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					                                  Columbia Foundation
                                  Articles and Reports
                                     December 2006

                                     Arts and Culture
                                      Almeida Theatre
                                 $528,042 awarded since 1994

                                     Royal Opera House
   $300,000 awarded since 2002, including $150,000 in 2002 for Thomas Adès’ The Tempest

San Francisco Chronicle, August 11, 2006
Rescued from a career as a pianist, Adès makes do as a brilliant composer, conductor – and yes,
pianist too
Profiles Thomas Adès whose early composition Powder her Face was commissioned by Almeida
Opera; he wrote The Tempest, an opera based on Shakespeare’s play that opened at the Royal
Opera House in the U.K. in 2002 and at the Santa Fe Opera in the United States in August 2006

                                      Border Crossings
                         $50,000 awarded in 2005 for Dis-Orientations

Timeout London, September 18, 2006
Review of Dis-Orientations

Rogues and Vagabonds (London), September 17, 2006
Theatre Review: Dis-Orientations

Dimsum (London), September 2006
Dis-Orientations‟ Swan Song not to be missed

The Stage (London), September 22, 2006

                        California Exhibition Resources Alliance (CERA)
$25,000 awarded in 2006 to develop Sing Me Your Story, Dance me Home: Art and Poetry From
Native California, a traveling exhibition featuring contemporary art by California Native artists,
           contextualized by poetry and multimedia music and dance presentations.

CERA press release, October 4, 2006
California Exhibition Resources Alliance Awarded Prestigious Grant from the Institute of
Museum and Library Services

                                  Courtauld Institute of Art
                  $50,000 awarded in 2006 for the Special Exhibition Program

Financial Times (London), November 3, 2006
The master of miniatures
Review of the David Teniers the Younger exhibition at Courtauld, called the Theatre of Painting;
specifically mentions Columbia Foundation support

The Evening Standard (London), November, 6, 2006
Man who put everyone in the picture
Review of the Theatre of Painting

The Sunday Times (London), November 12, 2006
Art: The Theatre of Painting

                            Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center
 $225,000 awarded since 2003, including $150,000 in 2006 for Cultures of Mexico in California

San Francisco Chronicle, October 5, 2006
Old-style mariachi music cascades out of gritty strip mall to infuse new generations
Cover story about Los Cenzontles, and its important work to preserve traditional Mexican music
and culture, and the community in which the Center resides

                                       Magic Theater
  $178,500 awarded since 1979, including $70,000 in 2005 for the Strategic Growth Initiative

San Francisco Chronicle, December 4, 2006
Review: An engaging „Luminescence‟
Review of a new work co-produced by Magic Theatre in its 40th year

                                          Tête à Tête
            $50,000 awarded in 2006 for the London premiere of Odysseus Unwound

The Times (London), October 12, 2006
Odysseus Unwound
Review of Odysseus Unwound

                                      Human Rights
                   Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA)
                                 $100,000 awarded since 2005

Monterey Herald, October 12, 2006
Small is Good – Area small businesses earn achievement awards
ALBA wins Monterey County small business award for best non-profit

The Salinas Californian, October 12, 2006
Area businesses earn accolades – Winners list includes Ventana Vineyards, Full Steam
ALBA wins Monterey County small business award for best non-profit; quotes Brett Melone,
executive director of ALBA
                               California Clean Money Campaign
                                    $50,000 awarded in 2005

                                      Public Campaign
$200,000 awarded since 2002, including a three-year grant of $150,000 in 2005 for the California
                                     Expansion Project

Sacramento Bee, September 24, 2006
Prop. 89 is a power play, not campaign reform
Pro-clean money editorial

The Washington Post, October 10, 2006
Activist is still Fighting for Equal Funding
Profiles David Donnelly, the national campaigns director for Public Campaign Action Fund, the
c4 lobbying arm of Public Campaign [Columbia Foundation supports Public Campaign, a public

San Francisco Chronicle, October 12, 2006
This is not 'clean money'
Editorial in favor of clean money, but not Proposition 89, which was on the California ballot in
November 2006

