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                                       Alumni Association
                                                 ELECTRONIC NEWSLETTER

VolVII, Issue IV                                                                                                               Fall 2009
                                     President's Message                                              In this Issue
                                 It has been a pleasant and relaxing summer         •   New Continuous Learning Module
                         and now we are back at it, starting the planning
                         phase of next year’s (13 April 2010) DAU Acquisi-          •   DAU’s Web Site Gets a Facelift
                         tion Community Symposium. The planning actually            •   DAU Hosts IDEAA Seminar
                         started at the 18 June dinner for the Alumni Associa-      •   Boeing and DAU Collaborate on World-Class
                         tion Board of Directors, which was attended by Mr.             Training
                         Frank Anderson, DAU’s President. Based on the
                         discussion that evening, plus what we learned from a       • DAU Supports Space Systems Acquisition
                         recent DAU Board of Visitors’ dinner on 19 May,            • DAU Provides Contingency Contracting Course
                         the theme for the Symposium was tentatively se-                Teleconference
                         lected – ―Achieving Excellence in a Changing Ac-           •   Defense Acquisition Portal Deployed!
quisition Environment.‖ Concurrently with this planning effort, we are also
working with the organizers of the PEO/SYSCOM Commanders’ Confer-                   •   DAU Supports Test Week 2009
ence (Ft Belvoir, 3-4 Nov) to insure our theme and coverage complements             •   Interim Defense Acquisition Guidebook
their theme: ―Reshaping Defense Acquisition for 21st Century Customers.‖
                                                                                    •   DAU Begins SSCF Program at Aberdeen
        We are all well aware that change is in the air. With the nation run-
ning large deficits, we are in for a period of getting the maximum out of each      •   Acker Library Continues to Provide Invaluable
taxpayer’s dollar. Greater bang for the buck is not just a slogan, but a reality.       Services
With that in mind your Board has labored hard to lay the framework for a            • DAUAA’s Midwest Chapter
symposium that will have a meaningful impact on how defense acquisition
                                                                                    • DAU Midwest welcomes PMT-401
practitioners approach their tasks. We are hopeful that our speakers and pan-
els will provide guidance on new approaches to national defense. The Quad-          • DAUAA Prepares for DoD Acquisition Insight
rennial Defense Review should be in development in the early months of                  Days
                                                                       2                                                           Fall 2009
2010, and we plan to feed off the work on that Review as well.             $1000; second prize is $500. We had great articles the past two
We anticipate that our Symposium Vice President – Shaw Cohe –              years and are anticipating outstanding articles once again. The
will put together an action-packed and thought-provoking agenda.           winning articles are given special visibility in the Acquisition Re-
        I would be remiss in not mentioning the two successful hot         view Journal published at the same time as the symposium.
topic forums that the Alumni Association sponsored on 1 July and           That all, folks – for now.
22 July 2009 respectively on the Fort Belvoir DAU campus. The              Regards, Bill Bahnmaier
first forum was presented by Dr. Alexander Laufer, director of the         President, DAUAA
Center for Project Leadership at Columbia University to a full
house. He presented many of the concepts from his recent book -                       New Continuous Learning Module
Breaking the Code of Project Management. His presentation em-                     New DAU Purchase Card Online System (PCOLS) - CLG
phasized the role that leadership plays in defense program man-            005—This Continuous Learning Module was created to provide
agement and the need to have courage in leading your program.              comprehensive, role-based PCOLS training to DoD purchase card
The second forum – on 22 July – had the theme : ―Program Man-              personnel to meet the memorandum requirement of deploying
agement Leadership: Understanding the World of Generation Y.‖              PCOLS DoD-wide by Jan. 4, 2010. This module most benefits
We had a full house at the Hirsch Center for this presentation by          DoD purchase card professionals acting as Government Purchase
Mr. Bruce Yang and Ms. Katherine Berry – both industry project             Card Program participants. This includes both the acquisition and
managers. Needless to say, the dialog between the speakers and             financial hierarchies within the purchase card program as defined
the audience (most were baby boomers with a few Traditional Gen            by PCOLS (CLPs - 3).
