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									         The voice-
                                  Of Slovenia
Year 2    No 16   December 2001

                                                                                                      Science Prize Reward
 Media Seminar                                                                                       Australian Excellence
                                                                                                     For achievement in the
    Slovenia                                                                                               life science,
 September 2001                                                                                      MINISTER’S PRIZE
                                                                                                        dr. Boštjan Kobe
                                                                                                    The Science Prizes are a national
                                                                                                    tribute to excellent and dedicated
                                                                  Mitja Meršol - Editor /Delo/,     work and are part of the Govern-
                                                                                                    ment’s ongoing commitment to sup-
                                                                      Stanka Gregorič and           porting and promoting the impor-
                                                                        Dragica Bošnjak             tant contribution made to our daily
                                                                                                    lives by Australian innovations in
                                                                                                    science and technology.
                                                                                                    The Prime Minister and Minister
                                                                    Foto: Florjan Auser             for Industry, Science and Resources
                                                                                                    presented the 2001 Science Prizes
                                                                                                    to the winners during a gala dinner
                                                                                                    in the Great Hall of Parliament
   With dr. Dimitrij Rupel, Minister for Foreign Affairs                                            House on 25 September 2001.
                                                                                                    Australia’s premier science award,
                                                                                                    the $300,000 Prime Minister ’s
                                                                                                    Prize for Science, was won this year
                                                                                                    by Emeritus Professor Donald
                                                                                                    Metcalf of The Walter and Eliza
                                                                                                    Hall Institute of Medical Research,
                                                                                                    Melbourne, for his life-saving white
                                                                                                    blood cell research.
                                                                                                    The Science Prizes also celebrate
                                                                                                    the efforts of Australia’s young sci-
                                                                                                    entists who are 35 years of age or
   Elica Rizmal at RAI                                                                              The $35,000 Malcom McIntosh
   television in Trieste             dr. Zvone Žigon and            At the University Library
                                                                          in Ljubljana              Prize for Achievement in the Physi-
                                     Magdalena Tovornik                                             cal Sciences was awarded to Dr Pe-
                                         Dear Stanka,                                               ter Bartlett who, while researching
    Adrian Vatovec and                                                                              at the Australian National Univer-
                                                                                                    sity in Canberra, made significant
      Vlado Kreslin                      I have pleasure enclosing a preview CD of Vlado Kreslin    advances in discovering how a com-
                                         performing one of my compositions called Play with         puter can do what so many living
         Play with Fire                  Fire. The recording took place in Adelaide last year       creatures can do: learn.
                                         when Vlado was here with his band as the headline act      The $35,000 Minister’s Prize for
                                         for the Victor Harbor Folk Festival, an event that at-     Achievement in Life Sciences was
                                         tracts some 10,000 people.                                 awarded to Associate Professor
                                         Play with Fire has a rhythm and blues feel about it with   Bostjan Kobe of the University of
                                         added central European texture as only Vlado and his       Queensland, for his invaluable re-
                                         musicians can uniquely muster. As author Richard           search in exploring the shape of ba-
                                                                                                    sic building blocks-proteins.
