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					                         Service Charter
Our role                                                 What you can expect from us
To administer and provide advice on the Territory’s      We will
taxes, duties and royalties, first home owner grant
                                                         • issue stamp duty assessments for 90 per cent of all
and on-road fuel subsidy schemes.
                                                          documents within five business days of receipt of all

Our commitment to you                                     relevant information

We will                                                  • complete 80 per cent of tax audits within 120 days,

• conduct our business with honesty, fairness and         and 80 per cent of mineral or petroleum royalty

 integrity                                                audits within 180 days (subject to satisfactory
                                                          cooperation and provision of all necessary
• treat you in a professional and objective manner
• treat you with courtesy and consideration
                                                         • determine 80 per cent of objections within 120 days
• explain our requirements and, where appropriate,
                                                          unless we require more information
 provide reasoning for the decisions we make
                                                         • ensure that 95 per cent of approved first home
• explain your rights and the review and appeal
                                                          owner grant payments are made within 24 hours of
 process to you
                                                          the payment eligibility date
• ensure your objections are handled by an
 independent officer and without bias                     • determine 95 per cent of all fuel subsidy and other
                                                          grant applications within five business days of
• respect your privacy and maintain appropriate
 security of all information released to us               receipt of all relevant information
                                                         • respond to written enquiries within 14 days or issue
What we require from you                                  an interim response advising a contact name and
So that we can provide high quality service,              telephone number within that timeframe
it is essential that you                                 Our performance in meeting these standards is
• be honest and cooperative in your dealings with        published in Treasury’s Annual Report.
 Territory Revenue Office
• keep and allow access to records as required by the    Complaints
 revenue laws, grants and subsidy schemes                We want to keep improving our service to you
• provide timely responses and give full and accurate    If we do not meet your expectations, please let us
 information                                             know. We will investigate your complaint, endeavour
• pay on time the amount of tax or royalty required by   to resolve it quickly and efficiently and provide
 the revenue laws                                        reasoning for the decision we make.

 For further information or to make a complaint contact the Territory Revenue Office
 9th Floor, Cavenagh House          Ph: 1300 305 353                  Email:
 GPO Box 154                        Fax: 08 8999 6395                 Website:

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