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									                                     Australian     Services     Union         National   Airlines   Division     Bulletin

                                Virgin Blue    Number 25                                                    November 13, 2009

                                              Virgin Blue Ground Crew
                                                negotiations drag on
                                The ASU continued to pursue real                     above issues positively. If we can get
                                wages and conditions for employees                   movement on these issues then we are
                                at Virgin Blue this week.                            very close to finalising the agreement.

                                The key issues on the table are:                     Right now we know Virgin Blue are a flat
                                 • Back payment of wages                             NO to back pay or a sign on fee of any
                                 • Wage rates being based on the ASU                 description. Management have informed us
                                   Airlines Operations Award which has a             that the cabin crew deal out to vote now
                                   higher base rate than that currently              (closes 12/11/09) has no back pay but
                                   being used (Virgin Blue are always                improved conditions.
                                   happy to use the lowest cost). The wage
                                   rates are based on the TWU Award                  So if Virgin Blue want the deal finalised and
                                   which is designed for ramp and                    they can’t pay, then we must ensure that all
                                   associated ramp work. It is not                   of the conditions you are seeking are
                                   surprising that Virgin Blue say they must         improved in the new agreement.
                                   use this Award for all employees.
                                 • Part time hours – part timers under the           What will seal the deal?
                                   Virgin Blue model lose out on overtime            All Virgin Blue employees working together
                                   payment if part time hours change from            to ensure management hears what you
                                   36 in a week after which you got paid             have to say loud and clear. Right now
                                   overtime to 76 in a fortnight with a cap          management have a survey out that boldly
                                   on 40 in a week. There has been some              asks whether you would support particular
                                   improvement in the commitments to part            parts of the agreement currently under
                                   timers and ongoing work. These words              negotiation.
                                   are not fail safe guarantees but it is
                                   progress.                                         Why don’t you fill it in and tell them what
                                 • Parental Leave – Virgin Blue are                  you think.
                                   considering the ASU proposals but they
                                   do not look like they are going to move           Tell them that more hours before overtime
                                   to at least the current minimum                   is paid for part timers is not good, tell them
                                   community standard.                               you want a 2 year deal. Tell them that
                                 • Other issues still not finalised are:             parental leave from 52 weeks to 78 weeks
                                      o Rosters – there has been some                (UNPAID) is less than the current legislative
                                           progress and the words are yet to         provisions and a very poor standard.
                                           be finalised.
                                      o Trainers – changes to the                    When you all tell Virgin Blue management
                                           classification description not            this they will have to listen.
                                      o Length of Agreement – we say 2               Contact your local ASU Organiser for more
                                           years as Virgin Blue’s projected          details or to answer any questions you may
                                           profits start to improve                  have.
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                                Your negotiators at the bargaining table are
                                working to get Virgin Blue to respond to the


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