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									                                THE HUFFMAN WEEKLY
                         Huffman Memorial United Methodist Church
                          2802 Renick Street, St. Joseph, MO 64507
                         Office: (816) 233-0239 Fax: (816) 233-5427
                           Church Website:
                                       March 12, 2008

     Worship: 8:30 AM & 10:45 AM                Sunday School for all ages: 9:40 AM
       Our 10:45 Sunday worship service is broadcast live on KFEQ Radio 680 AM

    Next Sunday in Worship                           THIS SUNDAY - March 16
        March 16, 2008                                 PALM/PASSION SUNDAY
As our Lenten sermon series, "Seen         We follow Jesus' final days, from his triumphant
from the Cross" nears its end, we         entry to shouts of "Hosanna" to his betrayal, trial,
will look at yet another of the many      torture and death just a few days later. Worship will
groups that gathered at the foot of       include the distribution of palms.
the cross to watch Jesus die: the         Join us in the Sanctuary during the Sunday School
crowd. While we don't know the full       hour when special presentations will be given by Joe
makeup of this group, nor what their      Bartelsmeyer, Assoc.Director for VIM, and Karen
political/religious beliefs were, it is   Benson, Conference Disaster Response Coordinator,
pretty clear that Jesus was not what      (from the Office of Creative Ministries - Missouri
they expected in a Messiah. Oh, at        Conference, UMC).We encourage all adults and
the beginning of the week they were       youth to join us for these presentations.
enthralled by him, waving palm                   ANNUAL CINNAMON ROLL SALE
branches and throwing their cloaks        Come to the Commons Area on Palm Sunday to
on the roadway at his feet as they        enjoy homemade cinnamon rolls baked by the
shouted his praises. But only four        Genesis Sunday School class. The sale is from 7:30
days later their shouts had changed       to 10:30 that morning.
to "Crucify him!" Both times, their
opinion had an impact on Jesus' fate.      SPECIAL CHARGE CONFERENCE CALLED
Join us for worship on Palm/Passion       A Charge Conference will be held at 4:00 pm on
Sunday when the message will be           Palm/Passion Sunday afternoon, March 16, in the
"The Fair-Weather Enthusiasts."           Sanctuary. The sole purpose of the meeting will be to
Our focus scriptures will all be from     consider whether the Huffman congregation will
Matthew: 21:1-11; 26:1-5, 14-16,          recommend Lora Cunningham to the dCOM
48-50, 55-56; and 27:27-46, 50.           (district Committee On Ministry) for approval as a
See the adjoining article for other       Certified Candidate for vocational ministry in The
highlights of Sunday, and a full          United Methodist Church through the Order of
Holy Week schedule inside.                Deacons. All members of the local church are eligible
                                          and welcomed to participate in this written ballot.
                   HOLY WEEK 2008 Schedule of Events
We aren't really ready for the Resurrection joy of Easter until we have lived through the
sorrow, betrayal, and death of Holy Week. Prepare your heart for Easter by journeying to
the empty tomb by The Way of the Cross.
Sunday, March 16 PALM/PASSION SUNDAY - See front cover of newsletter.

 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary. For those who appreciate contemporary Christian music, this
 time of reflection will be guided by videos and music on the Sanctuary screen. There will
 be no sermon. Come listen and/or join in the singing as we journey to the cross once more
 and search for its meaning in our lives today.

 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary. The final message of the Lenten sermon series will be "The
 Callous Executioners." We'll retrace Jesus' final hours, with particular focus on The
 Last Supper, prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, his betrayal and arrest, and The
 Crucifixion. Special music will highlight a meaningful and moving time of worship.
 This Communion service will end in darkness and silence with the draping of the cross.

Friday, March 21 GOOD FRIDAY events
 2:00 pm in the Sanctuary: the staff invites you to join us in watching the 2004 movie
 "The Passion of the Christ." Parental discretion is advised due to the film's graphic
 portrayal of the violence which marked Jesus' scourging and death on the cross.

