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									DYNAVOX AcoustaBar™
All-in-one Home Theater System

    Dynavox AcoustaBar All-in-one home-theater system not only simplifies the hookup, using
only two cables but also provides a great way to keep within a reasonable budget. By utilizing
the latest patented audio technology from SRS 3D WOW , it is able to deliver enhanced virtual
surround sound experience of multiple audio inputs through a two-channel speaker output
system. There is no need for extra speakers or cables. This single system unit can be mounted
on a wall or just laid on a rack elegantly. It is not only revolutionary but also stylish in design
to be well fitted into the home decor. Also take advantage of this superb system to enjoy music
from your iPod or Mp3 player. Added bonus: iPod / MP3 remote control included.

                                          DYNAVOX AcoustaBar All-In-One Home Theater System
DYNAVOX AcoustaBar™
All-in-one Home Theater System
Left / Right Channel
Woofer:4" paper cone with cloth edge
        1" Hi-Temp Kapton voice coil
Passive Radiator: Tuned 4" paper cone with cloth edge
Midrange:    4" paper cone with cloth edge
          1" Hi-Temp Kapton voice coil
Tweeter: 1" silk soft dome tweeter
Impedance: 8 ohm, nominal
Frequency Response: 60~20K Hz
Power Handling: 5~80 Watts RMS
Crossover: 6dB/Oct, 3-way

Amplifier / Cabinetry
Built-in Amp: 20 Watts RMS per channel
Input(Stereo): 3.5 phone jack, iPod Dock
Adjustable Electronic Sound Field Control
IR Remote Control interfacing with iPod
SRS WOW: Integrated with built-in Amp
Cabinet Material: Gloss MDF, Chambered, Fabric Grill
Dimension: 920mm(L)x140mm(H)x150mm(D)
Power Supply: Universal AC Power Adaptor (18.0Vdc, 3.3A )

WOW is a combination of SRS 3D Focus and trubass that creates a thrilling surround sound
experience with deep rich bass from any stereo sound sources

    All-In-One System has dual channel 3 way array speaker incorporated with SRS technology
which make the sound much better than the traditional stereo sound system. Its volume can reach
as high as 90dB under 1 watt input, which is superior in efficiency. For the bass, All-In-One
System can reproduce frequencies lower than 60HZ, which is just as good as a 10" or 12"
subwoofer. All-In-One System is also flexible, no matter iPod or MP3/MP4, you can enjoy the
high quality music which is comparable with any professional AV system.
    Allow our All-In-One System to serve your splendiferous music banquet!

                                     DYNAVOX AcoustaBar All-In-One Surround Sound Bar System

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