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The Newsletter of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Labor Party                  Winter 2007

Strong support for
Kevin Rudd & Labor

Members of the Australian Labor        must show “discipline and                   Also speaking at the event was ACTU
Party turned out in force to           determination” in order to win the          President Sharan Burrow who said the
marches throughout the State on        upcoming federal election.                  federal election was the ideal time for
the Labour Day weekend 2007.                                                       people to voice their disapproval of
                                       “We think there is a sense of
                                                                                   the Federal Government’s workplace
Labour Day events were held in         determination on the part of working
locations around the State including   families to bring about a change,” Mr
Barcaldine, Ipswich, Gold and          Rudd said.                                  “You don’t have to strike, you just
Sunshine Coasts, Toowoomba and                                                     have to vote - one simple act of
                                       “We need to build a modern industrial
Townsville.                                                                        democracy,” she told the crowd.       n
                                       relations system that gives business
In Brisbane the march was led by       and working families and communities
Federal Labor Leader Kevin Rudd and    in Australia a fair go.”
Acting Premier Anna Bligh.
                                                                                      Queensland Labor
                                       “Mr Howard knows he has gone too
More than 30,000 people, many of       far. Our responsibility is to restore the    Phone: 3844 8101
them carrying signs saying “Kevin      balance, and restore the balance we          Toll-free: 1800 017 112
Rudd and Labor will deliver for        will,” he said.                              Fax: 3844 8085
Queensland”, marched from the city                                                  E-mail:
                                       “We can do long-term prosperity for
to the Ekka Showgrounds.                                                            Web:
                                       Australia without throwing the fair go
                                                                                    Postal address:
The atmosphere echoed Kevin’s          out the back door,” Mr Rudd said.
                                                                                      PO Box 5032, West End Q 4101
message that the Labour movement

Greg Rowell for Lord Mayor | State Conference | Labour Day | Fresh Thinking | Centenary of Female Suffrage
1                                     Queensland Labor Times | Winter 2007
Securing Water: the                                                                                  State
Battle for Brisbane                                                                                  Report

