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									 Bergen County
 Department of
“We will contribute our utmost professional efforts to help each
 Bergen County resident optimize his or her life and anticipate
                     a desirable future.”

             COUNTY OF BERGEN
         Department of Human Services
       One Bergen County Plaza, 2nd Floor
             Hackensack, NJ 07601
                 Phone (201) 336-7474
                  Fax (201) 336-7450

                         January 2009

            Dennis McNerney
              County Executive


             James M. Carroll

 Julie O’Brien           Elizabeth Calabrese
Vice Chairwoman        Chairwoman Pro Tempore

              David L. Ganz
         Bernadette P. McPherson
             Tomas J. Padilla
            Vernon C. Walton


        Valerie Williams Dargan, Ph.D.
Table of Contents
Quick Reference Telephone Guide.................................................................................... 1

Department of Human Services Background Information........................................…. 2

Mission Statement.......................................................................................................….… 2

Goals.................................................................................................................................…. 2

Administration…………………….........................................................................……… 3

Human Services Institute................................................................................................… 5

Advisory Boards and Commissions................................................................................… 6

Alternatives to Domestic Violence................................................................................…. 8

Office for Children...........................................................................................................…11

Division of Community Transportation........................................................…...........…. 13

Division on Disability Services.......................................................................................…. 14

Division of Family Guidance...........................................................................................… 16

Office for Multicultural Community Affairs......................................................….......…20

Division of Senior Services..............................................................................................… 21

Division of Veterans Services..........................................................................................… 23

2007 Service Statistics......................................................................................................… 25
                   Quick Reference Telephone Guide
                              Department of Human Services
Valerie Williams Dargan, Ph.D. Director                                    336-7474

Denise Ross                    Deputy Director                             336-7474

Gail Rosewater                 Operations Officer                          336-7456

Bari-Lynne Schwartz            Planning Officer                            336-7457

Lillian Zito                   Fiscal Business Manager                     336-7474

Gina Meyers                    Assistant Operations Officer                336-7455

Robert Sibi                    Technical Analyst                           336-7492

Valerie Cook                   Assistant to the Director                   336-7471

Joann Coppola                  Assistant to the Deputy Director            336-7451

Main Fax No.                                                               336-7450

Division Directors:
Angela Gorga                   ADV                                         336-7575
Linda Kriegel                  Office for Children                         336-7150
Tom Murphy                     Community Transportation                    368-5955
James Thebery                  Disability Services                         336-6500
Lucien Duquette                Family Guidance                             336-7350
Wendy Martinez                 Office of Multicultural Community Affairs   336-7403
Lorraine Joewono               Senior Services                             336-7400
Kevin Clancy                   Veterans Services                           336-6325
       Bergen County Department of Human Services

Department Description
The Department of Human Services was established in 1987 to provide services to support
individuals and families. A skilled professional staff works within eight divisions to provide
services that include clinical, residential, and correction services for youth, coordination of child
care, assisted transportation, domestic violence intervention, information and referral, and
counseling, and assistance. The Department also contracts with over 50 community-based
agencies to provide specialized services to residents in need.

Mission Statement
The Department of Human Services assists families, children, and the elderly, troubled
adolescents, victims of domestic violence, veterans, and persons with disabilities by:

           supporting the development of programs and services to meet the human services
            needs of the county’s residents;
           coordinating a system for service delivery through collaborations with the Bergen
            County nonprofit community;
           providing referral, counseling, and intervention services to those in need; and
           advocating for services and resources to meet human services needs

Departmental Goals
Goals have been established to guide the Department’s programmatic and administrative
activities. They are:

           facilitating effective and coordinated services delivery;
           incorporating clear direction and objectives, adequate planning, timely
            implementation, regular reporting, evaluation and accountability into all human
            services programs; and
           maximizing the available financial resources for human services programs.

Goals have also been established to guide the Department’s collaboration with private nonprofit
service providers. They are:
         coordinating and supporting service delivery systems, and
         evaluating and documenting the effectiveness of existing services.

Department of Human Services                Employee Handbook                               Page 2

                                                 Lillian Zito, Business Manager (201-336-7480)

Fiscal Administration supports the Office of the Director and its divisions within the Department
of Human Services. The fiscal operation of Human Services manages an approximate
departmental budget of $39,000,000, inclusive of its four residential programs; $14,000,000
County funds, and $25,000,000 in grant funds.

Fiscal offers technical assistance and training to non-profits receiving grant and county funding
in addition to providers receiving subsidies through programs administered through the

Interaction with the departments in support of departmental functions, namely Treasurer,
Purchasing, Personnel, and County Counsel.

                                           Gail Rosewater, Operations Officer (201-336-7456)

On behalf of the Department Director, the Operations component of the Department supports the
work of the divisions by offering professional development opportunities, managing facilities,
assisting with policy development and personnel issues, communicating and clarifying standards,
providing technical support and resources, overseeing special events, administering
commissions, and overseeing safety and security.

