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					                           Local Let Real Estate Acquisition Checklist
                                  to monitor compliance with the
                     Uniform Act and the Ohio Department of Transportation
                    Real Estate Administration Policies and Procedures Manual

The process of monitoring all aspects of the acquisition process in an acquisition project is to ensure
compliance with all Federal and State regulations. The following items will be reviewed for compliance
with the Uniform Act and the ODOT Real Estate Policy and Procedures Manual:

1) TITLE REPORTS / UPDATES - The process of determining ownership of property and property
rights. (Refer to the Real Estate Administration Policies and Procedures Manual Section 5100).

“       Any fee contractor performing title services must be ODOT pre-qualified.
“       Prior to the offer a full title back to warranty deed, with a minimum of 42 year search is required.
“       All title reports ( including updates) must include copies of any liens, mortgages, taxes, leases, etc.
        or other documents pertinent to the ownership of the parcel.
“       Form RE 46 ( Title Report) and Form RE 46-1 ( Title Chain)
“       Prior to the closing update the title to determine that there has been no change in the ownership
        position prior to funds being dispersed.
“       Appropriation cases_____________________________________.

2) INTRODUCTORY LETTER (RE-M) - This letter is sent by the local and/or consultant on the
agencies letterhead at the time final plans are received. The letters are sent to all property owners which
will have property acquired on the project to notify them that the acquisition process is getting under way.
( Refer to the Real Estate Administration Policies and Procedures Manual Section 5200)

“       Form letter RE-M to be mailed 30 days prior to beginning negotiations
“       Enclose the brochure -“ When ODOT Needs Your Property”

3) PROPERTY INVENTORY CLASSIFICATION -The purpose of this form identifies parties with
ownership of real estate and personal property to be acquired.

“       Property Inventory Form RE-95

4) APPRAISAL PHASE - The act or process of estimating fair market value. The appraisal must be
prepared on ODOT approved forms as listed below. The appraisals must be compliant with the Uniform
Act, 49 CFR 24.102 and 24.103, Ohio Revised Code 163, Ohio Administrative Rules 5501: 2-5-06 and
the ODOT Real Estate Administration Policy and Procedures Manual Section 4100 through 4400.

“       Value Analysis process is not an appraisal, but a valuation format used by ODOT to establish the
        (F.M.V.E.) when an appraisal is unnecessary because of valuation process is uncomplicated and
        the fair market value is $ 5,000 or less, based on a review of available data.
“       Value Finding
“       Short Form
“       Narrative
“       Fee appraisers used by the LPA must be State Certified from the Division of Real Estate, Ohio

         Department of Commerce and pre-qualified by the ODOT.
5) APPRAISAL REVIEW- A review appraiser examines reports of other appraisers to determine if
the conclusions presented are consistent with the data reported and are reasonable and compliant with all
ODOT policy and procedures. The review appraiser considers compliancy to law, policy and procedures,
reasonableness and ascertains if the appraisal under review fairly compensates the property owners.
(Refer to the Real Estate Administration Policies Procedures Manual Section 4300).

“       A review appraiser must be certified general real estate appraiser from the Division of Real
        Estate, Ohio Department of Commerce and pre-qualified by the ODOT.


“       Appraiser responds to corrections requested by reviewer, or
“       Reviewer becomes the appraiser and estimates F.M.V.E. ( limitations) , or
“       A new appraisal is ordered


“       Reviewer prepares the form RE-22 which documents and allocates compensation

reviewer does not establish F.M.V.E., but approves the appraisal and recommends the F.M.V.E. ( Refer
to Federal-Aid Policy Guide No. 27). The estimate of just compensation cannot be delegated to a private
consultant. ( Refer to page 17 of the Federal -Aid Policy Guide No. 26).

“       An official of the acquiring agency must establish the F.M.V.E. An official could include: (RPM,
        REA, County/ City Engineer, Mayor)

7) RELOCATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM- The provision of Relocation Assistance to eligible
persons or businesses who are displaced from or by highway improvement projects. (Refer to the Real
Estate Administration Policies and Procedures Manual Section ___________ and 49 CFR, Part 24.

“       The Relocation Counslor alty Specialist performing the negotiation function must be ODOT pre-
“       Files to be reviewed by Central Office Real Estate ___________________________

8) RELOCATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM REVIEW- Relocation review is the process of
reviewing the work performed by the person who is actively carrying out the relocation assistance
function. This review is to assure that all relocation is performed in compliance with 49 CFR, Part 24 and
ODOT policy and procedures. ( Refer to the Real Estate Administration Policies and Procedures
Manual Section __________.

“       The Relocation reviewer performing the compliance reviews are required and must be pre-
        qualified by the ODOT to perform the relocation function, before a relocation offer is presented.
“       Reviewed by Central Office Real Estate ___________________________________
“       Relocation Assistance Additives to include Replacement Housing Additives and Rent Supplement


        Appeals - Should be sent the District Real Estate Administrator who will forward the file to
        Central Office Real Estate Office all appeals shall be in writing and include all supporting
        documentation and a brief summary of the parcel(s) current status. The LPA will need to
        provide a recommendation on the appeal.