Excerpts from Greg Rowell’s
                                                                                       by Milton Dick,
State Conference address:
                                                                                       ALP Queensland State Secretary
Since I was endorsed as Labor’s Lord                                                   & Campaign Director
Mayoral Candidate last month I’ve
                                                                                       With two major election
pitched myself into the fight of my life.
                                                                                       campaigns due within twelve
I understand what is at stake for                                                      months, it’s a busy time at
Labor’s future, Queensland’s future,                                                   Party Office.
and so does Queensland Labor. Make
                                                                                       It’s a great pleasure to welcome
no mistake – this is a battle Labor
                                                                                       aboard our Brisbane Lord Mayoral
must win.
                                                                                       candidate, Greg Rowell.
That is why my Council team and I are
                                                                                       For cricket lovers Greg needs no
working harder than ever for Brisbane
                                             Greg Rowell addressing State Conference   introduction. Soon everyone in
families – because we know it’s
                                                                                       Brisbane will get to know Greg
essential that we win this one if we are
                                            Lord Mayor Campbell Newman                 because he has certainly hit the
to protect our city for the future.
                                            accused Labor of scaremongering            ground running.
The 2006 Census shows Brisbane is           about water. But when the name
                                                                                       In addition to his experience at
the nation’s fastest growing city and       calling has settled down it won’t
                                                                                       sport’s elite level, Greg is very well
is the centre of the second fastest         alter the stark truth that not enough
                                                                                       qualified to run the city. He has
growth region in the western world.         is being done to secure Brisbane’s
                                                                                       degrees in public administration
But what all this really means is                                                      and law. Until his candidature, he
enormous demands on our resources.          But it is not just water, Brisbane’s       was a senior policy adviser with
Resources like water.                       growth has created a desperate need        the Property Council.
                                            for a world class public transport
                                                                                       So we are looking forward to
                                                                                       running a strong campaign for
                                            Brisbane desperately needs better          Brisbane with the election due in
                                            roads. And yes Brisbane needs              March 2008.
                                            tunnels and bridges. But tunnel vision
                                                                                       Of course, the Federal Election is
                                            alone is not enough. Tunnel vision
                                                                                       also due before 19 January 2008.
                                            alone will not fix the water crisis.
                                            Tunnel vision alone will not deliver       We have now completed
                                            world class public transport.              the preselections for all our
                                                                                       Queensland seats and we have an
                                            And tunnel vision alone will not deliver
                                                                                       excellent group of candidates.
                                            a genuine response to climate change
                                            and the threat to our lifestyle.           Whilst the campaign has been
                                                                                       going well for Kevin Rudd’s team
                                            Brisbane people understand that
                                                                                       I must stress there is still a long
                                            climate change has an environmental,
                                                                                       way to go.
    Greg and Mary-Louise Rowell             social and ultimately and economic
                                            cost.                                      Our candidates are working hard
                                                                                       and they will have to maintain that
Water Crisis                                Sustainable
                                                                                       intensity until the election day
I know Brisbane families are uneasy         Only Labor stands ready and willing        itself.
about dam levels and that the Level         to do the heavy lifting on a genuine
                                                                                       It seems that the Federal
5 restrictions are hard to bear. I          response to climate change. Only
                                                                                       Government will delay the election
know that the Queensland State              Labor can be trusted to deliver
                                                                                       as long as practicable in the hope
government has put $9 billion into          families the tools they need to help
                                                                                       the polls improve. So it is definitely
water infrastructure and that recent        make a difference at home. That’s
                                                                                       a marathon Federal Election
rains in the dams have been welcome.        helping residents, not running down
                                                                                       campaign for us.
But this has not fixed Brisbane’s water     the city’s budget with major blowout
crisis.                                     on projects.                               Finally, welcome to the new-look
                                                                                       Labor Times. We hope you enjoy
At the same time as being the               Only Labor cares enough about
                                                                                       the fresh look based on the new
country’s FASTEST growing city we           Brisbane to work together at City Hall
                                                                                       national logo and colour scheme.
have the LOWEST dam level of any            to build Australia’s most sustainable
capital city.                               city.                                                                      n

2                                           Queensland Labor Times | Winter 2007
Nine years of achievement
Excerpts from Peter Beattie’s address to ALP State Conference

