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									               Melbourne Recital Centre presents

               Speak Percussion

A percussion series of five concerts performed by the much-admired Melbourne ensemble, Speak
Percussion,                                   June.
Percussion, will be performed in the Salon in June

Speak Percussion is Melbourne's most diverse percussion arts enterprise: its activities span a wide
variety of contexts and genres ranging from regular music festival concerts to experimental hybrid-
arts events. Speak Percussion presents a cross-section of percussive arts activity engaging
percussion soloists through to large ensembles. The ensemble has collaborated with installation
artists, choreographers, dancers, instrument builders, visual artists, lighting designers, sound
designers and architects. It has also been responsible for commissioning and premiering many
Australian percussion works by composers Chris Dench, David Young, Anthony Pateras, and many

Speak Percussion has toured many capital cities in Australia and the European continent. Their
activities include the performance of Australian music, various collaborations, presentations of
masterclasses and workshops. Speak Percussion promotes Australian artists and pushes percussive
activities into extraordinary territories.

Graphic Music
Speak Percussion
                     Scholes,          Schack-
Eugene Ughetti, Leah Scholes, Matthias Schack- Arnott, Catherine Schieve (Woollongong),
Warren Burt (Woollongong)

Visual artist and composer/performer Catherine Schieve has been investigating the deep
congruence of sonic and visual expression for over 25 years, and her large-scale graphic scores are
both visual works of art and musically fascinating. Graphic Music will be performed by Speak
Percussion at 6pm Tuesday, June 2 and 6pm Wednesday, June 2       2.

Inspired by the Grainger Free Music No. 1 interior of the Salon this program will display a series of
Catherine’s scores in the round with a gently moving live percussion performance. It will feature a
series of four seminal works Catherine created in the 1980s. The works are also large visual arts
works created on canvas and were designed to be "read" and performed by musicians trained in
specific ways (redefining the act of translating visual gestures to sound), often on homemade or
adapted percussion instruments. This performance furthers the highly significant but currently
undervalued legacy of Australian graphic notation in music.

The performance environment will be set-up as an open installation environment where the
percussionists traverse the space in front of Catherine’s strategically placed “graphic” scores. The
audience will be free to move, listen and view the works at their discretion.

6pm Tuesday June 2                                     1 hour concert duration (no interval)
6pm Wednesday, June 3                                  Tickets $30 ($20 concession)
Salon                                                  Book online at www.melbournerecital.com.au
5:15pm Free Pre-Concert Talk                           or call the Box Office 03 9699 3333

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               American Masters
               Speak Percussion
                      Ughetti,                             ck-
                                                       Schack Arnott,               (Canberra),
               Eugene Ughetti, Peter Neville, Matthias Schack- Arnott , Gary France (Canberra),
               Greg Sully,
               Tim Phillips

The repertoire of music for percussion ensemble has grown enormously over the past century, and
the depth and diversity of 20th Century American music composition is staggering. Its contribution
to the genre of the percussion ensemble is second to none, from the conceptual and political West
coast schools to the modernist and minimalist works of the East coast.

America Masters audiences will experience in this single concert program master percussion works
from all extremes of the American culture, ranging from the 100 year-old master Elliott Carter's
work Tintinnabulation to Steve Reich’s minimalist, meditative rhythmic patterns.

6pm Saturday, June 6                                  ELLIOTT CARTER Tintinnabulation
Salon                                                 JAMES TENNEY Pika-don (Australian first
1 hour concert duration (no interval)                 performance) with electronics
Tickets $30 ($20 concession)                          ALVIN LUCIER Music for Snare Drum, Pure Wave
Book online at www.melbournerecital.com.au            Oscillator and One or More Reflective Surfaces
or call the Box Office 03 9699 3333                   (Australian first performance)
JOHN CAGE Quartet Tom-Toms                            STEVE REICH Clapping Music

Speak Percussion with Anthony Pateras
Anthony Pateras, Eugene Ughetti, Peter Neville, Matthias Schack- Arnott,
Leah Scholes, Vanessa Tomlinson (Brisbane), Nozomi Omote (Brisbane)

After a long and successful relationship with Anthony Pateras Speak
Percussion and Clocked Out Productions present a portrait of his extensive body of works for
percussion, including two new pieces commissioned especially for these concerts, at 6pm
Saturday, June 13 and 3pm Sunday, June 14 in the Salon

Anthony Pateras is a Melbourne multidisciplinary musician who performs on piano or analogue
electronics, and composes for ensembles, orchestras and soloists. Internationally acclaimed, his
compositions include a battery of works for percussion, four of which are presented here.

Mutant Theatre Act III the latest in an ongoing collaboration between Pateras and Vanessa
Tomlinson “a bizarre quicksand… maximalism drowning in minimalism, buoyed by rich
orchestration and elastic tempo.” Transmutations is a five-movement monolith, while
Hyp nagogics was written as a brief study in psychoacoustics for Eugene Ughetti. Refractions a
Hypnagogics                                                                      Refractions,
new composition for sextet, is flavoured with some of Pateras’ more recent interests in music from
Ethiopia and Burundi, combined with Helmut Lachenmann’s concept of acoustic musique concrète.

6pm Saturday, June 13                                 Hypnagogics (2005)
3pm Sunday, June 14                                   Refractions (2008) (First performance)
Salon                                                 1 hour concert duration (no interval)
ANTHONY PATERAS: Percussion Portrait                  Tickets $30 ($20 concession)
Mutant Theatre III (2008) (First performance)         Book online at www.melbournerecital.com.au
Transmutations (2002)                                 or call the Box Office 03 9699 3333

For interviews and further information: Rée Izett    0418 101 399                 reeizett@gmail.com

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