(me) and Gen X types) was spirited and informative. I personally                  Check out the daily status of module development at
feel that I have a better understanding of what makes Gen Y types          <>.
―tick‖, but I think we all came away with a feeling that whatever
the personality and generation motivational issues, the job still
needs to get done. Give and take by all generational types is
        One last item: This year, as in the past two, the Alumni As-
sociation is cooperating with the DAU Research Department and
the Acquisition Review Journal to sponsor the DAUAA 2010 re-
search paper competition. The formal name of this competition is
the Edward Hirsch Acquisition Writing Award (Hirsch Award) in
honor of the beloved and respected late DAU professor of systems
acquisition – Brig General Edward Hirsch, USA. The theme of
the research paper competition is the same as the theme of the
DAU Acquisition Community Symposium - ―Achieving Excel-
lence in a Changing Acquisition Environment.‖ First prize is
                                                                       3                                                         Fall 2009
          DAU’s Web Site Gets a Facelift
        The DAU Web site is sporting a new look. As part of the
second transformation, DAU has been using more technology in
learning assets. This initiative is progressing in the classroom and
distance learning courses, but the external facing Webpage was not
reflecting the advances that were being made.
        A small team looked at how the original site
could be moved into a Web 2.0 environment. This team assessed
user needs, benchmarked best practices and built a page to fit
DAU’s needs. The team determined that an icon driven site with
tab organization was the best option. The site also incorporates
Web 2.0 technologies such as RSS, so users can subscribe to the
―DAU Ticker,‖ alerts, so they can be notified of new postings and
a calendar to give stakeholders fast access to DAU events.
        The Web team
took great care in de-        Pictured below: DAU’s Web team
signing a page that                                                                    DAU Hosts IDEAA Seminar
would give a clean,                                                                DAU hosted the 20th International Defense Educational
updated look, yet                                                          and Acquisition Arrangement (IDEAA) Seminar June 22 to 26 at
would still have all                                                       Fort Belvoir, Va. This years’ theme was ―International Coopera-
the required informa-                                                      tion through Acquisition and Education.‖ IDEAA is made up of
tion to support the                                                        defense acquisition and acquisition education representatives
customer. The design                                                       from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France,
removed redundancy                                                         Spain, Sweden, and Australia. The seminar featured speakers,
and information was                                                        seminar sessions, an industry panel, and information exchange
grouped into logical                                                       and feedback. DAU President Frank Anderson delivered the key-
―buckets.‖                                                                 note address to the more than 80 participants, which included rep-
        The Web team                                                       resentatives from the seven sponsoring nations plus India, Can-
knows that after the launch, there is still more work to make this a       ada, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan—all who are involved
best-in-class site consistent with DAU’s image and the team can’t          in defense acquisition and training programs. The IDEAA semi-
do it alone. The team requests that if anything doesn’t seem right         nar seeks to improve the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness
or information can’t be found, then send an e-mail to the Webmas-          of international acquisition education and training through active
ter at                                                  cooperation among allied defense educational institutions with
                                                                           similar goals.
                                                                       4                                                        Fall 2009
   Boeing and DAU Collaborate on World-                                      DAU Supports Space Systems Acquisition
               Class Training                                              DAU presented a webcast on ―The Current and Future State of
        Boeing and DAU recently signed a memorandum of under-              Space Systems Acquisitions‖ on May 26, with Josh Hartman, di-
standing (MOU) that renews and improves the framework set by               rector of the OUSD(AT&L)’s Space and Intelligence Capabilities
the two organizations to pursue educational opportunities while            Office, and moderated by Woody Spring, DAU professor of sys-
supporting each other’s efforts to leverage the best business prac-        tems engineering and former NASA astronaut. The webcast had a
tices of government, industry, and academia for world-class train-         total of 380 viewers and has been added to DAU’s video library
ing. Boeing Integrated Defense Systems President and CEO Jim               for future on-demand viewing. DAU also presented an update to
Albaugh and other executives joined DAU President Frank                    the Space Professional Oversight Board (SPOB) on DAU’s par-
Anderson and other                                                         ticipation in space acquisition training. The SPOB meets annually
officials for the sign-                                                    to review progress on topics affecting the professional develop-
ing.                                                                       ment of space-based employees. DAU’s update addressed key ac-
        ―At Boeing we                                                      complishments, such as online space acquisition training and
think of the work done                                                     space-unique classroom training and immersion days, as well as
by the men and                                                             DAU’s strategic partnerships with other key space education,
women of the acquisi-                                                      training, and policy organizations.
