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The Challenge

Alliant Resources, headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, successfully curtailed inter-office telephone costs for Joseph C. Sansone Company (JCSCo) by implementing a Voice over IP network. Utilizing the Multi-Tech MultiVOIP gateway solution, Alliant Resources has satisfied JCSCo’s expectations by reducing their total long distance bill by as much as 30%.

Alliant Resources Cuts JCSCo Telephone Costs by 30%!

JCSCo was faced with high telecommunication expenses, with all of their inter-office communication, that were affecting their bottom line profitability. They turned to Alliant Resources for help. “It was only natural to accept Alliant’s recommendation about the Multi-Tech MultiVOIP solution, as they had in the past clearly demonstrated their telecom expertise,” stated Tony Sharpe, head of JCSCo’s rapidly growing IT department. Alliant, a Multi-Tech Optimum Reseller partner, represents a new breed of high-tech reseller; part interconnect, part networking system integrator, part telephone/Internet/Intranet service company and a complete voice/data business solution provider. “We had an open business relationship with JCSCo with prior projects. Therefore, when they came to us for help in reducing their office-to-office telecommunications costs we quickly recommended Multi-Tech’s Voice over IP solution,” explains Michael Kirchhoff, Senior IT Engineer at Alliant. “Because they were eventually going to replace their corporate PBX in St. Louis, they did not want to invest in a proprietary IP-based PBX solution. Therefore, Multi-Tech’s affordable MultiVOIP gateway made perfect sense.”

JCSCo is a nationally
recognized industry leader in the field of business tax saving solutions. In business for more than thirty years, they work with more than 15,000 diversified clients and have achieved client tax savings of more than $1 billion. With headquarters in St. Louis, MO, they employ a staff of almost 100, with branch offices in Atlanta and Boston.

The Multi-Tech Solution
With MultiVOIP, JCSCo can eliminate their recurring long distance charges by bridging their existing voice network to their data network. MultiVOIP is a point-to-point solution (one is required at each location) that merges voice/fax from traditional telephones onto the IP data network. It then utilizes another MultiVOIP gateway at the remote end to separate the voice/fax from the data network and sends it back to the receiving phone. Alliant implemented the Multi-Tech Voice over IP solution using two 2-port MultiVOIP gateways at the remote Atlanta and Boston offices and a 4-port MultiVOIP gateway in St. Louis. They utilized the existing T1 WAN infrastructure between offices to route the voice traffic along with their current data traffic, thereby doubling the efficiency of the pipe without adding any additional costs.

-Tony Sharpe, JCSCo



The voice quality is excellent and we could not be happier....

In a matter of three weeks, from the initial purchase order, everything was up and running smoothly. Alliant deployed the solution in the Atlanta and Boston branch offices first, by installing 2-port E&M trunk cards in the Samsung DCSC key telephone systems in each office. The MultiVOIP gateway connects directly to the key telephone system. Then the corporate office in St. Louis was brought online via a 4-port SLC card interfaced to the JCSCo InterTEL Axxess PBX. Again, the MultiVOIP gateway connects directly to the PBX utilizing an FXO connection. Feature keys were programmed on the respective telephone systems, which allowed direct access to the MultiVOIP gateways. This speeds up dialing patterns and allows staff to recognize internal VoIP office-to-office calls. Each city is able to dial the operator/reception group, the company automated-attendant voicemail and access the trunk group of local lines in the distant city by simply dialing “9”. “Multi-Tech’s technical support was excellent in supporting us with all aspects of deployment,” states Kirchhoff. “The most challenging issues were opening the appropriate router ports on the deployed cities to handle the packetized voice traffic on the IP network.”

Alliant Resources, Inc.,
a Multi-Tech Optimum Reseller, was founded in 1996 by Michael Kirchhoff in Lawrenceville, GA a northeast suburb of Atlanta, to provide telecommunication and computer networking integration services to small - medium sized companies. Alliant is, quite simply, a necessary creature of today’s highly convergent times. The IT professionals at Alliant Resources are committed to providing excellent service, quality products and valuable solution resources that help companies achieve their corporate goals.
For more information contact: Alliant Resources, Inc., 1182 Oakhurst Trail, Suite 101,

The Results
JCSCo expects to realize their nominal initial investment in equipment in four to six months. Beyond that, they will simply be adding to their bottom line profitability. “This whole voice-over-IP project came off exactly like Alliant promised and clearly in a speedy deployment,” claims Sharpe. “The voice quality is excellent and we could not be happier with our decision in selecting Multi-Tech and Alliant.”

MultiVOIP Gateway
· Routes intra-office calling over the data network instead of the PSTN · Flexible 1-, 2-, 4-, 8 and 24-port solution · Award-winning, PSTN voice quality · Direct connections to traditional phones, faxes or PBX systems · No additional hardware needed

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