The nine years of the Beattie                 fell to 3.7 per cent, the lowest level    Queensland is also at the forefront
Labor government have been                    since the current series of records       in meeting the challenge of climate
marked by a strong, robust State              began and less than half the rate of      change and global warming. We
economy, low unemployment                     unemployment inherited from the           are funding world-first research into
and record spending in essential              Coalition in 1998.                        clean coal in place tough vegetation
services such as health,                                                                management laws to protect native
                                              My government has set strong
education and police.                                                                   forests.
                                              agendas. We have also responded
It has been nine years of achievement         with vigour and candour to emerging       Commitment
- for the economy, health, education,         issues.
                                                                                        My government is committed to
infrastructure, social policy, the
                                              Many parts of Queensland are now          delivering first class services in
environment and the arts.
                                              in the grip of the worst drought on       Queensland and is determined to
We have overseen the creation of the          record, particularly in the south east,   ensure all Queenslanders share the
Smart State, had a major overhaul of          the fastest growing region of the         benefits of our strong economic
our education and training systems            State. In response we have initiated      performance.
and positioned our leading research           a major infrastructure program. We
                                                                                        We have dramatically increased
institutions and emerging industries          are spending more than $9 billion to
                                                                                        spending on disability services
at the cutting edge of developments           build the water grid and drought proof
                                                                                        and child protection services.
in biotechnology, information and             South East Queensland.
                                                                                        We acknowledge the entrenched
communications technology and
                                              The South East Queensland Water           disadvantage faced by Aboriginal and
                                              Grid has 400 kilometres of pipelines,     Torres Strait Islander people and are
Jobs for Queenslanders                        three advanced wastewater treatment       working with Indigenous communities
                                              plants, two new dams and upgrades         to address them.
During my first campaign as leader
                                              to several other water storages. We
of the Opposition in Queensland I set                                                   The arts are also performing well in
                                              are building a desalination plant on
an ambitious target of achieving five                                                   Queensland. In December 2006 I
                                              the Gold Coast, are promoting water
per cent unemployment. I was widely                                                     opened the new Gallery of Modern
                                              wise initiatives, and will use purified
ridiculed at the time for setting a                                                     Art and redeveloped State Library of
                                              recycled water to supplement South
seemingly impossible target.                                                            Queensland.
                                              East Queensland’s water supply.
During our nine years in government                                                     The Government is also rolling out
                                              The new water infrastructure is
we have never lost sight of the need                                                    $10 billion in extra funding through
                                              just one element of the South East
to create jobs for Queenslanders.                                                       the Health Action Plan over five years
                                              Queensland Infrastructure Plan that
This year we delivered Queensland’s                                                     as part of a long-term commitment
                                              will deliver more than $80 billion in
lowest unemployment rate in                                                             to build the best health system
                                              infrastructure over the coming 20
three decades. In April 2007, the                                                       in Australia. As a result we are
Queensland unemployment rate                                                            transforming Queensland Health
                                                                                        into a more attractive place to work.
                                                                                        Since June 2005, Queensland Health
                                                                                        has recruited 1,036 extra doctors;
                                                                                        3,157extra nurses; and 1,126 extra
                                                                                        allied health professionals.
                                                                                        This year we have seen the latest
                                                                                        instalment in the Government’s
                                                                                        education vision for the future with
                                                                                        the introduction of the new full-time,
                                                                                        universally available Prep Year in all
                                                                                        State and non-State schools. The
                                                                                        Government is also delivering the
                                                                                        lowest middle-year class sizes in the
                                                                                        country, with Queensland’s Year 4-10
                                                                                        class size targets reduced from 30 to
                                                                                        See <> for full
                                                                                        text of Achievements.            n

 Premier Peter Beattie addressing the 2007 State Conference

                                             Queensland Labor Times | Winter 2007                                                3
 Julia Gillard addresses Labour Day in Ipswich

 Marchers in Barcaldine

 Kevin Rudd addresses the crowd in Brisbane

Queensland Labor Times | Winter 2007
State Conference 2007 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

State President Ron Monaghan                                         Heather and Peter Beattie

Queensland’s Federal Candidates                                      Peter Garrett addresses State Conference

State Secretary Milton Dick and Deputy Premier Anna Bligh            Gaven Branch fundraising

                                            Queensland Labor Times | Winter 2007                                5
Fresh Thinking
Excerpts from Kevin Rudd’s address to ALP State Conference

