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					spring edition

                 A publication of Kappa Deuteron of Phi Gamma Delta

                 Phi Gam Takes Lead in SGA
          Kappa Deuteron would like to congratulate the newly elected vice-president of
   the Student Government Association, Tucker Brown of Oconee County, Georgia.
   Tucker, along with running mate Will Childs of Rome, led their Classic Party to
   dominance in the recent election. The only Greek-led ticket, Will and Tucker
   captured fifty-six percent of the vote, along with losing only three Senate seats.
                                                                          A member of the
                                                                  Freshman Board as a
                                                                  freshman and chairman
                                                                  of the External Affairs
                                                                  Committee as a
                                                                  sophomore, Tucker has
                                                                  been an influential
                                                                  member of SGA since
                                                                  his arrival at the
                                                                  university. Will and
                                                                  Tucker ran under the
                                                                  banner of the Classic
                                                                  Party, citing the need for
   SGA to return to its roots.
          Their platform included many proposed changes to the university atmosphere,
   including a trophy for the Georgia-Florida rivalry, an online textbook exchange for
   students, extended OASIS hours for students, midterm course evaluations, and taking
   back the student activities fees, among many others.
          Along with Tucker, brothers Michael Gray and Jon Clark were also elected to
   Senate positions. A very successful election for Kappa Deuteron has ensured that our
   past reputation for campus involvement still continues as we maintain our present
   influence on campus.
         Nu tetratons
                          By Andrew Hollod ‘07

      It is always both a difficult and demanding task to find men
that are a cut above the brothers in our chapter. However, we have
succeeded in selecting our spring pledge class of 2005. Rush is an
extremely important area that directly dictates the future of Phi
Gamma Delta at the University of Georgia. Spring rush for 2005
began with a large group of brothers and rushees dining at
Buffalo’s. After numerous dinners, social gatherings, and formal
rush, Kappa Deuteron selected eight men, strong in both character
and commitment, to compose the Nu Tetraton pledge class. The
pledge class is made up of freshmen from various areas of Georgia
and is a great addition to our chapter. Zack Smith from Waycross,
Rob Dulin from St. Simon’s Island, Rankin Morgan from
Wildwood, Ryan Cranford from Lilburn, Brandon Greene from
Roswell, Cliff Knowlton from Patterson, Daniel Fireman from
Eatonton, and Jess McNeil from Americus are the future of Kappa
Deuteron. We all enjoyed this process and know that these eight
men are seriously dedicated to upholding the great traditions and
high ideals we share as a fraternity.
                Kappa Deuteron’s New Residence Hall Taking Shape
         As the New Year rolls around, there is a distinctly new look about and heightened level of
excitement around the Phi Gam House in Athens as the new residence hall has taken shape at #3
Cloverhurst Court. The chapter is thrilled to see the new 10,000 square foot, state of the art residence hall
occupying the space where the old apartment building stood for so many years. The enthusiasm is at a fever
pitch among the undergraduates who cannot wait for the new building to be finished in May. The only
brothers who have mixed feelings about the construction going on in Athens these days are the seniors who
know that they will not be able to live in and enjoy the new digs! Moreover, several older graduates who
have toured the new building have lamented that they cannot re-live their college days in this new crib!

          As we all know, the impetus for the construction of this fine new building is a fire safety issue
which is sweeping college towns nationwide. We all remember when we awoke on the morning of August
31, 2004 to the sad truth that 3 young men died in an ATO fraternity house fire at the University of
Mississippi, one of whom hailed from Atlanta. Many of us remember when 5 undergrads died at Chapel
Hill in the Phi Gam house fire of 1996. For several years leading up to the ground breaking of this new
building, I never wanted to get a phone call as president of the house corporation that any of our young
undergraduates (more and more of whom are sons of graduate brothers) died in a fire because our graduates
did not care enough to raise the necessary funds to provide a safe place for our brothers to live. It was for
that reason that I cast the vision three years ago that we must go “out with the old and in with the new” and
replace the old fire trap apartment building with a new structure which would provide state of the art fire
safety systems. I have been so pleased that many of our graduates have responded so generously to the
“Foundation for the Future” Capital Campaign by pledging approximately $950,000 to help us achieve the
new, stately building gracing the Classic City. However, as Coach Richt would say, we have not yet
“Finished the Drill.”