                                         Flanagan says about Kreslin’s stature in the musical
                                         world -
                                         ‘ … a musician of such standing that everyone who                 2001 Winners:
                                         comes to central Europe – from Dylan to REM – plays
                                         with him …’ The Age, Melbourne, December 30, 2000.         - 2001 PRIME MINISTER’S
                                                                                                    PRIZE FOR SCIENCE
                                         It was certainly a pleasure to work with Vlado in the      Emeritus Professor Donald Metcalf,
                                         studio. Thanks must go to Helena Drnovšek Zorko from       AC FAA FRC
                                         the Slovenian Embassy in Canberra for arranging the
                                         introduction with Vlado.                                   - 2001 MALCOLM MCINTOSH
                                         The preview CD of Play with Fire has been sent to some     PRIZE
                                         radio stations in Australia and American university/col-   FOR ACHIEVEMENT IN THE
                                         lege radio stations. The song is being well received.      PHYSICAL SCIENCES
                                         Other versions of the song are in the pipeline for later   Professor Peter Bartlett
                                         Yours sincerely,                                           - 2001MINISTER’S PRIZE
                                         Adrian Vatovec                                             FOR ACHIEVEMENT IN THE
                                         Adelaide, October 23, 2001                                 LIFE SCIENCES
                                                                                                    Associate Professor Bostjan Kobe
     December 2001

                                                                                                 27TH Annual Slovenian Concert
        DR. BOŠTJAN KOBE                                                                                 FUSION 2001
                                                                                                               By Lenti Lenko

The 2001 Minister ’s Prize for           ‘This is like a big microscope where      The 27th annual Slovenian concert       accordion maestros, Peter Grivic,
Achievement in Life Sciences is          we look in the finest detail at how       was held this year on the 6th of        Rudi Crnčec and Frank Petelin. It
awarded to Associate Professor           things fit and from there we begin        October at the Slovenian Reli-          was pleasing to see so much
Bostjan Kobe, of the University of       to understand how they work to-                                                   young talent on the stage particu-
Queensland, for his groundbreaking       gether,’ he says. ‘It’s complicated
                                                                                   gious and Cultural Centre in
work which is helping to piece to-                                                 Merrylands NSW. Once again,             larly from our 2nd and 3rd genera-
                                         because so many different proteins
gether the jigsaw of how our cells       work together-we have decades of          Slovenians from different parts of      tion Slovenian youth. Of course
work.                                    research ahead of us before we will       Australia got together to show off      our 1st generation folk also showed
                                         see the full, integrated picture. For     their talents and abilities no mat-     us what they are capable of! All
The 35-year-old Associate Profe-         example, we know that the whole           ter what their age as these concerts    in all, no matter what our abilities
ssor is doing so by exploring the        human genome has thousands of             are now also open to people of all      we all gathered together to once
shape of basic building blocks-pro-      proteins, but the real challenge we
teins. There is enormous potential                                                 ages and not just the youth.            again show our community that
                                         face is that we only actually know                                                whether born in Slovenia or Aus-
for this work. Associate Professor       how a fraction of them work.’
Kobe’s research will be invaluable       Associate Professor Kobe is in-
                                                                                   There were 33 different acts rang-      tralia, we are proud of our
for developing highly-targeted           spired by the work of others in the       ing from poetry recitals, solo and      Slovenian heritage, culture, mu-
drugs that can manipulate what a                                                   choral singing and folklore danc-       sic and language.
protein does and, as a result, suc-      same field, including Australian
                                         scientists in Melbourne who deve-         ing to various bands, solo instru-
cessfully fight off deadly viruses
like HIV.                                loped the flu drug, Relenza.              mental performances and dance           The next morning a special youth
Piecing together the jigsaw by sol-      ‘It is an exciting area to be involved    items. As always our proud              mass was celebrated at St.
ving the three-dimensional struc-        in. We’re looking at three-dimen-         Slovenian youth showed us their         Rapheals church in Merrylands
ture of proteins is detailed and time-   sional shapes of molecules that no        abilities to the fullest. There are     with our very own Pater Ciril
consuming, but important work.           one has seen before-we’re the first       so many talented names I would
                                         scientists to see them in such in-                                                Bozic (whom we are very fortu-
Proteins perform many important                                                    love to mention however space
functions in every cell in every or-     credible detail. Of course, you have                                              nate to have with us again in Aus-
                                         to go through a lot of work to make       unfortunately does not permit this!     tralia!) giving an inspirational
ganism. The way protein molecules
interact with one another controls       a discovery, but not knowing exactly      One name I will mention however         homily to everybody present. Af-
the way all living things grow and       what you will find tomorrow excites       is our young 6 year old Mathew          ter mass, we gathered in the hall
reproduce. ‘Each type of molecule        me’, he says.                             Bratina from Melbourne who put          for a BBQ lunch and then it was
has a complex three-dimensional          Associate Professor Kobe already          on a fantastic show both at the         time to depart for the long trip
shape which influences how they          has an outstanding publication            concert and the next mor-ning in
behave. If we can learn exactly how      record for a young researcher, with                                               back to Melbourne.