                                       Bari-Lynne Schwartz, Planning Officer (201-336-7457)

The Planning component works with the 30-member Human Services Advisory Council
(HSAC). Responsibilities include identifying the human services needs of county residents and
developing a comprehensive, responsive, human services continuum of care.

It also manages contracts for the Department and the Youth Services Commission (YSC). The
unit monitors contracts to ensure accountability for the delivery of service. The HSAC, the YSC.
and Departmental staff, conduct annual program reviews. Staff responsible for main contract
areas is as follows:

Services for Individuals and Welfare Recipients who are at Risk of Homelessness
                                                 Su Nottingham, Supervisor (201-336-7461)
Department of Human Services                Employee Handbook                              Page 3
Services for Youth, Individuals with Disabilities, and Adults 60 and Over
                                                     Sarah Onello, Supervisor (201-336-7458)

Homeless Information and Assistance                           Su Nottingham (201-336-7461)

Staff provides information and assistance by phone and in person to individuals who are
homeless or at risk of homelessness as well as to agency staff.

Department of Human Services              Employee Handbook                               Page 4
                               Human Services Institute
                                                            Gail Rosewater (201-336-7456)
                                                         Gina Cueva Meyers (201-336-7455)

The Institute is committed to the professional development of government employees and agency
personnel in the communities we serve.

   To build on the Human Services professionals knowledge and to enable them to use that
      knowledge effectively.
   To offer Human Services professionals the opportunity to keep growing, improving,
      learning, discovering, studying and expanding their knowledge.
   To improve the quality of life for vulnerable populations in Bergen County through the
      work of highly skilled, capable Human Services professionals.

Seminars offered
    Social Work Issues
    Supervision
    Human Services Issues
    Diversity & Cultural Issues
    Workplace Challenges

Department of Human Services             Employee Handbook                          Page 5
                               Advisory Boards and Commissions
Good government is responsive to the needs of our citizens. Community participation is vital to
an open and responsive government. There is a tremendous commitment of volunteer talent,
time, and energy devoted to the eleven Advisory Boards and Commissions. Public input
enhances the Department's ability to provide the highest quality of service to the citizens of
Bergen County.

Advisory Board to Alternatives to Domestic Violence           Angela Gorga (201-336-7575)
The ADV Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity for the purpose of assessing the needs of
the community regarding domestic violence and developing a comprehensive plan to meet those

African-American Advisory Commission                          Wendy Martinez (201-336-7403)
The African American Advisory Committee is composed of volunteers who are dedicated to
enhance and expand existing opportunities and resources in the County of Bergen for African
Americans. Through collaborative partnerships and program initiatives and recommendations,
the Committee will enhance the full participation of the African-American community in the
County of Bergen.

Advisory Board to the Office for Children                       Linda Kriegel (201-336-7176)
The 25 member Advisory Board to the Office for Children was established in 1980 to assess the
child care needs in the County, and develop a comprehensive plan to meet those needs.

Community Transportation Advisory Board                Tom Murphy (201-368-5955)
Community Transportation Advisory Board makes recommendations regarding transportation
services for seniors and those with disabilities.

Division on Disability Services Advisory Board                     Jim Thebery (201-336-6509)
The Division of Disability Services Advisory Board has 25 members and six ex-officio
members. The advisory board addresses the unmet needs in the community for persons with
disabilities, specifically focusing attention on issues regarding Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA) compliance and interpretation.

Hispanic-American Advisory Commission                         Wendy Martinez (201-336-7403)
The Hispanic-American Advisory Commission Committee is composed of volunteers whose
mission is to improve the development and access of county services to the Hispanic
community. Through its programs and partnerships, the Commission works to create a culture
where full participation of Hispanics in the County of Bergen is achievable.

Human Relations Commission                              Gina Cueva Meyers (201-336-7455)
The Commission’s mission is to promote respect for human rights and cultural diversity in
Bergen County. The Human Relations Commission works to support community based
resources with promote tolerance and bigotry as well as to encourage, develop and promote a
strong sense of community

Department of Human Services               Employee Handbook                            Page 6
Human Services Advisory Council                         Bari-Lynne Schwartz (201-336-7457)

The Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC) is the principle planning body for the
department. Established in accordance with the New Jersey Department of Human Services
guidelines and the Administrative Code of the County of Bergen, the HSAC is comprised of
professionals, consumers and advocates, with a goal to improve the quality of human services for
residents of Bergen County. The HSAC’s primary functions are: planning, advocacy, resource
allocation and program review.

Advisory Council of the Division of Senior Services/Area Agency on Aging
                                                            Lorraine Joewono (201-336-7418)
The 25 member Division of Senior Services Advisory Council acts on all matters relating to the
development, administration and execution of the area plan. Specifically, the council assists in
project assessment, funding and decisions, legislative issues, and community education/public

Veterans Advisory Council                                       Kevin Clancy (201-336-6328)
The Bergen County Veterans Council is comprised of 16 members who make recommendations
on policies, procedures, and programs for Bergen County’s veteran population.