         Approximately 205 graduates have helped “tote the financial load” to make the building a reality.
Remember that time was of the essence to get this building built in order to avoid having the old apartment
building “CONDEMNED” as unsafe by the Fire Marshall for failure to comply with the Athens/Clarke
County Fire Ordinance which requires ALL GREEK HOUSES to be sprinklered by December 31, 2005.
To these 205 truly “Purple Yeomen”, I say a heartfelt “THANK YOU!!!”

          However, in spite of our best efforts to forecast the cost of this new building, as is often the case
where a new building is to be constructed on the site of an existing building, the contractor encountered
underground surprises such as (1) a very large vein of granite which had to be removed in order to put in
the foundation for the new building, (2)unsuitable soils and (3) old gas and sewer lines which had to be
rerouted. In addition, we need additional funds in order to provide for adequate furnishings in the common
areas. Therefore, we really need our remaining 600+ GRADUATES to come alongside the “Purple
Yeomen” and make a financial investment in the chapter that, hopefully, meant something special to all
800 of its graduates.

         So, here is what the Executive Committee of the Foundation for the Future Campaign would like
to request:

              1. For those 600+ graduates who have not made a pledge, we would encourage each of you
                 to consider a minimum gift over 2 years totaling at least $500. (That’s annual lunch
                 money for most of folks, or pizza money for our kids!) Gifts under $2500 are not tax
                 deductible and should be mailed to:
                                                 Foundation for the Future
                                                       P.O. Box 227
                                                 Alpharetta, Georgia 30009

                  IF each of the 600+ brothers who have not contributed would give an average gift of
              $500, we would be able to significantly lower the amount of the permanent mortgage to take
              the pressure off the House Corporation and undergraduates to service the loan, particularly
              given the present rising interest rate environment.

              1. For those brothers who have already pledged and would consider increasing their pledge,
                 or, for those who have not pledged and can give an amount in excess of $2500, one half
                 of the total may be deductible. In that event, you should send half of the total to the
                 “Foundation for the Future” address in paragraph 1 above and the balance to:

                                      Phi Gamma Delta Educational Foundation
                                                1201 Red Mile Road
                                                  P.O. Box 4599
                                          Lexington, Kentucky 40544-4599

               It is essential that you designate the check for the “GEORGIA CHEF” account in order
          that it be earmarked for the Kappa Deuteron capital campaign. (If you desire to make a gift
          of stock, please contact Jim Boyles [Merrill Lynch] at 800-214-3873).

              2. For those brothers who have made a pledge and have not fully funded that pledge, we
                 ask that you please do so within the next 30 days if possible in order that we might use
                 the funds to finish payment for the construction as it proceeds to completion in May.
                 One of the unforeseen costs we are seeking to cover are those arising from unfulfilled
                 pledges. While we understand that everyone's financial circumstances can change, we
                 hope everyone understands that this project was started based on the assumption that all
                 brothers would honor their pledges in a timely manner. If we are unable to collect the
                 full amount of pledges, the shortfall will have to be made up by additional pledges from
                 other graduates or through significantly higher rent from the undergrads. If you are
                 behind in your pledge, please do what you can to catch up quickly or, if that is not
                 possible, please let us know so we can make alternative arrangements. If you are unable
                 to fulfill your original pledge, please contact Bob Cheeley at 770-814-7001, Scott
                 Dickinson at 404-885-6674, or Kessel Stelling at 770-509-5924.