 7:00 pm at Wyatt Park Christian Church, 2632 Mitchell. Our Chancel Choir will join
 the host church's for a joint choral service commemorating Good Friday. The combined
 choirs will present Joseph Martin's Harvest of Sorrows in a Tenebrae service which tells
 the story of Passion Week in narration and beautiful song. You don't want to miss this
 special musical event which will touch your heart with the message of Lent.

Saturday, March 22 EASTER EGG HUNT hosted by Family Ministries.
 4:00 pm in Bartlett Park. A fun time for younger children. Meet us at the northwest
 corner of Bartlett Park for the traditional Easter egg hunt. Infants through 6th graders are
 invited to participate. Come enjoy this free annual Huffman tradition, and bring your
 neighbors, relatives and friends along!
 Congregation: Candy donations are still needed to fill the plastic eggs for this event.
 Donations may be left at the church office or in the Discovery Sunday School classroom
 (E-201) through Wednesday, March 19. Thank you for your help!
                          March 23rd EASTER SUNDAY Schedule
               SONRISE SERVICE - 7:00 am in Bartlett Park. We'll begin in
               darkness for this brief outdoor service, and remember the first Easter
               morning together as we watch the sun come up. Then we'll return to the
               church for coffee, juice and rolls in the Commons Area.

               RESURRECTION CELEBRATION - 8:30 am and 10:45 am in
               the Sanctuary. We will celebrate the most important and joyous day in
               all of human history with music, special decorations, and the unveiling of
               the Cross and the Tomb. Join us for this day of rejoicing at God's grace and
               glory, and invite your friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives, too!

This group will gather in the Library to receive assignments at 1:00 pm on Monday, March
17, and then go out to the homebound members of the congregation. Anyone can be a part
of this caring monthly group. Please mark your calendar and join us.

The First Place Bible study/weight loss class will start a new series on Wednesday, March
26, at 6:15. If you are interested in joining our group, please contact Sue Horvath, 233-
3137, or Lora Cunningham.

WORSHIP ATTENDANCE - March 9, 2008: 8:30 Service - 63 10:45 Service - 100

There are still some packages of whole-hog sausage available for a donation of $5.00 per
package. Check with any Genesis Class member.

UMW Spring District Meeting
The meeting will take place in the Commons Area this Saturday, March 15. Registration
begins at 9:00 am. The cost of lunch is $5.00. The guest speaker will be Marjean Ehlers.

There is one seat available for the Triple M Sunday School Class bus trip to the World War
I Memorial in K.C. on April 19. If you are interested in going, call Jay Adams at
                             HONOR & MEMORIALS
                                 March 9, 2008

In Memory of:                                      For the:
Gwynneth Mejia
  Given by:
  Rose Kieffer                                     Building on Love
  Roger & Donna Unruh                              Building on Love
  Georgia Armstrong                                Undesignated
  Kenny & Barbara Gabriel                          Open Door Food Kitchen
  Terry & Tracy Christie                           Building on Love
  Genesis Class                                    Building on Love
Carrie Gutridge
  Given by:
  Roger & Donna Unruh                              Building on Love
  Peter & Terri Jensen                             Undesignated
Beverly Maugh
  Given by:
  Rose Kieffer                                     Building on Love
  Georgia Armstrong                                Undesignated
  Mike & Susan Bracciano                           Open Door Food Kitchen
Bob Yost (Jim Turner‟s step-father)
  Given by Genesis Class                           Music
Verner Twkilla (Myrna Heckman‟s father)
  Given by:
  Linda Siegal                                     Building on Love
  Larry & Cheryl Edwards                           Undesignated
  Terry & Tracy Christie                           Building on Love
  Jay & Betty Adams                                Budget
            Our Prayers for the families of these Huffman members:
                     David Sietzen - who entered eternal life on Tuesday, March 4.
                     Marjorie Spence - who entered eternal glory on Saturday, March 8.
                     Services are Friday afternoon, March 14, in the Sanctuary at 1:30.
                     Lucille Mason - who went home to the Lord on Tuesday, March 11.
                     A funeral service is scheduled for Friday, March 14, at 1:00 pm at
Our Condolences to:
Van & Lisa Hawxby - Lisa‟s mother, Kathleen Driskel, passed to eternal glory on Tuesday,
March 4th. A memorial service was held Saturday, March 8th.
Wil & Myrna Heckman - Myrna‟s father, Verner Twkilla, passed from this life to the next
on Thursday, March 6th, in Minnesota. A memorial service will be scheduled at a later date.