Commission on the Status of Women                          Gina Cueva Meyers (201-336-7455)
Junior Commission                                                Brenda Jones (201-646-3422)
The Commission on the Status of Women was established in 1975 in order to promote the
expansion of rights and opportunities available to women of Bergen County. The Junior
Commission was established in 2000. A panel of judges selects approximately 20 sophomore and
junior high school students to serve for a one year term to conduct a special community project
that educated or benefits women or girls in Bergen County.

Department of Human Services              Employee Handbook                            Page 7
                               Alternatives to Domestic Violence
                                                   Angela Gorga, Director (201-336-7575)
         Susan DeJackmo, Assistant Director/Administration & Legal Services (201-336-7575)
            Kathryn Capawana, Assistant Director/Clinical Program Director (201-336-7575)

Alternatives to Domestic Violence (ADV) is a multifaceted domestic violence intervention
program. ADV offers a comprehensive approach to intervention for individuals and families
living with domestic violence. ADV is committed to providing services to all parties involved in
a violent relationship. These services include a 24-hour hotline, crisis intervention, counseling,
legal advocacy and assistance and referrals. The division also provides community education
and workshops to raise awareness of the problem of domestic violence in our community with
the goal of prevention through education.

Appropriate clients to refer to ADV are Bergen County residents experiencing domestic
violence, whether as a victim, abuser, or family member. Most services do not require a fee.
Those that do are affordable and based on a client’s ability to pay. No one is ever turned away
due to lack of funds. Office hours are Monday–Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., and Friday 9:00
a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

  All ADV services should be accessed through our hotline number:

24-Hour Hotline

ADV maintains a 24-hour hotline, staffed by trained specialists, who provide crisis intervention,
counseling, information, and referrals to other services/resources.

Crisis Intervention/Case Management

ADV’s crisis intervention unit arranges for individuals who “walk-in” to be seen briefly to assess
their immediate needs and level of emergency. Appropriate ADV services are offered. Short-
term case management is offered to individuals in need during the time period between their
initial contact with ADV and subsequent services. Counselors also review all hotline calls to
promptly follow up with individuals in crisis.

Intake Assessment

This ninety-minute fact gathering and assessment session is required for any person seeking
ADV’s counseling services. During the intake session, the counselor requests information about
the client’s present circumstances, the history of abuse in his/her life, family background, and
other related issues, such as substance abuse.

Department of Human Services               Employee Handbook                             Page 8
Comprehensive Counseling Services

Based on a review and assessment of a written summary of the intake session, clients are
assigned to one or more possible treatment modalities. These include individual, group and
family counseling. ADV also offers the services of an adolescent counselor for teens dealing
with abusive relationships, and an early intervention program for younger children who live with
domestic violence. If serious mental health or substance abuse issues are presented, individuals
may be referred to another agency to address those problems prior to receiving counseling at

Psychological Evaluation

ADV utilizes the services of a consulting psychologist to assist in determining the appropriate
treatment course for clients who present with psychiatric and/or with other mental health issues.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

A counselor specializing in substance abuse conducts evaluations of individuals who are
identified during the intake session as having substance abuse issues. A treatment plan is then
designed to address the combined problems of domestic violence and substance abuse. An
individual with acute substance abuse issues may be referred to another agency to address their
dependency prior to receiving counseling at ADV.

Court Appearance Preparation

This ninety-minute session is designed to educate individuals about their rights under the
Prevention of Domestic Violence Act and to prepare them for court with information on the
procedures involved in a restraining order hearing. This service is available to either party
involved in a domestic violence hearing and is available to ADV clients and hotline callers. An
educational video is available for viewing by victims to further prepare them for court.

Domestic Violence Legal Advocacy Project (DVLAP)

This service is jointly sponsored by ADV and the Bergen County Bar Association to provide
legal representation at no cost to Bergen County domestic violence victims. To receive this
service, individuals must meet financial eligibility requirements, have no pending matrimonial
action, and cannot already have an attorney.

Court Accompaniment Program

Trained volunteers offer support and accompaniment to domestic violence victims at any type of
domestic violence hearing. Volunteers can also provide information and referrals to other
services/resources. Court Accompaniment can be obtained by phoning ADV or by going to the
desk located near the Court Street entrance of the Bergen County Justice Center by 9:00 a.m. on
the days when court is in session. After 9:00 a.m., victims may look for volunteers in the

Department of Human Services               Employee Handbook                            Page 9
Legal Consultation

ADV retains a consulting attorney who is available to provide a one-time consultation to our
clients for a small fee. The attorney helps clients identify their legal needs and provides legal
advice. As an ADV consultant, the attorney provides advice but does not undertake legal
representation of our clients.

