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					                        Student Government Association
                               2009-2010 Senate
                       SGA Minutes from February 28, 2010
I. Meeting called to order at 8:20pm

II. Attendance
Executive Board: Hugo Jury, President; Austin Potter, VP for Student Affairs; Christina Graziano,
VP for Academic Affairs; Daniel Anastas, VP for Financial Affairs; Laura Hall, Senate Speaker
Senate: Carleigh Baldwin, Katie Barnhart, Robert Benoit, Matthew Brennan, Jacqueline Carlson,
Courtney Carpenter, Emily Carr, Eliza Cassella, Jordan Dembishack, Jennifer DiMilla, Megan
Evangelista, Dan Ferry, Brian Foley, Pete Gati, Nicole Graham, Jonny Grenier, John Guinan Leslie
Higgins, Julie Malinowski, Alex Mascaro, Jessica MacDonald, Joseph McElroy, Andrea Nault,
Molly Pietrantonio, TJ Roffey, Joelle Santiago, Kristin Schultz, Collin Sumera, Mike Swanson, Dan
Thaller, Dexter Viator, and Jay Williams
 Absent: Kristen Miller, Patrick Ritter, Megan Tomlin
Guests: Dean Crimmin, Professor Corrigan, Eric Swindle

III. Invocation: Moment of Silence

IV. Approval of the Minutes
First motion: Nicole Graham Second Motion: Robby Benoit
Decision: motion is passed

V. Campus Update- Jen Clancy ‘10, Campus Activities Board Liaison
February 28, 2010 – March 7, 2010

Sunday, February 28
7:00 & 10:00 PM Masses
SGA, 8:20, Hagan Campus Center Hall

Monday, March 1
PAWS, 6:00 PM, Student Health Services
AC Advocates for Life, 6:15 PM in Founders 101
Rosary Group, 6:45 PM, Chapel of the Holy Spirit
Students for Safe Choices, 7:00 PM, Commuter Lounge
Creative Writing Club, 8:00 PM, Kennedy Honors Lounge

The Department of Natural Sciences Presents:
James Hauri, Ph.D.
“Explorations in Environmental Chemistry Research”
4:00 PM, Testa Science Center Room 006
Refreshments will be served

Missed your chance to get a Spring Ball ticket?
Spring Ball Ticket Sales, 1:30-3:00
“Mardi Gras Masquerade” is on March 27th at the DCU Center
Campus Activities Board Office
Tuesday, March 2
AC Allies meeting, 7:00 PM in the SARR
SEND Info Night, 6:00 PM in Charlie’s

Lucy Marcigliano: “Exposing Through Disposing”
On display in the Emmanuel d’Alzon Library
March 1 – April 16, 2010
Opening reception:
4:30 PM, d’Alzon Library

Wednesday, March 3
Chess Club, 5:00 PM in Charlie’s
CAB General Meeting, 6:30 PM in the SARR
ADAPT, 6:30 PM, Switzer CR
Art Club, 7:30 PM, Laska 206
Political Science/Debate Club, 7:30 PM in Charlie’s

Thursday, March 4
Environmental Club, 4:00 PM, Charlie’s
SEARCH, 5:30 PM, 6th floor of the LLC
ALANA General Meeting, 5:00 PM, SARR
Chapel Choir, 7:00 PM, Chapel of Holy Spirit
Adoration, 9:15 PM, Chapel of the Holy Spirit
Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, 9:30 PM, Chapel of the Holy Spirit

Stations of the Cross, 8:30 PM in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit

March 5th – 14th: Spring Break

Sunday, March 7: No 7:00 PM or 10:00 PM Masses

Sunday, March 14: No 10:00 PM Mass

Mark your calendars for the following events:
Career Fair 2010
Colleges of Worcester Consortium Annual Career Fair
March 24, 2010
1:00 – 4:30 PM, DCU Center Ballroom
All majors and class years are welcome

5th Annual “It’s All in the Mix” Fashion Show
March 25, 2010 in Laska Gymnasium
Hosts: Dean Nancy Crimmin and Dean Robert Ravenelle

