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									Wake Therapy Helps Treat Depression
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Depression. It's as life threatening as diabetes                                                                               Why didn't it last?
or cancer. It can attack anyone, anytime                                                                                       No one knew for sure, so researchers put
without reason. One in five of us will get it,                                                                                 wake therapy aside. Still, it happened over
and your chances are twice as high if you're a                                                                                 and over again for thousands of patients. Then
woman. It will devastate your life and those                                                                                   a new science emerged, called Chronobiology
around you.                                                                                                                    (the study of how our body clocks work).
                                                                                                                               Scientists discovered we each have a body
Traditional Treatment                                                                                                          clock that controls our daily energy and sleep
Most people 'manage' their depression through                                                                                  cycles. Our body clocks also control the
therapy and or medication. Relief is rarely                                                                                    production of serotonin and melatonin, both
complete and medication almost always has                                                                                      substances implicated in depression. When
unwanted side effects.                                                                                                         we get depressed, our body clock can be a
                                                                                                                               major factor.
Amazing Discovery: From a woman, a
bike and Germany                                                                                                               The Long-term Answer
Ursula had battled depression for years.                                                                                       Scientists knew that very bright light was the
Unable to sleep, she got out and rode her bike                                                                                 only effective way to reset our body clocks.
all night.      In the morning she felt                                                                                        So, could they combine bright light and wake
tremendously better. In fact, she couldn't                                                                                     therapy for long-term depression relief? In
remember feeling this good. Immediately she                                                                                    1996, an Apollo colleague at the University of
told her doctor, who was also shocked. Sadly,                                                                                  Vienna did the first trial run. Participants
when she woke up again the next day, her                                                                                       slept until 1:00am and then remained awake
depression had returned.                                                                                                       for the rest of the night and the next day. Just
                                                                                                                               as before, they felt tremendously better, but
From Ursula and thousands of others, doctors                                                                                   anticipated a complete relapse once they fell
discovered that depression could be                                                                                            asleep. Not so this time. When they awoke
completely reversed, but only for a day. Still                                                                                 again, they were exposed to bright light. No
the result was nothing short of amazing, and                                                                                   depression. It had vanished. Several weeks
although it only lasted a day, patients felt                                                                                   later it was still gone.
tremendously better.
                                                                                                                               In 2002, Apollo and researchers at UCSD
Wake Therapy                                                                                                                   gave it a second try. Same results. Again in
This treatment, known as wake therapy works                                                                                    2003, a larger study revealed the same results:
like this: You sleep until 1:00 AM. Then you                                                                                   Even after months, the depression is gone in
wake up and stay awake all day. As long as                                                                                     most patients! Bright light and wake therapy
you don't sleep, you feel great. You'll be                                                                                     are now offering an effective,
tired, but you'll feel great. As soon as you go                                                                                non-pharmacological solution to millions of
back to sleep, the depression returns.                                                                                         people like Ursula.

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