                                                                                   church and stole everyone’s hearts
they are shaped, we will be able to      papers in the top scientific journals     in the process!
use this information to work out         of the field. For example, the pres-                                              The theme for this years concert
ways of regulating how they func-        tigious international journal Nature                                              for ‘FUSION’. And this concert,
tion’, explains Associate Professor      published an article on his work in       A group of dedicated people got         (like all other past concerts) really
Kobe.                                    December 1999.                            together a number of months in          showed this to the fullest - a FU-
Each protein has pockets and             Associate Professor Kobe’s passion        advance to organise this very ma-
grooves that determine how it fits,                                                                                        SION of Slovenia and Australia,
                                         for scientific discovery began as a       jor annual event in the Slovenian
binds and reacts with other proteins                                                                                       a FUSION of the old and the new
                                         young child in Slovenia. After            community calender. It is impor-
and molecules within a cell.             studying chemistry there, he wor-                                                 and a of course a FUSION of dif-
‘Once we have determined the                                                       tant to note that the majority of the
                                         ked in the United States where he                                                 ferent people who lead very dif-
structure, we can use it as a tem-                                                 organisers were not born in
                                         obtained his PhD. He was more re-         Slovenia but are proud of their         fering and varying lifestyles in
plate to help us design drugs that       cently at St. Vincent’s Institute of                                              different part of this God blessed
may manipulate how a protein func-
                                         Medical Research in Melbourne,
                                                                                   Slovenian heritage and want to do
tions. This information will help us                                               something positive for the Slo-         country of Australia who came
fight the viruses that attack our        before last year moving to the Uni-                                               together from near and far to keep
                                         versity of Queensland’s Department        venian community in Australia
cells, like HIV. By understanding                                                  and that is why they got involved.      the Slovenian spirit and tradition
the shapes of the molecules that         of Biochemistry and Molecular Bio-
                                         logy and Institute for Molecular          They must all be contratulated-         alive and kicking!
enable a virus to function, we can
design chemicals that will find and      Bioscience.                               from the sound, lighting and back-
bind onto the right pockets or           ‘I will continue to work in this field.   stage crew through to the program       As a Melbournian I would sin-
grooves to interfere with and stop       I am happy at the University of           designers. Here I must mention          cerely like to thank all the
the virus’, he says.                     Queensland. The environment is            the 2 lovely ladies who did such        Sydneysiders for their extreme
Through his work, Associate Pro-         dynamic-I believe that Brisbane is        an excellent job of comparing the       kindness and hospitality during
fessor Kobe has made major re-           on its way to becoming a major cen-                                               our stay with you in Sydney. In
search contributions in protein          tre for science.’                         evening in both Slovenian and
                                         Of the Minister’s award, Associate        English - Michelle and Julie            particular with thank Pater
structural biology. He is helping us
understand the nature and regula-        Professor Kobe says: ‘It’s the bi-        Brcar.                                  Valerijan Jenko for his deep sin-
tion of protein interactions, and the    ggest recognition I have had so far       Once again all of us who live in        cerity and kindness!
control of cellular processes.           and it means a lot. To be selected        different parts of this great land
Associate Professor Kobe is taking       out of a crowd of so many very good       were able to get together and catch     Next years concert will be held in
on this challenge through a process      scientists is a great honour. Science                                             Melbourne and we already look
                                         is a rewarding profession in many         up with old friends from different
called protein crystallography: ‘We                                                                                        forward to playing kind hosts to
need crystals because when we put        ways, but in other ways it can be         states we had not seen in a while
them in an X-ray beam, we get            tough, so it’s important for the pro-     (or only chatted to via email!).        all of you from all around Aus-
something called a diffraction pat-      fession to be recognised like this.       After the concert the band Domači       tralia who will visit us in Mel-
tern. From this we can calculate the     It also helps the general community       Fantje put on a bit of a show even      bourne in 2002.
