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									A Career as a Ballroom Dance
  Teacher - It is Possible!!!
Imagine how wonderful your life would be,
if only you could:
       Dance  every day
       Be constantly learning and growing in
        your career
       Have a viable full-time career doing what
        you love
       Work in a joyous environment
       Help people discover the joy of dancing
       Find a whole new world of opportunities
        opened up to you!
 The Ballroom dance industry is exploding with
  TV shows, movies, and theater productions
  featuring Ballroom Dancing
 This career is possible for anyone with the
  passion and drive

    Let us show you how to make this
          dream a reality. . .
       Future Dance Teachers In
             Training Class
   Here they are practicing figures as Leader and
    Follower. You’ll be teaching both parts!
     Are you qualified to take our
       teacher training course?
          The answer is YES!
      We welcome anyone with the desire to
    become a ballroom professional and the
    discipline to do the work.

     Our trainees are all ages, from college
    students to retirees. You are never too old to
    train for this career!
 What Does the Teacher Training
        Course Cover?
 17American Style Ballroom Dances,
 using the NDCA-approved DVIDA
 SYLLABUS, through the Full Bronze Level.

 Youwill learn how to dance and how to
 teach at the same time!
 Our Course is Divided into Four Quarters –
     Each Quarter is Four Months Long

1. Smooth: Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, and Viennese
2. Rhythm 1: Rumba, Cha Cha, Bolero, and East
   Coast Swing
3. Rhythm 2: Merengue, Mambo, Samba, and
   West Coast Swing
4. Nightclub: Nightclub Two Step, Salsa, Hustle,
   Lindy Hop, and Argentine Tango
     How Does the Course Train
         Future Teachers?
 You will master the technical “elements” of each dance
 Prepares you for professional certification
 In-class and take-home exams on all aspects of the
 Homework presentations to acclimate you to teaching in
  front of a group
 Learn the history, characteristics and musical information
  of the dances.
 Introduction to the Ballroom Competition World –
  Professional and Pro/AM Divisions.
Our Teacher Training Course Also
   How to teach group and private lessons
   How to choreograph for your students
   How to teach and dance as both Leader and
   How to teach students with different learning
   How to sell dance lessons
   How to market yourself as a professional dance
How Long Does It Take To Complete
          the Course?
   16 months
   8 months
   Customized Program

    Let us explain how each of these work
        Sixteen Month Program
 Classes meet after work, similar to night school
 Workload allows you to maintain your day job
  and family responsibilities
 Tuesdays and Fridays from 6-8 pm in Pasadena
 There is a 7 – 10 day break between Quarters
        Eight Month Program
 Take the Tuesday/Friday Quarter at The
  Dance Family Studio.
 Take the two remaining Quarters in
  private lessons
 Exactly the same material is covered as in
  the 16-month course
 This program is for people who can devote
  more time during the day for practice and
        Professional Certification
   Our teacher training program completely
    prepares you to become DVIDA certified

   DVIDA is a nationally recognized teaching
    organization that certifies you to become a
    teacher, Dance Sport Judge, and/or
    Here’s What Some Graduates of
      This Program Are Doing. . .
   Betty Gong : Teaching youth in the public school
   Sara Pitcher : Hired by one of the top dance
    schools in the country – Mary Murphy’s
    Champion Ballroom in San Diego
   Jennifer Suzuki : Top Professional Rhythm
    Competitor, nationally ranked
   Julie Lowe : Former principal ballerina now a
    Master Instructor for BDTC
   Peter Misich -Teaching large group classes at
    corporate events
    Can You Make a Living as a
     Ballroom Dance Teacher?
 Average first year salary for a teacher with CBTA
  credentials is between $25,000-$35,000
 $50-$60K per year in years two through five
 Independent teachers earn a net hourly pay of
  $75 per lesson - at 30 lessons per week, that is
  over $100K per year!
 Additional income from competitions, showcases,
  and performances
               The Details

 Tuition is $495 per month for 16 months
  (plus materials – DVIDA manuals and
  CBTA Teacher Training Workbook)
 Additional Benefits– free group classes,
  free parties, free practice space
 New sections start every March, July, and
           How Do I Enroll?

 Just fill out the Enrollment Form on our
  website www.TheDanceFamily.com
 Send us a $150 non-refundable deposit
  (will be applied to your first month’s
And…your life-changing journey
       has just begun!
Call us directly at
 (626) 255-2451

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