Monitoring of Court Ordered/Agency Mandated Clients

Individuals can be either court ordered or required by another agency, such as Probation or
DYFS, to receive counseling at ADV. In addition to providing the required counseling, ADV
monitors attendance and provides the referring agency/court with monthly attendance reports.

The New Jersey Address Confidentiality Program

ADV is able to conduct the application and interview process for eligible victims wishing to
apply for a confidential address through the State of New Jersey. This state authorized program
provides victims with an alternative address to receive mail and strives to protect their place of
residence from being disclosed to an abuser.

Prevention Through Education & Professional Training

ADV offers workshops on domestic violence and teen dating abuse to all Bergen County middle
schools and high schools. Professional training and informational workshops on domestic
violence, dating abuse, and elder abuse are available to law enforcement officials, businesses,
health care agencies and other professionals as well as to any interested group in Bergen County.

Domestic Violence Crisis Response Teams

ADV, the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office and municipal police departments collaborate to
create and expand Domestic Violence Crisis Response Teams (DVCRTs) in Bergen County.
DVCRTs are comprised of community volunteers who are trained to provide resource
information and emotional support to victims of domestic violence at local police departments on
an “on-call” basis immediately after a domestic violence incident has occurred.

Department of Human Services               Employee Handbook                             Page 10

                                 Office for Children
                Providing Child Care Resources and Referrals Since 1980

                                                             Linda Kriegel, Director
                                                    Mani Arisetty, Assistant Director
                                               Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The Office for Children, Bergen County’s Child Care Resource and Referral Agency,
was established in 1980. The mission of the Office for Children is to strengthen and
coordinate child care services in Bergen County. Services focus on availability,
affordability and quality of care.

Child Care Resources and Referral
                                  Services for Families
 Database of providers in Bergen County
 Help with assessing child care needs
 Information on quality child care options
 Free, confidential referrals to child care programs in Bergen County

Professional Development and Technical Assistance
                               Services for Providers
 Professional development workshops and conferences for child care providers
 Video and book lending library
 Technical assistance about creating and operating child care programs
 Informational mailings

Child Care Health Consultation
                        Services for Families and Providers
 Information about healthy, safe, developmentally appropriate care in all child care
 Telephone and on-site consultation on health and safety issues
 Professional development workshops
 Mailings of health and safety information

Help Paying for Child Care
 Work First New Jersey assists WFNJ participants with child care expenses while they
   participate in approved work activities.
 New Jersey Cares for Kids (NJCK) assists low income families who are working or in
   school full time. Funding is limited. Eligible families may be put on a waiting list.

Department of Human Services              Employee Handbook                             Page 11
                               Registered Family Child Care

          Benefits to Families                            Benefits to Providers
   Small group size                               Training and technical assistance
   Home like setting                              Resource and referral services
   Flexible hours                                 Child Care Food Program eligibility
   Home inspected and monitored                   Access to group rates for liability
   Training requirements for provider              insurance
   Referrals available                            Official state registration certificate

                                  Summer Campership Fund
The Office for Children partners with local businesses, service organizations, individuals and
human service agencies to raise funds for summer day camp scholarships for children. Referrals
for summer camp scholarships are made to the Office for Children by community agencies,
schools and child care centers.

Department of Human Services                Employee Handbook
Page 12
                          Division of Community Transportation
                                                        Tom Murphy, Director (201-368-5955)

The Division of Community Transportation provides transportation for Medicaid, Welfare to
Work, disabled and older county residents. The service is provided for medical visits, therapy,
adult day care, employment, attendance at senior activity centers, shopping and recreational

The Division also provides transportation for veterans to Veterans Affairs hospitals as part of a
collaborative effort with the NJ Office of Veteran Affairs.

Work First NJ                                                                     (201-368-5955)

Provides transportation to work and child care for Work First New Jersey families.

Subscription Rides                                                                (201-368-5955)

These regularly scheduled rides are used for therapy appointments, grocery shopping, and drop-
off at Senior Activity Centers.

Demand Trips                                                                      (201-368-5955)

Medical appointments, recreation and other as-needed rides fit into the schedule as requested.

Meals-On-Wheels Delivery                                                         (201-336-7400)

Through this joint project with the Division of Senior Services, over 900 meals are delivered
Monday through Friday to senior citizens and the disabled.

Veterans Trips to VA Hospitals                                                    (201-368-5955)

Department of Human Services               Employee Handbook                             Page 13
                                 Division on Disability Services
                                               Jim Thebery, MA, CSW, Director (201-336-6509)

The Division on Disability Services was established by the Bergen County Board of Chosen
Freeholders in 1978 as the first such office in the state to address and serve the needs of persons
with disabilities. The division assists Bergen County residents with disabilities to achieve their
full potential, to realize their full involvement and/or inclusion in all aspects of everyday living,
and to promote community-based living options. In light of this mission, the office provides an
array of programs/services that offer support to persons with disabilities and their families.

