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					                        Visiting the Doctor
                            Some ideas to make visiting the doctor less stressful

☺   Bring a partner/family member/friend to support you and help you take notes of what the doctor
    is saying.
☺   Prepare questions for the doctor in advance; think about potential questions that may arise during
    the appointment.
☺   Ask for a longer appointment if you think there will be things you want explained, especially if
    you are going over test results.
☺   If you don’t understand what the doctor has said, ask them to tell you again but in simpler
☺   Bring your child’s favourite toy/comfort item to help them stay relaxed.
☺   If you can, explain the visit to your child before you go so they know what
    to expect.
☺   Try to have other children looked after for the time of the appointment so
    you can devote your full attention to the doctor.
☺   Remember that your relationship with your doctor is important; if you don’t feel comfortable with
    her/him then you can ask to be referred to someone else.

                     Things to remember
                       Early diagnosis and intervention can help your child reach their full potential
                     You have the right to ask to be referred to the specialist of your choice
                             You have the right to know the full facts about your child's diagnosis
                             Even specialists may lack knowledge if your child has a rare condition

                             Source: Better Health Channel Victoria -

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