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									The Griffith difference

As new discoveries are made and our society changes, so too should universities. At
Griffith University, an innovative approach to research, teaching and learning is delivering a
whole new student experience. And the benefits are not just for our graduates. To see the
evidence, just read on…

Global reputation                                             Scholarship support
Griffith’s groundbreaking research forms the                  Some of Griffith’s brightest minds and high-
cornerstone of the University’s international                 achievers are funded through scholarship.
                                                              The Griffith Graduate Research School administers and
Griffith University is a founding member of the Innovative    manages more than $10 million worth of scholarship
Research Universities (IRU) Australia which draws             funding each year for research higher degree students.
together six internationally recognised, student-focused,
research-intensive universities who share common aims,        With an ever increasing number of government, industry
standards and values. IRU Australia is committed to the       and privately funded scholarships, Griffith provides a
promotion of collaboration in research and education          comprehensive range of financial support (refer to
among its members—                             pages 20-25) for Australian and international students—
Griffith is one of Australia’s most successful research
universities and is consistently ranked among the nation’s    Grant opportunities, including for travel and research,
top ten—                          are also offered throughout the year—
Breakthrough projects like Professor Alan Mackay-Sim’s
world-leading trial into spinal cord repair offer hope for
the future, while feeding Griffith’s research programs with
the most up-to-date knowledge available—

A diverse, multicultural student community includes more
than 8 000 international students from more than 120
countries. Students and staff from different religious
backgrounds come together at the Multi-Faith Centre
(refer to page 16)—

Agreements with overseas institutions provide Griffith
students with opportunities for an international
experience (refer to pages 17 and 69) such as joint
doctoral degree programs with French universities under
cotutelle or Research Study Abroad—

                                                                                              Research Higher Degrees   3
The Griffith difference

Excellence in supervision                                     Innovative programs
Griffith supervisors are highly-trained in all facets         As new discoveries are made and our society
of supervision.                                               changes, so too should universities.

Griffith’s research higher degree supervisor accreditation    Griffith University has developed a reputation as one
policy ensures that supervisors maintain high standards       of Australia’s most creative and influential tertiary
of supervision, new supervisors are appropriately trained,    institutions. This reputation is based on the University’s
and all supervisors are trained to continually improve        commitment to innovative programs (refer to pages
their practice.                                               56-69), cross-disciplinary research and teaching, and
                                                              entrepreneurial responses to community needs—
The Research Experts@Griffith website details all   
of Griffith’s research expertise; the fields of research
available and the associated supervisors—                     Qualifications offered by Griffith University are endorsed                         by the Australian Qualifications Framework, a quality-
                                                              assured system which promotes national standards,
University excellence awards in the supervision of            international qualification recognition and intellectual
research higher degree students reward staff who              capital—
guide students in undertaking the research process
and contribute to professional practice in supervision        In a 2005 Business Review Weekly article by Phil
quality—                             Ruthven, Griffith was ranked number 6 out of 50 smart
                                                              companies. The IBISWorld survey compiled a list of the
It’s not just Griffith students who are dedicated to study.   top 50 enterprises ranked by research and development
As part of Griffith’s commitment to lifelong learning and     spending as a share of revenue. These companies
training, Griffith’s more than 1300 academic staff are also   (referring to the top 50), says Ruthven, ‘…are the ones
constantly learning and training. For students the benefits   spearheading the nation’s economy into a competitive
are clear—the most up-to-date knowledge delivered the         world’—
best possible way—

4    Research Higher Degrees
Tradition of success
Griffith has a strong tradition of research
excellence that has signalled new directions
in Australian innovation.

Griffith’s record of innovative outcomes has real-life
applications with staff and students committed to
the Griffith tradition of inter-disciplinary research and
collaboration—bringing together different disciplines and
thinking to develop new-wave solutions.