Information and Assistance Service/Bergen NJ EASE
                                 Daniel Kotkin, NJ EASE Access Specialist (201-336-6512)

The division’s Bergen NJ EASE, information and assistance unit, is the primary access point to
the many services and facilities available to residents with disabilities. The division maintains
comprehensive resources and listings to respond to inquiries about disability-related matters, and
requests for program/agency referrals. This service is available to private and public sector
entities and the community-at-large.

Personal Assistance Services                        Daniel Kotkin, Coordinator (201-336-6504)
                                        Regina Sweikow, Assistant Coordinator (201-336-6508)

Provides personal care oriented services for self-directing individuals with permanent disabilities
who fall into one of the following categories: 1) a salaried employee in the public or private
sector; 2) a student pursuing educational or training opportunities related to employment; or 3)
an individual who supports community-based independent living (e.g. a parent or child care
provider, a homemaker, a community volunteer, a board or committee member, etc.). A sliding
scale fee schedule may apply to those accepted into PASP.

Post-Stroke & Disabled Adult Support Group
                                                        Anika Davis, Coordinator (201-336-6502)

Sponsors four support groups that meet in the following municipalities: Englewood, East
Rutherford, Paramus and Maywood. Program functions include group discussions, personal
fitness, arts, crafts, trivia games, exercises, speech therapy, excursions and occasional leisure

Respite Care                                    Nancy Verblaauw, Coordinator (201-336-6511)
                               Fonda Diamond-Levine, Social Service Coordinator (201-336-6503)
                                      Sabrina Sydnor, Social Service Coordinator (201-336-6506)

Provides relief services to caregivers who need an occasional break from the regimen and time
commitment of caring for individuals with a severe and perhaps chronic disorder. Caregivers
with emergency respite needs should contact the Respite Care Program for immediate service.
Program participants may be required to pay a contributory fee.
Department of Human Services                  Employee Handbook                             Page 14
Meals-on-Wheels                               Bertha-Nora Acosta, Coordinator (201-336-6501)

Provides one daily nutritious meal, Monday through Friday, to adults (age 59 and younger) who
are severely disabled, housebound and incapable of preparing their own meals. Individuals
served through this program must be on a regular diet. Weekend and Kosher meals are also

American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Information and Assistance                   (201-336-6500)

An ADA-related information and assistance service is available at no cost to private and public
sector entities and the general public.

Public Information Awareness                                                   (201-336-6500)

Through a Speakers Bureau, this program aims to create a more positive work environment and
level of social interchange for employers/employees with and without disabilities. The Bergen
County Division on Disability Services also coordinates educational activities that address issues
pertaining to injury prevention, adapting to, and living with a disability.

Disability Resource Center & Clearinghouse                                          (201-336-6500)

Makes available a host of disability related publications – e.g. pamphlets, periodicals, catalogues,
study write ups, and reference-based collections – that convey information on a wide range of
subjects, including, but not limited to, demographics; legislative updates; activities of local and
statewide disability service organizations/agencies and disability rights advocacy groups;
assistive technology; federal and state civil rights laws; accessible fine arts venues in the New
York/New Jersey metropolitan area; and basic data and research updates on specific disabilities.

Caregiver Education & Support Program
                                                           Anika Davis, Manager (201-336-6512)

The Caregiver Education & Support Program provides in-home professional instruction and
support to caregivers entrusted with the responsibilities of caring for someone with a chronic
illness, disability, or disease. As there are no income guidelines to qualify, the service is free to
Bergen County residents who are over 18 years of age. Among the services available are a
registered nurse, occupational, physical, speech therapists, nutritionists, and a social worker.

Department of Human Services                Employee Handbook                               Page 15
                               Division of Family Guidance
                                               Lucien Duquette, Ph.D., Director (201-336-7376)

The Division of Family Guidance offers a comprehensive range of educational, psychosocial and
residential services, free of charge, to eligible Bergen County youth and their families.

Adolescent and Family Treatment Program (AFT)                      Jon Loveland (201-336-7363)

The AFT staff of trained clinicians (social workers and psychologists) offers outpatient treatment
services to children and adolescents, ages 8-18, and their families. Referrals must come through
the Court, Juvenile Conference Committees, DYFS, and other Family Guidance Programs.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)              Diane Stehlik, Supervisor (201-336-7354)

ASAP is a comprehensive, after-school, chemical dependency outpatient program for
adolescents and their families.

Bridges to Employment                                                 Pari Sharif (201-336-6926)

This is a job placement mentoring program that prepares youths between the ages of 16 and 21
for work. Services include career counseling, internship, job coaching, and job placement.