structure and get a three-dimen-         understand the contribution science       though it was already late in the
sional shape of the protein.’            makes. I believe the community is
                                         embracing and showing interest in         evening. Here I must say that it        Once again:
By introducing new ways of cry-                                                    was an honour to be able to have
stallising proteins, Associate Profe-    science more and more, but awards
ssor Kobe’s innovative work is           like this make science more public        played my new button accordion           ‘ISKRENE CESTITKE!’ to all of
stretching the boundaries of X-ray       and help everyone better under-           recently bought from Slovenia           those who helped in any way to
crystallography.                         stand the benefits.’                      with Australia’s three top button       make FUSION a success!
                                                                                                                                           December 2001

                                                                               Lenti, attended Radio Ognjišče,
                                                                               where Franci Testernjak, the main        We wish to thank Urad Vlade
                    Media Seminar                                              program director showed the group
                                                                               around the station and described
                                                                                                                        za informiranje and Urad za
                                                                                                                        Slovence v zamejstvu in po
                    Slovenia, September 2001                                   how they produce their programs          svetu for organizing this out-
                 By Evelyn Kojc and Lenti lenko                                and the type of audience they cater      standing seminar and for their
                                                                               for. Radio Ognjišče is not a govern-     fantastic hospitality during
                                                                               ment owned radio station but has         the whole week. Their kind-
Our names are Evelyn Kojc and          That afternoon, we visited the main     much support in Slovenia and is          ness will never be forgotten
Lenti Lenko and we both live in        headquarters for the newspaper          broadcast all over the world via the     and we have returned with
Melbourne, Australia. We are in-       Delo. Here we were introduced to        Internet. This radio station has of-     positive outlook towards our
volved in Slovenian youth radio        Managing Director Mitja Meršol,         ten struggled to remain on air but       work within the Slovenian
once a month on 3zzz in Melbourne      Vlado Schlamberger and a well-          with the support of the general          community in Australia. –
and occasionally also on SBS radio.    known journalist, Dragica Boš-          Slovenian public, it has remained        Evelyn and Lenti
We were both fortunate enough to       njak. We were also given an incite      alive. Because the content of the
be chosen to visit Slovenia and at-    to Delofax (A shorter version of the    programs wholeheartedly support
tend a conference for Slovenian        newspaper), which will allow us to      Slovenian Ideals, in particular, pro-
journalists from around the world      extract archived articles from the      moting different types of Slovenian
which was organised and sponsored      newspaper over the Internet. That       music new and old they have be-
by the Ministry for Information of     evening, ‘naša mladina(!)’, myself,     come a very popular station. We
the Republic of Slovenia and the       Lenti and Tania Smrdel, headed to       were also interviewed about the
Ministry for Slovenians living         Ljublanski Trg where a concert was      seminar, which was to be broadcast
abroad.                                held featuring many well known lo-      on one of the weekend programs,
                                       cal bands. It was attended by thou-     and later discovered that Delo fea-
A letter was sent to all the organi-   sands of young Slovenians (and          tured an article about the seminar
zations within Australia inviting      three Australian Born Sloveni-          in that day’s paper. That evening we
                                                                               met at a resturant in Ljubljana for      Evelyn Kojc and Tania Smrdel
those involved in the Slovenian        ans!!!), which ended in a very en-                                                            Foto: F.A.
media to apply for the seminar. We     tertaining evening.                     dinner and was the first official
were required to send a resume to                                              gather
the Slovenian Embassy in Canberra      On Tuesday morning we visited           with the other candidates after
where it was then forwarded to the     Radio Slovenia. This, we must add,      knowing each other for a couple of
relevant authorities in Slovenia who   was the most informative and valu-      days. We all had similar stories to
then choose the candidates for the     able sessions within the conference.    tell of the Slovenian communities
seminar. Eight people were chosen      Its relevance related to the type of    living in each of the countries we
from Australia - Evelyn Kojc, Lenti    work we are involved in here in         came from.
