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									                                          Walk 25 Hen & Chicken Bay

Prince Edward Park

          Park a
7 Bayview picnicisarea,
                             The pale colours and white
                             wooden shutters and          10 It is just over a Cape
                                                             kilometre from
with a small beach, jetty    balustrades of these         Cabarita, through suburban
and tranquil water views.    townhouses and apartments    streets, to Cabarita Park.
There is a monument to the   have been inspired by
58 French Canadians exiled
here in 1840 after an
                             ‘Cape Cod’ architecture.
                                                          11    At the park gates veer
                                                                right to pass by the
uprising against British
rule in Canada. Pick up
                                      the path around
                             9 FollowEdward Park,
                                                          swimming pool and
                                                          Sanders kiosk at the
the Chateauguay Walk         another excellent picnic     marina. Continue around
around Exile Bay, named      spot with large gazebos      the foreshore to reach
for the prisoners’ home      overlooking the bay, and     Cabarita Wharf. You can
town in Quebec, just past    continue past the wharf.     continue this foreshore
the boat ramp.               This path heads in to        walk from Cabarita for
                             France Bay for a short       another 8 kilometres, all

8 Once past the golf
  course the path runs
                             distance. At its end, turn
                             left through a gate into
                                                          the way to Rhodes. See
                                                          Sydney’s Best Bush, Park &
between grey mangroves       Cape Cabarita, turning       City Walks, published by
on the foreshore and the     right at the roadside and    Woodslane Press, for more
Cape Cabarita housing        right again into Philips     details.
development, built on a      Street.
former industrial site.


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