Central Intake

Central Intake makes it possible for clients to make one phone call to reach the myriad offerings
at Family Guidance, such as treatment, monitoring, as well as experiential and life skills services.
The unit provides intake and initial screening to determine the complexity and intensity of
services needed. This is followed by an initial case management plan and support to implement
the recommendations.

Children’s After-school Treatment Services (CATS)               Roslyn Ginsberg (201-336-7350)

CATS is a diagnostic and therapy program for children ages 7-11 who exhibit behavior problems
at school, home, or in the community.

Commitment Program at the Juvenile Detention Center
                                             Robert Day, Administrator (201-599-6185)

This program is a 30-90 day option that is available to the Court for youngsters who require local

Department of Human Services                Employee Handbook                              Page 16
Conklin Youth Center                             Joanne Eckert, Administrator (201-646-2756)

The Conklin Youth Center is a temporary shelter for youths ages 12-18 who are experiencing
problems at home, in school or in the community.

Connections                                       Phil Beamer, Administrator (201-460-2260)

Connections is a GED Preparation and Life Skills Education program for Bergen County
residents ages 16-21, who have dropped out of high school. In addition to preparing students for
the GED exam, Connections provides work readiness education, a computer laboratory, an arts
program, career assessment and guidance, and educational groups on health issues and life skills.

Detention Alternatives Program (DAP)
                                             Andre Reese, Program Supervisor (201-336-7353)

DAP provides an alternative to incarceration for pre-adjudicated and adjudicated adolescents.
All clients and their families are referred by Family Court.

Home Based Intensive Family Intervention (HIFI)
                                        Nicholas Montello, Administrator (201-336-6911)

The HIFI program is an intensive home-based intervention program designed to prevent the out-
of-home placement of children. Referrals to HIFI come through the Juvenile/Family Crisis Unit.

Juvenile Alternate Supervision Program            Linda Strempel, Supervisor (201-599-2900)

After being admitted to the Juvenile Detention Center, the Judge may court order a juvenile into
the Juvenile Alternate Supervision Program (JASP), a highly structured alternative to
incarceration. The program is designed to provide a full range of services, including but not
limited to, education (both academic and vocational), medical, alternative therapy, life skills,
food services, transportation, community involvement, and recreation.

Juvenile Detention Center                           Robert Day, Administrator (201-599-6185)

The Juvenile Detention Center is a secure setting that houses youths ages 12-18 who have
committed a delinquent act and are awaiting Court action. Placement in the Juvenile Detention
Center is by Court order.

Juvenile/Family Crisis Unit               Andrea Lambertson, Administrator (201-336-7395)

This legally mandated service provides 24 hour, 7 days a week crisis intervention to Bergen
County families who experience difficulty managing the behavior of their children.

Department of Human Services               Employee Handbook                            Page 17
Multisystemic Therapy (MST)                         Robert Landolfi, Supervisor (201-336-7393)

MST is an in-home intensive family therapy program that provides an alternative to out of home
placement. The goal is to reduce behaviors such as violence, substance abuse, and delinquency.

Reflections                                              Staci Block, Supervisor (201-336-7361)

Reflections is a teen improvisational theater group that addresses issues confronting today’s

Shelter Plus Care                                Joanne Eckert, Administrator (201-646-2756)

Shelter Plus Care provides federal housing subsidies and case management for homeless young
adults, ages 18-21. The young person must secure an apartment that meets HUD requirement.
Participants work and attend school.

Supervised Visitation                              Judith Leggett, Coordinator (201-336-7397)

The law mandates supervised visitation to separated or divorced families in cases with serious
conflict regarding visitation, shared parenting issues, child safety. Provided by Court order only.

Suspension Alternative Program (SAP)                   Mary Hart, Coordinator (201-342-1540)

In collaboration with the Police Athletic League (PAL) and Bergen County Special Services
School District (BCSSSD), SAP provides a positive alternative to out-of-school suspension.
Students have an intensive experience, which includes academic work to minimize loss of
instructional time, mentoring by police officers, groups and individual counseling, psychological
education, student and family assessment, and recommendations for staff at the sending school.
Referrals are to BCSSSD from affiliated schools.

Teen Readjustment Program (TREAD)                                  Jon Loveland (201-336-7363)

TREAD provides community-based rehabilitative education and treatment to Court mandated
adolescents between the ages of 14-17 who have pled to or been found guilty of a sexual offense.
Referrals are by Court order only.

Venture                        Roslyn Ginsberg, Program Supervisor (201-343-6000, ext. 4561)

In conjunction with Bergen County Special Services School District, Venture is a year-round
school program which provides educational, psychiatric services for students with serious
psychiatric problems. The program accepts referrals from school districts to the Bergen County
Special Services School District.

Department of Human Services                Employee Handbook                             Page 18
“Visions”                                                       Joanne Eckert (201-646-2756)

Visions is a multi-service residential program for young men and women ages 16½ to 21. To
prepare for self-reliance, residents are assisted with life skills, finding jobs and housing, while
receiving counseling in areas related to independent living.