tion community—
public and private—as
a mission. It’s no less
important than those
missions carried out by the end users of the products we provide:
the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines counting on us for mis-
sion assurance,‖ said Albaugh. ―This relationship will help us in
better understanding our customer’s needs through a continuing
dialogue on acquisition issues.‖
        The MOU enables Boeing and DAU to partner on opportu-
nities such as the sharing of training resources, including U.S. De-
partment of Defense personnel participating as guest instructors
for Boeing company courses at the same time that Boeing leaders
speak at and attend the university.
        Boeing and DAU will share recommendations on course
content and provide feedback on pilot training programs and other
course development activities.
                                                                      5                                                          Fall 2009
   DAU Provides                 National Security Command-Iraq            There is a new tab dedicated to the Defense Acquisition Work-
                                Support Division; the chiefs of           force, providing information on career management, human capi-
 Contingency Con-               commodities, services, and ad-            tal initiatives, and the 4th Estate. The information includes career
  tracting Course               ministration; and contracting offi-       planning, leadership training, overarching guidance documents,
                                cers for construction, services,          and links to information on professional organizations.
   Teleconference               and commodities. The perspec-                      There is also a major new feature in DAP called Acquisi-
        Air Force Lt. Col.
                                tives they provided will help en-         tion Career Gateways, in which each of the 14 identified acquisi-
James Valley, a DAU con-
                                sure better-prepared contingency          tion career paths have their own area, providing a career certifica-
tracting professor currently
                                contracting officers are being de-        tion guide. It also provides formal course enrollment procedures,
deployed as chief of con-
                                ployed to support warfighters in          continuous learning and job specific courses, Ask-A-Professor
struction for the Multi-
                                Iraq and Afghanistan.                     Q&As, performance support/consulting services available through
National Security Command
                                                                          DAU, and career field information highlighted through blogs by
-Iraq Support Division, and
Air Force Capt. Kevin
                                  Defense Acquisition                     career field experts.
                                   Portal Deployed!                       The search feature has been completely re-engineered to make it
White, acting contracting
department chair, recently              DAU has deployed the              much easier to find the specific kind of learning or job support
organized and presented a       initial version of the Defense Ac-        asset
highly successful teleconfer-   quisition Portal (DAP), which             needed.
ence between the students of    can be accessed at <https://              Comments
the Contingency Contracting>. The DAP will                and sugges-
course at DAU’s Midwest         enhance the breadth and scope of          tions on the
Region campus and 10 rep-       the acquisition process beyond
                                the Acquisition, Technology &             content and
resentatives from the Joint
Contracting Command-Iraq.       Logistics Knowledge Sharing               format of
The teleconference was con-     System (AKSS), which is re-               the DAP or
ducted to enhance the DAU       placed by the DAP. The DAP                on addi-
contingency contracting         includes all of the elements and          tional infor-
training experience by pro-     forces affecting the Big Acquisi-         mation that
viding students with current,   tion process, including human
                                                                          you would
real-time information from      capital initiatives.
deployed military members.              All of the content in the         like to see in
Participants from the Iraq      AKSS has been transferred to the          the DAP
contracting team included       DAP, with the majority of it lo-          can be made
the commander of the Multi-     cated under the Acquisition tab.          by selecting the "Submit Feedback" button.
