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Thetford Toilet Care - what is the differenceindd by lindahy


Thetford Toilet Care - what is the differenceindd

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       Toilet Care Products What is the difference?
                                                     Aqua Kem Blue
For over 35 years Thetford have been a
well trusted, market leading brand. Thetford                Waste tank toilet additive
continues to provide only the highest quality               Does not contain formaldehyde
products. Thetford toilet additives are
                                                            Active for four to five days with
scientifically tested for their biodegradability,              average use
functionality and suitability for sewerage
                                                            Suitable when emptying waste
treatment systems.                                            holding tanks into septic tanks*
                                                               * Test ISO 11734
Why use Thetford toilet additives?
     Biodegradable*                                Aqua Kem Green
     Septic safe
     Environmentally conscious                            Waste tank toilet additive
     Concentrated formula for economical use              Awarded Environmental
       *Test OECD 301 C
                                                              Certifications for meeting stringent
 Environmental Awards                                         criterias with respect to the
 Aqua Kem Green and Aqua Rinse have been
                                                            Biologically breaks down waste matter
 awarded with the Dutch environmental seal
                                                            Active for three to four days with
 “Milieukeur” and the German environmental
                                                              average use
 certificate “Blue Angel.”
                                                            Does not contain formaldehyde
                                                            Particularly suitable for emptying waste
                                                              holding tank into septic tanks* on camp sites
                                                              * Test ISO 11734

                                                     Aqua Rinse
Aqua Soft Toilet Paper
                                                             Rinse water toilet additive
     Rapid dissolving
                                                             Leaves a protective layer in the
     Prevents clogging leaving
                                                               toilet bowl ensuring a clean flush
       the waste holding tank
       easier to empty                                       Awarded Environmental
                                                               Certifications for meeting stringent
     Using Aqua Soft prevents malfunctions or                criterias with respect to the
       damage to your waste holding tank while                 environment
       also protecting moving parts within the
       toilet system                                         Does not contain formaldehyde
                                                             Fresh lavender scent

For more information relating to Thetford products or to find your nearest stockist please visit
              or telephone 03 9797 3260.

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