Did you miss your chance to buy a Third Eye Blind ticket?
Tickets still on sale online on the Pretty Polly website.
$30.00 per ticket.
Lent, A Season of Reconciliation:
-“Journey through Lent Series: Lenten Bible Study”, Mondays at 12:30 PM
Please contact Stephanie McCaffrey for more information at
-Stations of the Cross: March 4th and March 25th at 8:30 PM in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit
Please contact Br. Dinh Votran, A.A. at

START I Retreat on March 19-20, 2010
Applications now available in the Campus Ministry Office in HCCH.
Please contact the START I Focus Group for more information at the following e-mail addresses:
Kelly McNutt at, Jon Bishop at and Bro.
Dinh at

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)
Keychain – Basic- Advanced Techniques
Sign up at Campus Police or call (508) 767-7225
Classes run February to March
Sunday and Tuesday, 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM
See live video on the Campus Police home page, R.A.D. link

Attention Juniors and Seniors: Outpost at Charlie’s
Thursdays from 3:30 – 4:30 PM
No appointment necessary—First come, first serve
(*Not all Thursdays available, check future Assumption Connections for updates)

Habitat for Humanity will meet every other Tuesday
7:00 PM, LLC Basement

Joe’s Joggers will meet every Sunday and Tuesday
4:30 PM, Front of the Plourde Recreation Center

VI. Reports from Executive Committee

Vice President for Financial Affairs Report- Daniel Anastas ‘10
-Applications for the Cambridge Union Society Debate went out this past week. They are due to
me by 5 pm on Wednesday. We will be selecting our Assumption Debaters soon!
-The Budget Task Force is moving ahead and will be forming their Budget Planning and Priorities
Committee shortly.

Environmental Club: $200.00
First motion: Pete Gati Second Motion: Jessica MacDonald
Decision: Passage

Vice President for Academic Affairs- Christina Graziano ‘10
 1. Several of you have emailed me with regard to the President's memo about the provost
search. We are reopening the search for the Spring and hope to bring an additional round of
candidates to campus in April. The Search Committee is meeting on Monday to discuss our
plans moving forward. Please contact me if you have additional questions.
2. The Curriculum Committee is meeting on Wednesday to discuss proposals from the
departments of theology, philosophy, and womens studies. For a more detailed description of
these proposals, see last week's meeting minutes or come by the office to see a copy.
3. I will be attending the Board of Trustee's Academic Affairs meeting on Friday. Items on the
agenda include reports on the Tagaste Program, the Core Curriculum proposals, and tenure /
promotion discussions. I will have a more detailed report for you at our next meeting. Have a
great Spring Break!

Vice President for Student Affairs- Austin Potter ‘10

I attended the College's Policy and Procedures Review Committee last week. Assumption's
candle policy was discussed shortly. The major topic of discussion was the update needed for
our policy regarding charcoal grilles on campus due to the grilles that will be added this summer
to the valley and village areas. The logistics of this policy will continue to be discussed.

 I attended a focus group at the Hanover Theater with SGA President Hugo Jury last Thursday.
We discussed marketing and advertising ideas to get more students to the downtown area. The
idea of institutionalizing some type of internship and/or a "street-team" for advertising was
discussed. President Jury has more to add to this in his report.

 The next Blood Drive will be Wednesday, April 21. All donations are greatly appreciated.

I am beginning the planning for Duck Day 2010. The date of Duck Day will be Wednesday, April
14. Stay tuned for more details.

 The next Board of Trustees meeting is Friday, March 5. I will not be in attendance for the
Student Affairs meeting, however Dr. WoodBrooks has my report and it will be shared. VP for
Financial Affairs, Daniel Anastas, will be in attendance.

 President’s Report- Hugo Jury ‘10

The Electronic Harassment Education Committee met on Friday the 26th. A panel discussion
and awareness week are currently in the planning process.

I have scheduled weekly meetings with the Director of Student Activities for the rest of the

Austin Potter and I attended a focus group for the Hanover Theater. We suggested that the
Hanover offer internships with the local colleges to increase awareness of the theater to
students in the Worcester area.