In the Hospital: John Schultz, still in the CCU at Heartland recovering from a severe fall
on Feb. 22. Carlene Propheter is a patient at the KU Med. Center in Kansas City, KS.

Recovering at home: Mary Baker, Kea Martens, Linda Roach, Bill Hill, Linda Novak,
Barbara McNulty, Matt Novak, and Wilma Idlet. Mary Nelson has moved to the Living
Community for rehab following knee surgery.

Continued prayers: Kelly Kimberling, Lois Tate, Thelma Wyrick, Lillian Turner, Katie
Sumner, Jennifer Ward, Clif and Bev DeShon, Nikki Conaway, Emy Karns, John Schober,
Lucie Nelson, Anna Mae Beam, Josie Hall, Merla Cooper (Pat Spencer‟s mother), Bonnie
Wickham, Barbara Roe, Wil Heckman, Grace Taylor, Lowell Hutchison, Helen Medsker,
Gene Hill, Jillian Wise, Virginia McCormick, Wilma Deatherage, Waldo Burger, Alex
Horvath, Elsie Karns, Sarah Conaway, Cecilia Kerber, John Schultz, Kathy George, Earl
Gifford, Fred Lawson, Carroll “Sid” Clark, Gladys Carothers, Doris Munsell, Vida
Luckert, Fred Knapp, Lucille Mason, Tom Roe, Myrna Heckman‟s mother, and Wil and
Myrna‟s brother-in-law.

Pictorial Directory Update
Barbara Roe - Change of apartments at the Fountains. She is now living in apartment #910.

                                    Juanita Roades
                           In celebration of her 90th birthday
                                   1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
                                Saturday, March 29, 2008
                                     Commons Area
                          Please bring only good wishes.
           Cards may be sent to: Juanita Roades, 3418 Jackson St. (64507)
                           Juanita will turn 90 on March 23.
               H U F F M A N            M I N I S T R I E S
                Week of March 16, 2008 - HOLY WEEK

 PALM/PASSION SUNDAY         7:30 am     -   Cinnamon Rolls Sale (Commons Area)
                 (Mar. 16)     Noon      -   Confirmation Class
                             4:00 pm     -   CHARGE CONFERENCE (see front page)
                             6:30 pm     -   Christian Believer (E-201)
       MONDAY (Mar. 17)      9:00 am     -   Exercise & Walk
      ST. PATRICK'S DAY      1:00 pm     -   Visitation Team (Library)
                             5:30 pm     -   Exercise Class (E.C. gym)
                             6:15 pm     -   Daycare Board Meeting (E-209)
                             6:30 pm     -   Cub Pack 6 (E-201)
                             7:00 pm     -   Beth Moore Study
        TUESDAY (Mar. 18)    9:00 am     -   Walk (E.C.)
                             9:30 am     -   Bible Study (E-201)
                             2:30 pm     -   Prayer Group
                             3:45 pm     -   Parkway Partnership (Commons Area)
                             5:30 pm     -   Basketball Practice/Ward
                             7:00 pm     -   Contemporary Lenten Service (Sanctuary)
                             7:00 pm     -   Support Group (E-209)
                             7:00 pm     -   Scout Troop 6 (Daycare area)
     WEDNESDAY (Mar. 19)      9:00 am    -   Walk (E.C.)
                             10:00 am    -   Staff Meeting (E-201)
                              6:00 pm    -   Children's Choir practice (grades K-5)
                              6:00 pm    -   Youth Choir practice (grades 6-12)
                              6:30 pm    -   Adult Bell Choir (Bell Choir Room)
                              7:00 pm    -   Missions Sewing group (E-208)
                              7:00 pm    -   C.L.A.Y. (Youth) "Naked Truth"
                              7:00 pm    -   Huffman Angels
                              7:30 pm    -   Chancel Choir rehearsal

