tera Donna
Buffalo, NY                  Hostetter, Mr. and Mrs.       Vaporis, Fr. George and
Annunciation                 Nicholas                       Presbytera Kalliopi          Toledo, OH
Christakis, Fr. Christos and Kiriacopoulos, Ken and Kate Kirk, Benedict                  Holy Trinity Cathedral
Presbytera Lisa              Pandaru, Andronica            Rogers, Helen and Lawrence     Damaskos, Fr.Aristotle and
                             Memphis, TN                    Kamm                          Presbytera Debbie
Carmel, IN - Holy Trinity Annunciation                                                    Sieben, Paul
Pappas, Vicki                Gallagher, Evangelia          New Buffalo, MI
                                                           Annunciation/                 Traverse City, MI
Chattanooga, TN              Muskegon, MI                  St.Paraskevi                  Archangel Gabriel
Annunciation                 Annunciation                  Polymeris, Spiros and Donna     Olechnowicz, Fr. Iakovos
Mousourakis, Donna           Annunciation Parish                                          and Pres. Joleen
Soufleris, Adam and Nickie    Mot, Fr. Catalin and Presby- Plymouth, MI
                             tera Felicia                  Nativity of the Virgin        Troy, MI - St. Nicholas
Cincinnati, OH                Yankopoulos, Presbytera      Mary                           Demery, Beck
Holy Trinity/St. Nicholas Ann                                Sarelis, Fr. Charles
HTSN Philoptochos            Achterhoff, Christina                                       Watertown, NY
Assaley, Lewis and Patricia  Afendoulis, Alexander J.      Rochester, NY                 St. Vasilios
Moraites, Dena               Afendulis, James              Annunciation                   St. Vasilios Parish
                             Afendoulis, Magdalene          Gines, George Family
Farmington Hills, MI         Afendulis, Phyllis G.          Stefanou, Gus and Florence   Westland,MI
Holy Cross                   Baker, Georgia J.                                           Sts. Constantine & Helen
Stefanakis, George and       Baldas,Voula                  Rochester, NY                   Sts. Constantine and Helen
Terrie                       Bati, John                    Holy Spirit                    GOYA
                             Bouth, Mike                    Holy Spirit Philoptochos
Fort Wayne, IN               Clark, Ken and Nicci           Cowles, Fr. Patrick and      Other Friends
Holy Trinity                 Davros, Nickolas J. and Fam- Presbytera Mary                Bartz, Fr. Bill and Presby-
Doublas, Gregory              ily                           Chilas, Diane                tera Emily, Dumfries, VA
Spirou, Arthur and Mary      Douville, Farrell and Mary     Ginis, Panos
  Volume II, Issue 2                                                                      Easter 2010                           Page 7

                                                      Metropolis News
   GREEK SCHOOL NEWS                Greek Language” which is issued     grounds seeking the official        Greek language.
                                    by the Greek Ministry of Educa-     “Certificate of Attainment in       A special thank you to Professor

T     he University of Michigan
      Modern Greek Program in
Ann Arbor, Michigan has be-
                                    tion. In the past, individuals in
                                    the Midwest had to travel to
                                    Chicago to take the examination.
                                                                        Greek Language”. With this
                                                                        certificate one can prove any-
                                                                        where in the world that the
                                                                                                            Vassilios Lambropoulos, Univer-
                                                                                                            sity of Michigan and Mr. George
                                                                                                            Reganis, Co-Chairperson Me-
come an examination center for      This examination is for all indi-   Greek state has officially recog-   tropolis of Detroit Greek Lan-
the “Certificate of Attainment in   viduals of all ages and back-       nized their proficiency in the      guage and Culture Committee.