VII. Committee Updates

Academics – Matthew Brennan ‘12
Good evening,
The Committee on Academic Affairs wishes all students a happy National Anthem Day on 3
March 2010. This evening, we will offer two presentations. First, our notes from the 22
February 2010 meeting of the Committee on Academic Affairs; as a committee, we:
      Heard a presentation from The Chairman of the Committee on Academic Affairs on the
       meetings held with College Honors Program Director James Lang and Fortin and
       Gonthier Foundations of Western Civilization Program Director Geoffrey Vaughan
           o Copies of The Chairman of the Committee on Academic Affairs’ Presentation are
               available in his mailbox in the Office of the Student Government Association.
Secondly, our agenda for the 1 March meeting of the Committee on Academic Affairs;
tomorrow, we will:
    Hear a presentation from Assumption College Bookstore Director Joshua Moore on the
       academic purchases of students at the college
Thank you very much for your time and continued commitment to academics here at
Assumption College. God bless.

Athletics – Joseph McElroy ‘12
No report.

Events – Emily Carr ‘12
No report.

Food and Auxiliary – Carleigh Baldwin ‘11
The committee is continuing to pursue a number of things including RedBox, and the picnic
tables and grilles.

We are also continuing to look into the possibility of a Redemption Center on Campus as well as
a new LaundryView system.

The Recyclemania data is posted in back of the Hagan Campus center info booth so stop by and
take a look and KEEP RECYCLING!

Policy Review – Patrick Ritter ‘11
No report.

Student Affairs – TJ Roffey ‘10
Student Affairs has nothing new to report this week but we will be in touch with Chief Holmes
about signage for the Valley Parking Lot and the website. Anyone with questions for Public
Safety or Residential Life should forward them to TJ at

VIII. Class President’s Report
No Class President Reports this week.

IX. Open Discussion
No open discussion this week.

X. Calendar
Senate # 33: An act to approve the funding of a new Assumption College mascot costume for
-Sponsored by: Joe McElroy
-Cosponsored by: Dan Thaller
First motion: Emily Carr Second Motion: Katie Barnhart
Roll Call to Vote
Carleigh Baldwin:    AYE
 Katie Barnhart:     NAY
 Robert Benoit:       AYE
 Matthew Brennan: AYE
 Jacqueline Carlson: AYE
 Courtney Carpenter: AYE
 Emily Carr:         AYE
 Eliza Cassella:     NAY
 Jordan Dembishack: AYE
 Jennifer DiMilla:   AYE
 Megan Evangelista: AYE
 Dan Ferry:          NAY
 Brian Foley:        AYE
 Pete Gati:          NAY
  Nicole Graham:      AYE
 Jonny Grenier:       AYE
 John Guinan:        AYE
 Laura Hall:        AYE
 Leslie Higgins:     NAY
 Julie Malinowski:   AYE
 Alex Mascaro:       AYE
 Jessica MacDonald: AYE
 Joseph McElroy:      AYE
 Andrea Nault:        AYE
 Molly Pietrantonio: AYE
 TJ Roffey:         AYE
 Joelle Santiago:     AYE
 Kristin Schultz:     AYE
 Collin Sumera:      AYE
 Mike Swanson:        NAY
 Dan Thaller:        AYE
Dexter Viator:       ABSTAIN
Jay Williams:        AYE

26—6—1: The motion is passed

XI. New Business
Senate # 34: An Act to block the website “” from the Assumption College
-Reasoning behind this proposal: Collegeacb is a sister site of and is a negative
influence within the campus community.
-Sponsored by: Meghan Evangelista

Senate # 35: An Act to obtain and place a new America Flag on the top of the LLC.
-Reasoning behind this proposal: The flag currently located there is ripped and needs to be
-Sponsored by: Pete Gati
-Cosponsored by: Alex Mascaro, Jonny Grenier, Michael Swanson, Daniel Thaller, Dexter Viator

XII. Announcements
- Pete Gati ’10: Tickets for Third Eye Blind are available through the website.
- Carleigh Baldwin ’11: Just a reminder to encourage everyone who has not been on a START
Retreat yet that START 1 Retreat Applications are available in the Campus Ministry Office. The
retreat is one night and is a lot of fun! Any questions or for more information stop by the
Campus Ministry office or feel free to email or

XIII. Adjournment
        Motion: TJ Roffey           Second: Matthew Brennan
Decision: motion is passed

                             Respectfully submitted by Laura Hall ‘10
                         Senate Speaker, Student Government Association