                                                                      6                                                           Fall 2009
          DAU Supports Test Week 2009                                         Interim Defense Acquisition Guidebook
        Each June, the DoD Test Resource Management Center                       The significant policy revisions associated with the re-
(TRMC), led by Dr. John Foulkes, sponsors the Test Week Con-              issuance of DoD Instruction 5000.02 in December 2008 prompted
ference in Huntsville, AL. Test Week is a large conference that is        a complete review and revision of the Defense Acquisition Guide-
attended by leaders and employees in DoD, industry, government,           book (DAG). The DAG supplements the DoDI 5000.02 with rec-
and in the test and evaluation community. The theme for this              ommended acquisition practices. Over the last year, DAU has sup-
year’s event was, ―Changing our T&E processes to be more re-              ported the Defense Acquisition Policy Working Group, led by
sponsive to the needs of our customer: RIGHT SIZE... RIGHT                Skip Hawthorne, to create an interim DAG. Faculty from DAU’s
PRICE... RIGHT STUFF... BEST VALUE." Test Week is the                     LCIC Department and eLTC Knowledge Management support
largest, hardest hitting conference for testers.                          team members worked both the DAG content and the Web site for
        For Test Week 2009, Foulkes requested DAU provide a               the DAG system. The interim DAG was released to the Defense
TST 302 course, and DAU South was asked to meet the challeng-             Acquisition Workforce on July 6, and is available at <https://
ing request. Wally Tubell, professor of systems, engineering, and>.
technology, worked with Dr. John Claxton with DAU’s Learning                     The final DAG—with all the current functionality and
Capabilities Integration Center to compare the TST 302 learning           more (including implementation guidance resulting from the
objectives to the Test Week agenda.                                       Weapon System Acquisition Reform Act of 2009)—will be fin-
        The result of this analysis made it necessary to slightly         ished and online in September 2009.
streamline the standard TST 302 course, to allow students to at-                 The interim DAG has the same business practice and pol-
tend 4.5 hours of conference presentations in lieu of select les-         icy content as the final, but with fewer internal and external navi-
sons/exercises, and it had a longer lunch break to allow students         gation options. The final DAG will be Web-enabled inside the
to attend two featured luncheon speakers.                                 DoD Acquisition Community Connection (ACC) to create a per-
        Karen Stadler, professor of systems, engineering, and tech-       formance learning tool for the Defense Acquisition Workforce.
nology, coordinated all the administrative and logistical details         From inside the DAG content, links will be created to connect the
for the onsite offering. Stadler and Tubell conducted the class at                                                            DoDD 5000.01,
Huntsville’s Von Braun Center for 29 members of the Defense                                                                   DoDI 5000.02,
Acquisition Workforce. The course was well-received by both the                                                               and the Guide-
students and the Test Week support team. The students were                                                                    book; and exter-
grateful for the opportunity to combine their conference atten-                                                               nal links will
dance with their TST 302 attendance, thus enabling many to at-                                                                send users to
tain Level III DAWIA certification.                                                                                           ACQuipedia ar-
        Stadler and Tubell have discovered the winning formula                                                                ticles related to
for combining a themed conference with DAU training, and they                                                                 important acqui-
are looking forward to Test Week 2010.                                                                                        sition topics.
                                                                        7                                                          Fall 2009
   DAU Begins SSCF Program at Aberdeen                                      trends, and a deeper examination of current issues at the national
        On July 27, the Senior Service College Fellowship (SSCF)            level.
opened its doors at Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.                                    DAU professors will teach Crucial Conversations, Crucial
        The SSCF Program began in August 2006 in Huntsville,                Confrontations, and Crucial Influencer courses. These effective-
AL and in 2007, expanded to Warren, MI. Similar to the programs             ness seminars will provide participants with the skills to tactfully
in Huntsville and Warren, Aberdeen’s 10-month-long SSCF Pro-                handle conversations when opinions are diverging and emotions
gram is designed to prepare senior civilian acquisition leaders in          are running strong. In addition to those seminars, fellows will par-
the Army Acquisition Corps to assume positions of greater respon-           ticipate in a Center for Creative Leadership delivered module on
sibilities. Fellows benefit from a unique learning environment that         influencing strategic change as well as listen to speakers from nu-
encompasses program management                                                                          merous commands and industries.