     In closing, this new building is going to knock your socks off! It will feature several neat spaces,
including an outdoor chimney/grill area where memories will be fostered for years to come around a
campfire, two study lounges with wireless internet access, and the Log Cabin Room which will serve as an
Early American style home theater/chapter room which will make it seem as if you are in the original cabin
where the fraternity was founded at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in 1848! You can help make this building
special for future deserving young men who will be honored to wear the white star, not to mention for our
graduates as we gather for football Saturdays and Pig Dinners, by giving generously now. This will most
likely be “the last call” for Kappa Deuteron’s graduates to “get in the game” and help “finish the drill.”
Remember, we will memorialize the sacrificial contributions made by each donor on a permanent bronze
plaque on the new residence hall. Make sure that your name will forever be remembered as a champion of
this cause as we, together, seek to build a Foundation for the Future for the best fraternity at the University
of Georgia and in the nation—Kappa Deuteron!!! Will you be remembered as a Purple Yeoman?

                                                       For The Executive Committee,
                                                               Bob Cheeley, ‘79
              GAVEL REPORT
It is my utmost pleasure to be reporting on the finest chapter in the nation at the most
excellent University in the country. The Bulldogs capped off another great year with a
win over the Wisconsin Badgers down in Tampa at the Outback Bowl and the baseball
team is off to a great 3-0 start. Georgia’s basketball team has a promising recruiting class
that makes the future look bright on the court. At a time when the chapter could be
resting on its laurels, the brothers here at Kappa Deuteron are continuously striving for
the excellence that has brought us this far.

The three A’s remain as important as ever as we head into intramural softball season.
With a strong finish during football season Kappa Deuteron now boasts four teams with
hopes of bringing home the gold. Our influence on campus continues to thrive as we
hold many leadership positions including the Arch Society Chairman, Vice President of
SGA, IFC Vice President for Public Relations, the Dance Marathon Corporate
Sponsorship Director as well as the Paintball Club President. We also head up a Relay of
Life team, participate in Crossroads Leadership and the President of the Flying Club calls
Kappa Deuteron home. Academics are still a mainstay as we finished above the all-
men’s average for the 36th consecutive year with an astonishing 3.38 GPA and a second
place finish among fraternities. Our pledges boasted a 3.25 last fall including 17 AAA
Scholarship winners from the National Fraternity.

Under the leadership of Tim Walsh, Kappa Deuteron brought in 20 quality gentlemen to
join our ranks. I am ever so confident that these young men are precisely what it takes to
continue at the level our chapter has operated at for so long. These men have already
gotten involved with all areas of campus and fraternity life including two on Dance
Marathon Committees, a few IFC committee members and Duck’s Unlimited members.
My hat’s off to Tyler Stevens and Andrew Hollod for heading up spring rush as we
pledged 8 men who truly are a cut above.

Of all the exciting aspects surrounding 3 Cloverhurst, the most impressive is the Million
Dollar Mansion that has shot up over the last few months. Bob Cheeley, Charlie Conboy
and Scott Dickinson, among others have worked extremely hard to see the Foundation for
the Future become a reality. The 20 man residence hall has become a daily venue for
brothers to admire as they come and go. This project would only be a thought if it were
not for the overwhelming graduate support Kappa Deuteron has received, so on behalf of
the chapter, I thank you.

We look forward to seeing you at Pig Dinner in April and I am, as always, mighty proud
to be a Kappa Deuteron FIJI.

                                                                     Eddie Goepp ‘06
                              By Stephen G. Sowell ‘08

        Sometimes, there are experiences that come along that one never forgets.
The pledge process of Kappa Deuteron is definitely one that will always stay with
me. Coming into the beginning of pledgeship, like many of my pledge brothers, I
didn’t know what to expect. What transpired was something unlike anything I had
ever encountered. The joys and difficulties we faced as pledges appeared to have
no immediate purpose, but as time passed we realized the utmost importance of
these trials. The mental toughness and confidence the pledge process gave us has
prepared us for brotherhood as well as life beyond the fraternity. Many
upperclassmen always told me throughout pledgeship that they would give
anything to trade places with me as my journey as a FIJI had begun. Pledgeship
truly is the best time that you’ll never want to repeat. I am, and always will be,
mighty proud to be a FIJI.