Youth Resource Center (YRC)                     Bonnie Berkowitz, Coordinator (201-646-2756)

In collaboration with the Bergen One-Stop, the Special Services School Programs, and a variety
of other youth oriented agencies, the Youth Resource Center provides daily recreational
activities and learning opportunities for youths between the ages of 13 to 20. Offerings include:
GED preparation, literacy remediation, homework help, career development and job seeking,
dance, music, art, sports, field trips, and other activities that engage young people.

Department of Human Services                Employee Handbook                             Page 19
                       Office of Multicultural Community Affairs
                                                     Wendy Martinez, Director (201-336-7403)

The Office’s mission is to help the county government in attending the needs of the community
while serving as the bridge between the government and the diverse spectrum of communities in
Bergen County.

The main purpose is to help in the positive growth of Bergen County’s diverse population for the
good of the whole community.

The Office of Multicultural Community Affairs
The Office works closely with the community and also reflects the views of the County
Administration in its initiatives. The Office is part of the Department of Human Services.

The Office performs the following:
 Coordinates all Community meetings and activities
 Assists and supports recruitment programs to attract minorities for county jobs
 Provides referrals to human and social service programs
 Assists with the distribution of grant applications for the Human Services Advisory Council
 Sponsors an annual celebrations of Heritage and History
 Hold public hearings and conferences on issues relating to the needs of our communities
 Provides translation services on behalf of the County Executive
 Sponsors special educational / training classes for county employees
 Creates partnerships with government, private agencies and community groups
 Coordinates history and Civics classes with community agencies for the U.S. Citizenship

Department of Human Services               Employee Handbook                             Page 20
                               Division of Senior Services
                                           Lorraine Joewono, Acting Director (201-336-7418)
                                          Leen Werbrouck, Assistant Director (201-336-7464)

Established in 1966 under the Older Americans Act, the Division of Senior Services is the
primary agency in Bergen County that plans and coordinates services as well as advocates on
behalf of the older adults and their caregivers, especially those most vulnerable and in the
greatest economic need. The Division provides funding and support to various community-
based organizations that promote the well-being and independence of older adults.

Through the Bergen NJEASE system, the Division provides information and assistance on a
variety of resources and services. It helps homebound individuals access long-term care
community-based options. The Division also promotes the health and wellness of age 60+

The Division is open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome.

Bergen NJ EASE Information and Assistance

Information and Assistance specialists can provide up-to-date and accurate information to care
recipients and caregivers who visit or call the division. Information is available about:

        □ Adult Day Care                             □ Adult Protection Services
        □ Assistive Technology                       □ Consumer Protection
        □ Housing information                        □ Home Care Programs
        □ Health Related General information         □ Institutional Care
        □ Home Modification/Maintenance              □ Legal Services
        □ Leisure/Education/Volunteer                □ Ombudsman/Quality of Care
        □ Financial Assistance                       □ Medicare Saving Programs
        □ Pharmaceutical Assistance                  □ Respite Care
        □ Reverse Mortgage                           □ Senior Activity Centers
        □ Social Security/SSI/Medicaid               □ Tax Relief
        □ Bilingual Assistance                       □ Transportation information
        □ Utilities Assistance                       □ Wellness Check program
        □ Screening for Benefits Eligibility/Care Services

Bergen NJ EASE Care Management                                                (201-336-7400)

The division can refer homebound individuals and their caregivers to care management. EASE
care managers may help care recipients and their families understand the complex long-term care
community-based system. They may assist eligible individuals to obtain the needed services.
The goal is to help people live in their home as long and as comfortably as possible.

Department of Human Services               Employee Handbook                            Page 21
Meals on Wheels                                                                 (201-336-7420)

Homebound adults may participate in the Meals on Wheels Program. This program provides a
midday meal that is delivered directly to the clients’ home. It assists eligible adults who are
unable to shop and prepare their own meals to remain in the community with independence and
dignity. Eligibility criteria must be met for participation.

Congregate Nutrition Meals                                                    (201-336-7420)

Adults age 60+ may participate in the Senior Lunch Nutrition Program. This program provides
a well-balanced, midday meal at 27 senior centers conveniently located throughout Bergen
County. It fosters social interaction and provides access to other supportive services available to
Bergen County seniors. Lunch is served Monday though Friday. Transportation to centers may
be available.

