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									                                                  Netpro stands behind the wiring work that        Netpro Communications
Netpro provides many structured wiring options    we do. We will pre-wire your new home for
for the Homebuyer.                                all these popular services and do it right the
                                                  first time. Prewiring your home will prevent
                                                  lines having to be run on the exterior of your
Voice, Netpro can wire your new home for          new home in the future. Also save money in
Telephone service using only high quality         the long run, your home will be wired for all
materials. You choose where you want the
jacks and Netpro will install the wiring to
                                                  these services and could only increase the
                                                  value of your home.                              Wire Your Home for
Code and come back and install faceplates
free of charge.
                                                                                                   the Future.
Video, To compliment your new Phone               Upon contact, Netpro will estimate cost of
wiring Netpro will install high quality coaxial   your project by which services you want in
cable throughout your new home. Quad              your new home and how many outlets or
shielded to prevent leakage and fight off
electrical interference. Only the best
                                                  jacks you will need.
                                                                                                   Future Solutions,
connectors are used to provide excellent
picture quality.
Data, Want to be able to get on the internet
in any room in your house using your high
speed connection? Home networks will
allow you to do this; Netpro will wire your
home network using Ethernet. This wiring is
excellent for a high speed connection being
either Cable or DSL.

Home Theater, Turn your Living room or
master bedroom into a Theater! Netpro can
pre-wire your home to accommodate the
latest in home audio hardware. This is a very
popular feature and can only increase the
value of your new home.

Security, Homes need to be safe; Netpro                      Netpro Communications
offers this option to pre-wire your home for                      8170 NCR 850E
                                                                 Evanston, IN 47531
a security system of your choice. This option                      812-309-0775
would give you peace of mind knowing that               
your new home is protected.
HOW TO                                           HOW TO WORK WITH
                                                                                                  To change the shading of shaded
                                                                                                  paragraphs, choose Borders and Shading
CUSTOMIZE                                        Breaks in a Word document appear as
                                                 labeled dotted lines on the screen. Using the
                                                                                                  from the Format menu. Select a new shade
                                                                                                  or pattern, and choose OK. Experiment to
THIS                                             Break command, you can insert manual page
                                                 breaks, column breaks, and section breaks.
                                                                                                  achieve the best shade for your printer.

BROCHURE                                                                                          To remove a character style, select the text
                                                                                                  and press Ctrl-Spacebar. You can also
                                                 To insert a break, choose Break from the         choose Default Paragraph Font from the
You’ll probably want to customize all your       Insert menu. Select one option. Click on OK to   Styles and Formatting work pane
templates when you discover how editing          accept your choice.                              (accessible from the Format menu).
and re-saving your templates would make
creating future documents easier. To                                                              BROCHURE IDEAS
customize this brochure, select File New to      HOW TO WORK WITH                                 “Picture” fonts, like Wingdings, are gaining
re-open this template as a document.             SPACING                                          popularity. Consider using other symbol
                                                 To reduce the spacing between, for               fonts to create highly customized “Icons.”
1.Insert your company information in             example, body text paragraphs, click your
place of the sample text.                        cursor in this paragraph, and choose             Consider printing your brochure on
                                                 Paragraph from the Format menu. Reduce           colorful, preprinted brochure paper—
2.Choose Save As from the File menu.             the Spacing After to 6 points, making            available from many paper suppliers.
Choose Document Template in the Save as          additional adjustments as needed.
Type: box (the filename extensions should                                                         AT FEES YOU CAN AFFORD
change from .doc to .dot). Save the file under   To save your Style changes, (assuming your       We can often save you more than the cost
a new name to protect the original, or use       cursor is blinking in the changed                of our service alone. So why not subscribe
the same name to replace the existing            paragraph), click on the down arrow for          today?
version.                                         the Style in the Styles and Formatting work
                                                 pane. Select Update to match selection to
3.To create a document, choose File New
to re-open your template as a document.
                                                 save the changes, and update all similar                   Call 555-0000
Your information should appear in place.
                                                 To adjust character spacing, select the text
ABOUT THE “PICTURES”                             to be modified, and choose Font from the
The “pictures” in this brochure are              Format menu. Click Character Spacing and
Wingdings typeface symbols. To insert a          enter a new value.
new symbol, highlight the symbol character
and choose Symbol from the Insert                OTHER BROCHURE TIPS
menu—select a new symbol from the map,           To change a font size, choose Font from
click Insert, and Close.                         the Format menu. Adjust the size as
                                                 needed, and click OK or Cancel to exit.

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