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									 IRS Tax Tips                                                                                March 30, 2010

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                                            Top Ten Tips for Last Minute Filers
                             With the tax filing deadline close at hand, here are the top 10 tips the IRS wants you
                             to know if you are still working on your federal tax return.
News Essentials
                                 1.  E-file your return Don’t miss out on the benefits of e-file. Your tax return will
What's Hot                           get processed quickly if you use e-file. If there is an error on your return, it
                                     will typically be identified and can be corrected right away. E-file is available
                                     24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the convenience of your own
News Releases                        home. If you file electronically and choose to have your tax refund deposited
                                     directly into your bank account, you will have your money in as few as 10
IRS - The Basics                     days. Two out of three taxpayers, 95 million, already get the benefits of e-file.
                                 2. Review tax ID numbers Remember to carefully check all identification
                                     numbers on your return. Incorrect or illegible Social Security Numbers can
IRS Guidance                         delay or reduce a tax refund.
                                 3. Double-check your figures Whether you are filing electronically or by
Media Contacts                       paper, review all the amounts you transferred over from your Forms W-2 or
                                 4. Review your math Taxpayers filing paper returns should also double-check
Facts & Figures                      that they have correctly figured the refund or balance due and have used the
                                     right figure from the tax table.
Problem Alerts                   5. Sign and date your return Both spouses must sign a joint return, even if
                                     only one had income. Anyone paid to prepare a return must also sign it.
                                 6. Choose Direct Deposit To receive your refund quicker, select Direct
Around The Nation                    Deposit and the IRS will deposit your refund directly into your bank account.
                                 7. How to make a payment People sending a payment should make the check
e-News Subscriptions                 out to "United States Treasury" and should enclose it with, but not attach it
                                     to, the tax return or the Form 1040-V, Payment Voucher, if used. Write your
                                     name, address, SSN, telephone number, tax year and form number on the
                                     check or money order. If you file electronically, you can file and pay in a
                                     single step by authorizing an electronic funds withdrawal. Whether you file a
The Newsroom                         paper return or file electronically, you can pay by phone or online using a
                                     credit or debit card. Visit for more information on payment options.
Topics                           8. File an extension Taxpayers who will not be able to file a return by the April
                                     15 deadline should request an extension of time to file. Remember, the
Electronic IRS Press Kit             extension of time to file is not an extension of time to pay.
                                 9. Visit the IRS Web site anytime of the day or night has forms,
                                     publications and helpful information on a variety of tax subjects.
Tax Tips 2009                    10. Review your return…one more time Before you seal the envelope or hit
                                     send, go over all the information on your return again. Errors may delay the
Radio PSAs                           processing of your return, so it’s best for you to make sure everything on
                                     your return is correct.
Fact Sheets                              Links:

Armed Forces                                      Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request (PDF 100K)
                                                  Form 1040-V, Payment Voucher (PDF 47K)
Disaster Relief                                   Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S.
                                                   Individual Income Tax Return (PDF 50K)
                                                  Official Payments Corporation
Scams / Consumer Alerts
                                                  Link2Gov

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