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					As a fashion's beloved hair trendy for the New York's socialites, Rodolfo Valentin is in charge
for some of fashion's most chic haircuts, winner of the Grand Design Award. But you'd never
guess it from the gorgeous salon and Day Spa overlooking the stylish Madison Avenue
sandwiched between the windows of Cavalli and Hermes. Tasteful, youthful women from all zip
codes appear here for glossy, feminine, just-edgy-enough haircuts, state-of-the-art hair color
services, hair infusion extensions, his exclusive hair extensions method trademarked by Rodolfo

Rodolfo Valentin, best hair color Salon of New York, NY, NYC and Long Island NY, is the
winner of the hair coloring techniques award and winner of the Grand Design Award for Hair
Designers, named the New York Society Hair Stylist, Best of Citysearch, named Top Hair
colorist 2010 by NYC Guide.


                            NAMED AS THE KING OF HAIR COLOR

                          WINNER OF THE GRAND DESIGN AWARD

                           WINNER OF THE BEST OF CITYSEARCH

                      TOP HAIR COLORIST by NEW YORK HAIR GUIDE

Description: Best NYC hair colorists, winner of the Top hair colorist 2010 NYC award, named by the press as the "King of hair color", winner of the "Hair coloring techniques" award, creator of the "Hair color coding technique".