                                      The Hellenic community of greater Detroit will celebrate
                                        Greek Independence Day on Sunday, April 18, 2010

I  n the spirit of unity, the Hellenic community of greater Detroit will celebrate Greek Independence Day as a symbol of our national
   renaissance. We have every reason to be proud of our inheritance and together with pride showcase Hellenism and its traditions!
Your support is very important. Please help us make this day a memorable for Hellenism and particularly our children and grand children
that seem to enjoy it so much.
                                               PARADE Weekend - Schedule of Events
* Friday April 16 (6-9 pm) - Preview the New Hellenic Museum of Michigan;
* Saturday April 17 - Preview Dinner Dance & Hellenic Heritage Awards;
* Sunday April 18 (10:30 am) - Hierarchical Liturgy & Doxology @ Annunciation Cathedral, Detroit
* Sunday April 18 (2:15 pm) - Dignitary Reception @ 1001 Woodward Ave, Detroit
* Sunday April 18 (3:00 pm sharp) - GREEK INDEPENDENCE DAY PARADE
           The famous Laographikos Omilos Kouriton from the Island of Crete under the leadership of their director Manolis Pattakos
                                            will lead the parade and perform at all the events.
                                            The Shepherd's Staff

                                                                 Friends of the Metropolis
                                                 What Does Friends of the Metropolis Support?
                                 General: Fully fund the expenses of the Me- Outreach/Missions: Create opportunities to
                                 tropolis offices, programs and travels.           introduce our faith to society, participate in inter
                                                                                   -Christian and inter-faith activities as well as
                                 Education: Enhance scholarships and adult provide quick responses to national disasters.
2560 Crooks Road                 education programs, as well as support the Me-
                                                                                   Hellenism: Develop programs for Hellenic Cul-
 Troy, MI 48084                  tropolis students at Hellenic College/Holy Cross.
                                                                                   tural Outreach, including language, history and
 Phone: (248) 823-2400           Support: Develop and provide educational and
   Fax: (248) 823-2401           instructional seminars and services to clergy and Leadership: Organize Metropolis Clergy-Laity
          E-mail:                parishes.                                         Conferences, Oratorical Festivals, Christmas
                                                                                   Pageants and Adult Education Programs.
                                 Youth: Maintain and support the youth office
                                                                                   Special Programs: Website development, hos-
                                 and activities of a full-time Youth and Young
                                                                                   pitality to visiting dignitaries and guests, Charity
                                 Adult Ministries Director.
                                                                                   and Philanthropy.

The Shepherd’s Staff                                            Dear Friends of the Metropolis:
                                 Dear Friends of the Metropolis:                    program, ministries and programs are imple-
           Editor:                                                                  mented on a Metropolis-wide basis which
                                 God has called us to do mighty deeds for the glory
     Alex Radulescu                                                                 strengthen and enhance our faith and our joint
                                 of His name and for the love of His people.
 Phone: (248) 823-2414                                                              ministry of service.
         E-mail:                 You are called upon to join in this reality of “faith If you have not yet become part of the Metropolis-       working through love” as we continue to manifest wide effort, I would like to invite you to join forces
                                 the love of God for His Church and His people.        with the faithful throughout our Metropolis in sup-
     To subscribe to the                                                               port of the ministries which are part of the Office
                                 When you support the Friends of the Metropolis
 Shepherd’s Staff e-mail list,                                                         of the Metropolitan.
                                 campaign, you are part of a greater outreach that
 please send us an e-mail at       proclaims with one universal voice that God is truly Thanking you for your kind and generous response,
                                 our hope and our rock of salvation.                   I remain, with paternal blessing and prayers,
  typing in the subject line:
NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE             Because of your devotion and help to the Friends
                                                                                       Metropolitan Of Detroit

                                 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                           I am pleased to support the work of Metropolitan Nicholas and the        Send this card in an envelope to:
                                                                                                                    The Metropolis of Detroit
                                           Metropolis through the Annual Metropolis Stewardship “Friends” Program   2560 Crooks Road, Troy, MI 48084

                                     $25               $50               $100              $250              $500           $1000          Other

                                 Name__________________________________Parish Affiliation:______________________
                                 Phone _______________________________Email_________________________________

                                     Check Enclosed (payable to Friends of the Metropolis of Detroit)

                                     Please Charge My Credit Card                        Visa            MasterCard
                                  Account # ___________________Exp.__________Signature_______________Date__________

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