Lenko, Elica Rizmal, Tania Smr-        Melbourne.The guest speakers spoke
del, Rosemary Poklar, Stanka           of their different radio stations,      Wednesday was a very hectic day.
Gregoric, Florjan Auser and Meta       which, we found to be very different    This was the day where we visited
Lenarcic. We were amongst twenty-      to the system we have here in Aus-      a number of Slovenian government
four people chosen from countries      tralia. In Australia a company or or-   institutions including STA (Slo-
where Slovenian migrants live,                                                 venska tiskovna agencija) or the
                                       ganization owns one radio station       Slovenian Press Agency, the Mi-
Germany, Sweden, Canada, USA,          which has one frequency, whereas        nistry for Information, the Foreign
Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,       Slovenian radio stations own many       Ministry, the “Urad” for Slo-
Argentina, Switzerland and of          frequencies that belong to the one      venians living abroad and the                   Lenti Lenko Foto: F.A.
course Australia.                      station. Radio Slovenia has one fre-    Slovenian Defence Ministry. We          quarters of the newspaper Pri-
                                       quency that covers the news, the        also spent time inside the Slo-         morske Novice where we were
Our seminar began on Monday 3          second a current affairs and the rest   venian Parliament where we              given a run down on its operation
September 2001 and concluded on        cater in areas including music, cul-    gained much valuable information        and the impact of its paper around
Saturday 8th September 2001. On        ture and entertainment. A guest         about the running of the country and    the Primorska region of Slovenia.
the Sunday evening we arrived at       speaker represented each of the         how they have been coping since         Next we visited Radio/Televizija
our hotel and gathered for an intro-   separate programs and they each         Slovenia became an independent          Koper where again, was entered
ductory dinner which brought to-       spoke about their audiences and         country in 1991. That afternoon we      much discussion into the work they
gether all of the candidates. In ad-   their preparations towards their pro-   were given an informative lecture       are involved with and the work we
dition, we were informed of the        grams. One speaker spoke of the         about Slovenia’s bid to join the Eu-    do within our own communities. We
coming events for that week and the    correct (and incorrect!) use of         ropean Union and much discussion        then visited the main cathedral in
opportunity to meet the 2 seminar      Slovenian pronunciation and gram-       regarding Slovenia’s possible future    Koper, which we must say was one
leaders, Tatjana Lesjak and Dr.        mar. We in turn began a very pas-       membership into this international      of the most beautiful churches in
Zvone Žigon. We were all from          sionate discussion of our under-        organization was addressed. The         Slovenia. Bishop Metod Pirih who
different countries but it was im-     standing of the Slovenian Grammar.      Slovenian government conveyed           has also visited us in Australia
mediately apparent how we each         This was of much interest to those      confident remarks to their amalga-      works as the main bishop in the
had the same story to tell.            involved in all facts of media how      mation in the EU as well as NATO.       Primorska region. He gave us an in-
                                       little or great their Slovenian vo-     However, whether the majority of        teresting speech about the history
The first morning began with a for-    cabulary was. That afternoon we         Slovenian citizens support this         of the cathedral. The organizers of
mal introduction from Tatjana          were divided into two groups with       move remains to be seen. We met         the seminar kindly enough organ-
Lesjak and Dr. Alja Brglez who is      one heading for Radio Ognjišče          with a number of important              ized a boat trip on the Adriatic
the director of the Ministry for In-   and the other to RTV Slovenia. I,       Slovenian political figures includ-     Sea, which took us from Koper
formation. Each of us then had the     Evelyn went to RTV Slovenia and         ing the State Secretary for             down to the Croatian border. It was
opportunity to introduce ourselves     as a group we spent the first two       Slovenes Abroad, the Minister for       a fantastic and relaxing trip. We
and briefly outline the work we are    hours with the director of RTV          Foreign Affairs dr. Dimitrij Rupel      were given a delicious lunch which
involved with, within our respec-      Slovenia and his colleagues. Our        and the Slovenian Defence Minis-        was particularly enjoyed by Lenti!!!!