PLEASE NOTE:      There will not be a dinner held on Wednesday, March 19.
                     Band practices will not be held this week.
MAUNDY THURSDAY (Mar. 20)          9:00 am   -   Exercise & Walk
                                   3:16 pm   -   The 3:16 Prayer Connection (wherever you are)
                                   3:45 pm   -   Parkway Partnership (Commons Area)
                                   5:30 pm   -   Exercise Class (Youth Room)
                                   7:00 pm   -   Maundy Thursday Service (Sanctuary)
                                   5:30 pm   -   Volleyball Practice/Thornton (E.C. gym)
                                   6:00 pm   -   Daycare Staff Meeting (Daycare area)
     GOOD FRIDAY (Mar. 21)         9:00 am - Walk (E.C.)
                                   2:00 pm - "The Passion of the Christ" (Sanctuary)
                                   5:00 pm - Basketball Practice (Thornton)
                                             Good Friday Worship Service (Combined choir
                                   7:00 pm -
                                             service at Wyatt Park Christian Church)
  HOLY SATURDAY (Mar. 22)          4:00 pm - Family Ministries Easter Egg Hunt Bartlett Park
  EASTER SUNDAY (Mar. 23)          7:00 am   -   SonRise Service (Bartlett Park)
                                   8:30 am   -   Resurrection Celebration Service (Sanctuary)
                                   9:40 am   -   Sunday School
                                  10:45 am   -   Resurrection Celebration Service (Sanctuary)

  Please stop by Lora Cunningham's office to see samples of shirts that are for sale: sport
  shirts (polo style), denim shirts, and button down dress shirts with the United Methodist
  logo (cross & flame) and „Huffman Memorial‟ embroidered into them. There are a variety
  of colors to choose from. This will be an on-going fundraiser to help offset expenses for
  the VIM trip to Mozambique scheduled for 2009. If you'd like to place an order, forms are
  located outside Lora's office as well. Thanks for your support!

  Cookie donations are always appreciated. Our Open Door crew will serve at the Food
  Kitchen next on Friday, March 28. If you would like to bring cookies to church, they may
  be left in the church office. Both homemade and store-bought cookies are welcome.

  The first Sunday of each month is "Food Pantry Sunday". When you gather donations,
  please keep the following items in mind: cereal, macaroni & cheese, and canned beans.
  These items are especially needed at this time, but any food donations are appreciated.
Death and Resurrection                              Climbing Jacobs’ Ladder
There are deaths associated with our church family on a fairly regular basis, which is
normal for a congregation of our size. But sometimes the losses come closer together than
usual, and it begins to feel a little overwhelming. In just the past few weeks we have lost
five members, and four others who were part of the immediate families of members. We
have not been able to go a full week without being touched by another death for a month
now, and we reach the point that we are hesitant to answer the phone for fear that
someone else in the church family has passed from this life. Grief and pain place a hold on
friends and families especially, but all of us are really affected by this onslaught. We feel
as though we are surrounded by a dark cloud which will not lift, and our hearts are heavy
within us.
As Holy Week approaches, it serves as a reminder that this is not a new experience for
Christians. Death was a part of life long before Jesus, and continues to be for each of us to
this day. But because of the events of that week we remember, death is not the final word
on our lives. For believers, God's final Word is the Savior, Jesus Christ, who chose to die
our death so that we could live his life. The end of our life in this world is just the
beginning of a glorious new life without end which he has already prepared for us, so that,
as it says in 2nd Corinthians 5:4, "…what is mortal may be swallowed up by life." The
joyous good news of the resurrection is not only that Jesus rose, but that because of him
we have received the promise of resurrection, too. He said "I am the resurrection and the
life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and
believes in me will never die." We call the day he died on the cross Good Friday for a

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