The Journey Thus Far…… Gabriella Paoli

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					                The Journey Thus Far……

                         Gabriella Paoli

November 2009
                              Background Information

The University has embarked on a reform project known as Responsible Division Management

(RDM). The aim of the RDM project will provide the University an opportunity to maximize

investment on core activities such as teaching, learning and knowledge transfer. (For further
information refer to the RDMI website-

RDM has an objective to align responsibility and accountability which allows budget divisions to
make choices fit for their specific needs. For example a division can negotiate a higher quality
service level agreement at an additional cost.

This will be achieved by unifying duplicated common processes where possible to create
efficiencies, reduce administrative support and align resources to ensure accountability is

achieved; hence the reason for the Workspace Computing Project.

                          Background Information

The current financial constraints faced by the Higher education sector as well as the
broader Australian economy means the University has limited funds to support non core
processes (i.e. anything outside of teaching, learning, research and knowledge transfer).

Senior Executives identified several RDM work streams to define & implement a new
service model for the services that support the University’s core activities & clearly
articulate single points of accountability for service provision. It was agreed that the
University would aggregate common services across desktop support.

External competitors have influenced Melbourne University to retain their status as one
of the Go8 Universities. Most of the Go8 have either moved towards or are preparing to
transition towards an aggregated desktop support model supported by a service level
agreement to achieve improvement in quality and reduction in costs.

                                     Background Information

   Services such as the provision of standardised procurement and printing will be implemented
  across the faculties as part of the Workspace Computing Project .

   Various processes, policies and vendor contracts in ITS will be developed to support the new
  service model.

   Service level agreements will underpin the end to end desktop service model

   Faculties & Graduate schools will retain very specialised IT services that are not part of the
  common ITS service offering such as specific research applications that meet a faculty’s needs.

*scope to be determined and agreed

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