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									System Center
                                                                              configure update settings, to request synchronization to the
                                                                              upstream update server, and to synchronise the updates from the
                                                                              WSUS database to the site server database.

                                                                              Deployment templates are configured by the administrator and

                                                                              contain the settings to be applied to the patch deployment including
                                                                              notification, deadline and restart settings, including maintenance
                                                                              windows for restarts and update download settings.

                                                                              The Software Updates Client Agent is configurable, providing

Manager 2007
                                                                              settings for update installation, updates re-evaluation and provides
                                                                              the ability to hide all deployments from the end user.

                                                                              Asset Intelligence – has been significantly enhanced in
                                                                              Configuration Manager 2007 with the addition of nine new license
System Center Configuration Manager                                                                  management reports, three new hardware
(SCCM) 2007 is the upgrade to Systems                                                                reports and six new software reports. A
Management Server (SMS) 2003.                                                                        total of 57 Asset Intelligence reports are
Microsoft have made significant                                                                      included reducing the administrative costs
improvements to existing functionality and                                                           of asset management.
introduced a number of new features to
reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)                                                             Mobile Device Management – has been
of IT Systems by decreasing the                                                                      integrated into Configuration Manager and
administrative workload associated with                                                              enhanced. Windows Mobile 6.0 and earlier
deploying and managing computers in the Enterprise.                           Operating Systems are now supported and a Device Management
                                                                              Inventory Extension package is provided.
Improved Functionality
Operating System Deployment – has been integrated into                        New Features
Configuration Manager and two new system roles have been                      Desired Configuration Management – allows an administrator to
introduced; PXE Service Point role and the State Migration Point              assess computers for compliance against defined configuration
role.                                                                         baseline criteria, including Operating System and Service Pack
                                                                              versions, installed application versions, software updates or security
The PXE Service Point role uses Windows Deployment Services                   settings.
(WDS) and is managed through the Configuration Manager
Console. It responds to client PXE boot requests and interacts with           Network Access Protection – is a policy enforcement mechanism
the Configuration Manager infrastructure to execute advertised task           where computers are assessed and compared to specified health
sequences. Administrative workload is reduced because tasks can               criteria, including installed software updates. Network access can
be used in multiple sequences. Dozens of preconfigured tasks exist            be restricted for computers that fail the health check until the
for items such as the configuration of security settings, joining             required updates have been applied from the Software Update
domains, image capture or user state migration.                               Point. Network Access Protection requires Windows Server 2008
                                                                              running the System Health Validator Point role.
Configuration Manager is more tightly integrated with the User State
Migration Tool. A Computer Association is used to manage the                  Wake On LAN – can be configured to send wake up packets to
migration of user state data and settings from a source to a                  computers before software update deployment deadlines or before
destination computer. The migration is performed through a task in            mandatory advertisements. This includes the ability to wake
a task sequence and uses the new State Migration Point role.                  computers specifically for Operating System Deployment or to
                                                                              target specific computers that require software updates.
The State Migration Point role is dedicated to the storage and
management of user state migration data. It is configurable,                  The ZettaServe Service Offering
allowing an administrator to set deletion policies and limit the disk         ZettaServe has built on considerable experience in designing and
usage.                                                                        implementing Microsoft SMS 2003 infrastructure solutions by
                                                                              becoming one of the first solution providers to design and
Software Updates – combines the best aspects of the Inventory                 implement Configuration Manager 2007 infrastructure for Enterprise
Tool for Microsoft Updates (ITMU) and Windows Server Update                   clients.
Services (WSUS) 3.0. It allows granular control over the distribution
of updates and the user experience, combined with the simplicity of           The modularity of the ZettaServe MOE perfectly complements a
WSUS.                                                                         well designed Configuration Manager 2007 Infrastructure solution.

The ITMU in SMS 2003 is time consuming and labour intensive with              Further Information
up to 18 screens and dialogs involved with deploying a patch. That            Please contact ZettaServe at
has been reduced to as few as 6 mouse clicks to deploy the same
patch with Configuration Manager 2007.

The Software Update Point role is installed on a server that is
running WSUS 3.0. It interacts with the WSUS components to
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