tive Slovenian Communities and         discussions rotated around our in-      ter dr. Anton Grizold. Overall, we      Upon ariving in Piran we settled
our hopes of achievement at the        volvements within our Slovenian         were given the distinct impression      into our hotel. We then walked up
conclusion of the conference. Here-    communities and how we foresee          that Slovenia’s recent transition to    the hill to the local church where
after we were addressed by four        the future of this work. We made        democracy and independence has          again we learnt about the history of
speakers - Janja Bozic Marolt,         many contacts and also gained much      continued to move forward in a very     its origin. Next, we visited yet an-
Grega Repovž - President of the        needed information for improving        positive light!                         other church in town where we
journalists working inside Slovenia    our television programs on Chan-                                                viewed an amazing slides show high-
and Tomaž Perovič - director of the    nel 31 in both Sydney and Mel-          Thursday morning, Evelyn decided        lighting the history of the Piran re-
Informative program POP TV in          bourne. We were then given a tour       to have a bit of a sleep in right on    gion. After this, we were invited for
Slovenia. These people spoke of        of the station and were exposed to      the day we were told not to be late     a beautiful outdoor dinner where we
their work within their organiza-      the equipment they utilize for the      on the bus as we were taking the long   ate, drank and danced the night
tions and the public’s attitude to-    production and modifications of         (for Slovenians!) 1.5 hour journey to   away. Yes the weather was abso-
wards their work.                      their programs.                         Primorska. We arrived at the head       lutely perfect that night! /Cont./
    December 2001

On Friday morning we headed into                                                                                            Ljubljana – The greatest military
                                                                                   Bucharest/Ljubljana, 14 Novem-
Italy (Trst) where we visited the
headquarters for the newspaper
Primorski dnevnik. We got the op-
                                                NEWS                               ber – In what is perhaps Slo-
                                                                                   venia’s greatest sporting suc-
                                                                                                                            threat nowadays is terrorism, and it
                                                                                                                            is clear that NATO members are
                                                                                                                            most exposed to it, therefore
portunity to meet the director Bojan                    STA                        cess ever, its national football
                                                                                   team qualified for the 2002 World        Slovenia’s accession to NATO
Brezigar, well known Slovenian                                                                                              would be a strategic mistake, Luka
personality in Italy Sergej Pahor                                                  Cup in Japan and South Korea.
                                                                                   The Slovene team managed to              Juri, President of the Young Forum
and Slovenian Ambassador for             Ljubljana – A total of 250,000                                                     of the parliamentary United List of
Slovenia in Italy Jadranka Šturm                                                   draw the second-leg playoff
                                         Slovenes have used the Internet           match against Romania 1:1 (0:0)          Social Democrats (ZLSD) said.
Kocjan as well as other local rep-       in October, show surveys conducted                                                 Juri explained that the Young Fo-
resentatives. Information address-                                                 in Bucharest, thus winning the
                                         by the Ljubljana Faculty of Social        two-leg playoff 3:2 on aggregate.        rum will organise a conference next
ing the impact of their newspaper        Sciences as part of the project on                                                 spring at which they will try to con-
on the Slovenian minority in Trst        the use of the Internet in Slovenia.                                               vince the ZLSD, which is strongly in
and surrounding regions was re-          450,000 Slovenes use the Internet        Ljubljana – Slovene inventors re-         favour of Slovenia’s NATO member-
layed to us. It was very interesting     at least once a month, and 660,000       ceived 16 awards at the 51st IENA         ship, that NATO accession is harmful.