  Phi Gams INVADE Savannah
                               By Timothy W. Kiser ‘08

        Kappa Deuteron started the New Year off with a bang hosting its Purple
Garter in the magical city of Savannah, Georgia. The Phi Gams had the whole
city in awe as we arrived with the most beautiful women that have ever set foot on
its gracious soil. One Savannah native was overheard saying that we “looked like
a fairy tale from the days of old.” After our arrival on Friday, the night was filled
with fine dining and unimaginable merrymaking. Many brothers found
themselves at the Savannah Smiles Piano Bar where they were serenaded by two
majestic grand pianos. On Saturday many of us took to the streets of Savannah
and enjoyed the myriad of shops that awaited. Later that evening Kappa Deuteron
and friends donned the formal garb and embarked on one of the most beautiful
vessels ever seen- the mighty fairy boat “The Georgia Queen.” The crew served
fabulous delicacies while we listened to a kicking disc jockey. Then everyone
went down to the lower level of “The Georgia Queen” and had a blast jiving to the
sweet tunes of the band. At the end of the night all were satisfied with the
righteous weekend. The revelry and brotherhood experienced by all truly cannot
be described in mere words.
    phi gam notes
This Year’s Norris Pig Dinner is Saturday, April 16.
 Don’t forget to RSVP.
Parent’s Weekend is Saturday, April 23 and Sunday,
 April 24. Make hotel reservations NOW!!!
Rush is beginning NOW. Please send any potential
 rushee’s name and address to rush chairman Matt
 Kreis at
Please contact Barry Connell with any potential
 internships or summer jobs for undergrads at

A Round of clicks
 Brother Kevin Carmichael for his recent marriage
  to former Sweetheart Amy Alexander
 Brother Eddie Goepp for his election to Vice
  President of Public Relations of IFC
 Brother Tucker Brown for his election to Vice
  President of the Student Government Association
 Brother Parker Stephens for his recent luck with
  the Georgia Lottery System
 Brother Chip Hamilton and his wife for the recent
  birth of a baby boy
          Editor’s Note
While compiling this edition of the FIJIUGA it has been my great privilege to truly
experience the brotherhood in Kappa Deuteron. It took a great effort from many brothers
to put this publication together, namely Grant Muller, Tim Kiser, Stephen Sowell,
Andrew Hollod, and Tyler Stevens. Although I have only been a brother for a month and
a half, I have experienced the bond that holds our fraternity together. I have enjoyed the
many date nights and socials, but above all, I take great pride in walking through our
front door and seeing a room full of my fraternity brothers that I can always count on. I
hope this edition of the FIJIUGA has been a good insight into the workings of Kappa
Deuteron from community service all the way to our social calendar. We are very busy
in all aspects of the university, and we are especially proud of Tucker Brown for winning
Vice President of SGA. Our chapter is very fortunate to be able to raise such strong
graduate support in order to build our new house, and we hope to see each of you at our
annual Pig Dinner in April. On behalf of the brothers in Kappa Deuteron, I want to thank
all the brothers that have come before us in protecting the sacredness of our fraternity as
well as the brotherhood that is not for college days alone. If you have any questions or
concerns you are more than welcome to write us at the return address listed below.

