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					GHC 56 PRO

Home Theatre
Amplifier Audio System
  plifier Audio Sys

                                 User Guide

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GHC56 Pro Important Information
The factory default volume setting is to a high volume level. To prevent possible
audio shock please make sure that after all connections have been made, that
you not play anything through the system until you have first powered up and
reduced the volume setting by pressing the volume button on the remote control.
Once this has been done then proceed with the TEST TONE and VOLUME AD-
JUSTMENTS as detailed on page 4 of the instruction manual. Note that the vol-
ume settings are maintained when powering off using the remote control. The
volume settings will need to be reset if the power button on the front panel or if the
mains plug is removed from its socket.
        Identifying your Amplifier
Front Panel

   1.   Power button                         9. Tuner indicator
   2.   Standby indicator                    10. Mute indicator
   3.   Stereo indicator                     11. Source button
   4.   Surround indicator                   12. Volume Up/Down button
   5.   DVD indicator                        13. Game Input (RIGHT) connector
   6.   Game indicator                       14. Game Input (LEFT) connector
   7.   TV/VCR indicator                     15. Game Input connector
   8.   AUX indicator

Rear Panel

   1. Tuner Input connectors                 7. Front Right Speaker terminals
   2. AUX Input connectors                   8. Front Left Spearker terminals
   3. TV/VCR Input connectors                9. Rear Right Speaker terminals
   4. Coaxial DVD Input connector            10. Rear Left Speaker terminals
   5. DVD Video Output connector             11. Center Speaker terminals
   6. DVD Video Input connector              12. Subwoofer Speaker terminals

   Note: The layout of the panels are subject to change on revising.
            Identifying your Amplifier
Remote Control
1.    Normal button--Default listening mode.
2.    Jazz button--Press to listen to Jazz music sound effect.
3.    Classic button--Press to listen to Classic music sound     1
4.    POP button--Press to listen to POP music sound effect.     3    2

5.    Rock button--Press to listen to Rock music sound                4
      effect.                                                    5    6
6.    Dance button--Press to listen to Dance music sound
7.    Standby button--Press to switch the amplifier from              8
      POWER ON to STANDBY mode. (The main power of the
      amplifier must be ON at this time.)
8.    Center Up/Down Volume button--Press to adjust center       9    10
      speaker’s sound level.
9.    Front Left Up/Down Volume button--Press to adjust
      Front Left speaker’s sound level.
10.   Front Right Up/Down Volume button--Press to adjust
                                                                 11   12
      Front Right speaker’s sound level.
11.   Rear Left Up/Down Volume button--Press to adjust
      Rear Left speaker’s sound level.                           13
12.   Rear Right Up/Down Volume button--Press to adjust
      Rear Right speaker’s sound level.
13.   Subwoofer Up/Down Volume button--Press to adjust           15   14
      Subwoofer speaker’s sound level.                                16
14.   Default button--Press to restore customized settings to
      the factory default settings.
                                                                 17   18
15.   Test Tone button--Press to check the speaker
16.   Volume Up button--Press to raise Master volume.            19   20
17.   Stereo button--Press to output 2.1 channel sound.
18.   Surround button--Press to output 5.1 channel sound.
19.   Mute button--Press to turn off the sound. To restore
                                                                 21   22
      the sound, press it again.
20.   Volume Down button--Press to lower Master volume.          23
21.   Coaxial DVD button--Press the button when your
      amplifier connects to the DVD player via coaxial cable.    25   24
22.   Night Mode button--Usually press to lower and balance
      sudden loud sounds of the input souce when playing
      the amplifier at night.
23.   Game button--Press to select the TV Game or Video
      Camera as the input source.
24.   Tuner button--Press to select the Tuner as the input
25.   TV/VCR button--Press to select the TV/VCR as the input
26.   AUX button--Press to select the AUX as the input

        Using Amplifier
Before starting using the amplifier, please connect all the audio devices to the
device first. Refer to the included Amplifier Connection Diagram.
Basic Operation                                  Test Tone Checking

1. Press the POWER button on the                 1. Press the TEST TONE button when
   main unit, the amplifier goes to                 the amplifier is in POWER ON
   STANDBY mode.                                    mode.
2. Press any button on the main unit or          2. The amplifier will output a test tone
   on the remote control, the amplifier             to the 6 spearkers in turn.
   goes to POWER ON mode.                        3. While the test tone is playing use
3. Press the POWER button again to                  the individual speaker volume
   turn off the amplifier, or press on the          buttons to adjust the volume from
   STANDBY button on the remote                     each speaker.
   control to put the device in standby
   mode.                                         Note: To stop the test tone, press the
                                                 test tone button again.

Input Source Selection                           Volume Adjustment

1. Press the SOURCE button on the                1. Press the VOLUME UP/DOWN
   amplifier repeatedly to select an input          buttons to raise/lower all speaker’s
   source, or                                       volume, or
2. Press the individual Coaxial DVD,             2. Press the Front Left Up/Down
   Tuner, Game, TV/VCR or AUX                       Volume button, Front Right Up/
   buttons on the remote control to                 Down Volume button, Center Up/
   select the audio input source directly.          Down Volume button, Rear Left
3. The corresponding indicator will light.          Up/Down Volume button, Rear
   (see the amplifier front panel)                  Right Up/Down Volume button and
                                                    Subwoofer Up/Down Volume
                                                    button to adjust the individual
                                                    speaker’s volume level.

