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									     The Trainer the Trainer course
  is open to any bones student who has            About Bones for Life – Australia
 completed a Basic Bones Level training
                                                  Jenny Groves has been
       course (i.e. Bones 1,2,3) with
                                                  pioneering Bones in Oz
      a Certified Teacher or Trainer.             over the past six years.
                                                  She has taken the work
                                                  into new arenas.
                                                  Developing anxiety and
                      To support the              depression work and ring
                      growth of Bones for         muscle work for pre and
                      Life in this                post- abdominal surgery.
                      country,.Ruthy is
                      offering the Train the       “B.F.L. has given me the security of
                      Trainer at an earlier
                      stage in the Bones           understanding a very concise and precise
                      teacher’s                    methodology of working somatically to
                      development.                 support structure, posture and emotional
                                                   well being. Ruthy’s systematic course
                                                   structure, Didactic training and the Train
         Training $1,500 AUD                       the Trainer has enabled me to develop my
                                                   own inner trust and expand that into my           Train the Trainer
       Deposit of $200 secures booking             teaching. My functional assertiveness, trust           With Ruthy Alon
       Paid in full by 14th January 2010           in myself and my interpersonal
                                                   relationships has strengthened.”
                                                                                                      15th to 25th February 2010
The TT will enrich the Basic Program with         Jenny, with Ruthy’s support has taken on the
additional processes that embody a higher         task to train teachers in Australia and support
degree of sophistication.                         their learning and evolvement.
                                                                                                    Mullumbimby Civic Centre
The TT will focus on solutions of specific
dysfunctions, in preparation for working with                Please contact Jenny at                        (Byron Shire)
individuals as a BFL personal trainer.                    Bones For Life – Australia                  Northern New South Wales
BFL consolidates and emphasizes transmission           for all Train the Trainer enquiries
of force through the skeleton in dynamic                          and bookings.                             Brought to you by:
movement against resistance, and inspires                    Ph. (02) 6684 2738                        Bones for Life – Australia
people how to move from the ground into life to                                                        Mullumbimby NSW Australia
deal creatively with life’s challenge            
You will learn:                                            COMPLETION LEVEL                                                    What to bring…
    • how to construct and deconstruct the                                                                      • Bones for Life Training manual. These can
                                                           Segments 1, 11 & 111 Basic Bones
      program with many lenses.                                                                                   be pre-ordered with payment from Bones
                                                           To be trained under a certified teacher or trainer
    • how to teach a student how to self-support                                                                  for Life – Australia.
      with many mini processes, how to apply                  •   Certificates Issued after each segment
                                                                  Resource Material available to purchase       • Harness, mat and 500 gm Velcro weights.
      this, strategize, and put into a contextual                                                                 (These will be provided for people
      map how to think and observe bones                      •   Online ‘Bones Forum’ eligibility                traveling from overseas).
      phenomena in action.
                                                              •   Can also be taught in two 4-day segment       Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.
Trainees will be doing a mini Didactic                            modules.                                      Kitchen facilities are available at the venue for
incorporating practice teaching, group                                                                          lunch with supermarkets, café’s etc. within 5
discussion, and marketing tools.                           TEACHER LEVEL                                        mins. walking distance.
The professional future of BFL will be clarified           Trainers Manual can be purchased.                                 Accommodation…
and how as a community we can self-support as              Basic Bones 1,2,3 and Advanced level Bones
a collective.                                                                                                      Byron has lots of backpackers, motels and
                                                           1,2,3 completed                                          B & B’s. Search the web for Byron Bay,
Participants doing this training who have not              35 hrs Mentoring (supervision)                          Mullumbimby, Brunswick Heads or contact
completed all the certification criteria will be           30hrs Practice Teaching                                        Byron Bay Tourist Centre
issued with a Participation Certificate and will           Didactic (a 5 day intensive how to teach, think                   Ph. 02 66 80 8558
get the full B.F.L. Trainer Certificate when they          and strategize B.F.L. in application and
                                                                                                                  For other accommodation possibilities such as
have fulfilled all the accreditation requirements.         teaching.)
                                                                                                                 “billeting” and “group bookings” please contact
                                                           On line Teachers forum eligibility.
    Please see bones for life website for details.                                                                           Bones For Life Australia.
                                                           Taught under a Certified Bones Trainer,
                                                                                         For those traveling by air…
                                                           TRAINING LEVEL
                                                                                                                    The closest airports to Byron Shire are the
                                                           50 HOURS Trainers Training with Ruthy Alon                Gold Coast (Coolangatta) in QLD and
                                                           Teacher Certificate min 2 years                                  Ballina Airport in NSW.
                                                           200 hrs teaching experience of B.F.L.segment 1,        Car Hire and Airport transfer services directly
                                                           II, III in its entirety. and in order of sequence.     to Byron are available from both these airports
                                                           Submit a 10-30 page paper see web for details                as well as from Brisbane Airport.
                                                           of topics and description.
                                                           Demonstrate further continuing study.                       Byron Easy Bus (02) 6685 7447
                                                           Attend the Trainer Training,                       
                                                           On line Trainers Forum eligibility.                   picks up from Ballina, Gold Coast & Brisbane.
                                                           Please see
                                                                                                                      Gold Coast Express 0401 622 228
                                                           For full certification info package.
                                                                                                                   picks up from Ballina and Gold Coast only.
Bones for Life trainers – New Hampshire 2006. From left:
Argentina, Australia (Jenny Groves), America and Brazil.
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