                                                         Robert Watts ‘08

 The Fraternity of                                                      NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
 Phi Gamma Delta                                                             PAID
                                                                           ATHENS, GA
 Kappa Deuteron Chapter                                                   PERMIT No. 122
 No. 3 Cloverhurst Court
 Athens, Georgia 30605

 *Please send any address corrections to the house c/o Tyler Stevens
Fall edition

                A publication of Kappa Deuteron of Phi Gamma Delta

          August of 2005 marked another milestone for the Kappa Deuteron chapter of Phi
  Gamma Delta. This past August, three years of planning, fund raising, and hard work
  paid off when the new Residence Hall was opened on August 10th for move in. Not only
  has this new Residence Hall boosted Chapter morale, but it has also moved Kappa
  Deuteron to the top of the list with regards to Greek Housing.
          The new Residence Hall features twenty individual bed rooms, with each room
  sharing a bath room with only one other brother. It contains three large common areas
  designed to promote academic excellence with study-carols, comfortable couches and
  plenty of desk room to assist with group projects. No details were spared with the
  building of the Residence as the building contains a top of the line T-1 wireless internet
  connection, ceiling fans in all bedrooms, kitchenettes on all three levels with
  dishwashers, and to top it off, a 120 inch projection screen TV/DVD. The new Residence
  has insured that Kappa Deuteron’s growth will continue here at the University of
  Georgia. The undergraduate brothers of Kappa Deuteron express great appreciation to
  the House Corporation and to all of the graduate brothers and various other people that
  donated money and time to the finest establishment on campus.
               Xi tetratons
                                      By Davis Warlick ‘08

        As the brothers returned from various summer activities, they were greeted with
some unfamiliar faces. Matt Kreis, the Rush Chair, worked diligently this summer to
create a new pledge class that is truly a “cut above.” Matt spent many hours this summer
organizing rush events and searching for men that uphold the fraternity’s precious values.
By the end of the summer, Kappa Deuteron successfully pinned twenty-eight fine
gentlemen. Ranging from Travis Boyles, and Oconee County local, to Taylor Carlton,
from Kansas City, this diverse pledge class is composed of scholars and mannerly young
gentlemen. Several of the new pledges are enrolled in the Honors College, active with
Student Government, and are participating in Club athletics. After getting to know the
new pledges, the brothers are truly appreciative of the work Matt Kreis did this summer.
                      Phi Gams in Africa

This summer, Daniel Simpson and I set out on an unforgettable journey to Africa. We
were blessed with the opportunity to participate in individual service projects in Moshi,
Tanzania, a small village at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro near the East coast of the
continent. Daniel taught men and women basic skills from English to business planning
in a vocational school as well as playing guitar in a local church. I spent my days in an
experimental English-medium primary school teaching science, humanities, and music.
        At the end of our trip, Daniel and I took a week-long trek to the peak of Mt.
Kilimanjaro. Despite its location only 200 kilometers from the African equator, “Uhuru”
peak withstands huge gusts of winds and temperatures below -15°C, towering
approximately 20,000 feet above sea level.
        I find it nearly impossible to verbalize “lessons learned” or changes in mindset or
perspective. I can, however, say that the moments of hardship and elation will forever
ring in my head; and the generosity and wisdom I received from my Tanzanian friends
will forever resonate in my heart.
        This is also something I will share with a dear Brother of Phi Gamma Delta—
something we will both look back on with laughter and awe for the rest of our days.

                                                             -John Binford ‘07
              GAVEL REPORT
As we head into another fall semester in Athens I can honestly say that the purple
machine is rolling at full speed and chapter tone has never been higher.

Coming off an extremely successful summer rush, Matt Kreis led our chapter to pledge a
class of twenty-seven outstanding men. As usual, things worked out for the best but the
reason is that we consistently have brothers that step up and take the reins of rush to
ensure our future progression. It has been nothing short of a pleasure to work with such
an outstanding rush chairman and committee and I am grateful for that opportunity.

We once again rose to the challenge of academics. Our brothers finished third place in
grade point average with a 3.36, compared to the fraternity average of 3.17. I am proud
that everyone at Kappa Deuteron holds scholarship as a high priority.