training, field trips, and workshops.                                                                   Rounding out the Fellowship Program
        Attending SSCF in 2009, are                                                                     will be two online courses—
eight fellows, most with over 10 years                                                                  Management 5670, Managerial Lead-
of acquisition experience. These eight                                                                  ership; and Management 5870, Issues:
fellows will follow an intensive course                                                                 Developing Executive Leaders—that
of study that includes: PMT 401, Pro-                                                                   will be taught by Webster University
gram Manager’s Course; ACQ 450,                                                                         professors. Fellows will have the op-
Leading in the Acquisition Environ-                                                                     portunity to complete a master’s de-
ment; ACQ 451, Integrated Acquisi-                                                                      gree program in management and lead-
tion for Decision Makers; and ACQ                                                                       ership from Webster University. This
452, Forging Stakeholder Relation-                                                                      new partnership between Webster Uni-
ships.                                                                                                  versity and the SSCF was established
        The human dimension of leader-                                                                  in March 2009 and will further aug-
ship will be examined through field                                                                     ment the SSCF experience.
trips to Gettysburg, Antietam, Chancel-                                                                 The Aberdeen SSCF Program reflects
lorsville, and Fredericksburg Civil War battlefields. For an interna-       the proven, effective activities of Huntsville and Warren. Al-
tional perspective, fellows will travel to Ottawa, Canada, to visit         though the SSCF program has been designed so that each of three
the Canadian Ministry of Defence and local defense manufacturing            sites has similar programs, each site is unique in that each of the
companies.                                                                  fellows will play an instrumental role in each other’s personal de-
        A partnership with the Army War College will bring profes-          velopment. After completing this 10-month residency, SSCF fel-
sors in to deliver the National Security Module, which further de-          lows return to the workplace, and they will be leaders who are
velops fellows by exposing them to strategy formulation, the ele-           better equipped to supervise their subordinates and will demon-
ments of power, national military strategy, future warfighting              strate a newly developed set of leadership and management skills.
                                                                        8                                                          Fall 2009
      Acker Library Continues to Provide                                    being added to the stacks. The stacks contain valuable informa-
                                                                            tion and Acker Library employees have spent the last several
             Invaluable Services                                            years scanning the cover and table of contents of all the books to
        Thought leaders have declared libraries are on the path to          place the content online. This allows those not at Fort Belvoir to
extinction. They cite the evolution of the Internet, digitized mate-        roam the stacks online.
rial, and a belief that everything will be available in real time be-               DAU’s home page also contains Acker Library search
fore long.                                                                  boxes . Those boxes facilitate access to DAU’s 74,000 holdings,
        During a time when libraries are struggling to define their         over 6,000 electronic journals, and 1,500 newspapers. The library
relevance, DAU’s David D. Acker is meeting this challenge head-             catalog also provides user reviews.
on. Today’s Internet provides unprece-                                                                           To increase library efficiency,
dented access to information in real                                                                     everything has received an RFID tag
time, but as you might expect, all                                                                       and library staff members have
search products have limitations. This                                                                   worked closely to make accessing in-
isn’t a bad thing; it’s simply an ac-                                                                    formation easier. Inter-library-loan
knowledgement that there is no unified                                                                   requests have hit an all-time high, and
source of information.                                                                                   the digitization efforts of historical
        This is where DAU’s Acker Li-                                                                    information, including a new donation
brary picks up the challenge to supply                                                                   from the Council of Defense and
information not freely available                                                                         Space Industry Associations, will pro-
online. Effective search skills, particu-                                                                vide a unique online view of DoD/
larly electronic search skills, are re-                                                                  NASA life during the early days of the
quired universally.                                                                                      space program. The library hosts the
        For those who have not been to                                                                   Defense Acquisition and Program Ad-
Fort Belvoir recently, the Acker li-                                                                     ministration collection; and through
brary is prototyping a 650-square-foot                                                                   the generosity of Ed Hirsh’s family,
forward edge of the library called the ―Atrium". Carefully select           the library has many of his professional papers and personal
items of interest to faculty, staff, and resident students are dis-         items, including his reading chair.