In about three weeks time
council workers at Barcaldine
are going to cut down what’s left
of the Tree of Knowledge.
That tree has stood for more than a
century. It’s under the Tree that we
gave birth to our movement. It’s under
that Tree that we gave birth to the
idea which inspires our movement.
It’s under that tree that we gave birth
to the idea of a fair go. A fair go for all,
not just for some.
And in three months time that idea of
a fair go will be put once again to the
test before the Australian people. And
it will be a question about whether
the fair go has a future and not just
a past. Whether we can build long
term prosperity in Australia, without
throwing the fair go out the back door.
We say you can. Mr Howard says you
Better off?                                    It’s not just that Mr Howard has a       minds and hearts of the Australian
This Government has lost touch with            Government which has gone stale.         people in the months ahead.
working families and if you want               It is not just that Mr Howard has lost
                                                                                        The Idea of Freedom
evidence of that, it stands alone in           touch with working families. It’s not
one single sentence from Mr Howard,            just the arrogance of the statement      I began by talking about the Tree of
‘working families have never been              that ‘working families have never been   Knowledge.
better off.’                                   better off.’
                                                                                        From that tree there has been
So while working families are out there        It is this. That this Government has     propagated a new, young tree.
working from dawn to dusk, paying              also run out of ideas for Australia’s    And that tree has already begun to
mortgages like they’ve never seen              future. Working families across our      flower. And if a tree flowers, then
before. Mr Howard’s response to them           country are looking to our National      the seeds then follow. So from this
is ‘working families have never been           Government for ideas on how we           Tree of Knowledge, which has been
better off.’                                   carve out a future for Australia.        the inspiration of so many in our
                                                                                        movement for this last 116 years,
When you see the repossession data             How we deal with the great challenges
                                                                                        other trees will come. And for us what
coming in from across the country              which face our future economy. How
                                                                                        that means is the idea which was
as more and more houses are                    we deal with the great challenges
                                                                                        nurtured under that tree – the idea of
repossessed, Mr Howard’s response              of climate change and water. How
                                                                                        a fair go, the idea of freedom – those
is, ‘working families have never been          we deal with the great challenges of
                                                                                        ideas can never be suppressed.
better off.’                                   education and of health. How we deal
                                               with the great challenges delivered by   We stand proud as a movement and
When you look at the impact on
                                               demographic change.                      as a party which has held the torch
housing affordability, reaching it’s
                                                                                        of freedom and the fair go for the
lowest levels. Mr Howard’s response            This election will not simply be a
                                                                                        last hundred years. And as we go to
is: ‘working families have never been          referendum on what Mr Howard has
                                                                                        this election, those ideas will be on
better off.’                                   done wrong. It’ll be a referendum on
                                                                                        trial again, and the policies we build
                                               our plans to put it right.
Some centuries ago, they said let                                                       around them. But you as a movement,
them eat cake, now they simply say,            We are the party of fresh ideas, and     and as a party, be proud that we
working families have never been               these ideas are those where our          take these ideas with courage and
better off.                                    challenge lies to put them into the      determination to the century ahead as
                                                                                        well, and we shall prevail.            n

6                                              Queensland Labor Times | Winter 2007
A true Labor man
Queensland Labor Times pays tribute to Tom Burns

                                                • 1984-89 – Deputy Leader of the              In January 2001 Tom Burns was made
 Tom Burns                                        Opposition                                  an officer in the Order of Australia for
                                                • 1989-96 – Deputy Premier                    his contribution to Australia China
 Born: 27 October 1931,                                                                       relations over three decades.
                                               Kevin Rudd says there will never be
   Maryborough                                 another person from Queensland who             Tom also received the Gold Magnolia
 Died: 4 June 2007,                            will hold all those positions.                 Honorary Award from the Shanghai
                                                                                              Government for his contributions to
   Moreton Bay                                 Tom’s former private secretary,
                                                                                              Chinese-Australian relations. He was
                                               Malcolm McMillan, tells how Tom
                                                                                              the first Australian not of Chinese
                                               rebuilt Labor’s flagging fortunes in the
After 32 years in opposition,                                                                 heritage to win this award.
                                               1970s when Labor was reduced to 11
winning the State election on 2
                                               members – the cricket team years.              Peter Beattie said Tom Burns was
December 1989 remains one of
                                                                                              a true Labor man, “He made an
the great moments in the history               “Times were tough — real tough
                                                                                              outstanding contribution to public
of Queensland Labor. One of                    — but he never deviated from being
                                                                                              life in Queensland and he did it with
the most enduring images of                    a fiercely competitive leader in
                                                                                              intelligence and a sense of humour.”
that night was the grin on Tom                 parliament and more than doubled
Burns’ face.                                   the Labor Party’s representation at the        What they said about Tom
                                               next election from 11 to 23 members.
In fact Tom reckoned he would have                                                            “Tom was an inspiration to many
to eat a case of lemons to wipe the            “He had a unique ability to personally         Australians. He had the unique
grin off his face.                             generate infectious enthusiasm in the          capacity to relate to all people from all
                                               labour movement in Queensland,”                walks of life. He will be remembered
Tom Burns became Deputy Premier
                                               Malcolm said.                                  for his passion for the battler and the
that night. He had been working full-
                                                                                              bush.” – Kevin Rudd
time, flat out for 30 years to achieve         Working with Gough Whitlam, Tom
a Labor Government in Queensland.              was also a key figure in restoring             “Over the years, Mr Burns dedicated
He’d earned that grin.                         diplomatic relations with China in             himself to promoting friendship
                                               the 1970s. He was still serving as             between the peoples of China
Tom’s political career goes like this:
                                               Chairman of the Queensland China               and Australia and made enormous
• 1960-65 – State Organiser
                                               Council when he died.                          contributions to friendly ties between
• 1965-72 – State Secretary
                                                                                              the two countries.”
• 1970-73 – Federal President                  Peter Beattie also appointed him
                                                                                                    – Han Zheng, Mayor of Shanghai
• 1972-96 – State Member for Lytton            Queensland Government Special
• 1974-78 – Leader of the Opposition           Representative to Vietnam.                     “You have taught us so much by living
• 1980 – State President                                                                      your life to the fullest and helping the
                                                                                              disadvantaged in many countries. Over
                                                                                              the years you have brought smiles and
                                                                                              helped many people in Vietnam.”
                                                                                                      – Nguyen Van Hung
                                                                                              “Tom was always a tough fighter but
                                                                                              he was grounded in decency. He
                                                                                              considered it a privilege that he was
                                                                                              representing people and fighting for
                                                                                              them.” – Mike Ahern
                                                                                              “Help Tom Burns fight air pollution.
                                                                                              Give him a gag.”
                                                                                                     – Joh Bjelke-Petersen
                                                                                              “He was an avowed and declared
                                                                                              hater of Bjelke-Petersen. If Bjelke is
                                                                                              where Tom is now, I reckon there’ll be
                                                                                              one hell of a stink on tonight.”
                                                                                                     – Robert Schwarten
                                                                                              “The man who saved me.”
                                                                                                    – Gough Whitlam                   n
 Out in “The Electorate”, Tom Burns with Paul Lucas who succeeded Tom as member for Lytton.

