Tis the Season to Party Safe

					‘Tis the Season to
Party Safe
D          id you know that most assaults in Queensland occur in December? According to the

Queensland Police Service 2007-2008 Annual Statistical Review, they do. In fact, in 2008, there were
19,423 victims of assault in Queensland!

 If your teenager is holding an end of year party at your family home, or even attending somebody
else’s party, you need to ask yourself and seriously consider, is the party going to be safe? Everyone
wants their kids to have some autonomy and fun after working hard at either school or university all
year, but if the party is not going to be supervised correctly, then there is an extremely high risk of

It may not be your teenager that causes the problems, but this does not mean he or she will not be
the one to get hurt due to someone else’s recklessness or aggressive behavior. There have been too
many tragic situations where youths have been seriously hurt at what started out as an easy going get
together and sadly ended with party goers erupting into fights, being badly hurt and sometimes the
unthinkable, being left in a coma or even killed.

The Director of Northside Security Response, Garry Keegan, is urging parents to take responsible
action this year during party season and think strongly about hiring a professional security guard for
their party. Gary explains “With the incredibly fast types of communications these days, the once
routine paper invitation and official RSVP are a thing of the past. Teenagers main communication with
their friends is email, sms, msn, twitter and facebook and the information of your party address can
be instantly messaged to hundreds of contacts from multiple people from the actual party while the
party is underway”.

There have been many cases where literally a hundred or more uninvited teenagers have turned up
at a birthday party or end of year celebration which has turned an enjoyable evening into a situation
that quickly becomes out of control.

Not only do you have to concern yourself with the uninvited guests and the trouble they may cause,
but remember they may also bring alcohol and drugs onto your premises. Some youths may be
underage and anyway you look at it, there will suddenly be illegal activity occurring on your premises,
which you could be responsible for. As the owner of the property, you suddenly open the flood gates
for possible liability and litigation if someone gets hurt, not to mention there could be tens of
thousands of dollars of damage to your property if you can not control the situation.

There is an easy solution to having a great party and to dramatically reducing the risk of incident
to both guests and your property simply by taking control and setting in motion a few sensible steps.
Hire a professional security guard, the main focus being on the word “professional”. This person is
trained and experienced to handle these situations and their presence will be an immediate deterrent
to trouble makers and gate crashers.

Northside Security Response (NSR) was formed in 2003 when security and business professionals
identified a need for a professional and efficient security firm to service the north of Brisbane and
Sunshine Coast. Since the inception of NSR they have enjoyed phenomenal growth increasing their
coverage area and expanding their fleet of patrol vehicles, now with seven patrol vehicles on the road
each night and employing more than fifty-two fulltime and casual staff that services a broad range of
clients. In the past six years, NSR has become one of the largest privately owned and locally
operated security businesses in the area, offering a wide range of services from patrols, guards, cash
banking, monitoring and private security services for parties etc..

“We can easily diminish the stress of what should be a fun occasion and you will have peace of
mind with a professional guard managing your party at your home. We’ll work with you to ensure the
event runs smoothly and will suggest helpful tips for example; ensure there is a detailed guest list so
guests are checked at the entrance and uninvited persons are not let in, note on the original invitation
that a security guard will be on duty and the party is strictly invitation only. By informing your
teenager’s guests a security guard will be on duty, this both deters invited guests encouraging party
crashers and provides invitees parents with peace of mind” Garry said.

If you are holding a party, undertake the good neighbour policy and let them know in advance
so they can either be prepared for it or make arrangements to go out. Possibly an invitation
to neighbours if you feel so inclined, my also defuse them becoming annoyed at any additional noise.
It’s also a good idea to register your party with the police, so they are aware of what is taking place.

For more information about NSR’s services and pricing, contact their helpful staff on 1300 307 839 or
email admin@nsr.net.au
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