HealthEASE                                                                    (201-336-7437)

HealthEASE is an expansion of the NJEASE system designed to improve or sustain the health
and wellness of age 60+ adults through education, preventive health screenings, and support of
healthy behaviors. The program offers:

        □ Health Education Classes                           □ Walking Program
        □ Peer Lead Non-Aerobic Exercise Classes             □ Senior Wellness Days
        □ Health Screenings                                  □ Health Resources
        □ Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

State Health Insurance Program (SHIP)                                     (201-336-7413 or 7427)

The Division administers the counseling program with trained and certified counselors by the NJ
Department of Health & Senior Services to help Medicare enrollees understand that benefits to
which they are entitled such as:

        □ Medicare(AB) Coverage                              □ Untangle Claims Problems/Fraud
        □ Long Term Care Policies                            □ Medicare D / Prescription Drug
        □ Supplemental Insurances/Medigap and HMO

Wellness Check Program                                                             (201-336-7400)

The Wellness Check Program is available free of charge to Bergen County residents living
alone, over the age of 60, homebound, or disabled, either on a permanent or long-term basis.
At approximate pre-specified hours, participants receive a free daily phone call from the program
to check on their well-being. Participants are asked to identify friends or family who may assist
them in an emergency. When the system cannot make contact with the participants, it will call
the relatives or friends that have designated. This program is part of a coordinated system of
health and human services for older adults and individuals with disabilities over the age of 18.

Department of Human Services                Employee Handbook                              Page 22
                               Division of Veterans Services
                                                         Kevin Clancy, Director (201-336-6328)
                                                                            FAX 201-336-6327

The Division of Veterans Services was established in 1977 to provide resident veterans and their
dependents with information and assistance to obtain earned entitlements from federal, state, and
local governments; as well as any that are available from the private sector. Through a quarterly
newsletter and direct client contact, the division provides Bergen’s veterans organizations, their
auxiliaries and individual residents with up-to-date benefit information. Daily activities include
processing requests for VA compensation, pension home loans, burial, and educational benefits;
VA life insurance claims, lost military separation papers, medals due from service and VA health
care enrollment.

Special Programs:

“Hire a Vet” Program                     Jerry Plancher, Veterans Outreach (201-336-6329)

The division maintains a list of available employment opportunities, and regularly calls on
industry and organizations seeking employment opportunities for veterans. Staff attempts to
match the veteran with employer needs.

Tracers                                                                          (201-336-6325)

“Tracers” is an all-volunteer, non-traditional outreach project implemented by veteran
volunteers, organized by the Division of Veterans Services to assist Bergen’s homeless vets.
“Tracers” was recognized by Rutgers University for its innovation and received the coveted New
Jersey Exemplary State and Local Award in 1994. In April 1996, the Volunteer Center of
Bergen County, Inc. honored “Tracers” as a finalist in the Adult Volunteer Group category.
Homeless veterans may obtain immediate assistance at the Division with free grooming items
such as razors, shaving cream, soap, shoes, clothing, bus tickets to go to job interviews, or other
social service agencies, and of course, assistance with finding temporary shelter. All funds for
“Tracers” come from private donations.

Staff will make any necessary referrals to other agencies as the need arises on a case-by-case

Transportation                                      Community Transportation (201-368-5955)

Transportation to Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in New Jersey is available Monday-Friday
through a coordinated effort with the Bergen County Division of Community Transportation and
the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

Department of Human Services                Employee Handbook                             Page 23
Flag Distribution              Robert Robinson, Supervisor of Veterans Interment (201-336-6325)

Each year, the Division of Veterans Services provides the county American Legion with United
States flags for placement on the graves of war veterans buried in Bergen County cemeteries for
Memorial Day.

Interment                      Robert Robinson, Supervisor of Veterans Interment (201-336-6325)

Veterans who were honorably or generally discharged from the military and have passed away
may be interred in the Brigadier General William C. Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery in
Arneytown, NJ. Their place of rest is marked and cared for perpetually.

Alfred J. Thomas Home for Veterans

The Alfred J. Thomas Home for Veterans opened in March of 2003. Located in Garfield, it
provides a temporary residence and transitional services to veterans who find themselves
homeless and in need of supportive housing as they transition into self-sufficiency.

Veterans First                                                    Joseph Restivo (201-336-6330)

This is self-help group that meets monthly at One Bergen County Plaza, consisting of clients
who were formerly homeless and now living in Section 8 apartments. The purpose of the group
is mutual support and to help address needs that these veterans might have. Meetings began in
March of 2008. Information on nutrition, shopping, and recreation has been given to the
members by various divisions in the department. The formation of the group was inspired by an
article in the “National Coalition for Homeless Veterans” journal; a veteran who had been
homeless was given a house to live in. After about 6 months, he was back on the street because
he couldn’t adjust to living a normal life. This meeting is trying to prevent this tragedy occurring

Bergen County Jail Outreach                                       Joseph Restivo (201-336-6330)
                                                                  Jerry Plancher (201-336-6329)

This program provides veterans who are incarcerated and may need help upon release with
information about our division. About every six weeks a visit is made to the jail. Veteran inmates
are interviewed. Requests for discharge papers are forwarded and if needed the papers are held
at the division until the inmate’s release. Upon release veterans are encouraged to visit our
division for assistance.

Department of Human Services                  Employee Handbook                            Page 24

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