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									 John Bagus Haig                         303-883-4640            


Clients:           State Of Louisiana Department of Electronic Services, Innovative
                   Emergency Management, Diamond Data Systems, Modular Age Digital.

Challenge:         Rebuild LA.Gov and the Louisiana E-Mall sites on state of the art servers.

Solution:          Install multi-tier DB2 databases, IBMHTTPD web servers, WebSphere
                   application servers, Portal and E-commerce enterprise applications, IBM
                   caching servers, and Interwoven content receivers.

Position:          Contractor responsible for all installations on the production machines.

System:            6 Multi-CPU Solaris 8 systems running at Network Data Group in Baton
   John Bagus Haig                           303-883-4640          

Client:              Oxygen Media, LLC;

Challenge:           Grow converged health web site audience and page views for ad sales and
                     enrich the Oxygen Network.

Solution:            Contribute strategic direction, production and technical development for the
                     site and Oxygen. 80+ projects launched, including 30,000-page medical
                     encyclopedia, 5,000 page outdoor guide

Position:            Director of Production, with five direct reports.

System:              Redundant Solaris systems running ATG Dynamo at AboveNet in New York

Languages:           HTML, XML, CSS, Perl, Java, Flash, and JavaScript

Features:            35,000+ pages of static content plus health tools and applications. 30,000+
                     page views per month by the end of 2001. Average 2,000,000 hits monthly,
                     with an increase of 78% from 2000 to 2001.

Awards:              Webby for Best Health Site in 2000, People‟s Choice Webby in 2001.
   John Bagus Haig                  303-883-4640            


Targeted clients:    Companies and web service providers seeking web publishing

Challenge:           Create a licensable dynamic web publishing tool to serve as a back
                     end to a web development consulting company.

Solution:            Build server with open source java server pages technology to create
                     an easy to use database driven web site development tool.

Position:            Executive Director and Programmer.

System:              FreeBSD using Apache, JServ, Gnu Server Pages, MYSQL.

Languages:           Java, HTML, CSS, SQL.

Features:            Single web based point of access for all editorial control. Configurable
                     article input and display. Address book capability. Timed delivery of
                     content. Review and ranking of content. Separate editorial
                     permissions for managing content, display and site organization. On
                     the fly page creation with design inheritance. Automatic navigation
                     creation and customization. Use of web standard technologies.

Designer:            John Bagus Haig, David Sundrum <>

Launch Date:         April 1999
John Bagus Haig                  303-883-4640           


Client:           Views LLC and “Yes” album cover artist, Roger Dean

Challenge:        Create web sites to sell and display the art of Roger Dean.

Solution:         Use modernized Piet Mondrian-influenced cross platform frames
                  interface that gave elegance and cohesion to the sites without
                  competing with Roger Dean‟s colorful and intricate creations.

Position:         Contract Developer and Producer.

System:           Linux and Apache on a Pentium II.

Features:         HTML Frames that allowed viewing of art without reloading pages.

Designer:         Ivonne Pokorny

Launch Date:      November 1997, with a launch party in a gallery show attended by
                  Roger Dean and the members of Yes in San Francisco followed
                  by a Yes concert at the Warfield Theater.
John Bagus Haig                          303-883-4640             

Client:           Intelihealth, a new collaboration between Johns Hopkins University and
                  Aetna Health Insurance.

Challenge:        Create a prototype health information and tools site to „sell‟ the idea of
                  Intelihealth to Johns Hopkins and Aetna.

Solution:         Direct cross-country process communications between artists, editors and
                  the clients. Integrate assets and code scalable prototype site.

Position:         Production Manager for Organic Online

System:           Standalone site on a PC.

Features          Initial project – 40 pages

Awards:           2000 People‟s Choice Webby (Screenshot is of current site).
John Bagus Haig                  303-883-4640            

Client:           BigBook

Challenge:        Start up first online national business locator business in 60 days.

Solution:         Form equity sharing partnership. Mine national business directory
                  database and integrate mapping technology. Produce branding,
                  site design and intuitive front end forms for searching,
                  personalizing, and displaying database.

Position:         Production Manager for Organic Online.

System:           Silicon Graphics, Apache

Languages:        C++, HTML

Features:         Business locator, mapping technology, personalized address
                  books, sponsored links.

Designer:         John Grimes <>

Launch Date:      April 1996
John Bagus Haig                  303-883-4640               

Client:           Advertising Age Magazine New York and Chicago offices.

Challenge:        Create online brand and publication capabilities.

Solution:         Produce one of the web‟s first publishing tools featuring the ability
                  to add, index, archive and delete editorial columns.

Position:         Production Manager for Organic Online.

System:           Pentium II with FreeBSD and Apache.

Languages:        Perl, HTML

Features:         Ability to add, delete, edit, index and archive 10 separate editorial

Designer:         Lisa Marie Nelson

Launch Date:      April 1995.
John Bagus Haig                    303-883-4640        

                  Complete Client List for John Bagus Haig
                              3 Ring Circus Productions
                                         Ad Age
                                        Ad Market
                                 Amnesty International
                              Apple Launch of Mac 9600
                       California State Automobile Association
                             Colgate-Palmolive Company
                       Community Alliance with Family Farmers
                              Great American Music Hall
                         Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers
                               Kotex Feminine Products
                                   Levi Strauss & Co.
                               Louisiana State Web Site
                                  MCI Politeness Man
                                Montgomery Securities
                                     Organic Online
                                   Preview Vacations
                                Red Orb Entertainment
                              Riven: The Sequel to Myst
                                      Roger Dean
                            Rubin Postaer and Associates
                                      Saturn Cars
                                    Sony Computing
                                   Take No Prisoners
                                Tanqueray Aids Ride 2
                                  The Riven Journals
                                     Thrive Online
                                      Views, LLC
                                   Vintage Exchange
                                  We Sweat (oxygen)
                                Whispers On The Wind
                             William M. Smith, Jr. Artwork
                         Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
                                WSGR's Weekly Recap

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