                                               Queensland Labor Times | Winter 2007                                                   7
100 years of women voting
The first Queensland State
election in which women could
vote was held on 18 May 1907.
While the legislation had been passed
on 25 January 1905, it was more than
2 more years before Queensland
women actually got to exercise this
hard-won right.
The accompanying image is a vivid
reminder of how much things have
changed in 100 years - not least the
style of women’s clothing.
Despite being able to vote, women
could not stand for election until 1915
and it wasn’t until 1929 that Irene
Longman became the first woman
elected to State Parliament.
Assistant State Secretary Linda
Holliday said while politics was still
a tough game for women, some
remarkable achievements had been
made in 100 years.
“Queensland now has a woman as
Deputy Premier in Anna Bligh.
“We have 24 Labor women in
Queensland Parliament and a further
6 non-Labor women - that’s 30 of the
89 seats,” Linda said.
                                            Women considering their vote at the 1907 election. The polling booth was on the corner of
She said that women continued to            Adelaide and Creek Streets in the city.
make gains within the political system
and the Australian Labor Part has
                                           “I am hopeful that within another              more women Premiers of Australian
led the way with affirmative action
                                           hundred years or less we will see              States and even a woman Prime
accepted as a long-standing part of
                                           women holding 50 per cent of seats,            Minister,” Linda said.            n
our internal rules.

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                                                                                         web site include:
    site now up                                                                             • Access to the Party Platform
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                                                                                         supplied their email address have
    State Secretary Milton Dick released
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    the first enewsletter in May. “I
                                            allow us to keep members better              protected access.
    am very pleased to have the new
                                            informed about Party news and
    Queensland Labor enewsletter up                                                      If you are a financial member of the
                                            events,” Milton said.
    and running,” he said.                                                               Party and have not already been
                                            The enewsletter is only one of the           notified, you can join - all we need is
    “Labor Times is great but we only
                                            benefits members get through the             your email address.
    have three issues per year.
                                            ALP Members’ Private Web section
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                                                                               >.            n
    the immediacy of an enewsletter will    <>.

8                                          Queensland Labor Times | Winter 2007

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