San Jose Mercury News, October 27, 2006
Proposition 89 Wrong Path to Campaign-Finance Reform – Legislators Should Make another
Try at Public Financing
Editorial in favor of clean money, but not Proposition 89

The Philadelphia Inquirer, November 7, 2006
Public Election Money Levels the Field
Op-ed in support of clean money by philanthropist Edgar Bronfman and Democratic state
representative Deborah Simpson from Maine

The Baltimore Sun, November 22, 2006
Time ripe for public funding
Op-ed by David Donnelly of Public Campaign Action Fund in support of clean elections

San Francisco Chronicle, December 17, 2006
How to „drain the swamp‟
Editorial in support of clean money featuring Nick Nyhart, executive director of Public Campaign

                                       Freedom to Marry
                         A five-year grant of $500,000 awarded in 2002

Seattle Gay News, August 18, 2006
Marriage advocate brings message to Seattle, to speak at ERW fundraiser
Evan Wolfson interview a few days before his speech at a fundraiser for Equal Rights
Washington in Seattle

Freedom to Marry press release, October 25, 2006
Victory in New Jersey! NJ Supreme Court‟s Unanimous Decision Opens the Door to Marriage
for Same-Sex Couples
The New York Times, October 26, 2006
New Jersey‟s Justices Agree on All but the „M‟ word
Landmark decision towards marriage equality; quotes Evan Wolfson

Tompaine.com, October 27, 2006
Winning on Gay Marriage
Pre-election op-ed by Evan Wolfson in support of same-sex marriage

MSNBC/Newsweek.com, October 30, 2006
Happy, But Not Satisfied – Gay rights activist Evan Wolfson discusses the political implications
of the New Jersey Supreme Court‟s decision on same-sex marriages
Evan Wolfson interview regarding the impact of New Jersey’s Supreme Court ruling on the
November 2006 elections and the future of marriage equality

                            Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues
$324,000 awarded since 1994, including $304,250 for the National Lesbian & Gay Community
Funding Partnership, formed in response to the lack of visibility and funding of lesbian and gay
                         concerns in the philanthropic community

The New York Times, November 13, 2006
All Families Matter
Advertisement printed in The New York Times special section on philanthropy in November

                     Sustainable Communities and Economies
                    Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE)
                                   $50,000 awarded in 2006

Hollister Free Lance, October 20, 2006
Conference Examines Economic Future of SBC
BALLE planned and co-sponsored a conference with the California Integrated Waste
Management Board in San Benito, California geared towards the balance between economic
growth and open space; the panel was moderated by Michael Dimock, executive director of the
Roots of Change Fund

The New York Times, October 5, 2006
Making a Profit and a Difference
Profiles BALLE and its efforts to transform communities by supporting local networks of small
businesses, so that local businesses can be profitable and foster social and environmental

                          California Institute for Rural Studies (CIRS)
  $150,000 awarded since 2004, including a two-year grant of $100,000 in 2006 and $50,000 in
    2004 for the Social Equity in Sustainable Agriculture: In Search of the Third “E” report

Sustainable Table, October 24, 2006
Workin‟ Down on the Farm
Sustainability blog promotes California Institute for Rural Studies report on labor standards
                                    Center for Food Safety
    $190,000 since 2003, including $50,000 in 2006 for the California Food and Agriculture

Sacramento Bee, December 18, 2006
Irradiation back on the table – Food-related illnesses renew calls for controversial process
E. coli scare prompts food industry to push irradiated food; Andrew Kimbrell, executive director
of the Center for Food Safety, is quoted and argues against the under-studied practice

                                  Chez Panisse Foundation
   $85,000 awarded since 2002, including $50,000 in 2006 for the School Lunch Initiative and
                          $35,000 in 2002 for the Edible Schoolyard

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 20, 2006
In a regular pilgrimage, Slow Food members follow the path toward ethical eating to Turin
A look at the Slow Food and Terra Madre events in Turin; features Alice Waters and the Edible

Missoula Independent, December 14, 2006
Lunch lessons – Ann Cooper‟s new vision for school food
Ann Cooper, hired by the Chez Panisse Foundation to transform school lunch in Berkeley schools
[with support from Columbia Foundation] visits Missoula, Montana schools to tour the facility
and speak about her vision for healthy school lunch in America

