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Strong Motor Oil Product Data Sheet


Strong Motor Oil Product Data Sheet

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									                                                                  Product Data Sheet

                                         Strong Motor Oil
Fortron Strong Motor Oil is formulated to prevent wear and keep engines clean, maintaining high
oil pressure and low oil consumption in newer and older engines operating under all types of
motoring conditions.


Fortron Strong is a superior quality, high viscosity, index multi-grade engine oil, which meets the
requirements of A.P.I, S.A.E., European, and Japanese manufacturers’ specifications for petrol and
light turbo-charged diesel engine.

The choice of base oils used in Fortron Strong has resulted in an oil of very low volatility in piston ring
and valve areas, which effectively aims at controlling oil consumption. The same base
combination assists sealing in such areas as valve guides, combustion chambers and gasket/seals.

Modern engines demand fully ‘inhibited’ qualities to control sludge, gums, varnish, wear and
bearing corrosion. Fortron Strong addresses these problem areas using the latest petrochemical
technology available.

    •   Helps limit oil consumption
    •   Helps resist wear and corrosion
    •   Helps maintain oil pressure
    •   Helps control sludge, gums and varnishes


Add Fortron Strong Motor Oil to engine through oil filler cap outlet. Fortron Oil Conditioner or Oil
Fortifier will boost the performance of Strong Motor Oil when used as directed.

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