Griffith’s partnerships with industry, employers,
organisations, governments and the wider community
make Griffith a truly rich and exciting place to be, a
place where the next generation of researchers is being
nurtured to make their own contribution to the future—

Griffith was established in 1971 and is named
after Sir Samuel Griffith who was pre-federation
Queensland’s pre-eminent lawyer and politician—

World-class research facilities
Griffith is committed to new and improved
research facilities.

Evidence of Griffith’s commitment is in the state-of-
the-art $22 million Adult Stem Cell Research Centre,
$3 million Microtechnology Facility, and $34.5 million
Eskitis Institute for Cell and Molecular Therapies—

The new $36 million Centre for Medicine and Oral
Health adjacent to the Gold Coast Hospital provides
up-to-the-minute facilities while Griffith’s $13 million
Institute for Glycomics delivers a world-leading learning
and research environment—

                                                            Research Higher Degrees   5
The Griffith difference

                              First-class support
                              Griffith’s comprehensive range of facilities,
                              services and support are designed to maximise your
                              academic and personal success.

                              Griffith students take advantage of comprehensive
                              facilities, services and support (refer to pages 14-17)—

                              Extensive on-campus computing facilities (refer to
                              page 15) incorporate wireless access, student email,
                              web-based storage, an online teaching environment and
                              secure access from your work or home—

                              Griffith’s libraries (refer to page 15) provide access to
                              more than 800 000 books and videos, 500 databases,
                              6 000 print journals and 40 000 electronic journal—

                              Specialist research services include academic editor, research
                              methodologist, research statistician and specialised forums
                              focused on the various stages of candidature—

6   Research Higher Degrees
Career prospects                                           Career Smarter has been developed exclusively for
                                                           Griffith students, to give you an edge in the national
As a Griffith graduate, you’ll have the versatility to
                                                           and global employment markets—
be mobile across careers and countries.
Griffith graduates are in strong demand across Australia
                                                           Griffith graduates are successful leaders in their fields—
and internationally.
With a focus on industry connections and hands-on          alumni-profiles
experience, Griffith students are already networked and
connected before they graduate.

                                                                                           Research Higher Degrees      7
The Griffith difference

Lifelong connections                                         Idyllic lifestyle
As a Griffith graduate, you’re encouraged to                 Studying at Griffith is about much more than just
maintain an ongoing connection.                              learning, research and laboratories—it’s also about
                                                             lifestyle, experience and convenience.
As a Griffith student, you and your needs are considered
a priority to ensure that your experience is not only        Ideally positioned in the fastest-growing region in
educationally successful, but rewarding and memorable.       Australia (refer to pages 12-13), Griffith’s five campuses
All Griffith graduates are Griffith alumni for life.         (refer to pages 10-11) extend from Brisbane to the
                                                             Gold Coast. As well as its original Nathan campus,
Griffith’s alumni community is an international network of   Griffith has campuses at the Gold Coast, Logan,
former students, staff and industry associates, linked by    Mt Gravatt and South Bank—
the Griffith-experience. The community stages a diverse
range of activities and events that enable Griffith alumni
to enjoy close association with the University and also      The South Bank campus hosts Australia’s largest music
forge useful contacts around the world in wide ranging       school, the Queensland Conservatorium, as well as the
fields—                            nation’s oldest art institution, the Queensland College of
                                                             Art (founded in 1881)—

                                                             Extensive sporting and recreation facilities include more
                                                             than 65 clubs and societies, cafes, restaurants and bars,
                                                             concerts, plays and performances, and commercial
                                                             services such as banks, travel agents and post offices—

8    Research Higher Degrees
Griffith in 2007...
Student numbers
Female                       20 753
Male                         14 582
Total                        35 335
Undergraduate                26 854
Postgraduate                  8 481
  Coursework                  5 763
  Research                    1 350
  Non-award                   1 368
Total                        35 335
Australian students          26 976
International students        8 359
Total                        35 335
Staff numbers
Total full-time equivalent    3 545

                                      Research Higher Degrees   9

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