The Anzac Walk—Gallipoli in a day by lindahy


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									The Anzac Walk—Gallipoli in a day

This pocket-sized walking book is an essential guide
to the Anzac experience at Gallipoli – whether
visiting in April or throughout the year.

Across the Gallipoli Peninsula small war cemeteries
tell the saga of the Gallipoli Campaign – one of the
most picturesque and moving spots is Shell Green
Cemetery on the edge of a steep slope overlooking
the sea. This is just one of the sights you will
encounter on the peninsula and spending a day
taking a walking tour will make the visit to Gallipoli
much more rewarding.

The Anzac Walk focuses on the ground held by the
Anzacs during the campaign, with fourteen stopping
points including Ari Burnu, Hell Spit, Quinn’s Post,
Lone Pine and the Nek.

At each stopping point you can read about the events
that happened during the campaign from those who
were there, including a note from Charles Bean
describing the moment of the landing:

“The figure of a man was on the skyline of the plateau above them. A voice called on the land.
From the top of Ari Burnu a rifle flashed. A bullet whizzed overhead and plunged into the sea.
A second or two of silence … four or five shots as if from a sentry group. Another pause –
then a scattered irregular fire growing very fast. They were discovered …” [Charles Bean, The
Story of Anzac, Vol 1, P. 252]

Illustrated with photographs and artworks from the collections of the Australian War Memorial
and the State Library of Victoria, the guide contains images which contrast the Gallipoli of
today with Gallipoli under fire during April to December 1915.

Remember there is a bit of walking involved, often on steep and uneven surfaces – if you are
travelling to Gallipoli to explore the area make sure you come prepared with good walking
shoes, and only attempt all 14 stops if you are up to it. Alternatively you can travel to most of
the stopping points by car. Allow a day to take this walk.

Copies of The Anzac Walk can be purchased from the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne
and Australian War Memorial, Canberra for $12.95.

A downloadable version of the walk is also available at

                                                                                     02 6289 6203

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