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									 I                                             City tour

        Excursion through Old Batumi. The uniqueness of the city is shown by the fact that it is
      built according to the Roman style. As far as the house numeration of the streets begins
      from the sea, it is actually impossible to get lost in the city.

      Visiting the National Museum of Adjara (Duration 30 min) and the Art Gallery (Duration 30
      Visiting the Showroom and possibility to purchase souvenirs.
      Visiting the square of Argonauts with the statue of Medea. This area is connected with
      the Argonauts Myths and Golden Fleece Legends. According to the scientists, it was in
      Adjara that two ancient cultures Antique and Colchic used to merge. (Duration: 2
      hours) PRICE: 20$ per person (7-15)

II                                          Gonio Fortress
      In 14 kilometers from Batumi, on the left bank of the river Chorokhi, is situated Gonio
      Fortress. A real paradise of the lovers of historical and cultural antiquities. Roman writer
      Plynius younger (I century B.C.) give us the first data about this place mentioned in the
      Greek-Roman sources under the name Apsarunt. A number of historians claim that
      Gonio Fortress used to be the strategic, political, economic and cultural of the Eastern
      Roman Frontier. A theatre and hippodrome functioned here in I-III cc. AD. One of the
      twelve apostles of Christ St. Mathias is buried in Apsaros. In VI-VIII centuries the fortress
      was part of the Byzantine Empire. Restoration of the fortress in XIII-XIV centuries
      belongs to Genoeses. The name "Gonio" is supposed to originate from Genoa.
      (Duration: 2 hours) PRICE: 20$ per person (7-15)
III                                       Botanical Garden
      Excursion in one of the most beautiful places of Adjara, Batumi Botanical Garden of the
      Academy of sciences of Georgia. It was based by Professor Krasnov in 1912. The area of
      the garden is 114 hectares and it consists of nine floristic departments - East Asia, South
      America, North America, the Himalayas, New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, the
      Mediterranean and the Caucasian humid subtropics. There is 1200 variety of roses, as
      well as the garden collection comprises 2037 taxonomic units of ligneous plants. Batumi
      Botanical Garden has no analogy in the world in a sense that the plants of completely
      different climatic and landscape zones coexist here side by side. (Duration: 3 hours)
      PRICE: 25$ per person (7-15)
IV                                         Mountain Adjara
      Mountain Adjara is one of the most wonderful places on the Earth, it surrounds with the
      mountain half-circle the whole southwest part of Georgia. Unusual site allows you not
      only to admire the unusual mountain landscape, which is 2500m. above the sea level. The
      route begins in Batumi and goes in Mountain Adjara, on road we will see wonderful
      mountain forests, the longest river in Adjara – Adjaristskali, museum of local lore in
      Khelvachauri, also we will visit the arched bridges in Makhuntseti and Makho. The
      wonderful waterfall in Makhuntseti will amaze you with its beauty. Upon the termination
      of the route the lunch in the mountains accompanied by the folklore ensemble.
       If you want unforgettable shows and new feelings, then you must visit us. Mountain
      Adjara is the place you will never forget.
      (Duration: full day) PRICE: 60$ per person (7-15)
V                           Excursion to Kutaisi (130 km from Batumi)
      Kutaisi is administrative centre of region in Western Georgia – Imereti and is the second
      city in Georgia with its population (240000)
       Kutaisi, according to the latest archeological researches, is known as the town aready in
      6 century B. C. First time it was mentioned by Apolonius Rodossian in 3 century B. C. In
      his poem about Argonauts he gives to the town the name “Kutaia” and some scientists
      think it was town of King Ayet, father of Medea.
        Political capital of Western Georgia, Kutaisi was burnt and destroyed by Arab, Mongol
      an Ottoman conquerors. But Kutaisi saved its greatest architecture monuments – King
      Bagrat’s temple, and Gelati monastery complex which includes Virgin Mary cathedral, St.
      George’s church, belltower, academy’s building, and chapel, where is the tomb of the
      great Georgian king David the Builder.
       (Duration: full day) PRICE: 55$ per person (7-15)
VI                                        Religious tourism

       Bus excursion around the city visiting the Catholic Church and the Virgin
      Nativity Cathedral,St. Barbara Church, St. Nicholas’ Church, Armenian
      Gregorian Church,the Mosque and the Synagogue.

      ( Duration 1 hour ) PRICE: 20$ per person (7-15)
VII                             Tasting of Georgian Wines

        Georgian feast with traditional toasts, music and dances. Discover the time-
       honored pleasures of wine tasting close to where the grapes are harvested.
       Georgia is famous for its many superb wines, and its numerous wine cellars.
       Wine tasting will be accompanied by the Concert program of Dance and
       Song Ensemble of Adjara. (Duration: full day)
       PRICE: 55$ per person (7-15)


       Visiting Seaside park with “French dancing" fountains that have been
       functioning since 2005. At night colorful stream of water rises up to
       the sky under the sounds of music.

       Visiting the mini-museum of Adjara in the open air, the exhibition and
       selling of works of Georgian craftsmen.

       Lunch time

       Lunch at the restaurant “Adjara” (Adjarian Khachapuri).
        (Duration: 1 hour)

       PRICE: 25$ per person (7-15)

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