Mobile Meter Data Acquisition

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Mobile Meter Data Acquisition

                                Mobile Meter Data Acquisition

                                    The breakthrough in flexibility,
                                            speed and efficiency
MDE2 – our experience is your guarantee

Landis+Gyr has automated meter reading. The high-performance
MDE2 system optimizes all meter reading workflows, and trans-
fers flawless consumption data to your billing system. MDE2 is the
ideal consumption data and load profile acquisition solution for
electricity, gas, heat or water supply utilities.

Landis+Gyr has developed MDE2 for a demanding               With Landis+Gyr MDE2, you get over 20 years of meter
market environment characterised by liberalisation. The     reading systems experience. You can continue to count
high level of meter reading automation and the reduced      on our competent staff within the framework of
error rate with MDE2 bring you closer to your goal of       customer support after the successful deployment of
cost-effective consumption data acquisition. The            the system. With regular software updates, we ensure
immediate transmission of the data from the meter to        that your system will not only meet up to today’s
your billing system via the MDE2 device provides for        challenges but also to tomorrow’s. Our experience is
quicker billing, which optimises your organisation’s        your guarantee.
cash inflow. Your customers will also appreciate your
increased ability to provide information.

Meter readers will be thrilled with the ergonomics of the
MDE2 solution and with the many useful features it
incorporates. Automatic transmission of metering data
to the control centre with simultaneous reception of
new reading orders makes meter readers more efficient.
Your readers will feel at home on the Microsoft Pocket
PC-based devices after only a brief period of training.
MDE2 – end-to-end data flow

The MDE2 solution manages the entire flow of data from     The MDE2 system supports you in all of the administra-
the billing system to the meter and back. The processes    tive tasks involved in meter reading. These include route
are essentially automatic, although many possibilities     assignment, progress checking and post-processing.
are provided for your back-office staff or readers to      The extensive automation of the processes saves time.
check and intervene.                                       However, the system remains easy to operate despite its
                                                           many features.
Your billing system sets the pace: it generates the
reading orders, and transmits them to the central PC
component of the MDE2 server. We have developed
interfaces to the billing systems used in the energy
sector in order to provide for a trouble-free dialogue.
Freely parameterisable interfaces on the MDE2 server
ensure that it connects effortlessly to your invoicing

                Meter                         MDE2               MDE2 Server/                    Invoice
                                          Reading Device         Billing System
The system’s very useful functions include extensive       The MDE2 solution’s modular structure provides for
reporting capabilities. Freely configurable reports help   flexible engineering of your system according to your
you to present consumption values and to manage            operating needs. Processing can take place centrally or
action items. All evaluations can be exported and          in a decentralised environment on multiple worksta-
amended in any way necessary.                              tions. During system commissioning, the operating
                                                           processes are adapted to your company’s workflows.
The MDE2 solution is equipped for reading and
processing of both tariff customers’ consumption
values and of contract customers’ load profiles.
Processing specialists can view, process, label and
forward the transferred load profiles.

In-depth evaluation of the meter logs is also performed
alongside reading. In a single job, you also get an
evaluation that helps you to make servicing your meter
inventory more efficient.
MDE2 – user-friendly

Your readers will appreciate their new tool, because
the MDE2 solution has been specifically developed           Data exchange with the control centre takes place via
with their needs in mind. We have collaborated with our     telecommunications channels. You are free to choose
customers to develop a solution that optimally supports     between mobile or fixed-line telephone networks or
readers at all stages of their work.                        connection to existing cable networks. This means that
                                                            time-consuming journeys to the control centre or
Whether they are reading electronic meters via the          shipment via post, which were common with earlier
infrared interface or manually recording meter register     systems, can now be dispensed with. The values from
values, readers are guided by the software, which also      the meters that have been read are periodically
automatically checks the reading result for plausibility.   transmitted to the central system for immediate further
The MDE2 application also supports exceptional              processing.
situations, such as meters that are not present on the
route, or meters that are difficult to locate or damaged.   The MDE2 system can be implemented on all handheld
The reading of load profiles or meter logs is also done     devices that support the Microsoft Pocket PC operat-
automatically with no need for the reader’s intervention.   ing system. So not only sturdy, weather-proof industrial
                                                            standard equipment, but also low-cost, multipurpose
The straightforward management of action items and          devices can be used.
the progress check help readers to plan their activities.
Additionally, the archiving of data to a memory card,       A broad range of system accessories are available for
which takes place totally automatically in the back-        reading the different types of meters. The system is
ground, further contributes to the reliability of the       complemented by interface adapters (CS) as well as
reading process.                                            reading heads (infrared via cable, infrared via Bluetooth).
MDE2 – a versatile, forward-looking system

«Future included» was the guiding principle for the       The MDE2 solution’s modular structure gives you a
implementation of the MDE2 solution. Only technolo-       maximum of flexibility for implementation in your
gies that are offered by world market leaders and have    operating environment. Depending on the needs of your
become standards were used. For example, MDE2 was         organisation, MDE2 can be used centrally or distributed
not developed for a specific device type but for the      among multiple workstations. Existing infrastructure or
Microsoft operating platform. This ensures that our       communication costs are often the deciding factors in
customers can benefit from the new features offered by    the choice of communication technologies. MDE2
future devices with a simple software upgrade. The use    supports both local synchronization and transmission
of the communication card provides for a cost-effective   via mobile or fixed-line telephone networks, as well as
changeover from the present generation of mobile          internet-based technologies.
communications to new technologies and the
advantages they offer.
MDE2 – a solution that creates added value


                                  Low rate               High rate

Meter reading and the subsequent energy billing                      MDE2 provides extensive interactive functions for
constitute one of your organisation’s most important                 visualisation and further processing of the load profiles
business processes. Error-free, comprehensible and                   acquired from the meters. Whether it is presented as
timely bills increase customer satisfaction, eliminate               a diagram or a table, the data can be imported into
time-consuming inquiries, and secure a speedy cash                   standard Microsoft products for further processing.
inflow for your organisation.                                        Zoom in on interesting details, label important values,
                                                                     and integrate the illustrations created in this way into the
The end-to-end automation of the meter reading                       documentation you supply to your end-customers (see
process, as achieved with MDE2, reduces reading and                  picture).
transmission errors, and shortens process times. Your
readers can work more rationally and, therefore, more
cost-effectively. Information availability is given at all
stages of the reading process.
Manage energy better

We deliver peace-of-mind when it comes to managing your
energy. Decades of leadership in technology and in-depth
knowledge at Landis+Gyr means we are able to offer you an
extensive, high quality and proven portfolio.

Obtaining the highest level of energy efficiency has never been
easier. We have translated our unique expertise of utility
processes into integrated energy management solutions and we
can help you streamline your processes, increase customer
loyalty and secure revenue.

Let us tailor our innovative solutions to meet your specific needs.
Whether electricity, water, heat/cold, gas metering or load
management, we provide what you need to ensure that your
energy is managed with increased precision and reliability.

With Landis+Gyr as your trusted partner, you can manage energy

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