        Using Amplifier
Before starting using the amplifier, please connect all the audio devices to the
device first. Refer to the included Amplifier Connection Diagram.
 Equalizer Setting                               Night Mode

 Press the NORMAL, CLASSIC, JAZZ,                1. Press the      button on the remote
 ROCK, POP or DANCE buttons to
 select the Equalizer setting you like for
                                                 2. The Mute LED on the front panel of
                                                    the amplifier will flash.
                                                 3. The amplifier will automatically lower
 Note: The factory default setting is
                                                    and balance any sudden burst of
                                                    loudness from the input souce before
                                                    outputting it.

                                                 4. To cancel the function, press the
                                                    button again.

                                                 Note: This function is used when the
Mute                                             amplifier is playing at night to prevent
                                                 any unexpected loudness.
1. Press the MUTE button in POWER
   ON mode.
2. The Mute LED on the front panel of
   the amplifier will be lit. The sound is
   turned off.
3. To restore the sound, press any
   button on the amplifier or on the
   remote control.

        Using Amplifier
Before starting using the amplifier, please connect all the audio devices to the
device first. Refer to the included Amplifier Connection Diagram.
Stereo Mode                                     Surround Mode

1. Press the STEREO button.                     1. Press the SURROUND button.
2. The amplifier will playback the input        2. The amplifier will playback the input
   source from the Front Left, Front               source from the 6 speakers.
   Right and the Subwoofer speakers.
                                                Note: The amplifier will auto-detect and
Note: The amplifier will decode and             playback whatever was recorded on the
playback whatever was recorded on               DVD or audio disc. If a Dolby Digital
the DVD or audio CD. If a stereo DVD            recorded DVD (5.1 channel) is loaded,
(2 channel) is loaded, the amplifier will       the amplifier will playback the disc
playback the disc according to its              according to its sound system automati-
sound system automatically. That                cally. That means the sound will come
means the sound will come out of the            out of 5 speakers plus the subwoofer.
2 front speakers plus the subwoofer.
                                                Note: If a stereo DVD disc (2 channel)
Note: If a Dolby Digital (5.1 channel)          or audio CD is loaded, press the
recorded DVD is loaded, press the               SURROUND button will force the
STEREO button will force the amplifier          amplifier to manually change and
to manually change and playback the             playback the disc as a 5.1 channel
disc as a stereo sound system and the           surround system and the sound will
sound will only come out of the 2 front         come out of all 5 speakers plus the
speakers plus the subwoofer.                    subwoofer.

Audio-receiver section
Built-in Dolby Digital and Dolby Prologic-II like Decoder for SPDIF digital input
Built-in 200W-5.1Channel Amplifier (Satellite:25Wx5 + SubWoolfer:75W)(HTIB)
With 5.1 Channel Speaker System (Micro Satellite Speakers x5@4ohm, Passive
Sub -Woofer x 1@6ohm)
Main and 6CH-individual channel offset volume adjustment
Automatic test-tone with speaker level adjustment
Audio EQ & 2CH-to-6CH Pro Logic-II function for external audio input
Night-mode from DRC(dynamic range compression) function
LED Indicator &Game-Port input on the front panel

Terminal and I/O section
Input-front            A/V (RCA-Game port) x1
Input-rear             Audio(RCA-White/Red) x3 (Tuner, TV/VCR,AUX)
Input-rear             Video (RCA-Yellow) x 1
Input-rear             Digital audio input (coaxial x 1- RCA-orange)
Output-rear            6CH Speaker Socket with colour-code label + Video (RCA-
                       Yellow) x1
IR Remote control

Amplifier Connection Diagram
Choose the proper connection to set up your Home Theater Amplifier Audio System.

          Front Panel            (A) Amplifier                                      (B) Game                                                           (C) Video Camera
                                                                                          R         L                                                        R    L
        (A) Amplifier
                                                                                        AUDIO AUDIO VIDEO                                                  AUDIO AUDIO VIDEO
        (B) Game Console                                                                 OUT   OUT   OUT                                                    OUT   OUT   OUT

        (C) Video Camera
        (D) DVD
        (E) Tuner                                                                                                                        --RED        --WHITE                      --YELLOW


        (F) TV


        (G) VCR

          Rear Panel                                                                                                     (D) DVD Player


          (E) Tuner

                                       (A) Amplifier

                                                                                                                             Front Front Rear     Rear         Sub-
                                                                                                                             Right Left Right     Left Center woofer

                      (F)                                     (G)                                                                                 Speaker Connection
                      TV SET                                  VCR                                                                                      1               2       3

                                                                                R   L
                DEVICES                                             CABLES                     DESCRIPTION
                                                               2 Yellow Video cables
                                                                                          Connecting to a TV Game
                                                               Red & White Audio cables
                                +(B) Game       +(F) TV
                                                               2 Yellow Video cables      Connecting to a Video Camera
                                                               Red & White Audio cables
                              +(C) Video Camera +(F) TV
   (A) Amplifier + Speakers
                                                               2 Yellow Video cables
                                                                                          Connecting to a DVD
                                                               Coaxial cable
                                +(D) DVD        +(F) TV
                                                               Red & White Audio cables   Connecting to a Tuner
                                        +(E) Tuner
                                                               2 Yellow Video cables
                                                                                          Connecting to a VCR
                                                               Red & White Audio cables
                                +(G) VCR        +(F) TV
                                                Red & White
     Coaxial cable     Yellow Video cable       Audio cables

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