to see that even though Trst falls       Slovenes have used it at least once.     invention show in Germany’s
under the country of Italy, a promi-                                              Nuerenberg. The Slovene team, put         Ljubljana – Credible information
nent Slovenian presence is still very    Ljubljana – Peter Lazar from             together by the Slovene Business          points to the first case of mad cow
much noticed. We then also visited       Sostanj, northern Slovenia, is the       Inventions Network (SPIM), took           disease in Slovenia, said Agriculture
the local Slovenian radio and tel-       first contestant ever to answer all      part in this show for the ninth time      Minister Franci But and the head of
evision station RAI, where we re-        15 questions of the Slovene TV           this year, winning two gold, eight        the Slovene Veterinary Administra-
ceived a tour through the premises.      quiz, a version of world-famous          silver and five bronze medal, as
                                         Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?,                                                    tion, Zoran Kovac. According to
We were then very fortunate to be                                                 well as a special award.                  three repetitions of a quick analysis,
taken to a beautiful restaurant in       and win SIT ten million (EUR             Aljosa Pajk won gold for his solar
                                         45,500). The show, hosted by fa-                                                   a five-year old cow from a farm in
Repentabor for one of the most de-                                                roof tile, while Stane Ocepek of the      the Upper Savinja Valley, northern
licious lunches we have ever had!        mous Slovene TV presenter Jonas.
                                         The final, 15th question of the quiz,    furniture manufacturer SVEA               Slovenia, has been infected with
We then all walked off the                                                        Zagorje received the gold medal for       BSE.
marvelous meal up the hill to ob-        was the following: “The main cha-
                                         racter in Dostoyevsky’s novel The        inventing a special fireproof ele-
serve the gorgeous scenery. Later        Idiot, Prince Myshkin, suffered          ment for the kitchen extractor hood.      Trieste – Vatican authorities have
were taken to see a well known           from the same disease as the au-         The special award was conferred to        given a green light to start a process
landmark called the Kraska Hisa          thor. Which disease was it?”             Viktor Bitenc for his fireplace fur-      for eventual beatification of Slovene
which was a house made from the          Among four options, Lazar, with the      nace. The traditional IENA show,          priest and public worker Jakob
Kras stone very prominent through-       help of a phone call, correctly chose    which was underway from 1 to 4            Ukmar, a member of the Slovene
out this region. Hereafter, it was       “epilepsy” and became Slovenia’s         November, was organised by the            community in Trieste, NE Italy.
time to take the long (1.5 hour!)        first “millionaire”.                     company AFAG from Nuerenberg.
journey back to Ljubljana but only                                                                                          Ljubljana – Slovenia saw a labour
after we got the opportunity to stop     Maribor – The winner of this             Ljubljana – Almost 74 percent of          force of 886,047 people in Septem-
at the local duty free shop just over    year’s “Večernica” award, granted        Slovenes belive that the govern-          ber, 786,213 of which were persons
the border to get some good bar-         by the Maribor-based daily Vecer         ment should ensure that the two           in paid employment, up 0.5 percent
gains!                                   for the author of the best youth         state-owned banks - NLB and               from August and 1.7 percent more
                                         novel in 2000, is Feri Lainšček and      NKBM - remain in Slovene own-             than in September 2000, the Na-
Saturday marked the last day of our      his book “Mislice”, published by         ership fo-llowing the completion of       tional Statistical Office said. Re-
seminar. We gathered in the hotel        the Franc-Franc publishing house.        privatisation. More than 92 percent       gistered unemployment was at 11.3
with our two group leaders and                                                    of the 706 polled persons also indi-      percent, up 0.2 percent over the pre-
were fortunate enough to have            New York – Slovene President             cated that they expect the govern-
                                         Milan Kučan addressed the 56th                                                     vious month. A total of 99,834 per-
amongst us Magdalena Tovornik                                                     ment to give preference to a domes-
- State Secretary for Slovenes           General Assembly of the UN in                                                      sons were registered as unemployed
                                         New York, condemning the terro-          tic buyer over a foreign one.             in September, which is up 1.7 per-
As a group we had a general dis-         rist attack on the U.S. and express-                                               cent over August and down 2.3 per-
                                         ing a need for co-operation in cre-      Ljubljana – Judging by the number         cent over September 2000.