played to facilitate rapid review. Much like the efficiency of the                  The library staff works tirelessly to provide accurate and
Internet, a quick stroll through the Atrium allows users to deter-          timely support. They ship and receive significant numbers of ma-
mine what’s of interest in a short period of time. There are also a         terials every day so everyone at DAU, regardless of location, has
few public workstations and a wireless non-DoD Internet.                    access to information frequently available nowhere else. With
        So, what’s not in the Atrium? The simple answer is the              your support, DAU will soon have an Atrium environment at each
bookshelves. Every library has them and for the Acker Library,              of the regions.
they represent a wealth of information. New material is constantly
                                                                         9                                                        Fall 2009
             DAUAA’s Midwest Chapter                                                       DAUAA Prepares for
       The Midwest Chapter of the Defense Acquisition Univer-                           DoD Acquisition Insight Days
sity Alumni Association has now been in existence for 2 years.                      Preparations have begun for the 2010 Defense Acquisition
Although we have been able to accomplish some fairly remarkable              Insight Days sponsored by the Midwest Chapter of the DAUAA.
things in that time period there is much more that can be done.              The Insight days will again be held at Sinclair Community Col-
       So what have we done well and what could we do better?                lege in downtown Dayton, OH on 20-21 April 2010. DAUAA
For starters we have established the MW Region Chapter. That                 member, Lynn Zabkar, will be the chairperson for this event.
gets DAU closer to its customers in the MW region and provides               Over 700 people are expected to attend this 2 day event.
another forum for networking and career development. Through                        Last year’s event was highlighted by CSAF, Gen Schwartz
partnering with industry and educational institutions we have                providing a lunch time speech to the mainly Air Force centric au-
helped to promote and make the 2008 and 2009 DoD Acquisition                 dience. Next year’s event promises to be more DoD oriented,
Insight Days very successful. Not only have they been successful             with speakers representing all services and the Department of De-
in providing relevant, high level information and perspectives on            fense.
hot acquisition topics, as well as training (via breakout sessions) in
a variety of subjects, these conferences have helped increase
DAUs reputation within the MW region. We have also helped out
in several DAU 300 and 400 level classes but provided networking
socials for class members.
       Where do we go from here? We hope to get more of the
membership involved in planning and executing activities. With
Wright-Patterson AFB right at our doorstep, along with numerous
defense industry partners and education institutions, we hope to
leverage the relationships we’ve established through the Insight
Days and provide more networking opportunities and current
event/hot-topic forums for our membership and our community.

        DAU Midwest welcomes PMT-401
       The DAUAA MW chapter also helped welcome in the first
PMT 401 class offered outside of Ft Belvoir. PMT 401-01A
started 24 Aug 2009. The 25 member class was treated to a conti-
nental breakfast on their first day and later that week was treated
an outdoor BBQ. Both events were sponsored by the alumni asso-
ciation.                                                                                 DAUAA Board of Directors
                                                                    10                                                         Fall 2009
                                                                                DAU: A Great Place to Work!
                                                                             The Defense Acquisition University is currently looking
                                                                     to hire many faculty positions with a special need for Professors
                                                                     of Contract Management.
                                                                             Please look at DAU’s new career website located at:
                                                            Job seekers are able to view jobs, open/
                                                                     close dates and actually apply for a position all through the web-
                                                                     site’s new interface.

  PEO/SYSCOM Commanders' Conference
       & Program Managers Forum
        The 2009 Program Executive Officers’/Systems Command
(PEO/SYSCOM) Commanders’ Conference is set for November 3
and 4 at the Fort Belvoir Officers Club. This year’s theme is
―Reshaping Defense Acquisition for 21st Century Customers.‖
The Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and
Logistics, senior Industry executives, Office of the Secretary of
Defense senior acquisition officials, Service Acquisition Execu-
tives, and PEOs will discuss innovative ways of reshaping defense
acquisition to ensure delivery of affordable, usable products for             Defense Acquisition University Alumni Association
warfighting customers. Immediately following the conference, the         For questions or comments, please contact the Vice President of
fifth Program Manager’s (PM) Forum will be held on November 4                      Communications: Mr. Daniel Somerset at:
                                                                          or 703.805.4811
and 5 involving approximately 30 major program acquisition PMs.
                                                                         Don’t forget to visit the DAUAA website at for
Registration via website is coming soon.                                         further information on the Alumni Association.