FIJI has always held many important leadership positions on campus and this semester is
no different. Clay McCoy, Kenny Goepp, and Grant Muller hold executive positions on
the Dance Marathon Board, which is the largest student run philanthropy on campus.
Tucker Brown, still the Vice President of SGA, calls Kappa Deuteron home and Tim
Walsh is the chairman of the Arch Society. These are just to name a few. Many Phi
Gams are involved with Crossroads, Blue Key, Order of Omega, Relay for Life, Ducks
Unlimited and Quail Unlimited. Furthermore the newly formed FIJI X flag football team
has been formed with hopes to bring a long awaited championship home to our mantle.
As always we hold the three A’s to the highest of standards. Additionally, in the wake of
the hurricane catastrophe, eight FIJI’s sacrificed their weekend, and a Georgia football
game, to assist in the disaster relief in Mississippi and New Orleans. Our brothers
continue to give more than they take in an effort to better the world around them.

As expected, the buzz around the Greek system, as well as campus, has been the
formation of FIJI estates. Greeks and non-Greeks alike are awestruck when they drive by
on Lumpkin or come across Poon’s Crossing on Cloverhurst Court. The new residence
hall that was constructed this past year is now the central attraction all across UGA. We
are extremely fortunate as undergrads to have a graduate base as strong as we do in such
a short lifetime on this campus. The sacrifices that have been made will be forever
remembered and appreciated by all who come through the portals of Phi Gamma Delta.
For that incredible home that sits on 6 Cloverhurst Court I thank each and every one of

I must say that I look forward to seeing you at a tailgate this fall and most importantly at
Pig Dinner in April. I am as always mighty proud to be a Kappa Deuteron Phi Gam.

                                                                      Eddie Goepp ‘06
           Phi Gam Fellowship
                                By Clay McCoy ‘08

       Every Monday night after chapter, we hold Phi Gam Fellowship for any
brother wanting to come. A consistent group of about fifteen has been meeting
weekly and it has been great. With such busy college schedules, it is nice to have
one hour out of the week devoted to the men in the group and God. We try to
make this group a time that we are honest with one another about struggles and
events in our lives in order that we may encourage and pray for each other. We
also are trying to better know the Scripture. Currently the group is going through
the book of 1 Peter and we plan to look at many more books of the Bible. College
offers many trials and temptations, but the group of men in Phi Gam Fellowship
helps us to continue to strengthen our walk with Christ and keep our faith in the
center of our lives.

               Dance Marathon
                               By Kenny Goepp ‘08

       Dance Marathon is a 24-hour event at the University of Georgia that is held
at the Ramsey Center to finish off a years worth of fundraising. All of the money
raised goes straight to Children's Miracle Network, which directly benefits
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite and Egleston. Dance Marathon
has been Fiji’s philanthropy in the past and will be again this year. We will do a
“Run for the Kids”, which is where we team up with Fijis from Georgia Tech and
run a football from Athens to Tech on the Georgia vs. Ga. Tech weekend. We
send out letters to families and friends to sponsor our “Run for the Kids.” Last
year we donated over $20,000 to Dance Marathon which was more than any other
fraternity on campus. With all of your support we hope to make an even greater
contribution this year.
    Purple Legionnaire
        We are enjoying an extraordinary year of success and good will at Kappa Deuteron.
The opening of the new residential hall provides Kappa Deuteron with the very best house on
campus. We are indebted to our graduate brothers, particularly Bob Cheeley, for making this
dream into reality. Bob and many other graduate brothers persevered on this project for
many years and overcame many obstacles in their path. I am confident that the
undergraduate brothers will respond by taking special care to preserve this wonderful
residence for many years to come.

         Of course, Kappa Deuteron is about more than just outstanding facilities. The
undergraduate brotherhood remains stronger than ever, and the quality of our new pledge
class provides great promise for the future. The chapter officers and committee chairs are
performing very professionally under the leadership of President Eddie Goepp. I believe that
the undergraduate brothers understand the special role our chapter plays on this campus that
sets us apart from all other fraternities.

        If you have not visited Cloverhurst Court recently, I encourage you to stop by and
reconnect with the brotherhood. An active graduate brotherhood ensures the continuation of
a strong undergraduate brotherhood.