9) THE OFFER- The purpose of negotiations is to facilitate the transfer of title interest and / or
personalty to another party in return for value received. (Refer to the Real Estate Administration
Policies and Procedures Manual Sections 5200, 5300, 5400).

“       The Realty Specialist performing the negotiation function must be pre-qualified by the ODOT if
        there is Federal funds any phase of the project.
“       Provide brochure to property owner “When ODOT Needs Your Property”
“       Verify the Title Report
“       Negotiation Report - Form RE 60 ( Records the permanent record of all communications both
        meetings and telephone conversations. The form should be typed and legible, the information
        must be accurate and complete. The negotiation report must contain the following information:
        “        Explain construction plans, r/w plans, appraisal, property inventory
        “        Explain the part taking
        “        Explain the residue
        “        Explain the costs of sale
        “        RAP - explain the occupants are entitled to 90 days of possession(the 90 days begin
                 when the offer is made).
        “        Present the “ Offer Letter”
        “        Procuring a right-of-entry - Cannot replace the acquisition process but it can give the
                 agency the right to assume possession of land by entering on it in a peaceable manner
                 before negotiations are complete. The right-of-entry must be signed by all affected
                 parties before possession can occur.
        “        Administrative reviews approvals

10) ACCEPTED OFFER - (Refer to the Real Estate Administration Policies and Procedures
Manual Section 5.10, 5.20 and 5.40, please note that these sections are being updated and will be known
as Section 5100, 5200 and 5400). The function of the closing is to receive proper documents of
conveyance and release of liens and other interest and to disburse the purchase monies to the proper
parties of the transaction. The realty specialist must study the title report to determine what recorded real
estate interest are involved with the transaction. This would include fee interest, leasehold interest, tenant
agreements, easements interest, mortgage interest, etc. Individual releases will be required on any or all
of these interest in order for the agency to receive a clear title to the property to be acquired.

“       Appropriate contracts and / or instruments are signed
“       Appropriate documents must be signed which transfer real property these are dependent on the
        type of interest:

                 “        Fee simple
                 “        Easement

                “        Temporary

“       Update title report
“       Secure mortgage releases
“       Funds are distributed
“       Record instrument at the Recorder’s Office
“       If fee simple take prepare the RE-57 and submit it to the county auditor’s office for determination
        of pro-rated takes and unpaid assessments.


“       A counter offer is encouraged
“       The agency considers an Administrative Review (must be based on the fair market value issues
        and not relocation benefits or other non-values related elements.            The districts have
        authority up to $ 2,500.00 over the established F.M.V.E., the regional offices have up to $
        10,000.00, or 10% over F.M.V.E., which ever is greater. Administrative reviews over $
        10,000.00 or 10% of the F.M.V.E. must be approved by Central Office Real Estate.
“       Final offer letter is sent to the property owner.


“       The District Real Estate Office will need to be part of the appropriation process if the LPA
        Agreement states that the Ohio Attorney General’s office will handle the appropriation.

“       Form RE 61 is sent to the Transportation Section of the Attorney General’s office
“       Negotiations and appropriations can happen simultaneously; however , it is an AAG that handles
        any negotiations
“       Any settlements will be considered by the Regional Project Manager, Assistant Attorney General
        and the Real Estate Administrator.

13)     PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - As a result of acquisition, excess lands, land locked parcels,
structures, and other miscellaneous improvements may become the property of the agency. These
properties will need to be managed or disposed of as needed.(Refer to the Real Estate Administration
Policies and Procedures Manual Sections 7000, 7100, 7200, 7300, 7400).

14) ENCROACHMENTS - As part of the agencies certification of availability of right-of-way, the
project must be examined for existing or proposed encroachments. Encroachments are privately owned
improvements or uses of publicly owned right-of-way. Examples may be signs, fences, structures that
exist within the legal boundaries of the right-of-way. Encroachments must be caused to be removed or
permitted as applicable prior to certifying the right-of-way clear by the sponsoring agent.

“       Encroachments clear in field
“       Use permit issued

15)    PROJECT RECORD OWNERSHIP / STORAGE - (Refer to the Real Estate Administration

Policies and Procedures Manual Sections 2100, 2.20, 2.30, 2400, 2500 pertaining to records and files,
acquisition authorization, project management, fiscal procedures and Federal participation). These
sections suggest, recommend and mandate certain record processes.

“        Update as acquired section on final plan
“        Storage is required for up to three years following the final payments ( Refer to section 2511.05
         for specific requirements for record retention).
16) COMPLIANCE REVIEW- Before the right-of-way is certified by the LPA, the District Real
Estate office will monitor the right-of-way acquisition activities on a regular and on going basis. The State
Real Estate Administrator is ultimately responsible for the acquisition activities of Federal-Aid projects. It
is advisable, therefore that the state and the local acquiring agency work closely together during the entire
acquisition process both to expedite the acquisition and to assure that all federal and state requirements
are met.

“       Compliance review (date) ___________ ODOT reviewer__________________

“       Right- of -way acquisition files compliant

Right-of-way acquisition files that need additional documentation:

C- R- S:                                                              PID #
 Parcel No.       Remarks

“       Right-of-way files compliant as of (date) __________ODOT reviewer_______________