cussion regarding our achievements                                                of quality certified organisations,
during the seminar and then fin-         ating a world of peace, liberty, soli-
                                         darity, security and less violence.      Slovenia is above the European            Willemstad – The Slovene chain of
ished the week with yet another                                                   ave-rage, somewhere at the level
delicious lunch which everyone                                                                                              casinos HIT from Nova Gorica
                                         Ljubljana – After 11 September,          of France and Germany, Jozko Cuk,         opened its first casino abroad on the
very much enjoyed particularly, yet                                               President of the Slovene Asso-
again, Lenti! It was nice to see such    we writers have to fight once again                                                Caribbean island of Bonaire in the
                                         for the freedom of expression and        ciation for Quality, said in Portoroz     Netherlands Antilles. Casino Caribe
a community spirit pervading                                                      at the outset of a conference on qua-
amongst all of us and in addition,       pluralism of opinions, Veno Taufer,                                                is part of Plaza Resort, the largest
                                         president of PEN Slovenia won-           lity, which he said was an opportu-       tourist complex on the island with
have made a number of contacts and       dered at a forum organised to mark       nity for some 400 participants to get
friends whom we will stay in touch                                                                                          over 200 accommodation units on a
                                         75 years since Slovenia became           to know all aspects of quality.           five-star level. Plaza Resort is
with for a long time. Our two main       member of PEN, the international
seminar leaders, Tatjana Lesjak                                                                                             owned and run by the Van der Valk
                                         fellowship that unites poets, play-      Piran – The Slovene coastal town
and Dr. Zvone Zigon did an abso-         wrights, editors, essayists and no-                                                family that holds around 80 hotels
lute superfluous job during the                                                   of Piran will be the set for the          in the Netherlands and around the
                                         velists.                                 Greek-French-Slovene co-pro-
whole week. Both of us can honestly                                                                                         world.
say that all the organizers put a                                                 duced feature film “Lilly’s
                                         Trieste –The Italian national sta-       Story”. The film is set in the mid-
200% effort into ensuring that           tistics institute ISTAT has finally                                                Ljubljana – Slovenes Make up for
the seminar was a huge success!                                                   70s when Greeks fled from their
                                         put into print the census forms in       country that was under dictatorial        Almost Half of Europe’s Drunk
We have been able to come back           the Slovene language, so that the                                                  Drivers. Slovenia has taken part in
home and share information with                                                   rule. Piran was the place where they
                                         Slovene minority living in Italy is                                                an action of the European network
the Slovenian community here re-         to receive them in the coming days.      met every summer, as it reminded
                                                                                  them of Greece due to the sea, the        of traffic police (TISPOL) that re-
garding how Slovenia is fairing in       The move comes after the minority                                                  sulted in confiscation of 355 driv-
the world. Of course, we also            protested against receiving forms        sun and the joyful colours. In that
                                                                                  time, Piran was homeland for them.        ing licenses because of intoxication
gained valuable insight into how we      for this year’s census in the Italian                                              all over Europe in the recent days.
can improve our work within our          language only. Unlike the previous
                                         two censuses, when ISTAT pro-            Ljubljana – The new Guide to              As much as 150 of these licenses,
community here in Australia, be it
in radio, television or in print. This   vided forms in Slovene, this time        Slovene Orthography, a reference          or 42 percent, were confiscated in
seminar was a fantastic experience,      Slovene text was enclosed only for       book of contemporary Slovene lan-         Slovenia, said the Slovene Police.
which we will never forget. We can       assistance.                              guage, hit the shelves, almost 40 years
only urge others involved in             This move was quickly criticised by      since its last edition was published.     Ljubljana – Ela Peroci, one of the
Slovenian media to apply for any         the Slovene minority, seeing it as a     The 1,800 pages of the sixth edition      the most popular Slovene authors of
future seminars that may be held         move which curtails the rights of        contains orthography rules and a dic-     children books, died at the of 79 in
years to come.                           the Slovene minority.                    tionary of over 130,000 entries.          Ljubljana.

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