Jere Morehead
Purple Legionnaire

         Fiji Involvement in Quail Unlimited
         This past January Brother Matt Kreis along with three other gentlemen from other
University of Georgia fraternities came together to start the first collegiate chapter of Quail
Unlimited, a non-profit organization committed to the restoration and preservation of upland
bird habitat throughout North America. The “founding fathers” attended the Northeast
Georgia’s Quail Unlimited Chapter banquet in Watkinsville, Georgia in February to propose
their idea of establishing a collegiate chapter. After receiving encouragement and support
from numerous local members, the four men attended a formal meeting in Athens, Georgia
with Wink McWhorter, a local businessman who heads the Northeast Georgia Chapter, and
Tommy Dean, Regional Director for Quail Unlimited in the Southeast, to sign a charter for
the University of Georgia’s Quail Unlimited Chapter. Mr. Dean and the national
organization have become extremely excited with the concept of creating Quail Unlimited
chapters on college campuses throughout the country and plan to do an article in the Quail
Unlimited Magazine, which is distributed throughout the nation. Undoubtedly, the
University of Georgia’s Quail Unlimited chapter has paved the way for college involvement
in preserving upland bird habitat. Although this organization is in the early stages of its
development, many Kappa Deuteron Phi Gams have joined Quail Unlimited and plan on
attending the first collegiate Quail Unlimited banquet September 29 th . They plan on raising
about five thousand dollars to help jumpstart quail habitat in the Athens area.

                                                        - Matt Kreis ‘07
     phi gam notes
We apologize for the tardiness of this edition, but we were
 hoping to be able to include any awards from the
 international fraternity, but because they have not
 announced them, we could not do so.
There are still two remaining home tailgates this Fall; we
 of course welcome your attendance at these events
We are in the middle of our annual “Run for the Kids”
 philanthropy campaign. Please consider helping us with
 this effort as we try to once again exceed last year’s
 contribution to the Children’s Miracle Network

A Round of clicks
 Brothers Kenny Goepp, Clay McCoy, and Grant
  Muller for being selected for Dance Marathon
  Executive Board
 Brothers Nick Johnson, Grant Hanna, and Chris
  Stelling for being selected for Relay for Life
  Executive Board
 Brother Bill Bracewell for the recent birth of his
  first granddaughter, Grace.
 Brother Joey Kendrick on receiving the Richard B.
  Russell Student Leadership Award presented by
  the Blue Key Honor Society
            Editor’s Note
It has been a great opportunity and privilege to compile this edition of the FIJIUGA.
Much appreciation goes out to all of the brothers that helped write the articles,
particularly Tim Walsh, Kenny Goepp, Matt Kreis, Davis Warlick, Clay McCoy, and
John Binford. Hopefully, this newsletter portrays Kappa Deuteron’s movement forward
through scholarship, community service, and social activity. I also hope that everyone
reading this publication understands the true character of our brotherhood demonstrated
by the giving from our graduate brothers as well as the efforts of our Purple Legionnaire.
Through the efforts of the men that have come before us, our five sacred values have
been instilled into the chapter, and thus preserved eternally. The reason that Phi Gamma
Delta thrives on each campus is through the common goals of every brother in the
chapter as well as the incredible graduate base that continues to give more than they take.
It has been an amazing experience to put a newsletter like this together, and I have
enjoyed it thoroughly. I hope to see many of you at the football games we have
remaining this season and especially at Pig Dinner in the spring. More than ever, I love
all my brothers, and I am mighty proud to be a Kappa Deuteron.

                                                         Robert Watts ‘08

 The Fraternity of                                                      NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
 Phi Gamma Delta                                                             PAID
                                                                           ATHENS, GA
 Kappa Deuteron Chapter                                                   PERMIT No. 122
 No. 3 Cloverhurst Court
 Athens, Georgia 30605

 *Please send any address corrections to the house c/o Tyler Stevens