                     Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF)
      $265,000 awarded since 1992, including $110,000 in 2006 for Buy Fresh, Buy Local

Newsweek, October 16, 2006
Case Study: Fresh Ideas about Food
CAFF has transformed Kaiser Permanente hospital’s food system in Northern California; quotes
Anya Fernald of CAFF

Diablo Magazine, November 2006
Eat Local Goes Mainstream
With credit due CAFF, Kaiser Permanente serves locally sourced fruits and vegetables in its 19
facilities in Northern California

UC Santa Cruz press release, November 21, 2006
UC researchers lead USDA-funded study of farm-to-institution programs
Two-year project commences to study the feasibility of farm-to-institution programs at the
University of California Santa Cruz and Davis campuses; UC SAREP and CAFF [Columbia
Foundation grantees] are integral project members; Anya Fernald, community food programs
director of CAFF, and Marisol Asselta, coordinator of CAFF’s Central Coast Buy Fresh, Buy
Local Campaign, in particular are included

San Mateo County Times, November 30, 2006
Kaiser embraces family farms
Kaiser Permanente’s a pilot project to purchase fruit and vegetables from local sources featured;
quotes Anya Fernald
                                         Marin Organic
                                  $145,000 awarded since 2003

Newresourcebank.com, 2006
Community Reward Partners
Marin Organic is the first non-profit to be partnered with New Resource Bank; New Resource
Bank offers ‘Community Rewards Visa Check Cards’ to its customers – each time a customer
uses the card for a purchase, 5 cents for every signature-based transaction and 3 cents for every
pin-based transaction is donated to Marin Organic

                                  $125,000 awarded since 2005

The New York Times, November 13, 2006
Learning: Not Just Peeling Potatoes
Nextcourse program in San Francisco County Jail teaches inmates about nutrition, locally grown
food, and cooking

                                 Organic Consumers Association
                                    $50,000 awarded in 2005

Newstarget.com, November 28, 2006
Organic Consumers Association‟s Ronnie Cummins discusses corporate greed and organic milk
Interview with Ronnie Cummins, executive director of Organic Consumers Association

                               Roots of Change Fund (ROC Fund)
                         A three-year grant of $600,000 awarded in 2002

Orion Magazine, November/December, 2006
Blueprint for Change: Replanting People – Immigrant workers earn a piece of an organic farm
ROC Council member Jim Cochran and Swanton Berry Farm is featured; it is the first farm in the
United States to extend ESOPs (employee stock ownership plans) beyond family members to
workers on organic farms

San Francisco Business Times, December 8, 2006
No link to Oakland project for big chains
Michael Dimock, executive director of ROC Fund serves on an advisory committee to the
managers responsible for the redevelopment of Jack London Square in Oakland; the managers are
expected to bar national chains from the food area and emphasize local and sustainable food

San Francisco Chronicle Magazine, December 17, 2006
Cellular Nutrition: The Hunt to Fix Hidden Hunger – Biochemist Bruce Ames thinks a simple
multivitamin may fight obesity
Quotes ROC Council member Joan Gussow, who advocates for a focus on nutrition education
and sustainable food systems and argues against magic pill supplements; the article describes
ROC Fund as having an anti-Amesian mission to transform California’s food system
                                 San Francisco Food Systems
                                 $250,000 awarded since 2002

San Francisco Department of Public Health press release, October 30, 2006
New Addition to School Lunches: Local and Sustainably-Grown Apples
Locally sourced, fresh apples are now a part of school lunch in San Francisco; credits Columbia
Foundation for partnering with San Francisco Food Systems to continue to bring fresh, local,
sustainable food to San Francisco schools

                                  Urban Resource Systems
               $345,000 awarded since 1996 for the Neighborhood Parks Project

The San Francisco Examiner, November 27, 2006
City residents concerned about lack of care seen
ParkScan, a website created to track consumer complaints about San Francisco Parks, is a helpful
tool for city residents looking for positive change in parks to express their concerns

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